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Kentville Workshop Seeks Public Input On Energy Policy Climate Change

first_imgThe province is seeking public input to revise its provincial energy policy and create a greenhouse-gas action plan. A public workshop is scheduled for 4 p.m to 7 p.m., Thursday,Nov. 22, in Room 2101 at the Nova Scotia Community College, Kentville. Dalhousie University oceanography professor Bob Fournier will chair the meeting. “The province has set a deadline of 2020 for cutting greenhouse gas emissions 10 per cent below 1990,” said Jamie Muir, acting Energy Minister. “We’re committed to achieving that goal while maintaining a strong and growing economy.” Mr. Fournier, who recently chaired an environmental assessment of the proposed White’s Point Quarry near Digby, said meeting those goals presents challenges for policy planners. “Our electricity, which is mostly coal-fired, generates about 42 per cent of our greenhouse gases,” said Mr. Fournier. “How do we reduce our use of coal without driving up electricity prices? How do we balance our need for wind power with our ability to provide adequate back-up power? What new technologies or initiatives should we be promoting to meet our green energy needs? “These are challenging questions and we want public input before we generate a policy that is to guide the province for years.” The province has created two documents, Consultation Paper: Nova Scotia’s Renewed Energy Strategy and A Background Paper to Guide Nova Scotia’s Climate Change Action Plan, to help inform public discussion. The first deals with broad energy policy and the second with climate change — especially action to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. The documents can be found online at . The province will also accept written submissions on energy strategy and greenhouse gas reductions until Dec. 19. The Kentville workshop is one of 12 similar sessions being held around the province. Information gathered from the public-consultation sessions will be used to create the Energy Strategy and the Climate Action Plan, scheduled for release in the spring. Under the Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act, Nova Scotia has established a target to have one of the cleanest and most sustainable environments in the world by 2020.last_img read more

Trudeau embrace of TPP could hurt tough NAFTA talks with Trump experts

first_imgOTTAWA – It was Justin Trudeau’s most Harperesque moment — opting not to go along just to get along with 10 other Pacific Rim nations determined to salvage the Trans-Pacific Partnership in Vietnam.Earlier this week, the prime minister hit the brakes on throwing Canada’s full support behind the proposed “TPP 11,” a salvage of the larger pact that President Donald Trump killed when he withdrew U.S. support earlier this year. Trudeau’s muted enthusiasm for a quick deal triggered the harshest barrage of international criticism he’s ever faced.Much of the outrage over Canada’s sudden outlier status — a position it frequently occupied under the Stephen Harper Conservatives — emanated from Down Under.An Australian television station cited sources who said, “the Canadians screwed everybody.” “Justin Trudeau sabotages Trans-Pacific Partnership,” the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper flatly declared in a headline.Late Friday, the talks had made enough progress for Canada to declare a modest victory, but it was a far cry from the “deal in principle” Japan’s economy minister was trumpeting the day before.Once the headlines faded, the strategic calculation behind why the prime minister decided to slow things down came into sharp focus: jumping quickly into that trade deal would have weakened Canada’s hand in renegotiating NAFTA with an even harder-nosed Trump administration.That view came from some unlikely sources, including some former Harper-era Conservatives who were intimately involved in the original negotiation of the TPP, the Canada-EU free trade deal known as CETA, and many other deals of varying sizes.“Canada’s response is not surprising, given all (previous) outcomes were negotiated with the dominant U.S. economy at the table,” said Adam Taylor, a former aide to Conservative trade minister Ed Fast and a principal at Export Action Global, an Ottawa-based trade consultancy.“It now makes sense to step back, evaluate Canada’s long-term offensive and defensive interests and adjust the TPP to present-day realities.”The U.S. economy accounted for more 60 per cent of the combined GDP of the TPP’s original 12 countries, which also include Mexico and Japan — the latter of which, along with Australia, has become one of the biggest boosters of a new, post-Trump TPP.Despite its rejection of the Pacific Rim pact, U.S. negotiators have brought significant chunks of TPP text to the NAFTA renegotiations as a template to advance progress. But a massive gap has emerged between the U.S. and its two North American partners. The U.S. wants higher American content in automobiles and wants to do away with Canada’s supply management system in agriculture.“From autos and manufacturing to agriculture and culture, Canada has significant skin in the game and should take the time necessary to get it right,” Taylor said in an email to The Canadian Press.“Negotiating by calendar, stopwatch or trying to shoehorn announcements into international summits for logistical ease is antithetical to strategic long-term planning and goes against Canadian interests.”Michael Geist, the University of Ottawa law professor specializing in e-commerce, made clear in a series of Twitter posts that the TPP could influence Canada’s success in the NAFTA talks.“My guess would be the NAFTA talks make concessions on auto and agriculture incredibly difficult as TPP could undermine those negotiations,” said Geist. “TPP was not (the) Liberals’ trade deal. CETA was top priority, then NAFTA.”Some say that if Trudeau’s tough stance towards the TPP is being influenced by NAFTA and Trump, then that’s just not a good thing.“If we are blocking for fear of annoying the U.S., that seems silly to me,” said Derek Burney, a former chief of staff and Canadian ambassador to the U.S. under former Progressive Conservative prime minister Brian Mulroney.Burney and Mulroney have both briefed Trudeau’s current Liberal cabinet on their NAFTA strategy.Burney called Trump’s decision to leave the TPP “a major, geo-strategic blunder” that will only empower China. He also said Canada needs to explore “all promising avenues” to increase trade with countries such as China, India and Vietnam.“I do not see how our stance will help us forge closer ties with other Asians in the group, notably Japan, the principal advocate,” said Burney.“Our own interests should, in any event, be the paramount consideration and not tactics in other negotiations.”Lawrence Herman, a Toronto-based international trade lawyer, said it was “puzzling” to see Canada’s reluctance to pursue the TPP with its 10 remaining partners.“With a serious impasse in the NAFTA negotiations looming, it’s clearly in Canada’s strategic interests to pursue other options, TPP being the most obvious,” he said.“Don’t we want to show Trump and company that all of Canada’s eggs aren’t in the NAFTA basket?”last_img read more

BC MLAs urge Trudeau to call byelection immediately in BurnabySouth

first_imgOTTAWA — Four NDP provincial politicians from British Columbia are urging Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to immediately call a byelection in the federal riding of Burnaby South, where federal New Democrat leader Jagmeet Singh wants to run for Parliament.The letter, signed by Anne Kang, Katrina Chen, Raj Chouhan and Janet Routledge, says the politicians are disappointed that Trudeau has yet to call a race in the riding vacated by former B.C. NDP MP Kennedy Stewart.Stewart is now the mayor of Vancouver.In late October, opposition leaders also joined forces to press Trudeau to call byelections in all four vacant federal ridings in the House of Commons.Four leaders — the Conservatives’ Andrew Scheer, New Democrats’ Jagmeet Singh, Greens’ Elizabeth May and the Bloc Quebecois’ Mario Beaulieu sent a letter to Trudeau calling out his decision to call a byelection in just one of the four ridings.Trudeau has said the other three ridings have been vacant for “mere weeks” and that he’ll call byelections for them in due course.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Angelina Jolie Speaks From Domiz Refugee Camp In Iraq

first_imgUNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie has spoken to journalists at Domiz refugee camp in Iraq.Angelina Jolie speaking to journalists at Domiz refugee camp in IraqCredit/Copyright: UNHCR/Andrew McConnell“In my country, when we speak of the Middle East we often focus on conflict and human suffering,” she said. “And it is true that countless families in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen are suffering from conflict they personally have no part in, instability they cannot control, and extremism that they reject.“But on this visit I have been reminded, as I am every time I am here, of the truly extraordinary dignity, resilience, warmth, generosity and grace of the people of the Middle East.“And I want to thank the people of Iraq for their generosity towards Syrian refugees and displaced people, and in particular the KRI government, which is setting a model for refugee protection.“I’m happy have been here on Eid al-Fitr, and I wish the Iraqi people, the Syrian people, and families across this region and beyond, Eid Mubarak, or Jaznawa Piroz Bit.“I am in Iraq to mark World Refugee Day next week. On Tuesday, UNHCR will publish new figures showing that the numbers of displaced people, and the duration of their exile, are the highest they have ever been. At the same time political solutions seem completely lacking, leaving a void that humanitarian aid cannot fill.“Words like “unsustainable” don’t paint a picture of how desperate these times are.“This is my third visit to Domiz camp in six years. The vast majority of its inhabitants are Syrian women and children.“Their lives are on hold indefinitely because of the war. They cannot go back, they cannot move forward, and each year they have less to live on.“I met two mothers this morning, both of them widows. They both lost their husbands while living as refugees, to medical conditions that could normally have been treated.“And now they are both caring for young aged five 5 and 7 who also have life-threatening medical conditions.“When UNHCR’s Syria response was only 50 per cent funded last year, and this year it is only 17 per cent funded, there are terrible human consequences. We should be under no illusions about this.“When there is not even the bare minimum of aid, refugee families cannot receive adequate medical treatment, women and girls are left vulnerable to sexual violence, many children cannot go to school, and we squander the opportunity of being able to invest in refugees so that they can acquire new skills and support their families.“This is the picture in Iraq, in Syria, and wherever in the world you find refugees and displaced people today.The only answer is to end the conflicts that are forcing people to flee their homes – and for all governments to meet their responsibilities.“So this World Refugee Day I hope that people around the world will consider this larger picture:What this level and length of displacement says about our world being dangerously out of balance.What it will say about us if our response is to be selective about when we help, and when we are prepared to defend human rights.And what it will mean for the future if we are unable to provide enough basic humanitarian support for displaced people and unable to find any solutions to conflicts at the same time.“That is the situation today, but it is not hopeless.“There are millions of refugees and displaced people who want to return home and to work and start over – as I saw in Mosul yesterday, where brick by brick, with their own hands, they are rebuilding their homes.“There are countries that are keeping their borders open to refugees, despite all the pressures and challenges.“There are aid relief workers who are stretching the aid resources, somehow, to minimize loss of life and provide protection.“And there are people around the world who are more committed than ever to defending human rights and basic values.“So on World Refugee Day this year I hope that we can find the strength to find a better way forward together: so that we move into a new era of preventing conflict and reducing instability, rather than simply struggling to deal with its consequences.”last_img read more

Mamata, TMC leaders change Twitter, Facebook DP with Vidyasagar’s photo

first_imgKolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and several top TMC leaders have changed their Facebook and Twitter display picture (DP) with photo of Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar on Wednesday to protest the desecration of the bust of the noted reformer and key figure of the Bengal Renaissance. Trinamool Congress’s official profile on Twitter and Facebook was also changed with a picture of Vidyasagar. Banerjee is scheduled to take out a protest rally on Wednesday to protest the smashing of the bust of the social reformer by alleged BJP activists in north Kolkata on Tuesday. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari Puja Launching a scathing attack on BJP president Amit Shah on Tuesday, Banerjee had said, “What does Amit Shah think of himself? Is he above everything? Is he God that no one can protest against him?” Banerjee said this after supporters of the BJP and the TMC fought pitched battles on the streets of Kolkata during a roadshow by Shah. A college named after Iswarchandra Vidyasagar, a key figure in the Bengal Renaissance, was ransacked and a bust of the 19th century social reformer shattered allegedly by BJP workers during the clashes. The CPI(M) has also called for protest rallies against the incident. The intellectuals of the city will take out a protest march from College street on Wednesday evening.last_img read more

Young Moroccans Highlight the Importance of Participatory Democracy

Ifrane – “Alghad pour Développement du Monde Rurale Association (AGDMR)” recently hosted a round-table entitled “The Mechanisms of Activating the Participatory Democracy,” on Sunday in Sidi Addi, about 30km from Ifrane.The event brought together about fifty civic activists from the Ifrane region to discuss the constitutional process of activating participatory democracy as well as attracting citizens to participate in the decision-making process. The design of the event was targeted at fostering the role of civic society in contributing to development and raise awareness among citizens to be cognizant of their legitimate duty to keep officials accountable and call for their rights as citizens. Speakers addressed the topic of democracy after “Morocco’s democratic transition” and “2011 constitution,” explaining that the role of participatory democracy, is to empower citizens to take active part in the political decision-making process and to position the country’s youth as the backbone of the force for change.At the round-table’s opening, AGDMR’s president, Youssef Outelha, introduced the overall goal and the importance of this topic in the daily life of the Moroccan citizens. “The round-tables aim to mobilize civic society and highlight its major role within communities as a censor for the management of social and political affairs.”Civic activist, Ahmed Boljaoui, took the floor to define participatory democracy and its social and political dimensions throughout history. He also expounded on the constitutional and lawful pathways to consolidate democracy in Morocco.Social activist Zakariae Jebbar, delivered a presentation on the legitimacies of founding non-governmental associations and organizations for youth to follow public policy and be a dynamic social group primarily in voicing the demands of civic society.The round-table also featured an enthusiastic debate among the participants and speaker regarding the “failure of governmental policies after Morocco’s amended constitution in 2011,” and “the lethargy of the civic society in following the management of social and local affairs and, in addition, to “the consequence of the aversion of youth to politics and social activism.”The event also marked the strong presence of young Moroccans, participating in the development of Morocco by showing a desire for social and political knowledge.Speaking to Morocco World News, Outelha said, “I am thrilled that we succeeded in staging this event after 16 years of founding AGDMR. The event marked the participation of youth, who also took the floor to express themselves and suggest solutions to reinforce the civic society’s role in order to participate together in the decision-making process.”The event was also an opportunity for AGDMR to officially announce the launch of its website. In closing, Rachid Sarghini, one of the AGDMR’s members took the floor to debut the website for the audience. read more

190M payout for ice storm

(Updated)Many towns and cities in our area are still cleaning up the damage left behind in the December ice storm that razed power lines and trees across much of Southern Ontario. Wednesday, the province said it would help pay for the costs of that clean up; in fact, it will pay 100% of costs it deems eligible.But opposition members are asking what ice storm costs are eligible for provincial funding?32 municipalities have asked the province to help pay for ice storm clean up including Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Milton and Halton Hills. For the past five weeks, since mayors met with the municipal affairs minister, provincial disaster assessment teams have been touring affected areas and making recommendations based on the severity and nature of the damage. The information they’ve collected leads the province to believe it will be paying out about 190 million in disaster relief. But that number is flexible.At the height of the ice storm, more than 800 thousand Ontarians had no power. Up to 30 millimetres of ice coated trees and power lines; in many cases bringing them to the ground. To make matters worse, temperatures remained frigid.Linda Jeffrey is the municipal affairs minister. “What made it extraordinary was the duration and size of the storm. The effects were substantial. Our response will also be substantial.”The minister says it’s too early to say how much each individual municipality will qualify for. Costs that will be covered include extra policing, warming centres, and cleaning up debris.Jeffrey said. “We would not make eligible any costs related to lost revenues, or staff’s regular hours. This includes things like overtime. The initial numbers from municipalities are estimates. Now we have a better predictor. I think most will be pleased with this response.”Opposition parties say this money won’t help cities weather the next storm.NDP’s Peter Tabuns says. “It’s clear the government is negligent in preparing for weather and this doesn’t prepare us for another round of extreme weather.”Progressive Conservative Lisa MacLeod says. “The one time funding, we’ll just see how it rolls out. Not clear everyone will get what they want.”The mayors gave the minister a March 1 deadline to come up with a plan — so this did come a little early. Jeffrey said she’s asked Ottawa to help cover some of these costs and she’s waiting for a response. read more

Concerned for civilian safety in Libyas Ganfouda UN envoy calls for safe

“Reports of shells being fired and civilians being prevented from leaving are extremely concerning,” said Martin Kobler, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Libya and the head of the UN Support Mission in the country (UNSMIL) in a news release.“Earlier this week, I sent letters to both the Libyan National Army (LNA) and the Benghazi Revolutionary Shura Council (BRSC) calling on them to urgently open a safe passage to enable the exit of civilians out of Ganfouda. The LNA announced a ceasefire and I welcomed it,” he added. In the release, Mr. Kobler also reiterated that the LNA and the BRSC are responsible for the safety of the civilians in Ganfouda and reminded the parties to abide by international human rights and humanitarian laws, which explicitly prevent attacks of any kind on civilians and their use as human shields. read more

Vicar acts on Navy officers last order to give flowers to strangers

first_imgLater that day he spotted a woman in a cafe, “clearly at her wits end” looking after another woman in a wheelchair.Revd. Wroe, 55, said: ‘That’s my mum,’ she told me. ’She’s 98 and I’m her carer. I love her but she can drive me nuts.’“Later I went back with a bunch of chrysanthemums and said I wanted to thank her for looking after her mum.”Mr Webber’s death notice described him as a “Charmer, Clock-collector, Wit and RN Commander”. He died peacefully at his home at the “magnificent age of 101”.The funeral will be held at Kensal Green Crematorium at 3.45 p.m. on Friday 2nd December. It was a line in the death notice of a Royal Navy officer which inspired a heartwarming gesture of seasonal goodwill.Giving details of the forthcoming funeral of Jack Webber, known to most as Uncle Jack,  it specified that no flowers should be laid at his grave.Instead the notice, printed in the December 1 edition of the Daily Telegraph, urged people to “give a bunch of flowers to a complete stranger and tell them they’re absolutely marvellous”.One reader was so moved by Mr Webber’s last wish that he decided to act on it.Buying several bunches of carnations Martin Wroe set himself the task of approaching total strangers and presenting them with a bouquet.“What I discovered is that people are wary of a complete stranger coming up to them and offering something for free,” he told the Sunday Telegraph. “They are naturally a little bit suspicious that we expect something from them in return.”But Reverend Wroe, a writer and volunteer priest at St Luke’s church in West Holloway, said his day distributing free bunches of flowers had also taught him a powerful lesson – “that people like to be recognised for their lives”.He added: “Be kind. We’re all fighting hard battle. Maybe Christmas is just the moment for some unexpected act of generosity  – that makes someone else feel special. That could be marvellous.” The Reverend Martin Wroe in north London, where he gave flowers to strangers, in accordance with Jack Webber’s last wishesCredit:John Nguyen/JNVisuals/The Telegraph Jack Webber's death notice, and his unusual request. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.center_img Revd. Rowe, a writer and non-stipendiary priest, first approached an elderly man in motorized chair, smoking a roll up.“I said to him ‘I’ve a gift for you,’ brandishing my bouquet,” said Revd. Wroe. “He said ‘You don’t know me, mate’. Reasonably enough. I know, I said but I’ve decided to tell people they’re marvellous and give them some flowers.“Can I give them to my young lady?’ he asked. I agreed. ‘Well, Merry Christmas to you mate,’ he said.”Revd. Wroe decided it might be less awkward to present his flowers to people in his north London community who he recognised, if only in passing.He presented his next bouquet to a Lollipop lady helping children in Holloway to cross the road on the way to school.“Her face lit up as I gave her a bunch of roses. She grabbed me in a hug and gave me a kiss. ‘Oh, bless you,’ she said. ‘I only threw mine out yesterday.” recounted Revd. Wroe, who told his story on BBC Radio 4’s Thought for the Day yesterday. Jack Webber’s death notice, and his unusual request.Credit:The Telegraph The Reverend Martin Wroe in north London, where he gave flowers to strangers, in accordance with Jack Webber's last wisheslast_img read more

Parttime pilot was drafted in at last minute to fly plane carrying Emiliano

A part-time pilot and gas engineer was drafted in at the 11th hour to fly the plane carrying £15million Premier League footballer Emiliano Sala, the Daily Telegraph understands. On Thursday night the four day English Channel search for Sala was called off… Instead, Dave Ibbotson, a gas engineer whose main flying activity was taking parachutists for jumps, was at the controls. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Sources close to the investigation said officials in Nantes, north-west France, had been expecting an experienced pilot who regularly flew footballing figures around Europe. It is claimed the 59-year-old aborted three attempted take-offs and had joked with friends on Facebook that he was a “bit rusty” in the days before. read more

9 reasons why Terry Pratchett is an absolute legend

first_imgTODAY SEES TERRY Pratchett celebrate his 65th birthday.Lots of people love Terry Pratchett and his enormously funny books and so do we.So to celebrate, here are 9 reasons why Terry Pratchett is a legend.1. His amazing booksThere are of course the Discworld series, the 40th book of which will be published this year.They all have amazing covers: Via Terry Pratchett Books2. This picture of him with two birds on his headVia Imgur3. He favours a hatNot only is Terry Pratchett a gifted writer, we consider him a style icon.He is very good at rocking his signature black hatJohn Stillwell/PA Archive/Press Association ImagesYui Mok/PA Archive/Press Association ImagesAnd not only does Terry rock that black hat, he is happy to share it with others.What a gent.Dominic Lipinski/PA Archive/Press Association Images4. His work raising awareness of Alzheimer’s diseasePratchett was diagnosed with a rare form of Alzheimer’s disease in 2007 and has since campaigned to raise awareness of the disease and donated money to Alzheimer’s disease charities.AlzheimersSociety / YouTube5. His brilliant fansPratchett’s writing, especially the Discworld series, have inspired generations of dedicated fans.Discworld conventions happen worldwide and lovers of the books dress up as their favourite characters.Some of them even got to dress up with their hero, when Terry Pratchett made an appearance at a small English town that was twinned with his fictional city Ankh-MorporkBen Birchall/PA Archive/Press Association Images6.  He is a fan of catsPratchett once said this about cats:In fact he wrote a whole book about them (!):via Terry Pratchett BooksWe’re sure Terry would appreciate a good cat video or two, so in his honour:Davincipop / YouTubeDr Watson / YouTube7. His daughter seems really coolShe is also a writer and just wrote the storyline to the new Tomb Raider game.We know this because here she is holding a Tomb Raider related book.Lewis Whyld/PA Wire/Press Association ImagesAND her name is Rhianna.It’s not quite Rihanna like the pop sensation but still.Here is Rhianna Pratchett answering e-mails (we imagine), presumably she gets at least 3 every day asking if she can sing Umbrella at somebody’s 21st.Lewis Whyld/PA Wire/Press Association ImagesAnd if anyone asks her about being confused with a certain popstar she just gives them serious side-eye:Lewis Whyld/PA Wire/Press Association Images8. His tweets are very goodIt is always nice to see someone you like have a really great Twitter account and thankfully we can put Terry Pratchett on the list (his assistant Rob Wilkins looks after his tweets)There are tweets on Internet obsessionThe struggles of research trips for writers:And even that infamous has an adventure:9. He is wiseAs this video proves:Commander Kruge / YouTubeHappy Birthday Terry Pratchett!19 soundtracks you need to get if you don’t already have them>7 things we should really thank Shakespeare for> Via Terry Pratchett BooksAnd he ventured into non-Discworld related territory including children’s books Dodger and Johnny and the Deadlast_img read more

That night I couldnt sleep thinking about it It lit a fire

first_img By Kevin O’Brien 1 Comment Saturday 7 Sep 2019, 10:00 AM Short URL Michael Fennelly in action against Jamie Barron during his playing days. Source: Donall Farmer/INPHOFennelly’s thirst for knowledge was evident when he took up a three-month internship with AFL side Sydney Swans in December 2013. Last season he worked under Cian O’Neill as performance coach with the Kildare footballers.He is also a business partner with Roscommon football boss Anthony Cunningham. In 2016 the pair established Coachfinder – a company that provides an extensive database of qualified coaches for clubs and counties. They also deliver leadership workshops to companies in the corporate world.Around 2015, Fennelly started to taking notes around coaching and management with a view to eventually taking up a sideline role.“It’s something I’ve been looking at for the last four or five years, observing obviously Brian Cody, obviously we had Henry Shefflin in our club, but it’s something I’ve always been looking at,” he explained.I have a book at home and I’m constantly taking down notes and reading things. When I was 30, I was reading stuff on management and coaching and I had to stop myself because I was a player that time.“I had to focus on myself as a player and get back to making sure I was performing at my best instead of looking at the whole coaching and managerial side of things.”But Fennelly is keen to stress that he’s his own man. While he will certainly draw on his experiences of working under Cody, Fennelly has plenty of other strings to his bow.“Probably the best manager of all time. I’m not Brian Cody and I don’t want to be like Brian Cody, but a lot of things he did I would have obviously observed and taken in and wondered why he did this or that. Share14 Tweet Email Follow us: 29,135 Views WHEN HIS EIGHT-month old baby, PhD studies, lecturing job and playing career with the All-Ireland club champions are factored into the equation, it’s a wonder Michael Fennelly has any spare time on his hands – let alone enough to take on the Offaly senior hurling job. Michael Fennelly at his unveiling as the new Offaly senior hurling manager at the GAA Faithful Fields Offaly Centre of Excellence. Source: David Fitzgerald/SPORTSFILEThe eight-time All-Ireland winner was introduced to the media at the Faithful Fields training centre yesterday and he spoke at length about what led to him taking charge of a county that have suffered a worrying dip in fortunes over the past few seasons.He only retired from Kilkenny duties at the end of the 2017 season after an injury-ravaged end to his career. At 34 he is still young to be the manager of a senior side, even if Offaly will begin life under Fennelly in the Christy Ring Cup – hurling’s third tier – next season.The Ballyhale native admitted that when he was first sounded out by the Offaly county board, his interest levels were not high.“I suppose at first I wasn’t really in that position I thought because I was doing a PhD and I had other bits and pieces going on and I was still playing club,” he said. Sep 7th 2019, 10:00 AM But then that night I couldn’t sleep thinking about it. I was thinking about the backroom team and what I’d do. I said I’d meet the lads either way and see what their vision was and what their direction was.”Fennelly’s backroom team has yet to be confirmed, but it will include an Offaly native “who has their finger on the pulse in terms of the knowledge of hurlers”. He’ll also bring in an experienced lieutenant from Kilkenny who’ll give observations “in terms of what I am doing well and what I’m not doing well.”“A mixture of Offaly, maybe a bit of Kilkenny and maybe another person from another county,” he said.It is my first year going into management and I will make a lot of mistakes. I suppose as someone said lately, if you are making mistakes – make them early and learn from the past. So that’s the way I’m looking at things.“But I’m very open minded, I’m going to bring hopefully a bit of experience as well into this setup because that will be needed.”He’s had other offers and says he came close to taking on the Carlow camogie side last year.“I want to work with a group of players who want to achieve what they can and to get the most out of them in every component of the game,” he explained.“I’ve never really focused on looking for the best team, or looked for the highest level of competition, if you get a group of players that are willing to go players, for me, that’s satisfaction and helping people to achieve their potential.” Michael Fennelly speaks to journalists during his unveiling. Source: David Fitzgerald/SPORTSFILEFennelly spoke with the county board about “a couple of things that happened” in the county over the past few years and outlined his vision for the role. Despite having a young family at home and his part-time doctorate studies in leadership and coaching at Maynooth University, Fennelly was up for the challenge.“The PhD is probably the big thing. And I have an eight-month-old at home. I was thinking to myself, next year will I take it a bit easy, focus on that, bit of lecturing as well.“So I was busy enough as it is. But I love challenges, I love the sporting and the coaching side of it, talking to different people about it. My partner is Anthony Cunningham in a kind of leadership business that we have.“I love talking to him about the whole Roscommon thing and meeting other managers. I’d know John Meyler down in Cork as well. So it came across the table to me and lit a fire in me and I suppose I couldn’t quench it, that was the thing.“That’s really where it’s at. I got offered one or two other jobs as well but distance was a problem. They were probably not what I wanted either, so it just came around and I started liking the idea of it more and more.”He’s been preparing for this moment since 2012, when a 27-year-old Fennelly left his job with Ulster Bank to study a masters in sports performance at UL.He’s been lecturing at Limerick IT’s Thurles campus in sports science since 2014 where his current modules include sports nutrition, coaching and injuries. ‘That night I couldn’t sleep thinking about it. It lit a fire in me and I couldn’t quench it’ Michael Fennelly explains what attracted him to the Offaly hurling job. Fennelly shakes hands with Brian Cody after the 2016 Leinster final. Source: Ryan Byrne/INPHO“It was innate, I was always looking at that and those things whereas other players wouldn’t have looked at that at all. It’s probably a passion I’ve always had. My father was a manager as well, he was a coach and I would have had him when I was younger as well so there was always that managerial head in the family.”The appointment of Fennelly provided a much-needed boost to Offaly hurling circles but the hard work starts now as he bids to drag the county off the floor.Having operated under one of hurling’s greatest minds in Cody for his entire Kilkenny career, it’s no surprise Fennelly is following former Cats team-mates David Herity and Eddie Brennan into inter-county management.Fennelly captained Kilkenny to the four-in-a-row in 2009, won Hurler of the Year in 2011 and will undoubtedly go down as one of the greatest midfielders the game has seen. Fennelly celebrates a score during his playing days. Source: Ryan Byrne/INPHOHe’ll have to draw on all his experience to rebuild the confidence of the Offaly players.“For whatever reason things have gone obviously a bit downhill over the last couple of years but I think there’s still a good cohort in there. There’s massive respect from Kilkenny people about Offaly and the brand of hurling that they play.”The early appointment of Fennelly means he’ll have time to observe the knock-out stages of the Offaly SHC, while he has access to the county board’s extensive library of video footage from the games earlier this season.“I’m going to be sitting at home a good bit watching these games as well as being up Sunday at one of the games. I’ll be up and down, you’ve the U20 championship as well in October, might keep an eye on that as well.“The more knowledge I get the better and the more I get to see these players the better. So yeah there’s a lot of video watching or analysis to do for me over the coming weeks.”The only way is up.The42 is on Instagram! Tap the button below on your phone to follow us! Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Smartphone que restetil à lIphone 5

first_imgSmartphone : que reste-t-il à l’Iphone 5 ? Le Mobile World Congress réserve son lot de surprises depuis son ouverture. Asus, Huawei, Nokia, Orange, tous présentent leurs nouveaux mobiles et on peut d’ores et déjà se demander si l’attente autour de l’Iphone 5 est toujours justifiée… L’attente du fameux smartphone d’Apple n’a jamais été aussi longue. Surtout pour les utilisateurs de l’iPhone 4 qui n’ont pas forcément craqué pour le 4S qui ne présentait que l’innovation Siri en réel plus.Mais qu’est-ce qui pourrait faire du nouvel iPhone, un smartphone vraiment révolutionnaire, quand on voit ce que les constructeurs sortent depuis maintenant quelques mois ? À moins que la firme de Cupertino mette un soin tout particulier à peaufiner la dernière volonté de Steve Jobs.PuissanceHuawei vient de dévoiler son Ascend D Quad, considéré comme le mobile le plus rapide du monde. La firme taïwanaise surfe sur le haut de gamme après avoir lancé l’Ascend P1 S, le smartphone le plus fin du monde. En tout ças, le D Quad intègre un processeur maison quatre coeurs cadencé à 1,5GHz, le K3V2. Apple devra donc faire mieux. Selon le Monde Informatique, la puce A5 double coeurs découverte dans l’iPad 2 pourrait également se retrouver dans l’iPhone 5. Cadencée à 1GHz, il doublerait la performance du processeur et permettrait de multiplier par neuf la puissance de calcul graphique.De son côté, le site 9to5 Mac a révélé que le nouvel iPhone pourrait plutôt être équipé d’un processeur qual-core A6. Dans tous les cas, rien de révolutionnaire ou du moins, rien qui ne soit déjà connu…ÉcranOn le sait, Apple équipera la nouvelle version de son iPad d’un écran Retina. Présenté lors de la prochaine keynote d’Apple, le 7 mars prochain, l’iPad 3 devrait afficher une résolution de 1536×2048 pixels. Alors, il est fort à parier que l’iPhone 5 soit équipé, à l’instar de l’iPad 3, d’un écran Retina de dernière génération. Ce qui laisse présager une résolution exceptionnelle. D’autant plus, que son écran pourrait bien être plus grand que celui de son grand frère et atteindre les 4 pouces (contre 3,5 pour l’iPhone 4S). Mais rappelons que Samsung vient de lancer un concept à mi-chemin entre le smartphone et la tablette avec son Galaxy Note de 5,3 pouce (14 cm). Alors les 4 pouces (10 cm) de l’iPhone font pâle figure à côté d’un Galaxy Note ou même d’un Optimus Vu sorti par LG il y a quelques jours et mesurant 5 pouces (13 cm).  DesignIl y a quelques jours, le site Mashable a dévoilé un concept pour l’iPhone 5, créé par un designer italien. S’inspirant de la fameuse Magic Mouse d’Apple, cet iPhone affiche un look totalement nouveau et qui surfe sur la mode de l’incurvé. En effet, le design n’a pas réellement connu de changement majeur depuis le 3GS. Mais, là c’est un iPhone complètement relooké qui apparaît.Reste que l’incurvé n’est pas vraiment une nouveauté, puisque plusieurs smartphones affichent déjà un look bombé. On citera notamment le Samsung Galaxy Nexus légèrement curvé et le Samsung Galaxy Skin avec son écran flexible. Ce dernier est équipé d’un écran Amoled entièrement flexible qui affiche en 800×480 pixels. Certes, on est loin de la résolution que pourrait avoir l’iPhone 5 mais le concept reste saisissant.Même si le nouvel iPhone pourrait allier nouveau look et incurvé, le concept ne sera donc pas révolutionnaire car déjà présent sur le marché.PhotoÀ lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?En ce qui concerne l’appareil photo de l’iPhone, déjà utilisé par beaucoup de photographes en herbe, il pourrait encore être amélioré. Grâce à un micro-capteur développé par Sharp, le nouvel iPhone pourrait intégrer un appareil photo 12 mégapixels. Actuellement, la plupart des smartphones intègrent un capteur 8 mégapixels, mais d’ici la sortie de l’iPhone 5, la tendance a de fortes chances d’évoluer.Rien qu’au MWC 2012, Nokia vient de dévoiler son photophore haut de gamme, le Nokia 808 PureView. Équipé d’un capteur Carl Zeiss, il permet de prendre des photos d’une résolution de 41 Mpixels ! On est donc très loin des petits 12 mégapixels…Toutes ces questions ne trouveront réponse que pour la sortie de l’iPhone 5. Mais Apple ne devrait dévoiler son dernier gadget avant la fin septembre ou au mois d’octobre 2012, un an après la sortie de l’iPhone 4S. Le 29 février 2012 à 16:32 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Harrods Jaguar Land Rover and AstraZeneca are named UKs top employers

first_imgAstraZeneca, Harrods and Jaguar Land Rover are the best employers to work for in the UK, according to research by financial software, data, and media firm Bloomberg.The Bloomberg best employers UK 2016 survey of 15,000 employees in more than 1600 UK-based organisations with at least 500 staff, ranked the firms according to respondents’ job satisfaction and whether they would recommend the organisation to a prospective employee.The top employers in the survey were:Jaguar Land RoverAstraZenecaHarrodsAdidasDysonMicrosoftEstée LauderSkyFrankie and Benny’sRolls-Royce GroupIan Harnett, executive director of human resources and global purchasing at Jaguar Land Rover, which ranked in first place, said: “Over the past five years, we have created more than 20,000 new jobs and are investing significantly in the future of Jaguar Land Rover by recruiting and developing the people that will help ensure our continued success.”last_img read more

Drone video captures teen saving man from capsized boat in Jupiter

first_imgRuskin said it all happened fast.“It’s really strong,” said Ruskin. “I was swimming next to him, and I was really struggling to get out of that area. You can get sucked into the jetty.”Both Ruskin and the boater made it to the beach safely.“He said, ‘Thank you,’ and he got off the surf board, and I just went back to surfing,” said Ruskin. “I think he was pretty much in shock ’cause he just lost his boat and all that stuff.”Sam’s father, Ryan Ruskin, said he didn’t know the extent his son went to in order to save the boater until he saw the drone video on Facebook.“It just speaks about his character,” said Ryan. “He didn’t even blink an eye and just went right over there, jumped off his board, handed it to a grown man, saved his life, came back and said, ‘Hey, what’s for dinner, Dad?’”Ruskin said although it can be dangerous off the Jupiter Inlet, he would do it again. JUPITER, Fla. (WSVN) – A South Florida teen is being called a hero after rescuing a boater in distress off the coast of the Jupiter Inlet, Friday afternoon, and it was all caught on drone video.The man’s boat capsized, and he was tossed into some very rough water near a jetty.A drone recorded all the action, as the small boat was capsized by waves and pulled under the water.Thirteen-year-old Sam Ruskin was surfing with his cousin nearby at the time.“At first, we just saw all the boxes from the boat in the middle of the sea,” said Ruskin, “and we were kind of like, ‘What’s going on?’”Ruskin sprang into action.“There was this guy, and he was coming around the Inlet,” he said, “and I paddled to the end of the Inlet where the current is, and I gave him my surfboard.” “Especially here you don’t want to go where this guy was ’cause you’ll get sucked into the jetty, and it’s pretty scary in there because it’s super fast going into the jetty,” said Ruskin.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Mayor Turner Houston Wants To Build Thousands Of Affordable Homes

first_img To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: 00:00 /00:48 X Share center_img – / 3 The city of Houston is making inroads into solving its affordable housing crisis.On Monday, Mayor Sylvester Turner cut the ribbon for six new houses in his own neighborhood: Acres Homes.The new homes on Sunnyhill Street range from $105,00 for a one-bath, two-bedroom to $150,000 for a two-bath, four-bedroom.Mayor Turner lives only a few blocks away.“The plan is to literally build thousands of single-family homes throughout the city of Houston in record-breaking time,” he said.The developer for these homes is Zack Burghli. He has partnered with the city for affordable housing since Bill White was mayor.Burghli has 27 lots on Sunnyhill Street, 12 of them are already sold.He said the homes are targeted for not just very low income people.“There’s nothing that would stop you from buying this house,” Burghli said. “You do not have to be at any given, certain income level.”He said keeping the prices low is a collective effort by the city, lenders and by building in an efficient way. Listenlast_img read more

Exonerated Baltimore Man 15 Million Verdict Brings Justice

first_imgBALTIMORE (AP) — Sabein Burgess spent nearly two decades behind bars for a murder he always insisted he had nothing to do with. Now, a federal jury has given final vindication to the wrongfully convicted man by awarding him $15 million in his lawsuit against the Baltimore Police Department and two detectives.Sabein Burgess stands outside his mother’s home in Baltimore, Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2017. A federal jury awarded $15 million to Burgess Tuesday in his lawsuit against the Baltimore Police Department and two detectives. Burgess, who spent nearly two decades in prison after being wrongfully convicted of killing his girlfriend, was released in 2015 after being exonerated. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)But the big award by a federal jury is nearly an afterthought for the 47-year-old Burgess, who was released from prison in 2014 after being exonerated and awarded $15 million late Tuesday.“My lawsuit was never about the money. It was about clearing my name and proving that I was used as a scapegoat to close the case,” Burgess told The Associated Press on Wednesday at a relative’s home in a troubled section of Baltimore.Immediately after the verdict Tuesday, Burgess told reporters gathered outside a courthouse that “justice has been served.” A day later, he pondered whether it finally brought him closure after a two-decade personal tragedy.“I’m very happy for the verdict. But my losses were so severe. I lost my father and my grandma while I was locked up. I had a daughter born within days of my trial, and when I came out she was 19 ½ with two kids. The one thing I had for all those years was the truth. They couldn’t take that away from me,” he said, bundled up in a jacket inside a toasty living room.Burgess spent nearly two decades in prison after being convicted in 1995 of killing his then-girlfriend, Michelle Dyson. He was sentenced to life plus 20 years in prison for the 1994 slaying.In a civil trial, Burgess accused now-retired homicide detectives Gerald Goldstein and Steven Lehman of pinning the crime on him without pursuing other credible leads. Burgess had found Dyson fatally shot in the basement of the Baltimore home they shared. The lawsuit alleged that the detectives conspired to fabricate gunshot residue evidence used to convict him.In a strange twist, a childhood acquaintance of Burgess who was serving a lengthy prison term for attempted murder and armed robbery also repeatedly implicated himself in the killing. The National Registry of Exonerations, a law school project that tracks U.S. exonerations, said Charles Dorsey wrote multiple letters to Burgess’ trial lawyer in the late 1990s saying he killed Dyson along with another attacker.Burgess was finally freed in 2014, thanks to the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project, an advocacy group that started working on Burgess’ case in 2011. Prosecutors eventually dropped charges.His lawsuit said the case was not an isolated event, but rather the result of “policies and practices of pursuing wrongful convictions through reliance on profoundly flawed investigations.” Shawn Armbrust, executive director of the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project, said Wednesday that she hoped this week’s federal jury verdict will help “prompt Maryland officials to start taking the issue of wrongful convictions seriously.”Baltimore City Solicitor Andre Davis told The Baltimore Sun that authorities planned to appeal the $15 million jury award, which he said would “be a regrettable and unanticipated hit on the budget.”“There will be an appeal without question,” Davis told the newspaper. “We really thought we had a very strong case on the facts and the law.”For Burgess, the grinding years in prison as an innocent man have certainly taken its toll.He said he “came close” to losing his mind at points during his incarceration and spent lengthy periods in solitary confinement. Although he’s been focused on strengthening his relationships with family and friends since getting out in 2014, he also wants to help bring about changes in the criminal justice system.“My hope for the next 10 years is to really try to make a difference in somebody else’s life. Maybe help somebody in jail who is innocent find what was so hard for me, which was justice and freedom,” he told AP.___David McFadden on Twitter: read more

How about some water conservation

first_imgFrom cracking jokes to business deals, we Indians love talking, and we talk about everything under the sun. Let’s for a change today talk about something as important as life itself – Water. Should we care? We must, each one of us, says Vivek Mishra MD/Technical Head Premium Pools. When so much is happening around us, don’t you think it’s time we as individuals contribute in our own capacities before we actually reach a stage when we would either be fighting or paying for water as a luxury item. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Water conservation has had negative connotations for many people because it unintentionally implies hardship and inconvenience associated with it. However, conserving water is not simply a matter of using less water through restrictions. It is about careful management of water supply sources, use of water saving technologies, reduction of excessive demand and many other actions. Water conservation is the responsibility of both water users and suppliers. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixWith pools, the only way to ensure happiness is by taking care of durability, comfort and long term cost benefits. This can only be done by choosing the right builder at the onset. Hardly people in India realise that ideally a pool should never be emptied. In a pool with proper filtration and plumbing, water is changed only a couple of years.  In Indian climate conditions one can consider emptying the pool to harvest rain water. Given that they are built right, pools can help. But a bad pool can leave you helpless.last_img read more

How I battled my mental illness to perform at a gay dance

first_imgA girl, who was chosen as the director, was definitely direct.‘Can you even do a straight voice?’ she asked, in front of the whole group.That not only stung, it pierced something deeper.My sexuality was never going to be a huge surprise to anyone who knew me as a kid. Isolating myself from others happy to interact and play team sports, I was a reader and writer. A flair for the dramatic, a sensitive worrier, and a penchant for Madonna and David Bowie, I was bullied from my early days at school.Acting was a release and a welcome one at that. Theatre troupes felt like my tribe.But there was my gay voice. I ended up believing that my range was limited, and I would be a failure. I just stopped.A new challengeJoe (right) gets ready to perform at the GMDC galaCut to a decade later, and I decided to take lessons at the Gay Men’s Dance Company. Having been to a taster session and the charity gala the previous year, I figured it would be a way of losing a bit of weight and meeting a new group of gay guys.For the first month, at least, my anxiety thundered within my body before each class. I knew it was illogical, as the guys in my class were lovely and I enjoyed it every week, but I couldn’t shake those fears.It was a challenge, for sure. I’ve never danced before unless you count a dance mat at an arcade or shuffling around in a nightclub.But, gradually, as the weeks went on and the anxiety eased, something incredible happened: I started to not only enjoy it, I started to fall in love. I’m guessing the requisite drinks after each class might’ve helped a tad. When the question of performing in this year’s dance show came up, I immediately said yes.Performing at the GMDC dance showFor some of the dancers, the shirts and ties didn’t last long in that numberThe two weeks before the show were intense. Near-daily rehearsals was exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. Come show day, that anxiety returned. Could I do it? Could I step back onto a stage again? Going to pride at university inspired me to come out as bisexualBritish model Zander Hodgson comes out as gayGay guy attacked with rocks after leaving queer festival Mighty HooplaRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : Cut to me at 16 years old. A drama lesson. Separated into small groups, we were asked to go over a scene from a Richard Sheridan play and perform it for the class.Picking our roles, nobody was interested in the male lead. He was some debonair lothario and yes, admittedly, a very big stretch from a newly out awkward gay teen with bad skin. It was teens acting out a comedy of manners farce, it wasn’t intended to be realistic. GAYSTARNEWS- I breathed. I had spent three months learning, training, trying to remember the moves as best I could. If I fucked up, a friend and my partner would be there. The only problem was, I was also thinking of the other 900 people in the audience who could also have their eyes on me. Sir Ian McKellen, who I’ve interviewed a couple of times, was also present. No pressure.The first number was Poker Face, a part of an explosive Lady Gaga medley that was designed as the show-stopping finale of the first act. The entire dance cast of the show was involved. And for the entire 50 seconds I was on stage, I don’t think I breathed once. But the fear was gone, and I was determined to relax in the next numbers.And I did. I twerked on stage in a suit to Justin Timberlake’s Sexy Back. I partied in the audience during Proud Mary. The embers of my soul felt like they were glowing.Then there was a romantic number to Michael Buble’s Everything. With my dance partner Ollie, we were on stage alone with two other couples (seen on the right in this video) at the start of the number.After the intro went well (where I had to bring up Ollie to standing after he slid between my legs), we got into hold and did the choreography. I not only relaxed, I smiled.Triumphing over mental illnessIt felt like a release. As I looked around everyone, the people I learned to dance with, I saw how connected we were. As LGBTI people, we all have our stuff we had to deal with. We’ve all had to come out at one point.During the final number, to This Is Me from The Greatest Showman, as every person involved in the show came out to face the audience, an emotion was palpable: We had just put on a fucking awesome show. From the beginners to the more experienced, every person had worked to make sure it was fun, it was happy and it was impressive.Now? I can’t wait to get back on stage.A thank you goes to Alex Scurr, the founder of the GMDC, for giving me the chance to feel something I thought I never would again. Thanks also to Alex for teaching and motivating everyone and putting in the insane amount of work it took to put that show on. To the Huskys, the dance group on Wednesdays, you’re all incredible. And to all the 200+ people who performed, it was a privilege to help put on a show with you.GMDC’s Pride term begins this Saturday (21 April) across London and Brighton. There are now all-gender classes open to people of any gender or sexual identity. As well as dance and drama, GMDC also puts on yoga and kickboxing classes. Find out more on the GMDC website.Joe Morgan is the editor-at-large at Gay Star News. Follow him on Twitter.Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading…last_img read more