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Philippe Couillard mulls early election start extending length of campaign report

first_imgQUEBEC – Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard may decide to trigger Quebec’s general election campaign several days earlier than expected, according to Radio-Canada.The CBC’s French-language network reported that sources close to the premier say he’s considering extending the campaign in order to throw Francois Legault’s surging Coalition Avenir Quebec into the political arena for a longer stretch.While the vote would still be held on Oct. 1 as planned, the length of the campaign would be extended from the minimum 33 days to as much as the maximum 39 days.It had long been expected the campaign would begin Aug. 29 — a Wednesday.But the new speculation has Couillard calling the vote on the weekend before, or even as early as Aug. 23.As for the man who will decide, he wasn’t showing his cards Tuesday as he walked into a cabinet meeting in Quebec City.“The guarantee is there will be an election on Oct. 1, I guarantee that,” Couillard said. “It’s the first promise I’m making — it will be held.”In response to the rumour, Coalition Leader Francois Legault said he welcomed an early start.“I look forward to campaigning with my great team, presenting our ideas to Quebecers and turning the page on 15 years of Liberal government,” Legault tweeted Tuesday.“Whenever you want, Mr. Couillard.”At a news conference later in the day, Legault accused Couillard of wanting to call the election earlier so “he can try to demonize me for longer.”Legault said he can’t wait for the launch so he can start debating issues such as health, education and the economy.“If he wants to call the election tomorrow, I’d be happy,” the Coalition leader added in Saguenay, Que. “The bus is ready. Everything is ready. Our candidates, our platform, our finances. Everything is ready, so the earlier the better for me.”last_img read more

Toronto hospital says surgery program will help trans patients live true lives

first_imgTORONTO — Janet Macbeth says “to be trans is to wait.”The 40-year-old waited until her wife was pregnant with their second child in 2017 to come out as transgender. Then she waited for her relatives, friends and professional colleagues at Walpole Island First Nation’s Heritage Centre to adjust to her gender identity.After starting hormone therapy at a trans-health centre in London, about a two-hour drive from her home in Wallaceburg, Ont., Macbeth waited the requisite one year to be approved for gender-affirming surgery under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) in spring 2018. She waited several months to book a date for the procedure, which was several more months away.But on Monday, Macbeth’s wait was finally over as she became one of the first patients to undergo vaginoplasty at a Canadian public hospital, according to medical officials.“For trans people, not everyone gets surgery … but for those who decide to get the surgery, it’s a life-saving treatment and medically necessary,” said Dr. Yonah Krakowsky, a urologist and medical lead of the Transition-Related Surgery Program at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto.“Their ability to live true lives really depends on our ability to do our work.”Krakowsky said Monday marks the first time vaginoplasty, a surgery that constructs a vagina for trans patients, has been performed in Ontario in more than two decades.Previously, he said, the only options for Canadians seeking trans-related surgical care were a private clinic in Montreal or to look abroad.While OHIP compensates out-of-province providers for some procedures, patients must cover their own travel costs, said Krakowsky, which often means they have to recover without the support of their loved ones. The distance also makes it harder for patients to receive follow-up care, which is associated with better health outcomes, he said.In 2016, the Ontario government changed its policies to make it easier for people to qualify for gender-affirming surgery, creating a backlog of patients waiting for care, Krakowsky said.He said Women’s College Hospital launched the Transition-Related Surgery Program in 2018 to help fill that gap, offering services including mastectomies, chest contouring and breast augmentation; the surgical removal of ovaries and testicles; plastic surgery of the scrotum and penile and testicular implants.But it took more than a year of training involving doctors from several departments, nurses and social workers for the program to prepare for its first three vaginoplasty surgeries this week, said Krakowsky.This effort speaks to the specialized knowledge required to perform vaginoplasty, which is considered “the jewel” of gender-affirming surgeries, said Dr. Marci Bowers, a world-renowned American gynecologist and surgeon who helped train the team at Women’s College Hospital.“It’s a surgery that I’ve often said takes as much art as it does science,” Bowers said while in Toronto to assist with this week’s surgeries. “You have to be comfortable crossing disciplines, and you obviously have to have a very thorough knowledge of pelvic anatomy.”Bowers said the surgeries at Women’s College Hospital will use a modified penile inversion, in which the surgeon creates a vaginal cavity between the rectum and urethra, which is then lined with skin from the shaft of the penis or scrotum.The procedure involves elements of urology, gynecology, general surgery and plastic surgery, said Bowers, as well as a dash of “artistry” to construct the clitoris, labia and pubic mound from existing tissues.While the program is still in its early days, Krakowsky hopes the teaching hospital’s multidisciplinary approach will help establish a model that can be adopted by medical institutions across the country.“I think the long-term goal is for this to be available in every province,” he said. “There’s a clear need. There are patients waiting for medically necessary surgery that’s not available.”While she could have had her surgery at a private clinic months ago, Macbeth said she was willing to wait a little longer to be part of a program with so much potential to better the health of Canada’s trans community.“This is just the beginning,” Macbeth said in an interview last week. “Canada now has two (trans-related surgical centres), so we probably need to work on the third one, the fourth one. There’s more trans people out there than people realize.”All trans women are women, she emphasized, regardless of whether they decide to pursue gender-affirming treatment. While no medical procedure could change her identity as a mother, a worker or a woman, Macbeth said her surgery will help her feel more at home in her body.“This is something that’s necessary for me,” Macbeth said. “It reduces the dysphoria I have, this conflict between myself and my body.“It will help align myself with who I am, and in general terms, make me a lot healthier.”Adina Bresge, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

UN aid agency airlifts emergency gear to Central African Republic from Ghana

18 May 2007The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) announced today that it was airlifting 31 metric tons of equipment to the Central African Republic (CAR) as part of expanded efforts to reach over 230,000 people affected by recent violence and displacement. The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) announced today that it was airlifting 31 metric tons of equipment to the Central African Republic (CAR) as part of expanded efforts to reach over 230,000 people affected by recent violence and displacement. “In a matter of hours, we are going to move our gear from Accra into CAR, where it will be immediately deployed to support our complex logistics operation there,” said Amer Daoudi, Associate Director of WFP’s transport division. The equipment from WFP’s Humanitarian Response Depot (HRD) in the Ghanaian capital Accra includes temporary storage facilities, living accommodations and accompanying tool kits, all scheduled to depart today onboard a WFP-chartered Illyushin 76 cargo jet for the three-hour flight to Bangui in CAR. “This airlift from our Accra Humanitarian Response Depot confirms the importance for WFP of the global network of HRDs we are operating,” said Daoudi. “Airlifting equipment we had pre-positioned in Accra is resulting in huge savings of time and money.” HRD Accra is part of the Global Network established by WFP to build on the success of the agency’s original UNHRD in Brindisi, to support the emergency response effort of the UN, governments non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Nearly 300,000 people have had to flee their homes in the CAR over the past year because of fighting, banditry and rebel attacks. Many people are living in the open bush, too afraid to return to their former homes. Today’s airlift is part of an enhancement of logistical capacity for WFP to meet the increased needs in the CAR, for which the agency recently appealed for $3.5 million in addition to its other requests for the country in 2007. In addition to the new funds required to reinforce logistics, the agency’s current food assistance programme still has a shortage of $25 million for operations in the CAR, one of the world’s poorest countries. read more

Teacher talks resume as Labour Board prepares to rule

Central talks between the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation and the province resume today with a new mediator.The province-wide central talks come as public high school teachers in Peel, Durham and the Sudbury area remain on strike, keeping 70-thousand students out of the classroom.The affected school boards have asked the Ontario Labour Relations board to declare the strikes illegal.  Final arguments are expected this morning with the possibility of a decision as soon as this afternoon.The Minister of Education has also asked the Education Relations Commission to consider whether the students’ school years are in jeopardy.Meanwhile, high school teachers in Halton and Ottawa-Carleton will begin work-to-rule action tomorrow, refusing administrative tasks like writing report card comments.The central talks mark the first round of negotiations under a new bargaining system the Liberal government introduced last year, separating the process into local and province-wide talks. read more

Nicole Kidman hails UN Development Fund for Womens 30th anniversary

Paying tribute to three decades of work by the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), agency Goodwill Ambassador and internationally renowned actress Nicole Kidman has hosted a gala in New York honouring Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Terry J. Lundgren, Chairman, President and CEO of Federated Department Stores, Inc.“Commemorating UNIFEM’s 30th anniversary is a special opportunity for me to bring UNIFEM’s accomplishments to the attention of a larger audience of concerned citizens,” said Ms. Kidman as she welcomed a packed room of almost 500 guests on Saturday evening.“So many people have come together this evening, not just to look back on UNIFEM’s 30 very impressive years but to look ahead – when you’ve been blessed with a fortunate life, it is very much your duty to find the places where you can give back,” she said. “I’m so proud to be part of UNIFEM’s present and future.”UNIFEM used the occasion to honour President Johnson Sirleaf as the recipient of its first Global Leadership Award, in recognition of her efforts to advance women’s rights, and her new role as the first democratically elected female head of state in Africa.Terry J. Lundgren, CEO of Federated Department Stores, the parent company of Macy’s department store, received UNIFEM’s first Global Championship Award. Macy’s is a key partner of the Rwanda Path to Peace project, launched in 2005 to open a global market for women artisans, most of them genocide widows in the country.The Path to Peace project had its early beginnings in 2002 when UNIFEM chief Noeleen Heyzer visited Rwanda and was struck by the beauty of the traditional baskets woven by rural women. On her return to the US, she approached a group of American businesswomen to help develop a market for Rwandan basketwork. Three years later, through the facilitation of artist and UNIFEM supporter Willa Shalit, the baskets were being sold at Macy’s flagship Herald Square store in New York.Speaking of the three decades of UNIFEM’s efforts to empower women and improve their lives, Ms. Heyzer acknowledged the importance of partners, “every step of the way.”While hailing progress achieved in its three decades of work, she cautioned that much remains to be done. “On our 30th anniversary, my wish is for a strong UNIFEM to reach more people with the power to change the conditions under which women work and live, making the world a more just, equitable and happier place for all,” she said. read more

Laotian minister urges UN members to help landlocked developing countries

“I appeal to the international community to further address the special problems of this vulnerable group,” said Thongloun Sisoulith, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Laos. He called specifically for global efforts to help facilitate a mid-term review to assess the Almaty Programme of Action, a plan adopted in 2003 aimed at helping to meet the special needs of landlocked developing countries.He added that a recent summit meeting of leaders of those States had adopted a Declaration reaffirming their right of access to and from the sea.The needs of developing countries in general were discussed by Hor Namhong, the Foreign Minister of Cambodia, who said there has been very little progress in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a set of targets for tackling poverty and other global ills. He attributed this in part to “the negative impact of globalization which has led to the widening gap between developed countries and the poor nations.”He especially decried the lack of progress towards addressing the extreme poverty which afflicts 1.3 billion people globally. “Eradication of poverty is, first and foremost, the responsibility of the whole world and requires cooperation of the developed countries, international organizations as well as the private sector,” he said, calling for increases in debt relief, foreign direct investment and official development assistance to address the problem.Also addressing the Assembly today was Le Cong Phung, the First Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Viet Nam, who said the widening development gap between rich and poor posed a major threat to peace and security. The failure of the Doha Round, the strengthening of protectionism in a number of developed countries, and the fluctuating prices of oil and gold had caused difficulties for developing countries in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).He voiced particular concern about anti-dumping tariffs imposed on Viet Nam’s catfish, shrimp and footwear. Non-tariff barriers disguised as hygiene or safety standards should be removed to facilitate access to developed economies’ markets, he said. read more

Brock scientist wins coveted award

A leading scientist recruited from the United States to do his research at Brock has won one of Canada’s most prestigious awards in organic chemistry.Tomas HudlickyProfessor Tomas Hudlicky has won the 2010 Alfred Bader Award, given by the Canadian Society of Chemistry for excellence in organic chemistry research.Hudlicky, who came to Brock in 2003 after eight years at the University of Florida, is one of North America’s top organic researchers. His breakthroughs in green chemistry include more efficient and environmentally conscious ways to create synthetic versions of morphine or Tamiflu-like drugs.He cherishes the Bader award because it is voted on by Canadian peers, he said.“I am very honoured,” he said. “I feel privileged to receive this recognition after a relatively short time in the Canadian chemistry community.”Hudlicky is one of several researchers Brock has brought to Canada from the U.S., part of a growing team of leading scientists whose work will be accelerated by the $111-million Niagara Health and Bioscience Research Complex which is under construction at Brock.Ian Brindle, Brock’s Dean of Mathematics and Science, calls Hudlicky a world leader in his field.“Graduate students and researchers come to Brock because of the stature of researchers like Tomas,” said Brindle. “He understands molecules in a way that few people do. It’s almost a personal relationship.”Hudlicky immigrated to the U.S. from his native Czechoslovakia in 1968. He has a BSc from Virginia Tech and PhD in chemistry from Rice University. He worked in organic chemistry departments at Illinois Institute of Technology (1978-1982), Virginia Tech (1982-1995), and the University of Florida (1995-2003) prior to coming to Brock.Hudlicky is prolific in research, publishing, and teaching. He has filed 28 patents, 13 since coming to Brock, and his projects have attracted more than $12 million in research funding. He has published more than 200 articles in peer-review journals, 50 reviews, and two books. He has presented more than 630 invited lectures worldwide.His research at Brock has focused on several areas, including a multi-generational design of morphine and Amaryllidaceae alkaloids; development of efficient routes to commercial opiate derivatives; and the investigations of more potent and bioavailable derivatives of the pancratistatin group of alkaloids as potential anti-cancer agents.The Bader award, which comes with a $3,000 cash prize, will be presented in Toronto in May at the 93rd Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition. read more

Managing tyres at an Arctic iron ore mine

first_imgOTR Tyres has been managing an earthmover tyre contract at the Sydvaranger mine near Kirkenes in the far north of Norway for the past 12 months. The contract, to supply the iron ore mine with tyres for all the operating vehicles on site, sees the OTR engineers working at temperatures down to 30ºC and in total darkness for part of the year (and total daylight for another part).An OTR full tyre management system is in operation including tyre supply, onsite service and maintenance of all vehicles – earthmover, truck and light commercial/4WD. In addition to tyres, all related accessories – rims, valves, etc – are OTR’s responsibility. The onsite service also includes tyre monitoring and data collection to ensure the most cost effective use of tyre resources.Repairs are carried out by tyre service engineer’s onsite and service is handled by the new 36T Iveco truck. This the latest Iveco 8 x 4 EuroTrakker with Euro 5 engine and AS Tronic gearbox and, as OTR’s UK Transport Manager, Mark Fieldston, said: “…is the most advanced service truck OTR have developed.”Many of the components for the vehicle were specially made or adapted to cope with the temperature extremes and the parameters of the service contract. The truck itself has a working platform of 11.99 m. The HMF ODIN K2 52 t crane is the most up to date crane OTR has ever purchased and the highest ‘spec’ – being fully radio remote controlled with EVS safety system.Handling 57″ tyres will be the norm so a UHL 3705 tyre handler has been fitted which gives a continuous 360º rotation in addition to the normal clamp and tilt features.The standard ‘Arctic Pack’ also had to be enhanced to allow the truck to operate in these arduous conditions, and the service crew is working well. “It was always our intention to introduce tyre engineers from the region to OTR’s global standards and this has worked well over the past 12 months.The team is working well, the customer is happy and the conditions are…quite cold and dark at times,” concluded OTR’s Project Manager for Norway, Tony Davenport.Although mining commenced some months ago, the mine was officially opened at the beginning of October by Sor Vanager’s Mayor, Linda Randal, with OTR CEO Chris Skelton and Project Director, Eddie Fairs, in attendance.last_img read more

Golden goal machine Ivan Cupic I knew it…

Ivan Cupic became the first player who defended title in Cologne! The 31-years old Croatian right wing did it in a big style with the buzzer-beater which made all dreams of Macedonian fans came true. The big party began when Cupic’s ball touched net of Thierry Omeyer for 24:23 RK Vardar win over Paris Saint Germain Handball.I didn’t think about decision to take or not take responsibility in the last attack. It’s fantastic feeling to be at the TOP again. Some people have thoughts that I lost motivation after departure from Kielce, but I knew how serious project is in Skopje – said Ivan Cupic in emotional speech after the match. ← Previous Story WELCOME TO LEGENDS: RK Vardar at the TOP of Europe! Next Story → MACEDONIA ON FIRE: Crazy celebration around country PHOTO: SEHA GAZPROM league, Jozo Cabraja read more

Greek Olympiakos undefeated in the first European match

The Greek Olympiakos made historical step on Friday with the first ever official match on European level. One of the biggest Greek sports brand, well-known all around Europe because it’s football and basketball section, began the handball life last summer. In their first EHF Cup Round 1 match in Czech Republic, Greeks played 21:21 (8:12) against domestic Talent.The second match is on the way on Sunday on the same place.The Portuguese Benfica beat Serbian Dinamo Pancevo 39:20 in their first clash. ← Previous Story TOP 30 transfers in women’s handball before season 2017/2018 Next Story → CONTRACTS DON’T PLAY: HBC Nantes smash PSG Handball for the first 2017/18 trophy! read more

Pope Francis forms commission to advise on sex abuse

first_imgRead: How should the Pope do his job? He wants you to tell him> POPE FRANCIS IS assembling a panel of experts to advise him on sex abuse in the clergy — a task that will involve looking at how to protect children from paedophiles, how to better screen men for the priesthood and how to help victims who have already been harmed.Cardinal Sean O’Malley, the archbishop of Boston, announced the creation of the commission today at the conclusion of a meeting between Francis and his eight cardinal advisers who are helping him govern the church and reform the Vatican bureaucracy.Sex abuseBoston was the epicenter of the 2002 clerical sexual abuse scandal in the US.O’Malley told reporters that the commission, made up of international lay and religious experts on sex abuse, would study current programs to protect children, better screen priests, train church personnel and suggest new initiatives for both the Holy See to implement inside the Vatican City State and for bishops to implement around the world.He said, to date, the Vatican’s involvement in the sex abuse crisis has been largely judicial in nature, with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in 2001 taking over church trials for priests accused of raping and molesting children.Now, he said, Francis wants input for a pastoral response, as well.Accountability He said he didn’t know if the matter of bishop accountability would be undertaken by the new commission.Advocates for victims of clerical abuse have long denounced the Vatican’s refusal to sanction bishops who shielded abusive priests and moved them from parish to parish rather than report them to police.That practice, coupled with the church’s culture of secrecy and fear of scandal, enabled peadophiles to continue molesting children for decades while the Vatican turned a blind eye.“Quite frankly that’s something that the church needs to address,” O’Malley said, when asked if the commission would take up the issue. “I’m not sure whether it will be this commission or the CDF (Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) or the Congregation for Bishops.”Child protectionThe commission was announced just days after the Vatican submitted its responses to a UN committee monitoring its implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.The Vatican dodged many of the committee’s questions about sex abuse by arguing that it’s up to bishops and dioceses to implement programs to protect children, not the Holy See.Asked about the seeming contradiction, O’Malley said competence for such issues still lies with local church leaders.“The Holy See will try and help to identify best practices,” he said. “Certainly we hope that the Holy See will be able to model what those best practices are as a way of helping other dioceses and bishops conferences to have a response that is truly adequate and pastoral.”Read: Vatican charity arm turning pope’s words into action>last_img read more

Asus Padfone on sale in Taiwan from 6001000

first_imgThere’s no denying that the Asus Padfone is a clever design. Not only does the system allow you to insert the smartphone base unit into a tablet dock with an extended battery, but roll in the trademark Asus Transformer keyboard accessory and you’ve also got yourself an Android netbook. Top it all off with the wild Bluetooth headset/stylus combination, and you’ve got a veritable Swiss Army Knife of mobile computing utility.Now, at long last, Asus has finally started taking pre-orders for the Padfone — at least in Taiwan. Converted to U.S. currency, the smartphone itself is retailing for about $610. That’s roughly $130 less than the iPhone 4S sells for.Tack on the accessories that actually make the Padfone interesting, and the price predictably climbs a bit. The tablet and stylus pack adds another $240, while the full kit — phone, stylus, tablet dock, and keyboard — will cost you just shy of $1,000. Whether that amount of money is enough to get folks to buy the Padfone combo instead of, say, another high-end Android phone and a Transformer Prime, remains to be seen. While that would mean managing data on two different devices, you’d be getting two additional processor cores (or is it three?) to play around with.The Padfone certainly isn’t a bad deal if you consider what you’d be spending on three separate devices, but it’s not the kind of bargain the Asus MeMo is rumored to be. Then again, Asus hasn’t started taking pre-orders for the MeMo yet, so there’s no telling whether or not  they’ll actually bring it to market at the $250 price tag they said they would.More at Engadgetlast_img read more

Bahamas PM Christie says 40 of VAT covered deficit

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppBahamas, March 31, 2017 – Nassau – The Bahamas now knows where the VAT money went says  Prime Minister Perry Christie delivered on his promise to explain the VAT collection and allocation.   Residents and guests of The Bahamas are healthy consumers as the report revealed that not only did VAT exceed performance expectations, t it was over a billion dollars collected in the 7.5% tax on goods and services.PM Perry Christie, who is the Minister of Finance said that VAT drew 1.14 billion dollars and that the Customs Department collected $415 million of that money over two years.  While VAT did bring in more than half The Bahamas’ national budget, there were some offsets because of its existence.   The Prime Minister explained that tax breaks and duty rate cuts and eliminations did cause some losses in other revenue areas and that net impact on revenues cost the country almost three quarters of the VAT earnings; quoted at $756 million.Due to this huge loss to government revenue in other areas, VAT was able to contribute and 30% of earnings to the lost revenue.  The country’s leader said 40% of the VAT money was used to reduce the deficit and the remaining 30% went to general expenditures.   VAT also had to refund some of its subscribing companies, that happened to the tune of $20 million revealed the report presented Wednesday in the House of Assembly.The Prime Minister did a better job in his presentation than his junior finance minister, Michael Halkitis who many agreed mucked it up at the PLP National Convention in January; the PM shared some of the programmes or elements of country affairs that benefited directly from VAT money.   “Since the implementation of VAT, the government has hired an additional 99 police officers at $1,782,000 per annum; it has hired an additional 166 Defense Force officers at $2,988,000 per annum; it has employed 347 more teachers and education support staff at $8,400,500 per annum; and it has hired 103 additional doctors and health professionals at $2,932,550 per annum.”While the National Budget, according to reports released by the Central Bank reveal that the deficit has ballooned and there is criticism for the Administration not exercising enough austerity measures to save money, Mr. Christie said his PLP Administration is spending less. I quote the statement by the PM, “Today we have reduced this excess of spending over earnings to an average of less than $400 million and excluding natural disasters to an average of less than $250 million.  Therefore debt accumulation has decelerated.”You can read the presentation of PM Perry Christie in full at Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:#magneticmedianews, #VATcovereddeficitsaysPM, #VATspendinglast_img read more

Pioneering politician cultural historian among TCI Natl Honourees

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#TurksandCaicos, October 18, 2017 – Providenciales – Wellington Williams, Bill Clare, Paul Higgs, Nadidja Parker, Blythe Clare, Mark & Barbara Pankurst and Conrad Howell are among the near 40 people selected as the 2017 recipients of National Honours and Awards.  The long list of stand outs, recommended by those who deem them worthy of receiving in one of seven categories was published in an October 3 (2017) Gazette.Two on the list were honoured posthumously and will now carry special distinctions as they are referenced:  The Most Honourable is now the title of the late Paul Higgs, a pioneer legislator and fiery politician hailing from North Caicos; Most Hon Higgs received the highest honour this year and got the Order of Turks and Caicos medal.   The other award given posthumously goes to the author of the country’s National Song, This Land of Ours.  The late Much Honoured Rev Dr. Conrad Howell of Providenciales is among the four to receive the patriotic award, Cayos Medal. Also in the group of Cayos Medal honours are Bill Archie Clare, the ‘Man for All Seasons’ of South Caicos; Businessman and philanthropist of Five Cays, Mervin Cox and Mark and Barbara Pankhurst, who have contributed significantly to development in the arts and humanities in the islands.  Nineteen people are awarded for long service including fireman, George Penn; Tourism lecturer, Blythe Clare; at least three aviators:  Captain Lyndon Gardiner, Captain Harold Williams and Captain Richardson Arthur.Earning the Meritorious service medal are Clifford Gardiner, the TCIs first pilot and North Caicos hotelier is rewarded with three others in that category, including Marion Williams, popular home chef hailing from Blue Hills, Providenciales.    Six youth between 12 and 25 are rewarded with the National Young Achievers Medal including businessman and designer, Wellington Williams; PTV newscaster, Nadidja Parker along former junior Tourism Minister, Willandra Elliot.Thirty-seven individuals earned medals this year; the ceremony which was due to happen on National Heritage Day on October 9 was postponed in the aftermath of the hurricanes.  You can view the full list at Magnetic Media or at our Magnetic Media fanpage on Facebook.#MagneticMediaNew Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:last_img read more

JK governor Satya Pal Malik Kill corrupt remark made in anger

first_imgSrinagar : Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satya Pal Malik on Monday expressed regret over his remark that militants should stop killing innocent people and target the corrupt, saying it was made in a “fit of anger and frustration”. Malik said he should not have made the comment as constitutional head of the state but it did reflect his feelings and he will say the same thing when he is not governor. Also Read – Ratul Puri’s ED custody extended by 4 more days Advertise With Us “It was in a fit of anger and frustration due to rampant corruption here. Wherever I dig, I find their corruption. I should not have made such comments as I am the constitutional head but what I said is my feeling on the issue. Once I am not the governor, I will still say the same thing. I am ready to face the consequences for it,” Malik told television channels. On Sunday, Malik stoked controversy during his address at a function in Kargil in Ladakh region. “These boys who have picked up guns are killing their own people, they are killing PSOs (personal security officer) and SPOs (special police officers).last_img read more

Hyundai Venue gets 50000 bookings in 60 days

first_imgHyundai venueHyundai Motor India has clocked new milestones for recently launched Hyundai Venue – India’s first Fully Connected SUV – with fastest ever 50,000 bookings. The newly launched Hyundai Venue – India’s First Fully Connected SUV – has been designed to exceed the rising aspirations of today’s iGen and millennial customers. Hyundai Venue with its commanding road presence, robust stance and Blue Link connected features has created a new excitement in the market.Commenting on the milestone, Vikas Jain, the National Sales Head of Hyundai Motor India, said, “The Hyundai Venue has been able to strike a chord with the iGen customers who seek future technology, space, comfort, safety, and ergonomics with new-age style. We are extremely overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response and milestone created by Venue with 50,000 bookings within sixty days of launch.””We are glad that Indian customers have shown their faith in the Blue Link Connected Technology as out of the total Venue delivered so far, over 55 percent of the cars are Blue Link Enabled Variant. Out of the 50,000 bookings, over 35 percent of customers have preferred the Hyundai’s in house Best in Segment – DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) Technology. Our SUV market share is 21 percent with the combined sales of Venue, Creta and Tucson,” he added.The core philosophy of Venue stands for the third space which is trendy, unique, stylish and is a true representation of Hyundai’s newest connected SUV. Hyundai Venue aims to create ease of life for the customers by being their connected friend on the go.last_img read more

Maldives severs ties with Myanmar Suu Kyi faces chorus of criticism over

first_imgAung San Suu Kyi. Photo: AFPNobel peace laureate Malala Yousafzai and mainly Muslim countries in Asia led a growing chorus of criticism on Monday aimed at Myanmar and its civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi over the plight of the Rohingya Muslim minority.Nearly 90,000 Rohingya have flooded into Bangladesh in the past 10 days following an uptick in fighting between militants and Myanmar’s military in strife-torn western Rakhine state.The impoverished region bordering Bangladesh has been a crucible of communal tensions between Muslims and Buddhists for years, with the Rohingya forced to live under apartheid-like restrictions on movement and citizenship.The recent violence, which began last October when a small Rohingya militant group ambushed border posts, is the worst Rakhine has witnessed in years, with the UN saying Myanmar’s army may have committed ethnic cleansing in its response.An Indonesian protester tears a picture of Myanmar`s Aung San Suu Kyi during a rally in front of Myanmar embassy in Jakarta on 2 September to condemn Myanmar`s army and the government of Aung San Suu Kyi. Photo: AFPSuu Kyi, a former political prisoner of Myanmar’s junta, has come under increasing fire over her perceived unwillingness to speak out against the treatment of the Rohingya or chastise the military.She has made no public comment since the latest fighting broke out on August 25.“Every time I see the news, my heart breaks at the suffering of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar,” Pakistani activist Yousafzai, who famously survived being shot in the head by the Taliban, said in a statement on Twitter.“Over the last several years I have repeatedly condemned this tragic and shameful treatment. I am still waiting for my fellow Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi to do the same,” she added.An Indian student activist writes posters for a rally against the Myanmar government to protest the treatment of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, in Kolkata on 4 September, 2017. Photo: AFPMalaysian foreign minister Anifah Aman also questioned Suu Kyi’s silence.“Very frankly, I am dissatisfied with Aung San Suu Kyi,” Anifah told AFP.“(Previously) she stood up for the principles of human rights. Now it seems she is doing nothing.”Muslim neighbours riledThe growing crisis threatens Myanmar’s diplomatic relations, particularly with Muslim-majority countries in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia and Indonesia where there is profound public anger over the treatment of the Rohingya.The Maldives announced on Monday that it was severing all trade ties with the country “until the government of Myanmar takes measures to prevent the atrocities being committed against Rohingya Muslims”, the foreign ministry said in a statement.Indonesia’s foreign minister Retno Marsudi met Suu Kyi as well as Myanmar’s army chief General Min Aung Hlaing in Naypyidaw on Monday in a bid to pressure the government to do more to alleviate the crisis.“Once again, violence, this humanitarian crisis has to stop immediately,” Indonesian President Joko Widodo told reporters on Sunday as he announced Retno’s mission.Hours before Widodo spoke, a petrol bomb was thrown at Myanmar’s embassy in Jakarta while police there have previously thwarted two attempts by Islamist militants to bomb the compound.Dozens demonstrated in front of the embassy on Monday, where armed police were deployed and the mission cordoned off behind barbed wire.Pakistan’s foreign ministry said it was “deeply concerned over reports of growing number of deaths and forced displacement of Rohingya Muslims” and urged Myanmar to investigate reports of atrocities against the community.Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif added in a recent tweet: “Global silence on continuing violence against #Rohingya Muslims. Int’l action crucial to prevent further ethnic cleansing – UN must rally.”Analysts have long warned that Myanmar’s treatment of the Rohingya would lead to homegrown militancy as well as support from international jihadists.Since the latest fighting broke out, Al-Qaeda’s offshoot in Yemen has called for retaliatory attacks against Myanmar while the Afghan Taliban urged Muslims to “use their abilities to help Myanmar’s oppressed Muslims”.Thousands gathered in Russia’s Chechnya region Monday for an officially staged rally over the plight of the Rohingya.Defenders of Suu Kyi say she has limited ability to control Myanmar’s notoriously abusive military, which under the junta-era constitution is effectively independent of civilian oversight.The Rohingya are also widely dismissed in Myanmar as Bangladeshi interlopers despite many tracing their lineage back generations, making supporting them hugely unpopular.But detractors say Suu Kyi is one of the few people with the mass appeal and moral authority to swim against the tide on the issue.last_img

Can Julian Castro Find A Lane In Crowded Race To Democratic Nomination

first_img Share David Martin Davies/Texas Public RadioJulian Castro at a rally in San Antonio.President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign faces a crowded field of Democrats who want to challenge him for the presidency. Among them is Julian Castro. The former San Antonio mayor and secretary of U.S. Housing and Urban Development is not a household name. But he is working to change that.Trump threw a campaign event in downtown San Antonio on Wednesday. A few hours later, Castro hosted a counter-rally. He shared with the audience what he planned to do once a defeated Trump hands the presidency to him.“We will be on the White House lawn,” Castro said, “and the helicopter will be right there in the distance. And right before he leaves — right before he walks away to the helicopter — I’m going to tell him, ‘Adios!’ “Castro has to outmaneuver and defeat at least 20 other Democrats to secure the party’s presidential nomination before he can take on the Republican incumbent in a national election.“We have so many candidates because so many Democrats … have a shot of beating Donald Trump, and no candidate has emerged as entirely obvious,” said E.J. Dionne, a Washington Post syndicated columnist and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.David Martin Davies/Texas Public RadioCastro mingles with the crowd.“I think you’ve already seen that this field is very fluid with the way that Pete Buttigieg — the mayor of South Bend, 37 years old — who has broken through in a way that I suspect even surprises him. His breakthrough, I think, speaks to the possibility of other candidates, including Julian Castro, of breaking through at some point.”Castro currently polls around 1 percent nationally and in the early states.Geoffrey Skelley, an elections analyst with the website FiveThirtyEight, said Castro has some key attributes that set him apart as a candidate.“On paper, Julian Castro makes an interesting case,” he said. Castro is a young Latino with experience in the Obama administration. That could appeal to millennials, party loyalists and voters of color.“That’s sort of how you see Castro’s potential as a candidate,” Skelley said, “but so far I would say that it seems like he has not really broken through.”He added that Castro needs to find that breakout moment. Skelley said Castro, who is so far the only Democratic candidate to unveil details of an immigration policy, may be the perfect response to Trump’s border emergency issue.“Each new president is a reaction to the previous one,” he explained. “And so Donald Trump was unquestionably a reaction to Barack Obama. And for Castro … what would be a more obvious reaction to Donald Trump than Democrats nominating a Latino candidate?”Castro was the keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention in 2012, where he shared his personal narrative with the convention and viewing audiences. That narrative has only gained currency as Trump has pushed for hard measures on the border as Central American families seek asylum.“I have seen fully the promise of the American dream for immigrants and the difference that immigrants make in this country.” he said at a recent rally. “I have a completely different vision for immigration in the 21st century than Donald Trump does.”Castro’s ability to speak with authority about this central issue may translate into free media.David Martin Davies/Texas Public RadioCastro still needs thousands more individual donations to qualify for a place on the Democratic debate stage.A recent example was Castro’s appearance on the “Breakfast Club,” a nationally syndicated morning radio show with a focus on hip-hop, pop culture and the black community.A host asked Castro, referring to his time in the Obama administration, “Is it disheartening to see your policies being dismantled?”Castro responded, “For sure. Not only that but I believe that [the Trump] administration takes this attitude that if you are poor then there is something wrong with you.”According to Nielsen data, 77 percent of the show’s audience is African American or Hispanic. That demographic makes up nearly a third of the Democratic primary electorate and an voter base with which Castro must connect if he’s going to stand out from the Democratic crowd.The candidate himself admits there’s still a long way to go. “We still have 44 weeks until the Iowa caucus,” he said. “And I’m confident that by that time it’d be doing well.”His next hurdle: Meeting the criteria to qualify for the first round of Democratic debates. Castro’s campaign has to count at least 65,000 donors, and he’s still several thousand short.This piece was originally published on Texas Public Radio.last_img read more

11 Robots That Are Going to Steal Your Jobs Man

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Yoyoyo, it’s your boy, J. Thor Kensen, back with all that hot listicle action that you crave so badly. And what are we talking about this time? Jobs. Nonono, not the dude behind the computer in your pocket but like…all the things you did to be able to afford that thing before you dropped it like once and got spiderweb cracks all across the front of it. Thing is, whatever your job is, sooner or later, you’re gonna lose it. And the No. 1 reason? Probably Linda narcing you out to the boss, honestly. But a close No. 2? That’d be the fact that some stupid, clanking robo-jerk is inevitably going to come in and snag your job from me.I know you think it’s unreasonable, that your job requires talents or abilities or whatever that robots can never have, but I’m here to tell you that it just ain’t so. Your boss is going to be stoked to replace you with something that doesn’t complain or need to sleep or even take up space in the office refrigerator. That only upside? At least Linda will be out on her ass too. Anyway, here are a bunch of the damn things that are gonna put you on the dole sooner or later.J. Thor Kensen is the illegitimate son of K. Thor Jensen.View as: One Page Slides1/111. Self-Driving Carsvia UberBeing an Uber or a Lyft driver is pretty great. Unless you need benefits and insurance. Or have to go to the bathroom. Or just don’t like working for an exploitive company that one of the clearest examples of the disaster that is late capitalism. But still, it’s a job man. But not for long if these car-driving robots have anything to say about it.2. R2-D2svia everyone knows about the famous little robot from Star Wars, but a lot of folks don’t realize that there are a bunch of different R2-D2s rolling around in those flicks. Used to be that a real human being would navigate the space planes but not anymore, man. Not anymore.3. Delivery Dronesvia amazonOnce the robots take over driving drunk people around on the weekends, you might think that you can pick up some work bringing them stuff during the week. The problem here is Amazon’s already got a bunch of drones doing that, and probably also watching you pee according to my pal Unique.4. Astro Boyvia animemagazine.comNot to date myself, but when I was coming up if you were a creepy old scientist who wanted a young boy to hang around with, no questions asked, you went to the orphanage. But as seen in the Japanese documentary Astro Boy, in the future you can just make a young ward for yourself, and no one will blink, even if all he wears is underwear and gogo boots.5. SexBotsvia synthea amatusSpeaking of sex robots, did you know that there are already robots (mostly Japanese) that you can bang? It’s the newest take on the oldest profession, which is how I’d pitch the ad campaign if the robo-copywriters didn’t have that industry on lock.6. Kraftwerkvia discogs.comMan, the craziest thing is that robots taking over jobs is nothing new. Kraftwerk has been snagging jobs from button-pressing musicians since, I dunno, the 50s or something? One of these robots even invented the drum machine and then got in a fight with another robot about it.7. Robearvia, carrying old people around ain’t what I’d call a good job, but as long as they aren’t super heavy, that’d be okay, right? The trouble is, we got Robear running around picking up all the olds. As far as we can tell, he isn’t also a sex robot, but give it time. Give it time.8. Rock Em Sock Em Robotsvia wikipedia.orgIn the nightmarish, post-nuclear hell landscape that awaits us all, there aren’t going to be many jobs. That’s just facts. The warlords are always going to want to watch people fight over scraps of food though, which would be a good thing if not for these punchdrunk dorks willing to give it away for free.9. Roombavia amazonSo, your boy’s got an idea for this one. What if instead of just sucking up everything off the floor, the Roomba had a kief filter and capture on it? I guess that’s just giving the robot more work though, right? Maybe just have your boy, J. Thor swing by and dig through your garbage for herb?10. Fassbendervia weylandindustries.comIn the future, not even The Fass himself, Michael Fassbender, will be safe from robotic replacement. Alien: Covenant’s got two of him running around in it! And judging from all the hot Fassbender-on-Fassbender action in that flick, robots will also be coming after another coveted job: Making out with Michael Fassbender.11. Stripper Botsvia hd.clarin.comIs this sexy? Kinda, right? I dunno, man. Internet porn has ruined me. Stay on targetcenter_img Get Used to ‘Fortnite’s’ Powerful Mech SuitsRobots to Compete in Underground Challenge in Mining Tunnels last_img read more

Disruption on railways after person hit by train

first_imgGet the biggest Daily stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailUPDATE: The line has now reopened Passengers using the train face delays on the railway this morning after a person was hit by a train in the West Midlands. Emergency services are dealing with the incident between Sandwell and Dudley. A direct train, operated by CrossCountry, connects Stoke-on-Trent and Stafford to Wolverhampton and Birmingham and these face delays as a result of the incident. London Northwestern Trains connecting Crewe and Birmingham also face disruption. Virgin Trains between London and Manchester, which also called at Stoke-on-Trent are also reported to be affected, according to Network Rail. A National Rail spokesman said: “Emergency services dealing with an incident between Birmingham New Street and Wolverhampton are causing disruption to journeys between these stations. “Train services running through these stations may be delayed by up to 45 minutes or diverted via Bescot Stadium. Disruption is expected until 9am.” Read MoreFirefighters at scene of chimney fire in town centre A Virgin Trains spokesman said: “Due to a person being hit by a train at Sandwell & Dudley all lines are blocked.” Disruption is expected to continue throughout the rush hour. Rail services in Cheshire were diverted yesterday after another person was hit by a train near Nantwich. There is also replacement bus service running on Virgin Trains West Coast between Preston and Carlisle due to overhead power cable problems. Tickets are being accepted on CrossCountry, Northern, ScotRail, Transpennine Express and Virgin Trains East Coast services. All lines between Lancaster and Oxenholme Lake District are blocked but some trains from Scotland may terminate at Carlisle.last_img read more