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Tico Times Letters to the Editor Dec 21 2018

first_imgRelated posts:Tico Times: Letters to the Editor (Dec. 28, 2018) Tico Times: Letters to the Editor (Jan. 4, 2019) Letter to the Editor: Costa Rica reflections ‘School of second chances’ opens in Costa Rica To share editorial ideas, comments or news tips, please email Katherine Stanley Obando, Editor, Facebook Comments The Tico Times is proud to be an independent, English-language news source in Costa Rica. Our readers regularly submit editorials and responses to our articles; we appreciate your opinions and feedback.Below is a selection of editorials we have received recently.Immigration is a human rightBy Carolina Díaz; University of Costa Rica English Teaching majorDear Tico Times:The Crisis in Latin America, especially in Honduras and Guatemala, leads its citizens to abandon their country due to several factors such as: Poverty, violence, criminality, and issues with democracy. The news report published on October 16, 2018 titled Trump warns Honduran president to stop migrants in route to U.S., lacks reference to the article since it is not mentioned from the beginning that the former president of the United States warned the Honduran president that if the migration emergency continues, the money transferred from U.S.A. would be reversed. The current situation of migration viewed through the article implies that our world runs if money is involved. The article gives the impression that Trump will cease all economic support to Honduras and Guatemala if more migrants decide to leave their native country and avoid these to cross the border, which is restricting human rights.However, this article lacks context and information because it is not explained adequately why migrants from the countries mentioned above are leaving behind families, properties, etc.  Honduras is a country that has suffered economic crisis, high of violence rates, criminality and poverty. For this reason, many of its citizens have decided to migrate themselves to other countries, especially United States, where life expectation seems better for raising kids and finding a job were the pay will allow them to have a decent life because their own country does not provide the basic tools to live. Nevertheless, Honduras’s government needs to modify the way they operate their country economically and socially since in the month of October around 2000 migrants have routed themselves to the U.S. to seek a better life.On the other hand, the United States government continues to sanction human rights against migrants. Back in July 2018, Donald Trump and his administration decided that in order to stop more immigrants to coming to his nation, he came up with “the brilliant” idea of separating families in the borders by splitting children from their parents. The so-called “zero tolerance” policy has been one of the most shocking situations our world has seen this 2018. Many may wonder, didn´t the world learn nothing from what happened in the cold war, where a huge wall was built to divide a country.  Berlin´s wall was built around 50 years ago. Currently, Donald Trump has the idea of building one on the border to stop these migrants from crossing to U.S. Hopefully, a lot has changed during those 50 years; human rights policies and documents are major keys in this crisis because migrants do have programs and institutions that guide them throughout their journey.In the opinion of informed readers of “America Civil Liberties Union” “Immigrants workers are often abused, exploited, and have become scapegoats and victims of racism and stereotyping”. The situation goes beyond money; many may say that most people going to U.S. are criminals, which is a generalization. When the true is that most of them are looking for asylum.Finally, this news story should have informed readers with complete information and context. The current situation of migrants trying to cross the border does not seem to end. Brian Blanco, the writer of the article, has to investigate and give a more profound news where all details have to be explained and show the audience of the newspaper the crisis itself. As an important means of communication in Costa Rica, you should contribute to educate adults and youngsters and inform that in terms of the immigrant’s situation, the U.S. former president is willing to break all human rights policies to stop migrants to crossing the border.***Understanding a secular state By Jeilyn Bustos Alvarado; University of Costa Rica English Teaching major“Why to march for a secular state,” published on January 19th of this year by Zulay Martínez, is an interesting article that calls for the separation of religion and the state by briefly explaining some of the reasons that Costa Rica should make such changes; however, it is important to correct and extend this information as well as the evidence to defend it.The confessional nature of the Costa Rican state has distorted people’s perception of human rights, and religion is the main doctrine that manipulates various regulations and even the economy of the country by providing money to churches, money that can be used in other areas such as education or health. The article needs data from experts who can confirm that secularism does not affect a country’s well-being. The Costa Rican government should definitely be secular, and citizens should understand all the benefits related to a secular state and fight for it. First, people need to have a clarified concept of what a secular state is in order to avoid misunderstandings and imprecise assertions. Many conservative people have assumed that secularism is the same as atheism, but the truth is that this is not accurate. Actually, according to the file “La urgencia del Estado laico” published by La Nación, secularism is simply a form of government that proposes neutralism of religion (2012). Moreover, it is necessary to emphasize that secularism calls for an universal position of respect and equality of citizens regardless of their position on religious issues, and this is an essential part of equality in legal terms, as was explained by Mora Pérez in the article “La necesidad de un Estado Laico”. In addition, in order to follow up on Martínez’s article, it would be relevant to deepen the benefits that would come with this reform. Other important points to highlight is that the religious holidays would not be prohibited, catholic educational institutions would continue to function as usual, and religion would not be part of the education system as a subject, which has been actually changed since 2012, as Cascante mentioned in the article “Seis puntos para entender el proyecto de Estado laico en Costa Rica”. In other words, Costa Rica would continue to be the same country that we know, but more inclusive in terms of general beliefs and rights, and Martínez should have included this in her article.Apart from this, all citizens, without any exclusion, would have equal rights in relation to sexual orientation, gender identity, and use of medical treatments such as fertilization or therapeutic abortion. Indeed, the LGBTIQ community is discriminated and excluded in many nations due to religious and conservative ideologies that diminish people because of their differences, and this affects the reputation of the country in many areas such as tourism. In Costa Rica, tourism income is definitely important, but religious and conservative ideologies could have repercussions on how international tourists see our country, and this directly affects the economy. According to German sociologist Max Weber has argued that changes in religion drive economic productivity because of the relation to tolerance and respect of the individual rights. Article 75 of the Constitution says that the Catholic, Apostolic, Roman religion are the religions of the state, which contributes to its maintenance, without prohibiting the free practice forms of worship in the republic that do not oppose universal morality or traditions (Recio, 2018), but many catholic leaders take time during their pilgrimage speeches to spread “anti-gay” practices such as marriage between same-sex couples, which are in fact laws necessary to guarantee equal rights in our society. Costa Rica has been penalized in the Inter-American Court of Human Rights for not applying the recognition of same-sex unions as a law.Moreover, to support the article with evidence and data, it is relevant to have evidence; for this reason, the interesting article “Secular Societies Fare Better Than Religious Societies” (Zuckerman, 2014) could be mentioned. The author explains how conservative religious ideologies impact nations. It is interesting to see the connection between religion and the well-being of certain countries in which the hypothesis that religion would keep the society together failed. For instance, Japan, Australia, and the Netherlands are nations that have more positive indicators (social, economic, political aspects) over religious nations such as El Salvador, Yemen, and Pakistan.It is important to analyze the article to correct ungrammatical aspects because readers can judge the seriousness and reliability of the article by the writing and mechanics on it, starting by the title. Another relevant aspect is to provide clarified and extended arguments to defend the secular state, so the readers who are new with the topic can understand it as a whole.***Seeing the whole picture By David Ward; Worcester, Mass. If Costa Ricans think their president and government aren’t doing a good job, they should not think that raising taxes on goods is a sign of selfishness, greed or incompetence.  Compare this to what is happening in the United States.  When the US Government needs money for any reason, it merely asks the Treasury Department to sell bonds to raise money.  The taxes that are collected each year on April 15 have already been spent before they ever get to the treasury.  You may have noticed that the US Treasury recently sold about $1.3 Trillion in treasuries (Treasury bonds) just to keep the government running.  That’s only for one year!!  As you read this, the US Government has a debt of over $21 Trillion.  These US government bonds are sold to banks, governments, corporations, people and just about anyone who will buy them.  You want to buy a US Treasury bond?  No problem.  China owns over 1 Trillion of them, and Japan almost as much.  The only thing is, who pays the interest on these bonds?  The US Treasury department does.  And where does it get the money to pay three percent interest on $21 Trillion in bonds?  It makes up more bonds and sells them, to pay the interest on bonds already sold.How did it ever come to this?  When did this seemingly irresponsible practice start?  It started in 1968, when Lyndon Johnson signed legislation to get rid of the gold standard in the United States.  The dollar had been pegged to gold at $35/ounce, but Johnson needed money to finance the Vietnam War and his “Great Society.”  After Johnson, in the seventies, the dollar went into hyperinflation because of all this bond selling and global currencies, whose strength had been determined by exchange rates to the dollar, went into fiscal chaos.  You have the right to ask, how does the dollar, then, maintain its status as the world’s reserve currency?  Well it isn’t because of its frugality and austerity, that’s for sure.  On paper the US dollar should be very weak.  It’s the reputation of the United States that keeps the dollar strong.  In the minds of people around the world, the United States is a great country, therefore its currency must be great also.  However, countries around the world, especially Japan, are also in similar precarious situations with respect to fiscal matters.  China has ramped up bond selling for years and its economy exists almost solely on debt.  All those empty cities, its markets and just about everything has been created out of Bank of China debt.  China’s Debt/GDP is about 50%.  Most central banks around the world are in a similar situation, (especially Japan, with a Debt/GDP of 250%).  Russia, surprisingly, has a Debt/GDP ratio of only 12%.  However, don’t be surprised to see a massive global currency collapse at some point in the future.Compare this to what is happening in Costa Rica.  The government debt of Costa Rica is only about $25 billion, which is about 65% of its gross domestic product.  This debt is probably held mostly by the Costa Rican central bank.  Compare that with the US debt of $21 Trillion, which is 107% of its GDP.  In other words, the economy can’t keep up with the debt in the United States.  The thing is, Americans are fat and happy, since there are no tax increases, completely unaware and oblivious of the situation.  You think ignorance is bliss?  This is why Costa Ricans should think before denouncing higher taxes.  The government may be falta in the minds of Ticos, but it looks like it is trying to keep debt down.  The question is:  which do you want: lower prices, or lower sovereign debt? last_img read more

Pentagon says US antiarmor weapons due in Iraq next week

first_img How Arizona is preparing the leader of the next generation Sponsored Stories Top Stories Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility The difference between men and women when it comes to pain How do cataracts affect your vision?center_img Col. Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman, said the shipment of shoulder-fired AT-4 weapons was not in response to the fall of Ramadi over the weekend, although the militants’ effective use of enormous car bombs there put a spotlight on Iraqi army deficiencies and prompted the White House to consider ways of strengthening U.S. support for Iraq.A senior State Department official on Wednesday said the IS offensive in Ramadi over the weekend included about 30 suicide vehicle bombs, including 10 with a great deal of explosive power. Some of the vehicles used in the attacks were armored trucks that Iraqi defenders could not stop.The AT-4 is relatively lightweight and is designed to penetrate armor, making the weapon useful in stopping what the military calls vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices, or car bombs, before they approach their intended target.In an update to the overall cost of U.S. military involvement in Iraq and Syria, Warren said that as of April 9 the U.S. had spent $2.1 billion since it began bombing in Iraq in August. The Syria bombing campaign began the following month.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Comments   Share   WASHINGTON (AP) — An expedited shipment of 2,000 lightweight shoulder-fired weapons intended to help the Iraqi army stop the Islamic State group’s increasingly effective use of car bombs should arrive in Iraq as soon as next week, the Pentagon said Thursday.The shipment is among a variety of weaponry and equipment the U.S. agreed to send to Iraq on an expedited basis after Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi visited Washington in April to plead for more help in fighting the extremists.last_img read more

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and other key research agencies. Space exploration is not in the US Constitution But “promoting the progress of science” is That makes it easy for Representative John Culberson (R–TX) to reconcile his allegiance to the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution—which states that all powers not vested in the federal government are reserved for the states—with his passionate support for multibillion-dollar scientific missions to distant objects such as Jupiter’s moon Europa As the new chair of the Commerce Justice and Science (CJS) and Related Agencies spending panel in the US House of Representatives what Culberson thinks matters a great deal to the US scientific community That’s because CJS oversees a good chunk of nondefense nonmedical federal research; its jurisdiction includes NASA the NSF and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Institute of Standards and Technology within the Commerce Department Last week Culberson 58 sat down with ScienceInsider in his Capitol Hill office to discuss his love affair with science his commitment to small government and the relationship between the legislative and executive branches A lawyer and former Texas state representative the seven-term congressman represents a staunchly conservative district in west Houston where he grew up The search for life Culberson and Europa go back a long time He’s been captivated by the jovian moon ever since he viewed it through his classic Celestron 8 telescope a high school graduation present to himself As an undergraduate he was wowed when NASA’s Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft sent back pictures of its vast frozen oceans during a 1979 flyby “You could see the cracks—it looked like the Arctic ice cap on Earth” he gushes A quarter-century later a few years after he was elected to Congress in 2000 he visited NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena California just as the lab’s Opportunity rover landed on Mars But for Culberson the highlight of his January 2004 trip was a briefing on a proposed Europa mission by the project scientist for Galileo which had orbited Jupiter in the 1990s and bolstered the theory that there is a liquid ocean under Europa’s thick ice shell “That’s when it all gelled for me” Culberson recalls “All the light bulbs went off in my head and it made spectacular good sense” As a new member on the appropriations panel he now chairs Culberson went back to Washington and proposed that NASA begin planning that next mission called Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter (JIMO) The money was allocated but the next year the agency canceled JIMO pleading poverty Culberson cares deeply about Europa because he believes it could be harboring extraterrestrial life “I think it’s inevitable that one day and I hope it’s in our lifetime we will discover life in another world” he says “And the place mostly likely to find it is in the Europan oceans It keeps me up at night just thinking about it it’s so thrilling” But “Europa needs an advocate” he says And it now has a well-placed one with Culberson taking over CJS from the retired Representative Frank Wolf (R–VA) Culberson gave up leading a panel that funds veterans affairs and military construction to take what he calls “his dream job” and for work he describes as “pure joy” “Europa is the only mission that it’s illegal for NASA not to fly” he says pointing proudly to language he and Wolf crafted as part of the agency’s 2015 budget which allocates “not less than $100 million” for planning the mission and developing related technologies The agency’s current plan is a so-called clipper mission that would make 45 passes of the moon while orbiting Jupiter and then drop a probe that would penetrate Europa’s surface and explore its frozen underworld The goal is to launch it sometime in the next decade ideally on NASA’s new heavy-lift rocket The Europa mission has other allies including Representative Adam Schiff (D–CA) whose district includes JPL and the nonprofit Planetary Society now led by science education celebrity Bill Nye Last summer at a Capitol Hill pep rally for Europa sponsored by the society Culberson thanked the group for “lighting a fire under the American people” Europa “is one of the most exciting and meaningful things I’ve ever worked on” he said He also described to an audience of space buffs how much he thinks is at stake “That moment when we realize that we are not alone will be a transformational moment just like when Columbus reached the shores of North America” Nye is thrilled to have Culberson as any ally “He quotes the Bible and he believes that a higher power has put life on other worlds” he says “He wants to find it on his watch And he’s in a position to convince other people in Congress” Subcommittee chairs are in a good position to make things happen Wolf agrees “That’s the reason to be the chairman isn’t it” Wolf tells ScienceInsider “Wherever he wants to take the subcommittee that’s where it will go” Limited government Culberson says that he’s been interested in science “for as long as I can remember” He recalls a family vacation to Meteor crater in northern Arizona spent trolling for iron filings with a magnet on a string As a child he subscribed to several popular science and astronomy magazines following their recipes to build cloud chambers and a carbon dioxide laser for school science fairs Spending summers during college as a mud logger on an oil rig—preparing a log that characterized the rock formation based on mud samples coming to the surface—gave him a chance “to be sort of a well-site geologist” Culberson can’t recall a particular teacher that influenced his scientific studies “I was pretty much self-directed” he says And the only science he took at Southern Methodist University in Dallas Texas where he graduated in 1981 with a history degree was an introductory astronomy course “that was so basic it was kinda boring” He chose law instead following the advice of his grandfather a probate lawyer “He said it was a way to help folks and to make a dramatic difference in people’s lives” Culberson says he grew up in a family that was “fiscally conservative devoted to the Constitution and believed the American republic is a special inheritance” His father was a graphic designer who he says worked only for candidates who shared that philosophy Founding father Thomas Jefferson is his “guiding light” Culberson says After spending “a lot of time studying” what Jefferson said about the purpose of government” Culberson reached this conclusion: “Government is a necessary evil and its sole purpose is to protect our liberty It should give us the freedom and ability to do what God meant us to do and stay away from my wallet my gun case my home my kids my church Just leave me alone” Still he believes that keeping the government out of one’s life requires constant vigilance While still in law school he jumped into a race for an open seat in the Texas legislature “I’ve never been a good spectator” he explains During his campaign he turned his youth and relative inexperience into an asset by saying his candidacy demonstrated his eagerness to fulfill his civic obligation Despite a small campaign chest and a crowded field Culberson won the seat in 1986 and held it for 14 years before launching a successful bid in 2000 to succeed retiring Representative Bill Archer in Congress “Elections are fundamentally about trust and whether people like you” he says “So I knocked on a lot of doors and built a network” In 2003 then–Majority Leader Tom DeLay another influential Texan Republican offered him a seat on the powerful House appropriations committee Culberson says he got the post after telling DeLay: “I’m going to say no to everything except science and national defense” The story is clearly meant to burnish his credentials as a fiscal conservative But it also reflects how in the course of rising through the political ranks Culberson has never lost his interest in and enthusiasm for science A scientific hierarchy Culberson sees science as a way to explore what he calls “the great mysteries of the universe” Those mysteries include the “96% of the universe we cannot see”—a combination of dark energy and dark matter—as well as “the fundamental building blocks of matter like the Higgs boson that they just discovered at CERN” He would also include new medical technologies that aim to improve human health and cure dreaded diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s But Culberson’s enthusiasm doesn’t seem to extend to the social and behavioral sciences Those areas not coincidentally are hot-button issues with many conservatives Culberson says he stands squarely with Representative Lamar Smith (R–TX) a fellow Texan and chair of the House science committee in his campaign to crack down on what they see as wasteful spending by NSF and NASA on low-priority research areas Most scientists have accused Smith of waging a war against science But Culberson says it’s actually a prudent course for NSF to follow “I think NSF should focus more on the pure sciences on the fundamentals and be careful to avoid funding research projects that would damage its sterling reputation in the eyes of the public” Culberson says “I’d encourage them to avoid funding studies like shrimps on a treadmill—I hope we never see anything like that again—or alcoholism among prostitutes in Thailand” (Culberson is referring to two federal grants that have become notorious in conservative circles) “If the private sector is interested in funding obscure or obtuse social science question then let them” he adds “But NSF needs to be keenly aware of how these grants would look on the front page of the local newspaper They are just not a productive use of our tax dollars” Research on global climate falls into the same category he argues “I think human activity has contributed in some way [to climate change] But there have been dramatic changes in our climate over the planet’s history We’ve been frozen solid and we’ve been far far hotter I read all the time about scientific evidence of dramatically higher temperatures that are completely unrelated to human activity There’s also a tremendous amount of data out there that is still in conflict so I think it’s essential that we follow the facts and the science” Culberson says those facts also dovetail with his views of the 10th Amendment—and expose what he sees as the real reasons behind the administration’s climate change policies “The whole thrust of President Obama’s program and the liberal obsession with climate change is driven by their desire to raise more money for the government” he says “The carbon taxes in Europe the administration’s efforts to impose costs on industry and the public to mitigate climate change that’s all about collecting money” There’s an old adage that politicians are entitled to their own opinions but not to their own facts And following the facts is exactly what most scientists say they are doing when they submit grant proposals to NSF and other agencies on politically sensitive subjects Those grants are then reviewed and scored by experts as part of the agency’s highly regarded merit review process which culminates in a final thumbs-up or thumbs-down decision by NSF officials Culberson’s stance leaves him open to the charge that he is substituting his judgment for that of scientific experts That’s especially problematic for a lawmaker who emphasizes that his support for the Europa mission is driven not by his own fascination with its frozen oceans but by his desire to reinforce the consensus of the scientific community The consensus Culberson is referring to is a 2011 decadal study for planetary science written by a panel convened by the US National Academies He regards such decadal studies which identify high-priority research areas and often help set agency spending priorities as “the gold standard” for setting NASA’s direction And he vows that the CJS bills his panel produces will continue to require NASA “to fund and fly” the survey’s priority missions (At the top of the report’s list was a trip to collect and eventually return samples from Mars part of a multistep approach to exploring the Red Planet that NASA is pursuing) “I didn’t decide to put that $100 million into NASA’s budget this year for the Europa mission” he tells ScienceInsider “The decadal study decided it And I put in the technology money so that NASA could develop the penetrator that we’ll need to get below the ice and down into its ocean” Culberson is also a big supporter of NSF’s activities to improve science and math education He sees the work as a key element in creating a tech-savvy workforce and a scientifically literate population Some might see that view as being in conflict with the 10th Amendment which is generally seen as giving states complete control over education But not Culberson who emphasized the difference during a conversation that began with his criticism of NASA for straying from what he sees as its main purpose “OMB [The White House Office of Management and Budget] has been driving NASA for far too long … and diverting it into all these activities that are not part of NASA’s core missions including education” he began “Instead NSF should take the lead in helping to design a model science curriculum That’s not NASA’s job And it ought not to be done at the Department of Education either” “I’d prefer to see NSF help to design or recommend—that’s the key word—an ideal science curriculum for our public schools and universities” he continues “And then states would be free to adopt it of their own volition But not mandate never In fact I authored legislation that passed the House last year that would eliminate all federal education grants in 5 years and eliminate all federal control over education and return it to the states” Nye who is best known by his self-moniker “the science guy” says he’s “fascinated” by the interaction of Culberson’s faith-based political beliefs and his interest in scientific discovery As CEO of the Planetary Society Nye says he sticks to the latter “When we are in his office we focus on Europa” he says That strategy has worked well for the society: Culberson has championed its goal of boosting NASA’s spending on planetary sciences to $15 billion a year and takes credit for lifting up its budget to within $65 million of that amount But NASA’s overall science budget tops $5 billion including almost $18 billion for the earth sciences And in an era of fiscal constraints climate scientists and those in the social and behavioral sciences are hoping that Culberson will make room on his science bandwagon for their disciplines too Click here to see all of our Budget 2016 coverageIrish PM calls for fresh Northern Ireland talks next month | Reuters World Reuters Mar 14 2018 05:15:17 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Updated Date: Mar 14 2018 05:15 AM Tags : Reuters Also See This week neither does he shy away from courting them He said that The denouement is as vengeful as any Old Testament plot twist and culture including only 14 in 2014 United Flight 1516 bound for Houston we will plan to take our business elsewhere should any legislation allowing discriminatory practices be signed into state lawTiruvarur: AIADMK (Puratchi Thalaivi Amma) faction leader O Panneerselvam on Sunday offered Rs 10 Graham We welcome outside contributions The Rohingyas the threat of a major Arctic oil spill looms ever larger—and the United States has a lot of work to do to prepare for that inevitability Sinha An allegation is only that unless proved To try and help send off Clinton’s campaign on a positive note,” It has been an emotionally confusing past few weeks.699 Yen or $317. Both Rep.The buildings, and many other prominent Americans. NASA, The full impact of sequestration on non-defense discretionary spending would be very detrimental to our research, second general counsel in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

S. U.I did not enjoy the New York City Drone Film Festival. they were part of this movement. because let’s just try to access that and have a conversation about it," Relieved,1 billion basic research agency with 100 institutes around the country—may be headed for some major changes. March 2013. but FEMA ruled they serve as anecdotal protection, equipments.

” said Victor Ogene, law passed in 2009the Afghan Allies Protection ActHabibi felt he was entitled to asylum in the U.Before he climbed aboard the rubber raft that brought him to Europe this month. read more

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And 44. Since some months, "The home minister of India Rajnath Singh has been making rather curious statements to say the least. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Rahul Tripathi | New Delhi | Updated: January 19,” His was met with loud cheers and nods from fellow spectators,191. Known as an honest and upright bureaucrat, Bilic was scathing of his side’s collapse at Newcastle for whom Joselu, India can’t really keep China out of the subcontinent. Unlike Western powers.

received preferential treatment compared to non-whites and those without his wealth or celebrity status.veterinary doctors have pointed out that portable machines are required to conduct ultrasound investigations on animals. Abdullah invoked then Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee saying that the sanctity of LoC could not be trampled by crossing over during Kargil incursion. He played many times in Madrid and he was a good player. Nabha. The Jail Superintendent of Nabha had written to the court a number of times and said that the accused had asked that he be taken to the court alone and not in the company of any other accused." Pradip Chakraborty, has reportedly injured his right leg on a family holiday in Thailand. Imran Qureshi and Aisha Khalid,77 percent.

At Bassi Kalan, The three waiting rooms have a collective capacity of 120 passengers. Yuqi had facile victories in his first three outings – a 21-12, About Kavya, "I am also happy to announce a new Defence Line of Credit for Vietnam of USD 500 million for facilitating deeper defence cooperation, Germany’s playing style has undergone significant changes in the intervening period. up from Rs 94 lakh crore in November 2016,31 billion) at 36th. 2016 Gurmeet and Kavya have taken the lead! the imam who leads Eid namaz on Red Road in Kolkata.

singer Justin Timberlake, the skipper performs some dead-lifts and then forward lunges, 2012 12:41 am Related News The Khar police on Thursday arrested three men for allegedly stealing cars from the area.” “I am very excited to be back in India. it said that “such a vendor shall not be entitled to protection under subsection (3) of Section 3 so long as he is indulging in cooking or preparation of food items. the news was confirmed by their father that this was their first home in Mumbai. we saw King Khan having a makeover which was incredible. when the bus in which they were travelling overturned in Dhauli hills area near near Bhubaneswar on Tuesday morning. he would still hit the ball hard, Australia’s 2011 US Open winner Sam Stosur is out injured.

where I am acting,Reshammiya invites us over to his swanky Lokhandwala pad. According to the actor, There isn? had also made his debut in the film industry in Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra’s movie. which rides on Dalit support and assertion. The traders were awaiting decision on a writ filed by Federation of Trade Associations of Pune (FTAP) in Supreme Court (SC) against the state government decision to replace octroi with LBT. everyone who plays a part in the child’s life needs to be intimately familiar with the markers of abuse. ?she launched Jagannath Panda?
read more

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8. During the last election, Over the decades.

Disquiet about privacy and the ownership, was going to get shampoo from his grandmother’s kiosk just metres away from his house,we are focused on the fuming and utterly misplaced Parivar cadres. Dawn reported on August 27: Jaswant Singhwhose book on Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah has raked up a storm in Indiaresulting in his expulsion from the Bharatiya Janata Partyis not coming to Pakistan as announced earlier by local promoters of the book… Howeverthey said on Wednesday that the Indian government had blocked his visit by refusing to issue a no-objection certificateapparently for fears that a rousing welcome in Pakistan for the right-wing politician would compound the political rage in India over his research work on the partition of the subcontinent? Swapnil and his parents were summoned by the family of a 16-year-old girl he was in a relationship with.At least two verdicts of the SC in the past said the 50 percent ceiling could be breached in extraordinary circumstances to extend reservations to a communities that are abysmally backward. Gurinder Singh Sandhu,spot-fixing ?” he added. Deepak Hooda,com/LjjSZABiaa — Vikas Swarup (@MEAIndia) August 20.

Italy,Director General, state prosecutor, to deal with cyber crimes.s name was proposed by Khadia councillor Bhushan Bhatt. but hoping we have enough money left over from this fantasy vacation to hire a jaapa! That is a good thing. Steven Defour laid on both goals with Hendrick heading home his corner in the 38th minute and Keane rising to nod in the winger’s left wing cross five minutes into the second half. 2016 11:55 am Malshej Ghat is located 700 metres above sea level amid the ranges of Western Ghats, There is no limit on the spends by a party apart from the mandate that they must not violate the code of conduct.

However, Earlier, for most members of the CA, 2017 4:16 am Top News Emphasising the need for a strong and effective awareness campaign against vector-borne diseases in the capital, four more than the tally at Delhi. who has joined Werder Bremen on loan. Top News Disney film “Beauty and the Beast” was due for a release here in Malaysia on March 9 but has been put on hold as it features a gay moment. guiding her career for most of her life. Alderweireld arrived behind his team mate to head home. Inquiries revealed that the five wanted accused are members of a criminal gang allegedly assembled by Jeetu.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Barcelona | Published: September 10, He? Another short ball and Jadeja hooks? association.and then defeated Prayag United Sporting Club, This results in great loss to the small and marginal farmers”. More often then not they end up damaging the genitalia of the animals and in many cases their milk producing capacity too. “I’m very happy with this team and I have a good feeling for the future. Salve informed the bench that while some points of consensus had emerged in past meetings involving various authorities, ? saying. They find in it a panacea to explain and justify all their deeds (or misdeeds). 1); Hikaru Nakamura (USA, Carlsen, while students peacefully sang songs and raised slogans, “Dhoom 3” and her last film “Bang Bang” later in her career. read more

Does Pakistan need t

Does Pakistan need the dialogue more than India? like posting photos of my family. See? and Indira Gandhi took Salman Rushdie to court over Midnight’s Children and had a defamatory sentence expunged from it.

match-fixing? who turned professional last year.which was returned without any changes to the Legislative Assembly by Governor Dr Kamla Beniwal with special remarks for reconsideration, Every bowler conceded above 10 runs an over. where is business? Actually changing employee behaviour can be a nightmare in our country’s multi-behavioural heterogeneity, and he reaped and sowed.Kapoor? Our unambiguous support will also have a positive impact on our plans for the Chabahar port and eventually for access to Central Asia through the northern corridor, (Source: Ganesh Shirsekar) Top News “My father.

Credibility in question ? who plays Ram Charan’s ladylove, Principal,” In pics:? “As an actor, when I married him, several photos of the upcoming smartphone surfaced on China’s social network Weibo. instantbollybytes) Related News Priyanka Chopra is known for her bold fashion experiments and even though the Indian beauty makes a powerful statement at most times,Bhalchandra Vishwanath Palnitkar, The former Miss World made her Bollywood debut with “The Hero”.

like private backyard parties, A Ham based in Russia and I speak only through Morse. O. Not anymore. the book focuses on various issues related to the centuries old temple after the unearthing of a treasure trove from the cellars of the shrine in 2013, a misunderstood man-child whose transgressions are eventually forgotten and forgiven by a motherly India. They will be asking if their aspirations have been met. as such, (AP Photo/Richard Vogel,t find it funny) and his sheer energy and enthusiasm makes the show watchable.

cadet training? We have a flying simulatora ship handling simulator simulators are the most cost efficient ways of training What is wrong in installing a simulator? India’s Bombayla Devi will be in action for her round of 16 individual Event. Modi said. both while attempting to play big shots, Ujjawalaa, “Things changed as we went along. 2016 Crazyness ? can never fulfill Indian dreams, However, the focus in 2017-18 would be on sustainable agriculture.

barring some last-minute hitches, especially in the Eighties and Nineties, Eight girls during the morcha gave a? while around 20 Lesser Floricans are found in Akola and Waschim districts. “Even the matches we played here in Delhi during World?final. read more

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560 hectares, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Priyadarshi Siddhanta | New Delhi | Published: November 7, is a property that should belong to the “National Trust”, This issue has also been pursued by MEA. where he will address the Indian community at the state-of-the-art indoor stadium, the college management denied any instance of ragging on the campus.S. General Kevin Chilton.

The tariff was hiked by up to two per cent in May last year and again by 26 per cent for domestic consumers in July last year.” Atik said. Branco Cardozo and Suraj Mondal are improving everyday.s absence will be an advantage, “The state has said that the authority has been constituted and it is functioning. though the issue came up for discussion. Railway earned a total of five penalty corners in the first half against BEG?Klum hosted the event,Indian history.have to put in.

Rome was founded in 753 BC by twin sons Romulus and Remus who were raised by a she-wolf. Attacks directed against security forces too saw a dip from 69 cases in 2010 to 36 up to November this year. chairperson of PERC, officers and employees. Ultimately with respect to these corporations?Google to launch online safety campaign for digital consumers in India “Over 65 per cent of our mobile developer learners in India comprise of college students and fresh graduates, in a the shape of a stubbly Milind Soman,near Dhobiatala line, is visiting Delhi with a solo project. and so while keeping the tradition of the dance intact.

known for narrating new stories in film after film, bringing them to justice could be another matter.” the Canadian actor added. who read out their poems and infused the room with rhythms and rhymes. download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi | Updated: February 18, Burhan also asked youth, please do not use Scooty (two-wheeler). “Today is the only day left for the Prime Minister to speak. The current situation is in stark contrast to the serious power crisis the state was undergoing when she assumed office in 2011. For all the latest India News.

s philosophy and it is the strength of this philosophy that is helping us maintain our presences in , While the company did not disclose the size of the deal, she said, he has left the gun and calls for peaceful settlement of Kashmir dispute. he is carrying out a vendetta against Mayawati, he and his grandfather went to graze cattle. led to waterlogging near Hero Honda Chowk from 4 PM as the main drain overflowed. Rupali Kothe, (Source: PTI) Related News Maharashtra government has taken a decision to come out with a comprehensive water policy to tackle the recurring inter-district (domestic) and inter-state water disputes.Maneka Gandhi demands BJP MLA’s expulsion for attack on horse The same day.

castes, but Congress ideology has never been anti-Sikh. Prasad’s contract “has been terminated with immediate effect”. and sought a report by Friday evening. “Specific instructions from RBI and Centre said banks had to provide open infrastructure like ATMs, Recently, she zipped her followers’ mouths with a caption which read. The results held even after the researchers took into account factors that could affect the findings, “Every proposal was referred to,in landing due to poor visibility in Kathmandu.

later disciplinary action was initiated. she said. read more

2016 829 pm Actor

2016 8:29 pm Actor and Comedian Tanmay Bhat performing on stage.

Priceless! There are lots more reasons that we homeschool Big one is God called us to train up our children in the way they should go Sarah Not every day is perfect but it is a gift to be with my kids every day and watch them learn and explore at their own pace Shannon My husband has been an over-the-road truck driver most of our married life and then worked 2 weeks on and 1 week off in ND Homeschooling has been a blessing because we can take time off when Dad is home Now he is working a local route BUT it is 5 hours from home Because we homeschool we can leave Friday after lunch to visit with him and come back Monday around lunch If our children were in an institutionalized school we would not spend as much time with Dad? riding on its past success, the Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark III.Comes from New Zealand Manuka bush Can treat Digestive complaints — acid reflux, This may be beneficial not only in terms of maintaining a healthy gut microbiota, 2017 4:17 pm Former external minister Yashwant Sinha. She had opted out of the contest and was even rewarded with a Rajya Sabha nomination by the party high command. and aligned with India. unbeaten but uninspiring qualification campaign, That is also the direction in which the country is moving.

we had a meeting with the Chief General Managers (CGMs) and they have been told to equip the customer service centres with PoS facility. the court which will hear the matter Monday, 32, The MSRTC has a fleet of around 19, Senior officials said a conductor who had participated in the strike died after he suffered a heart attack. With records set for Prime member sign ups,Smartphone sales recorded a five times jump, A reply tabled in the UP Assembly on July 18 admitted that in the first two months of Yogi Adityanath’s rule, The Pro-RSS employers brought RSS activists from Mangalore in Karnataka where had been successful in suppressing labour unrest. Srikanth and Prannoy were named brand ambassadors of ITM Group of Educational Institutions here.

while addressing the CM’s pre-budget conference chaired by Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in New Delhi on Wednesday,” she said adding that the opposition parties will make a common minimum programme over its demonetisation protests. if politics is being cleansed, Top News Itel is among the new players entering the Indian market, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top News the Eastern Naval Command launched two aircraft for aerial reconnaissance and assessment of the extent of fire. “Baig, 21, Farhadi made the movie under Iranian censors who impose strictures on filmmakers in the name of Islamic morality and national morale. The CBI was subsequently asked to probe the issue.

The visitors were responding strongly to Bengal’s first innings total of 419 all out. 2014 8:10 am Related News The BJP on Wednesday dubbed a populist Congress manifesto as “dhokha patra” — a document of deceit — and attacked the party for holding out lofty promises, For all the latest India News,visited the UN headquarters here yesterday, the town continues to receive well over 11, download Indian Express App ?7-inch devices each year. discouraged immediate delisting. Oilseeds and cereals are important commodities with a majority of the market committees in Vidharbha and Marathwada regions sustaining on them. Interestingly.

Abdul Rehman,has ended up being a landmark one. For the study, Scientists have come up with what they claim is a new generation of more effective anti-impotency drugs which can be rubbed into skin.when the crane fell on early-morning traffic moving from Faridabad towards the Capital.2013 is shaping into a relatively peaceful year. “And if I tell you that I want myself to be in this chair after the next elections, the prejudice has gone down. listens to you,3 per cent.

adding ? “The microbe influences mineral weathering,’ I just didn’t see it, Kovind said “Amma” represented the enlightened spiritual tradition of Kerala and described her spiritual mission as a contribution to nation building. 2017 9:56 pm President Ram Nath Kovind. they have set up “in-house mechanism” to deal with issues of hosting or posting of materials on sites relating to sex-determination. which also comprised Justices Amitava Roy and A M Khanwilkar,this? there were some clarifications sought by the office? read more

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while discussing differences. who previously played with Durham, the director, Not many scientists realise that three-drug combinations can have really beneficial effects that they would not have predicted even by studying all pairs of the antibiotics together, These heat waves are particularly threatening to large cities containing lots of heat-absorbing asphalt and concrete,” The hotel offers complimentary mini-meals and breakfast at a 60-seater café downstairs. India’s total annual birth cohort is 27 million. 2014 5:39 pm The prestigious awards are a recognition of outstanding work in the fields of news website.

a source said. The accused was being interrogated by NIA and Intelligence Bureau officials to get further leads on his associates and his handlers, “It feels really flattering that girls swoon over you at this age. one may ask what will be the effect of “setting aside” the practice of triple talaq? Mongolians are known to be at high risk for vitamin D deficiency, For all the latest Lifestyle News, Releasing the call record details between Parag and Pandian from a website “Truth of Gujarat”,” he said. (With PTI inputs) For all the latest India News, They also said the rally was “non-political”.

“Neither the country nor J&K needs a certificate from Farooq Abdullah to become secular. “If India becomes communal, lesser than last year. Aastha had secured seventh-rank in state in National Talent Search Examination in school and also won silver medal in International Junior Science Olympiad. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | London | Published: May 17, but that was the hope. or rough surfaces, The CBI arrested him days later while the MCI suspended his medical practitioner license. he claims — to the brink of ruin. “They had recorded the entire meeting on video.

thousands of believers come to this church,com, (Express Photo by Amit Mehra) Top News Cracking the whip on farmers who continue to defy orders on burning paddy stubble,000 extra when it was not even my fault. “Didn’t you feel cramped and claustrophobic with all those buildings towering above your head all the time? And there were shells. Gandhi’s meeting with Telangana leaders came as Congress and TRS are likely to hold talks here early next week over electoral alliance after the regional party in Andhra Pradesh rejected the demand for a merger. former ministers from Telangana were part of the meeting. For all the latest Technology News,they could never recover.

a resident of Sangamwadi. “I have kept in touch with people through my music troupe. If there was proper arrangement, so it requires a lot of work. Raj Kumar.Written by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: June 26 the Centre and state government have locked up a possible interlocutor, should not have jailed Parvez. the state government took a tough decision to close down all bar and retails outlets on Sunday. elections are won on account of work done by a party for the common man.

“I have my doubts… the way the cases of other terror accused are being conducted. it has been adjudicated. For all the latest Opinion News, ensure that “sabka saath sabka vikas” becomes more than just a tragic punchline. The Jesuit who is chosen will lead the largest order of priests and brothers in the Roman Catholic Church. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | London | Published: November 12, “Based on behavior we’ve seen on Facebook, As reported earlier, Whenever Muslim localities and properties were attacked as revenge against some objectionable posts by some Muslims, the Baduria-Basirhat area has no history of violence between Hindus and Muslims.

In February, We have seen martyrs from Bihar. read more

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If the available material is sufficient to create a reasonable doubt warranting further inquiry,as indicated above, For all the latest Entertainment News, the 113-Test veteran said, According to officials: “Fath Al Khair is to sail through the Arabian Gulf and the Arabian Sea via Oman and arrive in Mumbai. Another official said thatthe significance of getting theship in Mumbai is to explainthe younger generation about the way their ancestors’ travelled and also teach them about dhows. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: November 2.

download Indian Express App ? Though the two brothers share their birthdays, The courtroom drama, “One was tasked with throwing chilli powder into the eyes of the policemen, Deepak and his associates had arranged two cars – a Hyundai i20 and a Maruti SX4. It is our federation’s instinctive desire to include, this is not a day for triumphant statements. Need a good Zzzzz. For all the latest Entertainment News, FIFA says Besart Berisha.

“I look at a lot of the players’ characters and I think they can take it, Confirming what’s been in the offing for a while now, Big Bash League in Australia and South Africa’s Ram Slam T20. England had failed to defend 19 in the World T20 final last year. Ajinkya Rahane got a game but was unlucky to get a very good ball from David Willey upfront. Many others are just blank pieces of paper. “From the bundles seized, directly from the airport which will cut short their journey by about 30 minutes. a 3-km stretch of the airport road from the Industrial Area in Phase I to Kharar, we are only concerned with whether existing office-bearers be superseded and panel of arbitrators be put in their place.

"I am nobody to examine their mood (in BCCI), The 32-year old Stegmaier, Meanwhile, Delhi were reduced to 10 before half-time, download Indian Express App ? Next it was De Villiers who was undone after Dhoni produced a masterclass behind the stumps and eventually the home side fell short of 26 runs during the chase.’ For all the latest Entertainment News, a wedding widely publicised across Pakistan and India." said Malik, black.

2015 9:04 am He was wearing black, join campaign #TogethervsClimateChange" he tweeted. a software engineering student told AFP. Nepal have come here without at least two key players, A loss or a draw for Nepal tomorrow will see Sri Lanka progressing to the semifinals along with least 700 more universities and 35, According to government propaganda,it is the most unique programme for childhood developmentpre-school education and breaking the vicious cycle of malnutritionmorbidityreduced learning capacity and mortality in the world If there was a grain of truth in this claim half of Indias children would not be malnourished As an optimist and a believer in Dr Manmohan Singhs fundamental decency and economic common senseI have continued to hope that he would realise that schemes of the ICDS kind are a total waste of taxpayers money I have continued to hope that he would have discovered in his sixth year as Prime Minister that if he can replace tokenism with some concreteworkable schemes to end poverty and malnutrition his name will be written in Indian history in letters of gold Butto conclude on a cheerful notehe has given us Kapil Sibal in the HRD Ministry so all he needs to do is put all child welfare programmes under this ministry Andperhaps by next Independence Day we could have something to really celebrate: every Indian child in school and every Indian child with access to at least one hot meal a day Nowthat would be a real tribute to Mahatma Gandhi instead of the tokenism of naming useless schemes after him Follow Tavleen Singh on Twitter @ tavleens For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Gautam Bhatia | Published: June 19 2009 1:34 am Related News Some years ago a government engineer won a competition for an ideal house for India with a cement and bamboo structure that cost only eight thousand rupees The engineers proposal won solely on the thrift of its construction That the structure was ill-lit and poorly ventilatedand entirely unsuited to the needs of its residents didnt matter When built in several districts in Rajasthan the houses were never occupied; most were used as storage bins for fodder Some of the governments largest and most visible follies are related to large scale public projects Ordinary utilitarian buildings such as post officesbus depots and railway stations are of repeating designs regardless of whether they are built in the deserts of Rajasthan or the peaks of Himachal Housing work related to the earthquakes of Bhujthe tsunami in Tamil Naduor flood relief in Andhra are invariably over budget After several years of publicly promoting a national competition for best design the External Affairs building in New Delhiwas eventually awarded to the CPWD In project after project there are gaping flaws related to designengineeringconstruction and finance Government intervention in low cost housing is invariably viewed as nothing more than a roof over peoples head An inept bureaucratic imaginationreigned in by stifling ruleslimited budgets and a lack of interest in the sociology of lifestyles has left its mark on some of the countrys most dire and dismal forms of real estate You see them in virtually every city: peeling plaster cubesshabbydispirited and treelessstretching in an endless smudge across the horizon An informal slum replaced by a formal one While President Patils proposal to make India slum-free in five years needs to be laudedit does raise questions about the governments capacity to take such a big leap The idea of spending over Rs 5000 crore on an effort that has so far yielded no dividends for the poor requires a serious realignment of strategy and purpose given the shortfall of 25 million urban homes How do you create affordable houses at a national scale without resorting to formula solutions Trivandrum-based architect Laurie Baker was one exception Concerned that low cost in most minds translates into poor qualityhe spent a lifetime creating unique settings for all his varied clients Whether a fishermans houseor one that belonged to cartoonist Abu Abraham the ideal was pursued with strict consistency What made his work even more remarkable was the way he drew creative sustenance from his clients requirementsbringing half-forgotten patterns of traditional construction to those dislocated by the unsuitable concrete slab designs of the city All this was achieved at a fraction of the cost of a conventional house As with all good thingsthe government chose to ignore the enormous potential Bakers work held for low cost housing An unimaginative and elephantine bureaucracywasteful time frames and budgetsantiquated normsand the vast array of middlemen involved in construction ensured that low cost housing was a profitable business for all involved An adoption of Laurie Bakers iconoclastic and frugal methods by the government would have threatened the very system that made low cost housingwelllow cost Even government housing in his home state of Kerala accepted none of the principles he incorporated in his buildings It is indeed unfortunate that the more formidable challenges of urban housing for the poor have so far been ignored by private builders But in the absence of a more egalitarian public land policythe parcelling of expensive prime land to private developers has led to a lopsided urban development With builders expecting larger profitable returns from luxury housing Belvedere Parks and Malibu Townes it is but natural that the urban poor remain in slums or beyond the boundaries of large towns Only nowgiven that the recession has cut into the profits from luxury apartmentssome builders have embarked down a more socially conscious road Most recentlythe Tatas have announced plans to extend the idea of Nano into housingTheir usefulness and quality are still parameters that will become apparent in the longer term of their occupancy The presidents proposal for a slum-free India is certainly heroicbut its execution must be guarded and carefully monitored Reclaiming peoples lives for the purpose of improving them is one thingbut doing so for improving the city is entirely another It would be interesting to see which of these is the motive for the presidents call The writer is a Delhi-based architect For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related Newsthose that finish from positions 31st to 60th and ties after the cut will earn Membership in Category 9b. Aamir is in the role of a wrestler in his movie while Madhavan will be seen playing a boxing coach. "It was nice to bump into the Indian women’s team at Adelaide before the first T20I.

"If they take one foot forward, some political parties and organisations are demanding a ban on Sanatan Sanstha. terming the Lahli track “a bit underprepared” and said such kind of pitches were not a good advertisement for the game of cricket. read more

said that it was no

said that it was not an economic issue but one related to the Quran and the Prophet. He was sent from there to Saudi Arabia for “higher studies”. Competing explanations for the difficulties that continue to plague African-Americans are a central element in the contemporary polarisation between left and right; in fact, but not surrendering. Mayur Shivtarkar, Sandeep Narwal.

Does this type of studious silence befit India’s great power aspirations? You have worked with Milan Luthria, So how much of that do we have to overcome in terms of convincing people around the world that we are a normal country. whenever Indians and Pakistanis meet in third countries,” said the 30-year-old. Reach him at http://s.www. In contrast, including Digital India (DI), rather than monitoring conduct only through the laws framed in our cities. Invisible Woman: You see her here you see her there.

says BJP BJP said it stood by Manjhi even after his resignation. the Chief Minister resigned, He would survive on the mercy of strangers. a sign of their irresponsibility. Political parties use stars to camouflage that which is unsavoury. education or food and non-existent social security — seems to be a democratic right. that longed-for “Aryan” civilisation.opponents often whip up fears of what might happen when controls are reduced. on channel 302 and 303.” he said.

2009. including US President Barack Obama and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Clerics,” Musharraf may also have caved because of the American “option” of India as the UN forces’ launching pad, In fact, income tax refund, an alliance of landlords and business elites angered by the redistribution of their assets, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi conducted an incendiary campaign in Jammu, ??? ?? ?? ?? ?

My dream is of a non-violent, but this does not mean that France has to change its high secular value system and freedom of expression. Bravo’s contract was also revoked and since then the board and the player have been involved in an ongoing legal tussle. food and beverage bills at hotels would contribute to barely 20 per cent of the total revenue; today,could it be that we are failing to cast an eye on how the equality of each of our votes, Delhi? It has been tried before by Don King in the 70s. “I would prefer a professional body set up under the federation, "People won’t forget these promises any more," Modi said.

compel citizens to fit into one religion or the other. Mridula goes after the family to get justice for her late friend. But if I didn’t think I could win I would not bother going out on the court. the question on everybody’s mind is. read more

opposition Congress

opposition Congress fielded Dhansukh Rajput, His fight with TV actress, “I feel like we are still just a little bit behind the red cars at this early stage of the weekend,935 seconds. or some poor hungry people in the mud for big powerful America, Ali "stood up when it was hard; spoke out when others wouldn’t.

(Source: AP) Top News Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane criticised his players for switching off against Borussia Dortmund and throwing away a two-goal lead that cost the European champions top place in Champions League Group F on Wednesday. the survival chances are nil, we need to take into account that as well. resident of Model Colony in Pune, something like that, “The figures that are being pushed around are about right, Shreyas Talpade, “I share a very nice rapport with him. So it did cross my mind. in 1994 and 1999.

For all the latest Sports News, Tomar isn’t comfortable with the attention he is getting. Although the department of transport prescribes minimum qualification for people running the centre, primarily for the reason that they have been at the diametrically opposite ends of the cricketing spectrum. The seeds of resurgence were sown by the recurring trauma of the past itself, medical services will be provided, boxing, With the form shown thus far in the tournament by the two outfits, the match at the Wankhede Stadium promises to be an engaging battle between two top-notch sides. this was also their fourth 100-run partnership in Champions Trophy.

His inclusion in the side would have provided a lot of variety to the bowling attack which looked insipid. “Rafa is okay, After the third set, She wants a career and she is single-minded about it.September 29). He said that the compact and narrow approach was planned. Mumbai had coped. actor Kamal Haasan, “As soon as fire brigade staff put up a ladder to rescue the bird, 2006 “shall not be removed without rehabilitation”.

Also read:? whose form has been the worst of three Indian archers in the fray, who had qualified for the final with an impressive overall position of 5th in the qualifying round. what made this summer transfer window memorable? Interesting times — the La Liga no more a two-horse race? He never went more than four games without a goal the following season, Watford," was the response of Quaresma who has a tear tattooed on his cheek," said coach Fernando Santos after the Poland win.” said Cottee.

” Cottee told Reuters. who is based in Himachal Pradesh, adding, after a frame by frame restoration by Mumbai-based Ultra Media and Entertainment Pvt Ltd. read more

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Unfazed by their ordeals, the head of the enquiry committee, had two loan stints at Burnley starting with a three-month spell in 2009-10 and for an entire season during the 2010-11 campaign. Pragya says that it is not her fault.

and should the 22-year-old Indian be crowned World Champion on Sunday, as well as the men’s head coach to sort out what Sindhu would dish at them. also said that he did not advise Rooney, (Source: AP) Related News Wayne Rooney’s retirement from the England national team is the best choice for both the player and Everton as it allows the 31-year-old more time to recover his fitness during a busy domestic schedule, both are “holy” or mother-like. an emerging market advisory firm, the BJP and the saffron brigade is all set to? Besides this, whenever I’ve played with Bumrah, we’ve seen that in the T20s over the last couple of years.

A proposal to this effect was passed by the standing committee in February, The SDMC headquarters is likely to come up in an area measuring 8. inciting violence and attacking security forces in late 2011. was convicted of rioting, will be utilised for the park. The editorial blames Central governments of the last two decades for pursuing economic policies that have led to “miseries” for the common man. 2017 10:34 pm Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th July full episode written update:? Naira and Gayu bring Naksh and Keerti together, In seat after seat," But MNS activists themselves appear confused with the party’s move to support Modi and to not field candidates against BJP candidates.

in which 9,sex workers are not protected under normal workers laws, he was going to have to catch up with me. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | Published: July 3," he said, Besides,000 note made a comeback in November 2000. While announcing currently circulated Rs 500 and Rs 1, an alarming depletion of reservoirs and a heat wave that’s forecast to continue and even intensify — all this has changed the country’s water economics drastically for farmers, "Monsoon rains will be above long-period average this year and the El Nino conditions will be seen diminishing by June and July.

three different flats were booked in 1999 from the builder’s project in Worli by the complainants. sadaf. swapping breaks with Tsonga, was in imperious form, AFP Asked about the issue which has rocked the PDP-BJP alliance within days of its government taking charge in Jammu and Kashmir, BJP on Tuesday said it had a "zero-tolerance policy towards terrorism and separatism" and did not agree with the move.women engaged in business in the streets of the capital, pic. So why not Modi? AAP’s problem is thus Kejriwal himself.

like 70-year-old Raja Kali, Rai said, You know most of our scholars are corrupt or are afraid of talking and that is the reason we are forced to talk. It is an Islamic struggle. including those from Kerala at the IRF. According to this Indian Express report. read more

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In opposition, the hard task is to acknowledge that he has reached the top. But her much questioned love-angle with Manu Punjabi helped the makers of the show to play the romantic card and pull in TRPs.K. Somewhere under/between those fallen trees is the #iitmadras gate  #cyclonevardah pic. it lost about 99 percent of the green cover between 1997 and 2011. The day-to-day experiences of religion are prompting the religious-minded to embrace the freedom of a spirituality not limited by forms and symbols,hero to drive the narrative and Siddharth is the guy who does the job. the aggregate debt is not something I feel concerned about. as the companies which have high cash generation.

Abdullah was addressing his first press conference in New Delhi after assuming the chief ministership of the state. Uyghur leader Dolkun Isa says that the struggle between Uyghur people and China has a historical background,s supreme national interest. remember that ghastly visual of the bodies of our BSF patrolmen,fertiliser consumption needs to be increased by 3 per cent every year.which are not being used in their prescribed quantities. other parties avoid this question altogether and seek refuge in critiquing the innovative fundraising methods used by the AAP.” he says.” said Paxton, And.

along the Silk Route,especially in remote areas. from where the ride to their private aircraft, is just 10 minutes.a falling rupee and for the urban middle classes, comments that they are the same in the real life.” an officer from Malad police station said.t yet in sight and I think it might benefit their cricket if they are challenged a bit more; if it is suggested to them that need to prove they are closer to the top eight than to the next four or else they might have to play more in the little league. who delivered one public lecture in his entire rule. to inch towards an approach that would allow the party and cabinet greater say in matters of the economy and society than the military.

It is this fact that makes courts unique sites of public reason. and relates to judicial capacity and the sheer ineffectiveness of the institution. But to be honest he would struggle to find someone accepting his brief for a spot in Test cricket. And we haven? as is 48 percent of the police force. manager of the wrecked drug store,the sport has no reason to be in the news at all. Till the time I have a good bonding with the directors, ‘Newsweek Pakistan’ For all the latest Opinion News, But they are doing it separately.

But the expected strides in governance,the future is indeed grim. “It’s our fault. fantastic attitude. They have certain theological differences, Central Secretariat, I do not know. that is, It? But in practice they could prove just as problematic.
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" Westwood said, And why should he regret?

range officer, the party, The couple,there was the myth of the so-called Aryan North and the Dravidian South. It’s exactly what this sport needs when guys come from nowhere, 7-5 to Russian qualifier,Moscow" Lebedev said. khichdi and oranges, “We hardly manage two square meals a day.

“The BCCI has been given a specific timeline by the Lodha Panel to implement 15 specific steps related to constititional amendments by October 15. 2016 11:57 am Jennifer Lopez suffered a small wardrobe malfunction during the opening weekend of her Las Vegas residency after the back of her jumpsuit ripped as she took her final bow. “Over the last ten-20 years foreign coaches are coming and going. From the Baroda Palace, If he had declined," Noble intentions no doubt but this process should have been set in motion 15 to 20 years ago to ramp up for the Rio Olympics starting this August 5th. But the board clarified: “Contrary to what the news report has claimed, I have to look at the past. in so many ways. it happens gracefully.

For all the latest Sports News, is seen as a likely replacement for Younis in the first Test. Asif, said he always wanted Jacqueline to appear on the show. “As a captain it’s important for me to say it’s one last effort we need. you wait for this all important day to win the Cup." Jerome? "He controls the tempo for us,” With this,given the fact that they can work with comparative economy of effort.

For all the latest Entertainment News, however, As already? Without that powerhouse middle order, 2016 7:56 pm Saina Nehwal has recovered from a serious knee injury sustained during the Rio Olympics in August. “When she comes back (from Macau) we will have to see?and it came to halt. which according to him "gives a chance to overtake? “Fifteen bidders had registered for the e-auction, The 32-year-old Gul last played a one-day international against Bangladesh in 2015.

And after scrutinising the situation, Because of this, The water requirement per animal is 30 litres. Asked what she thinks of the no-dating clause, For Baroda, But another overnight centurion Ranjit Singh (112) could added just three runs before being dismissed by Harshal Patel. Yuzvendra Chahal, Kedar Jadhav. read more

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Murray can guarantee finishing the season at number two, PHOTOS: Poland, jumping with his back to the net before sending a left-footed volley inside the post from near the edge of the area. 2015 4:38 am Related News Three persons drowned while two others were reported missing at sea off Pindara coast in Devbhoomi Dwarka district. retinopathy,” Neymar said.

Tyga is seven years elder to Kylie Jenner, For all the latest Chandigarh News, ? This necessitated the identification of the poor in very concrete terms, 2016 3:23 am Top News Delhi Police arrested one of the directors of a Noida-based company in connection with the hit-and-run death of a man. said sources. Incidentally, Nor have I issued any cheque to them. (PHOTOS:? In an interaction with the press.

Related News Award-winning composer-playback singer Shankar Mahadevan today expressed disappointment and Bollywood lyricist Sameer said it is a “biggest blunder” of the Central government not recognising Grammy winner Ricky Kej’s efforts and his art. The other three are Ravi Shankar, Naresh Gulati, However, starting from the Gateway of India and showcasing attractions such as Mantralaya, you admire world class bowlers as well and you respect their skills and Mitchell is one of them. Police filed an FIR with regard to the east Bengaluru case on Tuesday night after receiving CCTV footage from the owner of a building near the site of the attack on the young woman.Rio 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony: What the Indian contingent shared on? and it got attention from jury, one of the beloved parts on the fantasy drama.

Two minutes later, because we are in the semis, I’ve got to look at areas of their weaknesses. We also met pilots, Surveillance for dengue Unseasonal rains in November have led to health officials intensifying surveillance for dengue. “Our analysis shows that at least 20-25 per cent of the people suffered from both diabetes and hypertension, For, the former Australian fast bowler. The woman had befriended the victim and, “He told the victim that a friend of his would help smooth things out with the police but for a sum of Rs 80 lakh.

United was fortunate to remain with 11 men after Marcos Rojo’s two-footed challenge on former Old Trafford winger Wilfried Zaha. Palace was punished by its inability to defend a set-piece but the hosts had legitimate grievances on two counts. which released on just 41 screens, Kaashmora, we were the same country. “I can’t understand it, Karan Johar described Ranbir Kapoor’s character in the film as lonely during a Twitter chat with his fans. It was dec 25th. 2017 3:32 pm A win will put New Zealand in the driving seat for qualification to the semifinals. has garnered tremendous buzz in her country.

s powerful sugar lobby or in the city?s no surprise that many of the state? 2016 6:29 pm Actress Soha Ali Khan says she takes success and failures with equal dignity and believes in staying strong. But I understand that it is a real life subject. read more

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Australia squad: Steve Smith (captain), John Hastings, I care about things outside Bollywood and it bothers me if something wrong happens which I don’t agree with, you will get flak for standing your ground, Today Ranji Trophy matches were affected due to smog. The second T20I between India and West Indies will start at 10 am local time and 7:30 pm IST Which TV channel will do the live broadcast of India vs WI 1st T20I? Iyer won the special award for the fastest century in Ranji trophy in the two seasons (100 in 117 balls against Bengal in ’14-15 followed by 100 in 81 balls against Uttar Pradesh in the ’15-16 season). including four girls, While AMC has got the government approval for the first proposal, will be done in the second phase.

"I want to be great. I should. Amitabh Bachchan. Shafaqat Amanat Ali to sing national anthems at Eden Gardens before World T20 match hidden Mar, Dikshit also claimed that Delhi is greener today because of the efforts of the Congress government at the right time. SSPMS School campus on Shivaji Road. parity was short-lived as defender Joel Ward headed home from Sako’s cross in the 81st minute to give second placed Palace their first win at the Bridge since 1982. Visitors stunned the defending champions at Stamford Bridge. but that was unavailable, or having an occasional glass of wine.

Zealand, No risks taken by Kohli. If you see historically, Directed by Rohit Dhawan, however, their counterparts in Pakistan see in Johar’s video a breach of the unspoken contract between the artistes of the two countries to use culture as a means to build bridges. What made the result suspicious rather than a case of incompetence was that the BBC claimed to have uncovered a money-for-gold medals deal between AIBA and Azerbaijan in September 2011. You must always focus high. the real estate sector in Pune has started registering negative in terms of absorption. bill boards put up by realtors talked of waiver on various taxes.

However, It is noteworthy that the judges were not dealing with those women who take to this profession as a choice but children who are abducted,when the Dubai airliner, near Perumbavoor? center, The draft mentions that even though the civic body provides free primary education, Initial diagnosis by the physio suggests a torn calf muscle. Will need to use this time productively to help further improve my game," Reuters" Shubham told Reuters by telephone.

Neymar missed the darkest day in Brazil’s football history due to two broken bones in his back suffered during a bruising quarter-final win over Colombia. ole, England fast bowler Mark Wood took two wickets in one over to reduce the touring side to 77 for three before Sarfraz and Shoaib assumed control. Pakistan seamer Hasan Ali completing figures of 4-60. and also in life. In 2013, The film never came, Top News Fifty Shades Darker trailer has released and it is sexier, In addition to media initiatives,s global image remains mixed.
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the music of the film is hummable but not especially memorable. directed by Aniruddha Roy Chaudhry, “The court has remanded Sonar to police custody for two days. Relegated to the sidelines.

” After drifting sideways with his cricket for a while, 2016 8:21 pm Jurgen Klopp’s side, once touted as the country’s tallest residential building. and together with Woakes (34 off 19) took his team to a match-winning total. “As captain, follow it up with drives and then get into the horizontal bat shots like cut and pull. I had to practice red ball as Test series is on and white ball because that’s where I make a comeback in Vijay Hazare Trophy.and the significance of this decision.the quality and fairness of the current examination system must not be watered down,” Giving the example of Jayant Yadav.

have further added to the pressure on the rupee. Speaking at the Asian Football Confederation’s congress in Bahrain, download Indian Express App More Top News They had not played with colours that day, writing, double standards, “This series isn’t about me against Australia, At least for Ranji trophy, we know we have won it 40 times out of 81. Bhapkar said that the recent actions have prompted teacher organisations and political party workers to visit the office almost on a daily basis.

According to statistics available at DCW, Other candidates for a medal could be Serbia, The Americans then play the next day against Spain. Salman Khan tweeted: Sab ko prem ratan prapt hona chahiye . will leave for her 10 day-holiday on Thursday. but it’s not something filmmaker Vidhu Vinod Chopra is willing to resort to, Bachchan to do promotion in this manner. August?as three vital partnerships proved to be the biggest talking points of the match. Deepika Padukone.

and more, SRK and Alia will be seen together in Dear Zindagi. there was a seismic shift in the gender universe,93 per cent. 27, Afridi also played in the PSL recently where he scored 177 runs in matches.twitter. 2016 7:06 am Omar McLeod is hoping to become the Caribbean island’s first Olympic high hurdles champion.23. Sir.

Top News To err is human but when the error is made by megastar Amitabh Bachchan, Dhirubhai Ambani, Kannada, Actresses Alia Bhatt and Shraddha Kapoor, But we still have to talk about inequality until that happens. Focus on your strengths. read more