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Nominees Sought for 2008 Order of Nova Scotia

first_imgAn author of children’s books, a world-class orthopaedic surgeon, and a champion for women’s politics and human rights are among those who have received the province’s highest honour for achievement. Author Joyce Barkhouse, surgeon William Stanish and humanitarian Flora MacDonald are a few of the outstanding Nova Scotians who have been inducted into the Order of Nova Scotia. And it’s time for more deserving Nova Scotians to join the list. People are reminded to nominate or renominate someone who has made an outstanding contribution to their community for the 2008 Order of Nova Scotia. The nomination deadline is Friday, March 21. “Forty people have been invested into the Order of Nova Scotia since it began in 2002,” said Bill Dooks, Minister responsible for the administration of the Order of Nova Scotia Act. “I encourage all Nova Scotians to nominate someone they feel has made a significant contribution to their community.” Recipients are selected each year by the Order of Nova Scotia Advisory Council. In 2007, the Order of Nova Scotia was amended to include a recipient under the age of 26, making a maximum of six people eligible to be inducted into the Order of Nova Scotia each year. “The amendment allows us to recognize the outstanding achievements being made by youth in our communities,” said Sister Dorothy Moore, chair of the Order of Nova Scotia Advisory Council. “We encourage people to consider young people for nomination and anyone who has made a positive impact on our communities. We also want to remind people to renominate those who have been considered in the past.” Nova Scotians can be nominated for several reasons. They may work to protect human rights or preserve the cultural identity of their communities. They may be teachers, community leaders or inventors. Others might include peacekeepers, communicators or those who work to preserve the environment. People who wish to renominate someone can fill out a new nomination form and submit a photocopy of the nomination package from the last nomination. Nomination forms can be picked up at all Access Nova Scotia centres. They are also available at Province House, offices of all members of the legislative assembly, Nova Scotia members of parliament and senators, and municipal offices. For more information contact the Protocol Office at 902-424-4463, e-mail or see the website at .last_img read more

Terminator Dark Fate will be Rrated says Tim Miller

first_imgLos Angeles: Filmmaker Tim Miller has revealed that his upcoming directorial “Terminator: Dark Fate” will be an R-rated film. The much-awaited film is a direct sequel to James Cameron’s 1991 “Terminator: Judgement Day” and will retcon the events of last three films of the franchise. Appearing at a panel on San Diego Comic Con, Miller said the R-rating is in the DNA of the franchise, reported Variety. “It’s because it wasn’t always that way, and the fans kind of demanded it. The DNA of ‘Terminator’ is an R-rated f***ing movie,” Miller said. The new film reunites Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who originally starred in the first two films. Edward Furlong, who played John Connor in “Judgement Day”, will also feature in the new movie. In “Dark Fate”, the three actors are joined by newcomers Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes, Gabriel Luna and Diego Boneta. It is set to be released on November 1.last_img read more

Morocco’s Return to AU, ‘Historic’ Act (EL Mundo)

Madrid – Morocco’s formal intention to rejoin the African Union (AU) is a “historic” act, says Monday Spanish paper “El Mundo”.Morocco’s decision was announced by HM King Mohammed VI in a message to the 27th African Union Summit, which is taking place in the Rwandan capital, Kigali.“32 years have passed by since Morocco’s withdrawal from the AU in 1984 (…). It is the only African country that is not a member of this organization, but everything says that this absence will not last” long, stresses “El Mundo” in its web edition. The Spanish paper also underlines HM the King’s assertion in the royal message, according to which “the moment has come” so that Morocco regains “its natural place” within the African Union.Highlighting other passages of the message, El Mundo recalled that Morocco was one of the main founding countries, in 1963 in Addis-Abeba, of the Organization of African Unity.In a message to the 27th African Union Summit in Kigali, HM the King announced on Sunday the return of Morocco to this African organization.“Our friends have long been asking us to return among them so that Morocco may take its natural place within its institutional family. That time has now come,” HM the King said, adding that through this historic, responsible act, Morocco seeks to work within the AU to transcend divisions.With MAP read more

Algerians March in Anti-Bouteflika Protests, Reject Army Intervention

Rabat – On the sixth Friday since the start of anti-Bouteflika demonstrations in Algeria, tens of thousands of Algerians took to the street calling for both the president and his political “gang” to leave. Days after Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s long-time ally, National Army senior officer Gaid Salah proposed the president’s removal through the Algerian Constitution, the people marched today to condemn the army’s intervention in the civil and political life.Chanting freedom slogans and carrying Algerian flags, the Algerian people reiterated their rejection of Bouteflika and his plans. They called for his entire political elite to step down, while also questioning the intentions of the army veteran, Gaid Salah. Algerians are demanding a drastic change in their country’s political system, evidencing growing distrust of the country’s independence war veterans.  Marchers said the country wants a ruler who can communicate with Algerians, deal with increasing socio-economic issues. “We have only one word to say today, all the gang must go immediately, game over … the people want the fall of the regime,” an Algerian merchant told Reuters during protests on Friday, March 29—the sixth Friday since February 22.“Street pressure will continue until the system goes,” said another protester.Read Also: Derradji on Algeria’s Hirak: Army Should Stay out of PoliticsMeanwhile, the ailing president Bouteflika has lost some of his strongest allies in the past few days.Powerful military chief Gaid Salah said on Tuesday that the solution to Algeria’s “crisis” is in the Algerian Constitution’s Article 102 which allows for the removal of an incapacitated president.On the other hand, journalist Hafid Derradji criticized Salah’s statement, calling it “circumentive,” and said that the “army should stay out of politics.” “[Salah’s] intervention can be seen as a way to block the proposal of the temporary presidential council to oust the chief of staff. People have the right to be suspicious, to doubt and fear you because you made us used to not trust you even if you give up,” said the beIN SPORTS journalist.Bouteflika’s ruling party, the National Liberation Front (FLN), supported Salah’s proposal, describing it as “a start to a constitutional plan that will allow us to protect our country from dangers.”The party has also rejected Bouteflika’s idea to hold a national conference which, saying that it is no longer a “valid” one.Another close ally who turned against Bouteflika is the former Algerian prime minister Ahmed Ouyahia, leader of Algeria’s National Rally for Democracy (RND) party. In a Tuesday message, Ouyahia urged Bouteflika to resign.Read Also: Derradji on Algeria’s Hirak: Army Should Stay out of PoliticsSeddik Chihab, a spokesman for RND, which is in coalition with the FLN, took a scathing jab at Bouteflika’s administration in a statement on Wednesday. He described the regime  as a “cancer.”Although Bouteflika withdrew his bid for a fifth presidential term, he announced his plan to hold a “national conference” to approve a new constitution and reform the political system before electoral designation of a  successor. By delaying the April 18 elections, Bouteflika effectively extended his fourth term indefinitely. read more

Leaders hint Poland will not fully apply EU copyright law

WARSAW, Poland — Poland’s right-wing leaders have hinted they will not implement fully the European Union’s copyright reform, saying it stifles freedom of speech.Ruling party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski said Saturday that a copyright directive adopted by EU lawmakers this week, to be implemented by the 28 member nations, threatens freedom.Proponents say it ensures that authors and artists are paid; the Polish government says the rules will ban the linking of information and memes.Without specifying, Kaczynski said the Law and Justice party will implement it “in a way that will preserve freedom.”His words at the euroskeptic party’s campaign convention ahead of the European Parliament elections in May were apparently aimed at attracting young voters, and countering claims that the party’s policies are curbing free speech and ideas.The Associated Press read more

Canada wastes 873 pounds of food per person a year making us

An international environmental group suggests that reducing Canada’s colossal food waste would be a smart business move and good for the environment.“You can make a really strong business case for action,” said David Donaldson of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation, an environmental watchdog agency set up under the North American Free Trade Agreement.Canada is one of the biggest wasters of food on the planet, says the commission’s report, released late last week. The agency found that from farm to table, 396 kilograms of food annually are wasted or lost per capita.That’s compared with 415 kilograms in the United States and 249 kilograms in Mexico.Food is considered lost when it is spilled or spoiled before it reaches its final destination.Not only does that waste have an economic cost — other studies have pegged it at about $30 billion a year — it creates 21 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, largely from landfills.By far the largest part of the waste comes from consumers, says the report. Every Canadian, on average, tosses away 170 kilograms of food a year.The commission’s recommendations focus on the middle part of the food chain where Canada’s groceries are collected, processed, distributed and prepared. That’s where the economic case is clearest, Donaldson said.“You can make a business case for it. Companies can improve the way they do business.”Restaurants could reduce portions, the report suggests. Bread served at tables could be optional. Buffet serving trays could be shallower to reduce the amount of food on display.Retailers could sell cosmetically imperfect produce at a discount, as some already do. Expiry date labels could be standardized.Better tools and techniques to prevent food waste and to make processing and transport more efficient would be a big help, said researcher Tamara Shulman.“We interviewed people from across Canada and everyone’s thirsty to get access to information,” she said.James Rillet of Restaurants Canada said his industry is well aware of the economic benefits of cutting waste.“It’s money out of their pockets.”Rillet’s group already runs programs to help restaurateurs plan better to avoid waste. It’s also working with the Ontario government to avoid food waste due to outdated health guidelines.But he called some of the report’s recommendations simplistic.“Some restaurants are known for their portion sizes,” he said. “There’s so many different concepts.“Consumers want what they want.”The National Zero Waste Council, which is devoted to cutting waste from the Canadian economy, praised the commission’s report and said it echoed many recommendations it has already made.“Best-before dates are low-hanging fruit,” said Denise Philippe. “The dates on our food packaging are all over the map.”Too much food gets tossed because consumers and businesses assume a best-before date is a deadline and not a quality benchmark, she said.“It’s not clear to the consumer and sometimes not to businesses that when we say ‘best before’ we’re not talking about a food safety issue.”Donaldson said more people are becoming aware of the problem.The commission’s report was produced at the request of the three NAFTA governments. As well, all three have signed a United Nations pledge to halve food waste and loss by 2030.A federal strategy is expected this spring.“The issue of food waste, for the last decade, has really come to the forefront,” Donaldson said. read more

Week in Brussels – week ending Friday 07 August 2015

DOWNLOAD1.     EU and Vietnam reach agreement on free trade deal2.     European AFV registrations up 24.6% in first semester 20153.     UKIP unveils campaign for Brexit4.     Calais migrant crisis – EU offers to help France and UK5.     Greece in ‘final stage’ of bail-out talks6.     Week aheadClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)

Microsoft Surface on sale October 26 Updated

first_imgIf you want to buy one of the first Surface or Surface Pro tablets by Microsoft, October 26 is the date to remember. That date probably sounds familiar, and it should: it’s launch day for Windows 8. Correction: The Surface Pro (with an Intel CPU) goes on sale 90 days later.It’s not a surprise that the two launches will coincide. Microsoft’s has a few different goals for the Surface, and chief among them is introducing Windows RT and Windows 8 on well-built, desirable hardware. CEO Steve Ballmer did refer to this launch as Microsoft’s “riskiest product bet yet,” after all. But it’s not just consumers who the company wants to convince.The Surface is also about convincing Microsoft’s OEM partners that this formula can work. Previous-generation Windows tablets have never managed much success, and no Windows OEM has managed anything near what Apple has with the iPad. The Surface and Surface Pro are Microsoft putting its money where its mouth is  and saying that Windows 8 and Windows RT devices can go head-to-head with the best tablets on the market.They’re going to have to prove that they can compete on price, too. Thankfully, the inflated prices for the Surface and Surface Pro that popped up on a Swedish website last week were nothing more than one retailer’s grab for customer cash ahead of launch day.Microsoft is no doubt hoping that consumers react better than Valve’s Gabe Newell did last week. The CEO of all things Steam said Windows 8 will be a catastrophe and noted that his company’s recently redoubled efforts to bring the Source Engine and Steam to Linux are a direct response to its shaken faith in Microsoft. Newell is a former Microsoft employee and is famously distrustful of the company, and he’s probably also a little miffed about the arrival of the Windows Store. It’s going to steal some customers away from Steam, after all, since there’s a games category and everyone who installs Windows 8 or buys a new PC will have the shopping bag icon pinned to their Start Screen from the get-go.More at Cnetlast_img read more

Apple removes YouTube app from iOS 6

first_imgApple has slowly but surely been ridding itself of all its Google baggage on iOS as the legal battles continue to intensify. The big news a few months back was that Google Maps was going away in favor of Apple’s own mapping solution. Now, it looks like the YouTube app is falling by the wayside as well.In the newest iOS 6 beta 4 build, developers and users have noticed that the YouTube app is mysteriously absent. Upon inquiring with Apple PR, everyone is being given the same boilerplate response. Apple says its “license to include the YouTube app in iOS has ended,” but it’s okay because you can use the Safari browser to watch videos. Sure, Apple. Sure.Google is working to develop and deploy a new YouTube app in the App Store, but this is going to differ from the official client. The YouTube app has been built into iOS since the very first version of the device.  This was an important workaround for the lack of Adobe Flash in the browser before mobile-friendly HTML5 was rolling out.Being a system app gives a platform various advantages. A larger install base is certainly one, but being the default app for video links isn’t bad either. The iOS platform usually restricts App Store downloads from being used as default apps, so the new YouTube app might get much less usage. It’s not clear what tapping on a YouTube link will do in the future, but I’d wager it will just kick over to YouTube in Safari. On the flip-side, maybe the new app will be really excellent now that Google is unshackled from Apple’s stringent design guidelines for system-level apps.The iPhone is going to have a completely de-Google’d home screen in iOS 6. That’s probably the way Apple prefers it these days, but at least Google search is still built-in — for now.via 9 to 5 Maclast_img read more

New Japan talent backstage at RAW visiting Natalya dedicates match CM Punk

first_img WWE RAW Results – 8/26/19 (Sasha Banks in action, King of the Ring continues) Pinterest WWE RAW Preview: Sasha Banks’ first match since WrestleMania, King of the Ring continues Facebook Staff RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR PWInsider reports that former WWE star and curent New Japan talent, Davey Boy Smith Jr. was backstage at WWE RAW last night in London, England.Natalya dedicated win to British BulldogNatalya dedicated her win from last night’s RAW to her late uncle, The British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith.Dedicated this win tonight on #Raw to my uncle the #BritishBulldog Davey Boy Smith…Every time I’m in England, it’s hard not to think of him. ♥️#AlwaysInOurHearts— Nattie (@NatbyNature) May 15, 2018CM Punk dark match 15 years ago15 years ago, CM Punk and Doug Delicious squared off against Hawk and Animal, The Legion of Doom. LOD had defeated CM Punk and Doug Declicious in a dark match prior to the Smackdown tapings. CM Punk retweeted the following:The story behind this one is great.— Coach (@CMPunk) May 13, 2018center_img Updated RAW Preview: Trish Stratus returning to the ring, Shawn Michaels to appear on Miz TV Twitter Google+ WhatsApplast_img read more

Government passes motion to forgive 12 million owed by LIME

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:forgive, lime, pnp, washington misick TCI Country Leaders condemn vicious memes Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 14 Nov 2015 – The PNP Administration is certain that a motion passed in the House of Assembly today not only saved consumers money but saved telecommunications industry jobs; LIME was forgiven some $12 million in debt when the Government’s motion passed 10 in favor and nine against at Parliament. The Government side calls it a hearty debate which ended with LIME benefitting from “a measure of good gesture, to the longest standing corporate citizen of these islands…”The Office of the Premier explains the move to erase the late fee penalties which were accrued over four years after an audit of the telecommunications company picked up on the expensive error came after negotiations.It was revealed that from June 2010 to May 2014, LIME had not levied taxes on its clients for a wide range of taxable services which amounted to some $3.5 million dollars. But it is the so called, overarching accrual of the penalty charges which brought LIME’s bill to $13 million. LIME paid off the $3.5 million in taxes, and agreed to $1 million dollars of the penalties but asked the government to waive the balance on those penal fees. Finance Minister Washington Misick brought the motion, and shared: “…Governments must be prepared to make tough decisions for the preservation of corporate partners and the business community and for the protection of jobs and citizens who could otherwise be negatively impacted in such situations.” The Opposition side wholly rejected the motion; asking for more information on the situation. Olive branch extended by Opposition Leader, says it is time for Turks and Caicos leaders to unite Opposition Leader responds to Throne Speech  11 days later; says PDM Govt plan puts TCI in ‘deep doo doo’last_img read more

Employees entitled to at least 50 of pension if employer becomes insolvent

first_imgThe Advocate General at The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has ruled that employees are entitled to at least 50% of the total value of their accrued pension pot in the event that their employer becomes insolvent.The case concerned is Grenville Hampshire v The Board of the Pension Protection Fund. Hampshire worked for manufacturing organisation Turner and Newall between 1971 and 1998, and was a member of their supplementary occupational pension scheme. In 1998, at the age of 51, Hampshire retired with a pre-tax annual retirement income of £48,781.80, with an annual increase of at least 3%.Turner and Newall became insolvent in 2001. In 2006, the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) opened its assessment concerning the takeover of the organisation’s pension scheme. This assessment found that Hampshire was entitled to £19,819 of PPF compensation a year before tax, as he had not reached the normal age for Turner and Newall’s pension scheme in 2006, and was therefore subject to the statutory compensation cap. This amount was also not predicted to be adjusted for inflation, because Hampshire’s employment was primarily before April 1997. If the organisation had not become insolvent, he would have received £60,240 a year in 2006.Therefore, Hampshire’s pension entitlement was reduced by 67%.Hampshire and 15 other former employees sought application of the review mechanisms for the PPF valuation under the Pensions Act 2004. They subsequently appealed against the decision ruling in favour of the valuation, citing the EU’s Article 8 of Directive 2008. This directive requires all EU member states to take necessary measures to protect the interests of employees in respect of their rights to retirement benefits in the event of the insolvency of the employer.The Court of Appeal referred questions to the CJEU in July 2016. These include whether the aforementioned directive requires member states to ensure that every individual employee receives at least 50% of the value of their accrued pension savings in the event that the employer becomes insolvent, and whether it is sufficient for a member state to have a system of protection where employees usually receive more than 50% of the value of their accrued pension, but where some employees may receive less than 50% if they are subject to a financial cap, or to rules limiting the annual increases in compensation paid or the annual revaluation of their entitlements prior to pension age.The Advocate General handed down the opinion that the directive was to be interpreted that every individual employee is entitled to compensation of at least 50% of the total value of their accrued retirement savings. The Advocate General further ruled that it was therefore insufficient to have a system of protection that facilitated employees to receive less than this required 50%.Advocate General Kokott, who handed down the decision, said: “Article 8 of Directive 2008/94 contains an obligation to member states which is unconditional and sufficiently precise, with the result that it may be relied on directly by an individual against a body such as the Pension Protection Fund.”David Luxton, national officer at trade union Prospect, added: “At first glance, this opinion seems like it could be very favourable for many Prospect members who have lost pension entitlement due to the insolvency of their employer and whose compensation from the Pension Protection Fund is very low. The cap has left many people facing hardship.“Hopefully the court will endorse the minimum level of protection advised by the Advocate General so that pensioners who have already lost out significantly maintain a minimum level of compensation.”last_img read more

People on the Move 042508

first_imgBauer Publishing has named Michelle Lee as editor-in-chief of In Touch Weekly. Most recently, Lee served as the magazine’s executive editor—a title she held for the last six years.Sara Öhrvall was appointed director of research and development at Bonnier Corp. in the U.S. Öhrvall, who led Bonnier’s Mag+ tablet project in Sweden, previously served as a senior vice president or R&D.Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia named Elizabeth Graves vice president and editor-in-chief of Martha Stewart Weddings. Formerly the beauty, health and fitness editor at MSLO’s now shuttered Blueprint, Graves most recently served as beauty and health editor at Real Simple.Enthusiast publisher Active Interest Media promoted Andrew Clurman to president and COO. Previously, Clurman served as group publisher and COO. Beth Fuchs Brenner was named publisher of Meredith’s Traditional Home, replacing Debra Brandt, who is leaving the company. Most recently, Brenner served as a media and marketing consultant. Before that, she served as vice president and publisher of Domino.WSJ. magazine appointed Fiona Murray as features editor, replacing Janelle Carrigan. Since 2006, Murray freelanced for several publications including The New York Times Magazine and New York.Hearst appointed Owen Walsh as an account manager at Country Living magazine. Most recently, Walsh served at Bonnier’s Parenting Group in sales management. Tom Blair reportedly has resigned as editor-in-chief of San Diego magazine. Ex-senior editor Julia Beeson Polloreno left the magazine earlier this year.last_img read more

Southeast electronic duo Whiskey Class premieres new music video

first_imgThere really isn’t any electronic music at the Alaska Folk Festival, but now there’s a little Folk Fest in a Southeast duo’s electronic music.Download AudioWhiskey Class is debuting their first music video here:Liz Snyder and Patrick Troll came up with the name Whiskey Class when filling out their application for the 2012 Alaska Folk Festival.“Whiskey Class was a good name because it’s like one of those punny band names,” Troll says. “You know like, whiskey glass is a thing, but if you change one letter — whiskey class. It’s this whole thing about being a responsible drunk. Be classy with it, even when you’re drinking whiskey.”After their acoustic set at Folk Fest, the pair began incorporating layered vocals, drum loops and ambient tones, entering the colorful world of electronic music.Before they were Whiskey Class, they were teenage musicians from rival Southeast Alaska high schools. They found each other’s music in the early days of social media through MySpace. They still live apart, but make music together.They’re both musicians in their own rights. Snyder is half of the Juneau folk rock duo the Wool Pullers, and Troll creates beats at the Ketchikan’s DJALTERNATIVE. Living in different places forces them to collaborate over weekend-long recording sessions. Often it starts with Troll’s beats and Snyder freestyling over them.“Sometimes it’s a beat, sometimes we’re just sitting around just messing around with something and I’m like, ‘Let’s record that.’ Then you loop it, put drums over it. And then I force Liz to be a diva,” said Troll.After their marathon recording sessions, Troll will edit and continue to polish the raw audio over weeks and months. Their  new music video for the song “Thurt” is two years in the making.Snyder visited Troll when he was living in California’s Humboldt County. Troll reached out to friend and visual artist Ian Stewart, who had been experimenting with green screens and digital animation. With cameras rolling, Whiskey Class turned him loose to direct and shoot their first music video.“We had just finished the track, like, five minutes prior, so it was kinda fun to lip-sync to a song I didn’t really know,” said Snyder.The finished product is a psychedelic journey with cartoon versions of the band drifting through Alaska landscapes and outer space, with a host of other random scenarios and subtle drug references.“You know, seeing yourself animated and, like, waiting so long, it was like this epic moment. And I’m just watching it on my iPhone. And I text him and I’m like, ‘You are insane’ and he’s like, ‘Yeah, sorry it took so long, sorry it took two years.’ But that’s kind of how our music worked,” said Troll.In addition to the video, the band dropped a new single this week, the jazzy and dream-like “Juice Man.”One of their songs was featured in 2014’s “The Breach,” a salmon conservation documentary alongside animation by his dad, Ray Troll.Whiskey Class plans to release an EP this spring, sometime around Folk Fest. But, like their music, the deadline’s fluid.last_img read more

Putin Trump agree to develop relations

first_imgTrump speaks by phone with Putin in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington. Photo: ReutersRussian President Vladimir Putin and his new US counterpart Donald Trump agreed Saturday to develop relations “as equals” and to establish “real coordination” against the Islamic State (IS) group in Syria, the Kremlin said.“The two sides expressed a willingness to work actively together to stabilise and develop Russian-American cooperation on a constructive basis, as equals, and to mutual benefit,” Putin said in a statement after the two men’s first phone conversation since Trump took office.Describing it as a “positive” exchange, the Kremlin said the two leaders touched on many subjects from the Iranian nuclear deal to the Ukraine and Israeli-Palestinian conflicts, the tensions on the Korean peninsula and trade relations.The “priority” in their talks was the fight against international terrorism.“The presidents said they were in favour of putting in place real coordination of Russian and American actions to destroy IS and the other terrorist groupings in Syria,” the statement said.Trump and Putin also expressed the desire to organise a meeting, the Kremlin said.The US and Russian leaders had spoken for the first time by phone in November, just after the billionaire tycoon’s surprise election victory.Back then they agreed on the need to “normalise” relations between Moscow and Washington after the tensions during the previous US administration of president Barack Obama over the conflicts in Syria and Ukraine.Silence on sanctionsRelations between the two countries had plunged after Washington and also the European Union imposed economic sanctions on Russia following its 2014 annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula and also over its support for the pro-Russian insurgents in east Ukraine.The subject of the sanctions was not raised in Saturday’s conversation between Putin and Trump, Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov told the Interfax news agency.On Friday, Trump had said it was “too early” to speak about easing the sanctions.On the economic front, the two leaders spoke Saturday about “the importance of establishing mutually advantageous trade relations,” the Kremlin statement said.It added that Putin reminded Trump that “our country had over two centuries supported America, that it had been its ally during two world wars and considers the United States today as an important partner in the fight against international terrorism.”last_img read more

Mass protest in US after police fatally shoot man

first_imgMembers of the Chicago police department scuffle with an angry crowd at the scene of a police involved shooting in Chicago, on 14 July. Photo: APAn angry crowd shouted and threw bottles at Chicago police after an officer fatally shot a man on the city’s South Side Saturday, prompting the arrest of at least four demonstrators.Chicago police patrol chief Fred Waller told a news conference that the man was shot in the South Shore neighbourhood after police officers on foot tried to question him because “the bulge around his waistband” suggested he was armed. The man became combative and eventually broke free from the officers, Waller said.”They thought he appeared to be reaching for a weapon, which he did have a weapon on him, and the officers tragically shot him,” he said.The unidentified man was taken to a local hospital and pronounced dead. Waller said police believe the man did not have a concealed carry permit for the semi-automatic weapon. He also had magazines of ammunition, Waller said.Immediately after the shooting, an angry crowd gathered and began jostling with police, who had cordoned off the area. Waller said protesters threw bottles and jumped on top of a squad car. Police then moved in wielding batons to stop them.”It got a little bit out of hand. Several arrests were made,” Waller said.Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi tweeted that four protesters were arrested.Several police officers were slightly injured in the scuffles, Waller said, and some squad cars were damaged.After nightfall, protesters continued to mill around the neighborhood with police occasionally chasing them away. Video showed one protester thrown to the ground surrounded by police holding batons.Chicago has a troubled history of police shootings. The city erupted in protest in 2015 after the release of a video showing white police officer Jason Van Dyke shooting black 17-year-old Laquan McDonald 16 times in 2014. Van Dyke was charged with murder. McDonald’s death led to the ouster of the police chief and a series of reforms designed to prevent future police abuses and to hold officers accountable.last_img read more

Snakes heat vision enables accurate attacks on prey

first_imgHowever, pit organs work a little differently than pinhole cameras in that incoming radiation does not strike a single point on the membrane. Because the pit hole is very large compared to the membrane size, the radiation strikes many points. When detecting pointlike and even non-pointlike objects, it’s nearly impossible to tell the location of the heat source. Until now, scientists did not know how snakes could use this heat vision to make accurate attacks on their prey. Sichert, Friedel and van Hemmen confronted this paradox—that the optical quality of the infrared vision is much too blurry to allow snakes to strike prey with the observed accuracy of about 5 degrees. In order to develop an algorithm to explain the paradox, the scientists decided to work backward: by using solely the heat distribution on the pit organ membrane, they reconstructed the original 3D spatial heat distribution (e.g. rabbit shape, as shown in the figure). Because they used very simple computations similar to those of snakes, the group generated an image similar to what the snake “sees” with its neuronal map via its network of synapses.By including several variables, including background noise, the snakes’ measurement errors, and correlation of the input signals, the scientists then developed a neuronal algorithm that accurately reconstructed the heat image from the membrane. Whereas the group found that snakes have a fairly high input-noise tolerance, they found that one of the most vital requirements is accurate detectors and the ability to detect edges in the images produced on the pit membrane.“A heat distribution in 3-dimensional space causes a heat image on the pit membrane that, by the very nature of the big pit hole, is heavily blurred,” said Sichert. “A superposition of edge detectors in the brain can now reconstruct the heat distribution by using the whole image on the membrane for each point in space to be reconstructed. So reconstruction is possible because the information is still available in the blurred image on the pit membrane, where the receptors are.”In fact, Sichert added that snakes’ heat vision presents such a clear image when reconstructed that it surpasses even many human devices. “The infrared system of snakes is still as good as—and, in fact, far better than—any technical uncooled infrared camera with a similar number of detector cells,” he said.Citation: Sichert, Andreas B., Friedel, Paul and van Hemmen, J. Leo. “Snake’s Perspective on Heat: Reconstruction of Input Using an Imperfect Detection System.” Physical Review Letters. 97, 068105 (2006).By Lisa Zyga, Copyright 2006 Explore further The detection system, which consists of cavities located on each side of the head called “pit organs,” operates on a principle similar to that of a pinhole camera, explain scientists Andreas Sichert, Paul Friedel and J. Leo van Hemmen in a recent issue of Physical Review Letters. A pinhole camera is a camera without a lens, where light from an image passes through a very small hole. Similarly, a pit organ’s aperture is about 1 mm—large enough to allow the snake to quickly detect moving prey. Some scientists (de Cock Buning) even suggest that pythons—a type of boid—have a variety of differently shaped pit organs, each serving a different biological function.“The information of the infrared and the visual system are both represented in the optic tectum,” Sichert told “This information forms a neuronal map, where, for example, the front part of the optic tectum represents the part of visual space in front of the snake. How exactly the two systems merge is as yet unknown. In the optic tectum, six classes of tectal cells have been identified that respond to infrared and visual stimuli in different ways. So a snake can get additional information such as ‘is a moving visible object warm (e.g., a warm-blooded animal) or cold?’ In case of bad optical conditions (most prominent example is darkness), it can of course ‘see’ warm (or cold) objects.” Researchers make a water filter from the sapwood in tree branches The image at left shows a figure as captured by a snake’s pit organ. When Sichert and colleagues applied their algorithm (similar to calculations in a snake’s brain), they reconstructed the image of a rabbit at right. (The illustration is based on a photo and does not correspond to a realistic thermal profile.) Image credit: Sichert, Andreas, et al. Call it a sixth sense, or evolution’s gift to these cold-blooded reptiles: some snakes have infrared vision. Also called “heat vision,” the infrared rays, which have longer wavelengths than those of visible light, signify the presence of warm-blooded prey in 3 dimensions, which helps snakes aim their attacks. Pit vipers and boids, the two snake types that possess this ability, have heat-sensitive membranes that can detect the difference in temperature between a moving prey—such as a running mouse—and its surroundings on the scale of milliKelvins.center_img The scientists explained that typical prey, such as mice and rabbits, have a surface temperature of about 25 degrees C and emit body heat at wavelengths under 75 micrometers, in the infrared range. “If the radiation intensity hitting the membrane at some point is larger than the emitted thermal radiation of the membrane itself, the membrane heats up at that location,” the scientists reported in their study. In pit vipers, which have only two pit holes (one in front of each eye), a block of about 1,600 sensory cells lie on a membrane which has a field of view of about 100 degrees. This means the snake’s brain would receive an image resolution of about 2.5 degrees for pointlike objects, such as eyes, which are one of the hottest points on mammals. The head of this pit viper shows a nostril, pit hole and eye (left to right). In the sketch at right, radiation enters the pit organ and hits a heat-sensitive membrane. Because point-like objects spread out into disc-shaped images on the membrane, images are blurry. Scientists recently found that edge detectors in the brain must reconstruct the heat distribution from blurry images to inform the snake of greater detail of its surroundings. Image credit: Sichert, Andreas, et al. Citation: Snakes’ heat vision enables accurate attacks on prey (2006, August 31) retrieved 18 August 2019 from This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Revised vehicle fares implemented in city

first_imgKolkata: The hike in the fare of bus and other public transport vehicles was implemented on Monday, with most of the commuters accepting it.The state government was compelled to give its nod for increasing the fare of bus and other modes of transport, as the Centre “remained indifferent” in bringing down the diesel price.The decision to increase the bus fare was taken following a high level meeting held in the state secretariat Nabanna. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, the state Transport minister Suvendu Adhikari and representatives of bus operators were present in the meeting. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsAdhikari had apologised to the people of Bengal, stating that they had to give its nod for increasing the bus fare despite their unwillingness, as the Centre has done nothing to bring down the prices of diesel, despite repeated requests.It was on June 8 that the state Transport department had issued the notification, finally declaring the hike in the fare. The minimum bus and mini-bus fare was increased to Rs 7 and Rs 8 respectively. At the same time, the minimum taxi fare increased to Rs 30 and it is for the first 2 km. At the same time, taxi fare for every additional 0.2 km has become Rs 3 and the luggage charge has become Rs 5. Similarly, there was minimum increase in the fare for tram and ferry services as well. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedWith the news spread about the increase in fare, the commuters were prepared to pay more to travel from one point to another. The new fare chart was put up in all the buses and commuters were found checking the same before paying their fare on the first day after the fare was increased. Taxi drivers were also found explaining to the commuters the increase in the fare.Madhumita Ghosh, teacher of a private school, said: “The state government had nothing to do apart from increasing the fare as buses need diesel to ply and its price has skyrocketed.”Manojit Ghosal, a helper of a private bus, said: “The increase in the fare has not left any affect on the number of passengers.”last_img read more

Facts and Myths of Business and Big Data in the Cloud Infographic

first_img Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. January 23, 2015 2 min read Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals It is a common belief that enterprises are cloud-averse and startups are cloud-happy. It’s hard to argue with the latter point given that today most startups, from Airbnb to Zynga, run their mission-critical infrastructure in the cloud. This generation of companies, growing up in the cloud era, never needed to run datacenters at their headquarters. They’ve enjoyed the cloud’s myriad benefits, such as easy deployment and upward and downward scalability, since inception.The idea that enterprises avoid the cloud is more debatable. Some IT teams have aggressive plans to reap the benefits of cloud, especially for new applications. All enterprises, however, have important systems, policies and processes in place, many of which don’t yet map easily to cloud technologies. This gap can slow the adoption of cloud, particularly for critical or sensitive applications. How are these conflicting drivers playing out today?Here at Cazena we recently commissioned a study by Gigaom Research to shine a light on how enterprises view the use of the public cloud for big data analytics. The results indicate strong interest and activity as well as challenges and concerns. The infographic below highlights five key observations from the study that point to a promising future for big data analysis in the cloud.Related: How Small Businesses Can Embrace Big DataClick to Enlarge Register Now »last_img read more

During this current nine game losing streak the C

first_imgDuring this current nine game losing streak, the Cardinals have been outscored 231 to 95. Skelton has started six games this season and according to ESPN, his overall QBR is 13.9 in 2012.“After a 58-nothing loss like that it’s hard to come into work. Whether we like it or not, we’re playing those next three games,” Skelton said. “I think guys have enough pride to come out and still work and still try to get better for the rest of the year.”Through this rough stretch the Cardinals’ rankings have plummeted. They are 28th in the league in passing yards and 32nd in rushing. Despite the team’s struggles and inconsistencies, Skelton said the guys in this locker room still believe in head coach Ken Whisenhunt. “You know when the chips get down, that’s when a lot of these rumors start to come out,” Skelton stated. “I don’t think any of those rumors started inside the locker room or guys are pointing fingers or anything.”The Cards have just three games left on the schedule hosting the Lions this weekend, the Bears on the 23rd and then traveling to San Francisco to face the 49ers to wrap up the season on the 30th. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Top Stories 0 Comments   Share   The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact The Cardinals are coming off their worst loss in franchise history, following a 58-0 beatdown by the Seahawks in Seattle on Sunday. In the loss, starting quarterback John Skelton threw four interceptions and left the game in the third quarter with a QB rating of 0.4, which is the second lowest by any player in a game this season. “It will be a tough film to watch,” Skelton said. “There’s a lot of mistakes that need to be corrected. There’s a lot of stuff that’s wrong that needs to get fixed. So I think we’ll take that approach in [Monday’s] meetings.” “It’s rough. It just seems like it’s been one of those years where anything that can go wrong, will go wrong,” Skelton said. “Just gotta take everything in stride and keep on working. Guys are going to continue to come to work as long as they tell us to, so we’ll see.”last_img read more