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Watch less web site problems from your website

2, website structure. Good website structure, is to ensure that the spider can smooth your site at all, if you can not provide a good channel for spider, spider can’t take away your page content. In the structure, different types of websites and websites of different sizes need to be treated differently, if you stop doing business, the website main commodity is not much, can be made into a flat structure, the level is not deep, and can ensure the spider crawling smoothly to each page; if you do shopping, navigation etc. the type of website, to make the tree structure, because the flat structure can not meet your needs, but the spider crawling very hard, although the tree level is deep, but can better let the spider crawling to each page you, as long as you do a good and reasonable weight distribution, can let the spider crawling precision. read more

YAHOO and Firefox agreed to replace Google as the default search engine


said the agreement will come into effect from December, for a period of 5 years. It is unclear what is the effect of the agreement for YAHOO and Microsoft’s search protocol.

network search with the technical support will be provided by Microsoft. Market research firm StatCounter data show that in the United States last month Firefox desktop, smartphone and tablet computer browser market share of 10.4%. Google Chrome in the first row, share of 33.5%. (compiler / Xiao rain)

YAHOO and Firefox agreement to replace Google as the default search engine read more

Analysis of shell insect health mall site operation experience

is not the Ministry or search engine of the pharmaceutical industry is high, need to have regular medical mall operating procedures, attached to other business platform marketing may not get the trust of users, so the pharmaceutical industry self independent brand operation, can achieve better effect of brand promotion. At the same time, its own brand of professional service is better than the third party product website. Pharmaceutical official website mall operation mode and other e-commerce platform is basically similar to that of the establishment of independent brands, enhance brand awareness with the corresponding means of marketing, the official website mall to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, the mall must provide complete user protection scheme and return service, as consumers show with national certification, to ensure consumer safety and consumer awareness. read more

Buy 10 notes external links

eat hot tofu: should not be a one-time purchase of too much

buy a link, not premature closing link

is now even the wife can be fake, the chain also say. The PR hijacked, link farms and other special methods to get the true weights of the site has a lot of. So webmaster in the purchase of the chain must pay attention to, a good sense of the authenticity of the site, don’t be cheated all don’t know. In fact, do not need to worry about PR hijacking, PR query site now usually comes with features of authenticity detection pr. Note that the link farms, and hung up the black chain site. In addition to the black chain, sesame also does not recommend you to buy, so the black chain can easily affect the weight of the website, the website directly caused by search engine K off. read more

Keywords modified don’t fool the search engine

and then analyzed the other data, there are obvious decline in the state, after less than a month’s time, the forum change so big, which is in order to explore the possible influence factors of the website traffic, with a puzzled with the netizen feel again in-depth exchanges, excluding the factors inside the forum after the release of the article and the chain, found that the most influential factors: the forum keywords modification, forum upgrade program.

I have

like many webmaster, a start is not accurate on site location, site keywords found later led to the unreasonable distribution, but also must be modified so decisively changed the words, but the results for a period of time after modification, change site ranking and traffic, even if the latter through hard work, but not a period of time early change loss. The following data analysis for everyone. Fortunately, I have been the author of the study feel users site in the picture library to find the data flow diagram are ranked at the time, was analyzed. I find friends FOB keyword ranking and traffic before modifying the screenshot shown below read more

How to let the spider fans on your site


we have to do is to improve the quality of the contents in the station

3, the semantics of the text of the article needs to be user-friendly, natural, not false original.

, the spider need patience

!In fact, our

we do webmaster or provide service to the people of Shanghai dragon or to be thorough on spiders this little thing touch! Let her to you our hell-bent! Internet is like a giant network, search engine spiders to get through our website, which she climbed to the site, it means the snapshot update, included increased. So how to let the spider more favor their own site, this paper will detailed introduce to you. read more

Data analysis to avoid targeted nose eyebrows evolved

analysis of what kind of online promotion way? And then according to the results, choose the effective way of promotion. For example, for the shop, and the promotion of forum micro-blog promotion benefit is different, through data analysis, grasp the difference for the same product in different ways of promotion, on the effective way to increase efforts to promote, to no effect to abandon.

we know that online marketing also inseparable from the right, above the main part is the interpretation of Austria, then it should be through the data analysis, grasp the day. Network promotion way with channel is to flow, because the flow of products can be decided with the website more people see, so good election platform, should choose the next time, what are the most effective promotion time, whether it is the new forum micro-blog or brush speed is very fast, just released in the post will soon be replaced by other information, so the data analysis can know what the most effective time to release information, what time to comment on top, can get better user traffic; for example some love spread through the QQ group, because QQ is currently the best online users of instant messaging, and even if we are in the same the QQ group promotion, " read more

A5 marketing the influence of water marketing on B2B site how much

for the operation of the B2B webmaster, B2B the survival situation and future development of various difficulties has become a B2B industry, some owners said B2B couldn’t operate it, love Shanghai K it; some owners said, now the B2B and the medical station do not have what distinction, are filled with low quality content a large number of people; more said that the future of B2B has been unable to develop, every day to search engine spam B2B site in the course of time will have been a wide range of right down. Of course, these are rumors on the network, not many webmaster will believe. However, the current situation of B2B really makes many owners worry, some B2B site has been down right by the K station, such as the world factory and Marco Polo, the two B2B flow down a lot, there is also some unknown B2B, is also love Shanghai heartless injury, which makes the operation of B2B owners had to pay attention to and fear. read more

How soft can improve the keywords ranking

1, to be the title of

first look at piaffe website is mostly done! There is no doubt that around content around is the webmaster in work, but they only know how to write text and update the content, and no consideration of how to improve the soft keyword ranking. Every day will write a soft release on the website, then add links in the press release station, station information platform, and then wait for the collection, as long as there is included that be accomplished, day in and day out and look back, keywords ranking did not change, do is useless! Don’t deceive you to say, odd million small is also done this. read more

Explain how to do web site keywords optimization

build chain system, reduce the rate of jump out. Updated after the round (i.e. the corresponding key word article keywords >

first, of course is the first station, and then is outside the station outside the station analysis, here the analysis includes the analysis of competitors. This part I will not repeat them, there has been related instructions before my personal blog article. But then speak more subtle, more generally, is that there is no way to give specific today, will give you the following how to optimize a word. read more

A sophisticated search engine performance should have

and Google love Shanghai where

!The difference between When we have sex in Shanghai

search engine algorithm is too complex, we exclude the technical question which does not talk, I only express a "principle" my own views here! "The principle of" the view is likely to become the future China most mature search engine algorithm. I illustrate my point with six words: preferred, low level, bad penalty. What is the best? This is very simple, select high-quality sites to give good rankings, the most popular search engines do, so a good understanding! And the focus is on low level, what is a? Whether law-abiding website or good enough network station, domestic search engine once found cheating the site will be punished. But do not have a low level of strategy, the so-called flat is found in the search engine site is cheating, not to punish, but the greatest degree of the favorable content of the station is displayed to the user, to maintain the existing state of a role for cheating punishment but do not give feedback. For example, you buy the black chain, love found in Shanghai after the K of your entire station. The noble baby also found you cheat, but Google did not take any measures, your natural ranking is still good, you still do not black chain keywords ranking. Now Google is equivalent to give you a feedback, tell you: buy black chain is no effect! To tell you at the same time, but also to ensure that your website user maximum value. read more

Analysis of the causes of the site to drop right the first case analysis of linkage

a website if the flow suddenly exploded, so it is necessary to analyze the reasons, is likely to be malicious brush flow, although now the site itself, traffic is not high, but in the last two weeks suddenly appeared almost more than 30 American IP, although after the analysis is different.


linkage Hardware Electrical City this site included was removed in July 1st, left home in August 17th, when the keyword ranking dropped, after analysis, the cause of the site is down right are mainly in the following aspects: read more

Google plans to punish the excessive use of search engine optimization technology website

"we’re trying to be noble baby Bot becomes more intelligent, so that we can provide better information, and we are also trying to find those who abuse it, for example, there are many keywords in a web page, or exchange of too many links and some others not operate in accordance with the normal practice of the website."

Schwartz, said the changes will begin to affect the search results over the next few months or a few weeks later, although the official Google has made no official comment on the matter. read more

Detailed over enterprise website orders Shanghai dragon ER and webmaster should do

has a lot of customer friends told me that a certain website optimization company promises how long your keywords can get the first, but to the commitment period when they can not achieve their promise, finally settle accounts and get angry. In fact, this can not blame all the website optimization company irresponsible, because the reason why this happens, most of the time is the site optimization company’s own judgment, to optimize the difficulty of uncertain, blowing cattle but can not be achieved, so this will give us a wake up, in the order must be optimized to promise your period according to the actual situation of the site, this is only the most basic conditions of course, the key is to optimize the plan of Shanghai Longfeng personnel need to develop a reasonable. read more

For enterprises of Shanghai Longfeng company really worth

here is actually the business, has any Shanghai dragon company early will have a lot of profit, a business management or operation of Shanghai dragon knows, enterprise stand optimization is not difficult, unpopular word is seriously hot seckill, do basic OK, Shanghai dragon company is the biggest drawbacks single maintenance. Shanghai dragon is a kind of long-term operation of hard work (chain and articles), popular words fortunately, popular word out and start again, Shanghai dragon no technology at all, and the need to adhere to long time maintenance. Shanghai dragon company is the need to profit, long-term backlog of maintenance alone would be a very toil need live, the cost of natural high can not see, this is also a very big. read more

Based on the user and search engine positioning site Title value

search search for a keyword, he (she) is very interested in the keyword related content, or are looking for relevant information. Related keywords may be very many, how can we know that the search is what needs? We need analysis of experience accumulated to a certain extent and try to figure out the psychological search, but this is not enough, we need the help of some relatively authoritative tools, such as search engine drop-down box here I share! A little skill, when we in the search box enter a keyword, appear in the drop-down box more or less long tail keywords are of interest to the user, the heat is generally down from decreasing. So we can find the real needs of the search keywords read more

Talking about the 4 step to build a profitable websiteChen Shi Chong who died in the Red Sea diet pi

2, guide your visitor

many people want to sell their products to anyone, which is a mistake. Maybe everyone needs this product, but not everyone will buy it. So, you have to know who you are trying to attract your website. Ask yourself these questions:


if you are selling a book, you only need to build a simple sales website, the website only need one or two pages, you can on the page details of this book gives the reader the benefits, and links to "buy now". This is a simple and effective way to generate revenue through selling products on the website. read more

Who are the ups and downs in the e commerce marketUnicorn Zenefits was slashed by half from 4 billi

, Zenefits, CEO, David, ·, and Sax David Sacks announced the news in an e-mail to all staff on Thursday. He said he spent months negotiating with several major investors on how to reshape their relationships and adapt to the new Zenefits.

Sax also said that Zenefits recently provided all employees with two months’ severance pay, but only about 10% of the employees accepted the program. This means that after this project, Zenefits still has about 900 employees

Sina Technology News Beijing time on July 1st morning news, human resources software startups Zenefits valuation has dropped from $4 billion 500 million to $2 billion. This is not to reduce valuations in new financing, but to adjust the price of existing shares. read more

Shopping guide website what is worth buying PO but how does it prevent being micro blog rollingWeb


relies on the user’s "advertising" diversion

?What is worth buying a

company launched overseas purchasing platform in November 2016, Pui nest network, the site received orders from users, push it to buy platform. After the buyer grab orders, orders in overseas websites, and the goods through the cooperation of the transfer company to the user. The service fee is collected from the nest net.

in addition to helping electricity providers, diversion, pumping, besides, what is worth buying the website or mobile client also provides advertising display position, this is their way of realization. The above two are collectively referred to as "information promotion" services in the prospectus, and what is the most important profit model to buy at present?. read more

Amoy Monternet Yin Chao in the face of Tencent MampA guess a little overwhelmed by an unexpected fa

The following

new three board as the capital market is no more than two basic functions, one is to make money, that is, financing; second, the wealth effect, entrepreneurs get wealth incentive. No liquidity, neither money nor wealth appreciation, the core function of the capital market is gone, and this is the core issue.

layer can really solve liquidity? I’m afraid palliatives, just as if the stratification, several other major conditions of a capital market does not change – participation is still limited, is still the market maker system, still can not take auction, it still can not solve the problem. A rush of layering may cause a series of crises, and many people are not aware of it, I’m afraid. Polarization, 95% companies will be declared death penalty. read more