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Disappointed Young blasts Waterhouse

first_img TUESDAY’S MEETING “You have some people in their office pushing to start a (certain) team and asking why is a player playing or not playing. They don’t know if the player attended training or if he was late. I came in a situation where players are not coming to training, players coming to training late, coming to training drunk, players having injuries and not going to the physio, all these things I try to fix. “I tried to teach them how to be a professional as this is the closest some will come to professionalism, and that is what I was trying to bring to Waterhouse. For them to respect the game and treat it as if their lives depends on it,” Young added. He revealed that following the defeat to Tivoli on Sunday, a meeting was arranged between himself and Vidal, who wanted Donovan Duckie to assist him for the remainder of the season. However, he flatly refused the proposal, and following another meeting with other stakeholders, he decided that they should part ways. “Sunday, after the (Tivoli) game, the president called and said he had a proposal for me. So we met at Jojo’s and he told me he had no problem with my coaching and that I knew what I am doing, but noted that we are not getting the results and asked if I could bring in (Donovan) Duckie to be my assistant. “On Monday, I got an email from the treasurer, (Ainsley) Smeikle, saying the warm-up was poor and that too many old players were in the team. That email was accompanied by another from the manager, Conrad Byfield, agreeing with the treasurer and bashing the players, which I resented. After just one win in nine matches, Waterhouse and former national striker-turned coach, Paul Young, parted ways by mutual consent on Wednesday. The former Waterhouse coach, however, defended his time in charge at the Drewsland club and shared that he walked away following a proposal from the club’s president Fitzroy Vidal to take on Donovan Duckie as an assistant for the rest of the season. Young also accused players of not being professional enough and club administrators of trying to influence team selection. He was very disappointed at leaving the club as he believed they were on the right path.. “At the first staff meeting, I told them we needed to be united on and off the field and that was the only way. But we have members trying to influence who play, when they play and why they play. But the only person I listen to when it comes to team selection is my assistant Shavar (Thomas), and they didn’t take lightly to that,” he explained. “Tuesday after training, I saw the president, vice-president, treasurer, manager, gen-sec, and me and my assistant went in a the meeting, which was chaired by the president. He came with the same (Duckie) story and my response was the same. I told him that the reason why we were here is because some people wanted to influence who play, and I don’t go for that,” he revealed. “They knew that I wouldn’t go for it though, so maybe they wanted to fire me, but never knew how,” he added. Although disappointed, Young said he always knew it was going to be a tough job and wished the Drewsland team the best in their fight to avoid the drop. FIXING PROBLEMSlast_img read more

LHC still awaiting results 1 month later

first_imgSuspected Zika cases in LindenA month has passed and still the Linden Hospital Complex (LHC) has not received the results of samples sent for testing, suspected to be the Zika virus in Linden, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice).Head of the region’s Regional Democratic Council (RDC) Health Committee, Dr Gregory Harris, last month disclosed that there were a few suspected cases of the virus in Linden. Dr Harris, who is attached to the LHC, revealed that a few patients who exhibited possible signs of the virus were attended to by health professionals at the medical institution, noting that the samples were sent for testing.He said that two of those cases might test positive, since those patients had shown a full range of symptoms, including the rash, red eyes (conjunctivitis) and muscle and joint pain. Dr Harris had also promised to make the information of the results available to the public once it becomes available. When contacted on Sunday, however, he indicated that he is still awaiting the results.The Health Committee Chairman’s suspicions came at a time when there were mounted calls for fogging to commence in the region, in an effort to prevent the spread of mosquito-borne diseases. As promised by Regional Health Officer Pansy Armstrong, fogging has commenced in sections of Linden. Prior to the fogging exercises, she had also indicated that chemicals, such as larvacide were distributed across the region, to assist residents in dealing with the infestation of mosquito.Earlier in the year, there were eight confirmed cases of the Zika Virus in Guyana and hundreds of suspected cases.The first case was detected in an East Bank Demerara (EBD) woman who had travelled to Berbice, while the second case was confirmed in a teenage boy residing at Eccles, EBD.Later on, the virus was detected in two Cuban doctors who reside in Guyana and another woman – all of whom live along the EBD corridor.There is also a case where a US citizen was infected with the Virus after travelling from Guyana but there was no confirmation if the visitor contracted the disease here.In Guyana, if patients exhibit symptoms similar to those of the Zika Virus, they are first tested for other related infections such as malaria, dengue or chikungunya. If those test results are negative, the blood samples would then be sent overseas for testing for the Zika Virus. In most cases, the test results have come back negative.Effects of ZikaFrench researchers recently discovered that in addition to causing severe birth defects, the Zika Virus can result in a rare neurological ailment in adults and is linked to paralysis-causing myelitis (inflammation in the spinal cord).Myelitis can affect limb movement and cause paralysis by interrupting communication between the spinal cord and the rest of the body.French experts reported that a 15-year-old girl diagnosed on the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe with acute myelitis in January had high levels of Zika in her cerebrospinal fluid, blood and urine.“The presence of Zika virus in the cerebrospinal fluid of our patient with acute myelitis suggests that this virus might be neurotropic” – something that attacks the nervous system,” the researchers noted.Also, there have been less than a handful of reported cases of sexual transmission.last_img read more

Linden teen drowns in Demerara River

first_img– body yet to be recoveredBy Utamu BellePanic and grief filled the community of Burnham Drive, Wismar, Linden, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) just after midday on Sunday, as 19-year-old Esther Weekes reportedly died by drowning in the Demerara River, in the vicinity of Burnham Drive and Silvertown, Linden.Nineteen-year-old Esther WeekesThe section of the river where Weekes drownWeekes, of 14 Burnham Drive and a former student of the Christianburg/Wismar Secondary School was with her aunt and cousin in close proximity to the river when tragedy struck. As of late Sunday afternoon, Police, public spirited citizens and family members were still trying to retrieve the body, but their searches came up empty-handed. According to Weekes’ aunt, Sheryanne DeJonge – who was with her at the time of the incident – the deceased had been bathing and playing around with DeJonge’s 11-year-old son on a strip of concrete which leads to the river. The area along the river is in the vicinity of a popular hotel and is also in close proximity to their home and one which the family would frequent regularly. The woman recounted the tragic ordeal in between tears.“Must be by the water went down so low, the two of them was playing and like I ain’t even know because they went playing and laughing and thing. And like my son fall in. Me ain’t know if she go to hold he or what but both of them go down and I see they head come up and I start shouting for them to push towards land,” she stated.The distraught DeJonge noted that both went down and back up several times and she kept urging them to push towards the land. While her son was able to do so, Weekes was not so fortunate. In tears, the woman noted that her niece went down, stressing that she was unable to reach her since she herself could not swim. She said the Police arrived on the scene about an hour later but were unsuccessful in retrieving the body. Police E Division (Linden-Kwakwani) Commander, Fazil Karimbaksh, when contacted, noted that the deceased went out into the deep end of the river and disappeared underneath the water. He noted that persons were reluctant to offer any valid form of assistance, since they could not swim.Karimbaksh said a search was however conducted by the Police boat and residents but the body was not recovered as of Sunday afternoon. At the home of the deceased, family and friends gathered as they wept openly. Weekes’ mother who arrived home some time later to the news of the tragedy wept uncontrollably. A relative explained to this newspaper that while the river was relatively “low” at the time, the deceased appeared to have drowned due to its persistent current.last_img read more

You Are Not a Martian

first_imgEvery once in awhile, someone “suggests” that life began on Mars, not Earth.  Here it comes again from someone who knows better.The hard facts of chemistry are driving Dr. Steven Benner to desperation.  He knows that ribose (an essential part of RNA) cannot and will not form in the scenarios most favored by origin-of-life researchers:All living things are made from organic matter, but simply adding energy to organic molecules will not create life. Instead, left to themselves, organic molecules become something more like tar or asphalt, said Prof Benner.In a dry environment, however, the element boron can help.  Since he cannot imagine ribose forming on Earth, where boron is scarce, he recently proposed that conditions on Mars might have been more favorable in the past.    The BBC News explains:“What’s quite clear is that boron, as an element, is quite scarce in Earth’s crust,” Prof Benner told BBC News, “but Mars has been drier than Earth and more oxidising, so if Earth is not suitable for the chemistry, Mars might be.“The evidence seems to be building that we are actually all Martians; that life started on Mars and came to Earth on a rock,” he commented.“It’s lucky that we ended up here, nevertheless – as certainly Earth has been the better of the two planets for sustaining life. If our hypothetical Martian ancestors had remained on Mars, there may not have been a story to tell.” repeated the myth with less hesitation. “We may all be Martians,” it begins.  “Evidence is building that Earth life originated on Mars and was brought to this planet aboard a meteorite, said biochemist Steven Benner of The Westheimer Institute for Science and Technology in Florida.”  Benner presented his new idea at the Goldschmidt Conference in Florence, Italy this week.NBC News, hurrying to say that Benner “is not a kook,” was hesitant enough to say that Benner’s idea “stirs debate” and posed it as a question, “Are we all Martians?”  (the “not a kook” comment was repeated on NASA Watch).  The Huffington Post, however, told the story with confidence: “Life on Earth may have started on Mars, growing evidence suggests.”  Another variation of the extraterrestrial scenario, seen again on NASA Astrobiology Magazine, proposes life (or its “building blocks”) came via comets.Benner sometimes plays the wet blanket for other nutty ideas, like arsenic-based life (7/10/12).  Apparently Benner’s colleague and fan David Grinspoon thinks his “plausible story” proves something else.  From the NBC article,This time, the wet-blanket role is filled by David Grinspoon, an astrobiologist from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Grinspoon, who’s spending a year doing research at the Library of Congress, says that he’s a “huge fan” of Benner’s, but that his extraordinary claim isn’t sufficiently supported by the evidence.“This isn’t really evidence that life came from Mars, but it is evidence that Steven Benner is very clever,” Grinspoon told NBC News.NBC’s Alan Boyle left it as a question: “What do you think? Is it more likely that life came to Earth from Mars, or that earthly life is entirely home-grown?”Susan Mazur, the author of a book about skeptics of traditional neo-Darwinism, The Altenberg 16: An Expose of the Evolution Industry, interviewed Benner for The Scoop last February.  Benner is aware of her book. In the discussion, he repeated the problems with forming ribose naturally: it decomposes, and it is unstable; that’s why one of his colleagues calls the RNA World scenario a “baseless fantasy.”The discussion wavered into peer review and philosophy of science.  Regarding origin-of-life research, Benner admitted at one point, “none of us are experts and we don’t really know what we’re doing with this.”  He describes himself as “a crackpot synthetic biologist to some extent” whom Mazur found “entertaining.”  But like Alan Boyle said, Benner is not a kook.Update 8/29/13:  New Scientist entered the discussion with this groaner: “Primordial broth of life was a dry Martian cup-a-soup.”  Science Now discussed Benner’s ideas about boron and oxidized molybdenum acting as safeguards for ribose, but was not overly eager to accept his Mars hypothesis, quoting other origin-of-life researchers offering criticisms.  Memorable paragraph:However and wherever life began, one thing is sure: Its first organic building blocks, called hydrocarbons, had a number of hurdles to clear before evolving into living cells. Fed with heat or light and left to themselves, hydrocarbons tend to turn into useless tarlike substances. And even when complex molecules like RNA (most biologists’ best guess for the first genetic molecule) arise, water quickly breaks them down again.That’s why Benner looked to dry Mars instead of watery Earth.  As for how to know where life originated, Benner said, “Building a time machine will help.”  NASA’s Astrobiology Magazine showed Benner’s smiling face in its coverage, offering no criticism at all.Apparently Benner is trying to upstage his earlier high-PCMI kooky fantasy that there could be fish in Titan’s methane seas (1/31/05).  Why does he repeat his old bore on boron? (11/05/04).  That’s an old joke from 2004, and here he is now, almost 10 years later, with no new answers except to displace the problem to Mars and let the Martians cook up their own ribose.He knows better, because I confronted him at JPL after his talk where he joked that the problems are so severe getting life, that it almost made him want “to become a creationist” (11/05/04, which see).  I politely confronted him about the genetic code, homochirality, probability and other serious obstacles to a naturalistic origin of life.  He stood there grinning and nodding, acknowledging these were problems, till his handler led him off to catch a plane.He knows better, because he knows and believes that science needs to challenge consensus.  From the Mazur interview:Science, to the public, is at one level the memorization of facts based on an authority — your teacher, who has the cosmic authority of the expert. You’ll see this all over — “four out of five dentists agree”. The appeal to authority and consensus of opinion.But science is also the opposite. I’m a great fan of Richard Feynman who comments that science begins with a denial of the opinion of experts Science begins when you say NO. The perceived wisdom is wrong. Feynman’s opinion is exactly the opposite of what many people think science is, the memorization of facts taught to you by an authority…. Feynman goes on to point out that there’s an enormous amount of what goes on in the public sphere in term of science that is mostly not scientific at all. He also says there’s an enormous amount of intellectual tyranny in the name of science.Benner describes himself as someone who thinks outside the box, but the problem is that his box is nested inside another box called Naturalism.  He also knows that venturing outside that box is death to a career.  That’s why he is so very clever.  Because he stays inside the Naturalism box, he gets to keep his job in Florida, gets to vacation in Italy, and gets invited to share his kooky ideas at JPL.  For challenging that box, I lost my job there.The consensus of kooks won, but it’s their asphalt.(Visited 48 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Green service station piloted in South Africa

first_imgEnergy minister Dipuo Peters said the sector needs to do its utmost to improve the lives of South Africans. Forecourt workers at the new Total service station have a safer and more pleasant working environment. Carefully chosen natural colours allow the 14th Avenue service station to blend in with its surroundings.(Images: Janine Erasmus) MEDIA CONTACTS • Lizette Stokes  Account director, Jenni Newman PR  +27 82 322 5162 or +27 11 506 7354 RELATED ARTICLES • SA’s first green transport service • Portable plant makes fuel from waste • BP opens cutting-edge fuel lab in SA • Total helps protect the leopard • African sun could light world’s citiesJanine Erasmus Global fuel giant Total has expressed its commitment to investment in South Africa, and has unveiled the first of its new chain of sustainable service stations around the country and the region. Located in Fairland, a suburb west of Johannesburg, the service station is part of a pilot programme running in just two other countries – Indonesia and Germany. Dignitaries at the event included South African energy minister Dipuo Peters, and the MD and CEO of Total South Africa, Christian des Closieres. “In two years’ time there will be many more of these advanced eco-friendly service stations,” said Des Closieres. “Total is changing the way it does business. For us, a service station is an experience for our customers, and an opportunity to interact with them.” He added that the company is committed to its operations in Africa, and is also working hard to make those operations greener.Within five years the sustainable service stations will be found in Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland.“Total wants to grow in Africa. We are staying,” Des Closieres said.Besides its commercial activities, Total has invested locally in a number of social responsibility projects, including the annual Arbour Week, and it is also the official fuel supplier for the South African National Parks authority. South Africa is an integral component of the Total Group’s strategy, said Des Closieres, and the continent is of pivotal importance for its future growth and development. He also emphasised Total’s understanding of the need for job creation in South Africa. “We won’t be going the self-service route, it’s not appropriate here.”Improving the lives of South Africans “In the energy sector we constantly challenge ourselves to do better, to improve the lives of South Africans, especially the poorest of the poor,” said Peters, who was wearing red – Total’s main corporate colour – to mark the occasion. “This includes improving the health and safety of the country’s 60 000 forecourt workers,” she said, pointing out that the new service station does just that through natural lighting, enhanced ventilation and double-walled underground tanks, which not only provide better protection but limit exposure to dangerous fumes. The service station is packed with other eco-friendly features, including solar panels and energy-reducing glass for lower electricity consumption. In areas that are not constantly manned, motion sensors limit unnecessary lighting. Its natural paint colours allow it to blend in pleasantly with the surroundings. In the convenience shop Bonjour, floors are made from recycled material while outside the doors and elsewhere around the premises, garbage bins are divided into specific disposal sections for the recycling of paper, cans and glass. The service station also boasts a water-harvesting facility that collects rainwater in underground tanks. This can then be used for the bathrooms or to water the plants and rinse off the forecourt floor. Renewable-focused infrastructure was not only kind to the environment, said Peters, but it was also important for job creation through the manufacturing of components for the new format.Long-standing relationship Total operates 530 service stations in South Africa, and supplies fuel not only to the automotive industry but also to the marine, aviation, agriculture and mining sectors. The company launched its South African operations in the mid-1950s with service stations in Johannesburg and Pretoria as well as Roodepoort and Benoni to the west and east of Johannesburg respectively, and terminals in Isando near OR Tambo International Airport, and then-Lourenço Marques, now Maputo in Mozambique.last_img read more

Raided Kalmadi seeks to put govt in the dock

first_imgSuresh KalmadiAfter the government claimed it was powerless to remove Commonwealth Games Organising Committee (OC) chairman Suresh Kalmadi, the CBI appears to have taken things in its own hands.The agency sleuths swooped down on Kalmadi’s houses in Delhi and Pune in simultaneous raids on Friday morning and seized several documents.The officials raided his palatial government bungalow on Kamraj Lane at 7 am as well as his houses and office premises at four other locations in Delhi, Mumbai and Pune, including the OC office.The CBI also quizzed Kalmadi’s personal secretary Shekhar Shrivastava at its headquarters for nearly five hours. The house of his other personal secretary, Manoj Bhure, in Pune was also raided.A CBI spokesperson said “important documents” were seized during the raids.But a defiant Kalmadi emerged from his bungalow to proclaim his innocence. “I am innocent till proved guilty. The media is the one pronouncing me guilty,” he said.In fact, he sought to put the government in the dock saying it was privy to all the decisions taken by the OC. “All the decisions in the OC have been taken by an executive board. So many government officers are on that board,” he said. “The CBI has raided my house, my office, my house in Pune and also my brother.” The CBI had earlier this month requested the government to remove Kalmadi from the OC, saying he and some of his aides were obstructing the probe into the alleged irregularities in organisation of the Games. CBI director A. P. Singh had written to cabinet secretary K. M. Chandrasekhar in this regard.advertisementThe OC chief, however, stoutly denied that. “The CBI chief says I am interfering in the probe. That is not correct. Three days ago, I wrote to the CBI director and informed that the OC had handed over all the documents. In case there were some more left, the same would be provided. I have offered all cooperation to the CBI today,” he said.The CBI said in a statement that the raids on Kalmadi were a part of the ongoing probe into the scam in the Queens’ Baton Relay. He has not been named as an accused in the baton relay case so far.But CBI sources said the agency had over a dozen specific complaints against Kalmadi which it was probing.They said fresh FIRs may be lodged against him, especially in the alleged scam in procurement of CWG overlays.The Congress left Kalmadi, who is the party’s MP from Pune, to fend for himself, saying the government or the party had nothing to do with his role as the OC chief . ” Law is equal for all.There is no question of backing anybody,” Congress spokesman Abhishek M. Singhvi said.The BJP said the CBI action was an eyewash and the raids had come too late. “Why so much of a delay? Why so many documents being allowed to be misplaced deliberately?” party spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad said.last_img read more

Far from satisfied, Team Lakay aims to continue success in 2019

first_imgSports Related Videospowered by AdSparc SEA Games hosting troubles anger Duterte SEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completion “While the rest of the world sleeps, we train, and when the world wakes up, we still train. Hard work, dedication, and learning will bring us success in 2019, despite the challenges we face.”The first test for Team Lakay comes on January 19 when Pacio defends his strawweight strap against Yosuke Saruta of Japan in ONE: Eternal Glory in Jakarta, Indonesia.Team Lakay’s journey to the top did not come without adversities, but Sangiao and the rest of Team Lakay are ready to conquer more challenges in 2019.“Together, we were able to overcome adversity. We’ll do the same in 2019,” Sangiao said.ADVERTISEMENT Read Next Is Luis Manzano planning to propose to Jessy Mendiola? View comments Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. SEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completion TS Kammuri to enter PAR possibly a day after SEA Games opening Bradley Beal, Wizards silence Thunder MOST READ Hotel management clarifies SEAG footballers’ kikiam breakfast issue Private companies step in to help SEA Games hosting “This game is evolving every second. Right now, there is a martial artist out there developing a new training method, working on a new technique, and building a new set of skills we have never seen before,” said Team Lakay’s master tactician Mark Sangiao.“This is the nature of our sport. Mixed martial arts is the ultimate proving ground of combat. It combines every style and discipline into one cohesive system. That being said, the key to success is continuous learning.”FEATURED STORIESSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSUrgent reply from Philippine ‍football chiefSPORTSWin or don’t eat: the Philippines’ poverty-driven, world-beating pool starsKevin Belingon, Geje Eustaquio, Eduard Folayang and Joshua Pacio earned world titles in their respective divisions and for them to keep their status, they must continue to hone their craft.“As martial artists, we have to keep learning and improving — that’s the only way we can win. We have to keep up with the competition and train harder than our opponents,” Sangiao said. PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games PLAY LIST 02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games02:11Trump awards medals to Jon Voight, Alison Krauss LOOK: Joyce Pring goes public with engagement to Juancho Triviño LATEST STORIES FILE – Team Lakay now has four current ONE world champions after Eduard Folayang regained the lightweight title following a unanimous decision win over Singapore’s Amir Khan in Manila. Photo by Tristan Tamayo/INQUIRER.netTeam Lakay won four world titles in ONE Championship in 2018, but that doesn’t mean the Baguio City-based stable can afford to rest on its laurels this year.Winning is one thing and staying on top is a whole different story.ADVERTISEMENTlast_img read more

Leicester goal machine Jamie Vardy splutters to a halt

first_imgTwelve months after Jamie Vardy earned worldwide fame for scoring in a record 11th Premier League match in succession, he is suffering a barren spell that mirrors Leicester City’s fall from domestic grace.The 29-year-old forward, who was signed from minor league Fleetwood Town in 2012 and helped catapult Leicester to a shock Premier League title triumph last season, has gone 15 club games without a goal and may be dropped for Saturday’s relegation tussle at Sunderland.Hollywood film makers planning a movie based on Vardy’s life may have to start thinking about rewriting their rags to riches story, to rags to riches and back again.It is hard to pinpoint the precise reason for Vardy and Leicester’s domestic slide especially as the team have made a spectacular start to their maiden Champions League campaign, securing a place in the knockout phase with a game to spare.Full back Danny Simpson said Premier League opponents were playing deeper against the champions this season, not allowing the sort of balls over the defence that Vardy can exploit with his pace.One thing is for certain, Leicester are missing former midfield talisman N’Golo Kante.The 25-year-old France international is once again at the top of the Premier League table, this time with new club Chelsea.Kante’s tackles and interceptions have been instrumental in Chelsea’s run of seven straight wins and he forms a strong partnership with Nemanja Matic in front of the defence.Leicester manager Claudio Ranieri has so far stood by the misfiring Vardy, his only striker to start every Champions League game and an almost ever-present in the Premier League despite netting twice in 958 minutes this season.advertisementBut another disappointing display last week, in a fortuitous 2-2 draw against Middlesbrough that has left them two points above the relegation zone, threatens the England international’s place, with new boy Islam Slimani the likely replacement.Vardy was demoted to the bench earlier this season against Crystal Palace and West Bromwich Albion but Ranieri suggested that was part of a rotation policy designed around their Champions League involvement.HIT-AND-HOPEWith qualification for the last 16 now assured, Ranieri may believe it is time to act with the statistics showing his striker is producing 1.2 shots on target per game compared to 3.2 last season.Former England forward Michael Owen sparked a debate about Vardy earlier in the season by saying on BT Sport that he was a hit-and-hope striker.”He’s the type of centre forward or type of finisher that is very much head down and hit it. He goes for power a lot. He’s not necessarily a real cute, classy type of finisher,” said Owen who also acknowledged the value of Vardy’s running.Leicester defender Simpson counters by saying a total of 24 Premier League goals last season tells its own story.”I am backing him 100 percent,” he said of Vardy. “You should see him in training, he smashes them in all over the place.”It is just one of those things, when he gets one he will go and score a load more.”It may be unfair to single out Vardy for criticism when Leicester are collectively underachieving in the Premier League while saving their best for Europe.After 13 games Ranieri’s side are down in 14th spot. At the same stage last year they were top, with 12 more goals, five more wins and 15 more points.Fingers are also being pointed at Algeria playmaker Riyad Mahrez.Mahrez was voted the 2015-16 Professional Footballers’ Association Player of the Year but he now finds himself heavily marked and confined to deeper positions as negative tactics choke off his supply line to Vardy.The few Leicester supporters who backed their team at 5,000-1 to land the Premier League crown last season might like to consider another bet: 500-1 to win the Champions League and be relegated.last_img read more

Former World Boxing champion and Olympic gold medallist James DeGale retires

first_imgTwo-time world boxing champion James DeGale announced his retirement on Thursday, 10 years after his professional debut.The first British boxer to win an Olympic gold medal and a pro world title, DeGale said in a statement, “There’s nothing left to prove.”The 33-year-old DeGale lost last Saturday by unanimous decision to Chris Eubank Jr. for the vacant and minor IBO super middleweight title in London. That dropped his record to 25 wins, three losses by decision, and one draw.”It’s hard to admit that I’m not the fighter I once was,” the southpaw said. “My injuries have taken a toll, both on mind and body, and these things have contributed to impact my performance in the ring.”DeGale beat Andre Dirrell for the vavant IBF super middleweight title in 2015 in Boston, then successfully defended it three times across the Atlantic.Following shoulder surgery, the top-ranked DeGale returned too soon and lost the title surprisingly to unheralded Caleb Truax in December 2017 in London, but regained it from Truax last April in Las Vegas.He vacated the title when he wouldn’t face mandatory challenger Jose Uzcategui, and he appeared to show his age in the loss last weekend to Eubank Jr.Also Watch:last_img read more

Young Engineers to Help Develop Alpart/Gansu Industrial Park

first_img Approximately 60 engineering graduates, who are benefiting from skills upgrading in China, will be engaged in the expansion of the Jiuquan Iron and Steel Company (JISCO)/Alpart bauxite refinery and development of the Gansu Industrial Park and Special Economic Zone in Nain, St. Elizabeth, when they return to the island.The projects together represent investment of approximately US$6 billion by Chinese entity JISCO, generating approximately 60,000 jobs.The graduates, from the University of the West Indies (UWI), University of Technology (UTEC) and Caribbean Maritime University (CMU) were sent to China in March on a one-year engineering course.Minister without Portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister, Hon. Mike Henry, who is wrapping up a two-week visit to China, said the young people will have key positions at the bauxite company.The Minister, who was speaking in an interview with JIS News, said that training is part of the agreement signed with the Chinese firm in order to ensure exchange of skills and knowledge.“We intend to develop that process of continuation so that we can identify skills that are required and to train ahead of time, so that Jamaicans will be able to extend the skills that are necessary to all the changes in the mining industry,” he told JIS News.The Minister said that part of his visit to China is to examine areas of investment for Jamaicans in the Gansu Industrial Park and Special Economic Zone.The project is pivotal to Jamaica’s Logistics Hub Initiative, which is being spearheaded by the Jamaica Special Economic Zone Authority (JSEZA). The graduates, from the University of the West Indies (UWI), University of Technology (UTEC) and Caribbean Maritime University (CMU) were sent to China in March on a one-year engineering course. The projects together represent investment of approximately US$6 billion by Chinese entity JISCO, generating approximately 60,000 jobs. Approximately 60 engineering graduates, who are benefiting from skills upgrading in China, will be engaged in the expansion of the Jiuquan Iron and Steel Company (JISCO)/Alpart bauxite refinery and development of the Gansu Industrial Park and Special Economic Zone in Nain, St. Elizabeth, when they return to the island. Story Highlightslast_img read more