Give some experience to the novice webmaster make a few fatal mistakes

wrote something about the webmaster for the first time. He used to read other people’s articles and absorb the experience and essence of others. Today because of idle, so also to sum up I do a site for a year to some novice webmaster often mistakes, hope to help novice webmaster, less take some detours.

the first error site name selected error

is the first site to do a forum, it is because the application not in the Honker Union, together with the decision under their own forum, so I went to 5d6d for a free forum, the domain name is, then the binding of the independent domain name. The forum has, and then to the forum to take a name, because I am a liberal arts class origin, and more understanding of literature than the network. A little elegant feeling of bones, the outlook on life is negative, so I put the forum named "snow bearing resentment community", is the main computer technology exchange forum. Later, my internet marketing teacher gave me advice, "snow interest resentment" too sad, more suitable for literary sites, inappropriate technical exchanges. Also because I have been using the "hate snow" nickname on the Internet, even if changed, must also be associated with these two words, the domain name is to buy "", and then simply changed to "hate snow community."". Now recall, it is really a big mistake, if "hate snow community" as a literary site, then it is more suitable, but as a computer technology BBS, the effect is certainly not good. I am now mainly in this website "do hate snow technology network" also made the same mistake, but because I don’t want to put it into a business, just a personal hobby and interview work, so it is not going to cost much time. read more

B2B website revision by K how do let Baidu re charge 4K

The author

responsible for the operation of the business, B2B network information platform at the end of December 2012 to complete the revision. Updated to the server, included has been K, and finally in January 30th this day, was K in the end, leaving only the home page. BD included 2K to 1K5, 1K5 to 1K, and finally arrived, today only 1……

analysis site was K, the reason should be out of the site revision. Because this website revision moves too big:

revision a: the original old URL format abandoned all, using new web forms. For example, business mainland classification information, detailed web site, originally in order to prevent acquisition, so take the "/public-" + "the information MD5 value" + ".Html" such a format. But considering the value of MD5 is too long. Let a little offbeat, actually also not anti acquisition is not necessary, and the value of MD5 length is 32 bits to store too much will occupy too much database resources, resulting in a waste of space, the site is running slow, so enabled. The form of the "new /info/public-" "information + number ID" + ".Html" form. read more

60 thousand the small town of nternet users local stations to make money

all the grassroots webmaster colleagues, everyone. In Linxi information network station. As a local businessman, I will not use the development program. The program online. With this place station.

began to do always powerless. Before the station, also make a lot of garbage station. No one can stand to make money. I just want to let down. When the site in the local site. Suddenly remembered in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of Chifeng city in the small town of Linxi County. Not a decent website. The government is also half net may not update a shelf. Then give birth to do a local businesses portal idea. Just the business net source of hand. To modify it. Go up. There is no promotion. Only in the Baidu Linxi bar sent a URL that can be free to release information. read more

Platform level company to the local infiltration of local website O2O rely on light cut sinking

O2O is one of the key battleground of current market, entrepreneurs and investors to compete, more and more companies desperately to place in the platform of local infiltration subsidence, this website, which means to expand the common market opportunities, but also hidden the risk of being marginalized.

local web sites to avoid being marginalized has two main practices, one is to let the model more service, deeper, high wall; the other is to copy other city expansion, kaijiangtuotu. No matter in depth development or horizontal expansion, local websites always face four major problems: growth is too slow, replication difficult, difficult to scale and policy risk. This article provides a train of thought that may alleviate these difficulties. read more

The classification of information is not lack of profit model for nternet users to enhance the qua

classified information is not lack of profit model, only with the national policy to improve the quality of Internet users

read the article today, I would like to say: classification information is not lack of profit model, but the quality of Internet users need to be improved.

the most traditional mode: direct advertising.

can’t classified information sites advertise? How many sites on the Internet make money on their own? Not just third media to show the flow and money conversion. Can you say that they don’t have a profit model? As long as you have traffic, you will have income. Of course, this is also true for classified information websites. Since applicable, why would you say that the classified information website lacks profit model? I can say that the most important thing for the classified information website is the profit model. read more

New station experience and Baidu included strange phenomenon

recently made a new station, is a type of article, do not have what idea, but practice, sum up experience, to lay the foundation for the future. Let’s talk about the specific process:

1. domain name registration, IDC many, very much, recommend in registration, later don’t want to do, can also sell directly, although the purpose is not to sell the station, but sold or can,.

2. program, to see their favorite, I saw a lot of people have chosen dedecms, I followed the choice, practice shows that Dede is still very good, with good, read more

Traffic is the secret behind the success of the web site

himself wrote an article before, "one of the successful elements of the site, choosing a good domain name" mentioned the choice of a good domain name is a prerequisite for the success of the site. Today, let’s go on to explain the second elements of the site’s success, that is, the steady flow point into the source. This is a lot of Web sites do not understand the grassroots webmaster, or a little bit of knowledge, but it is the most important to promote the success of the site. read more

Transformation of mobile nternet can not save rice network

two days of headlines belongs to rice Unification, the existence of an era long dining reservation site did so, the so-called "ten years Hedong, Hexi ten years, ten years can really change a lot, but there are immutable and frozen counterexample, rice Unification should be an odd first, since the capital has been alive in the internal shadow until completely closed down recently.

since early April to the present, Fantong has been unable to open the 400, no one answered the phone, concerned that the rice Unification office at the door has been locked, accompanied by the door and on the door staff pay talks like a civil action. At the same time, the food network internal staff revealed that the rice system in arrears with most of the employees 11 months of wages, CEO gone forever. read more

As an excellent website optimize SEOER do not revel in the hair chain

in this materialistic society, if you do not make progress, destined to be eliminated! As the saying goes, go! As a SEOER website, if you still revel in every day outside the chain, kept searching platform, stop ctrl+c, and then ctrl+v, second days at the site outside the chain surge, fantasy one day this

website ranking?

if you are in a state that, unfortunately, you have out! And you see this article, if can sense and correct, it is not late. Once, when I just started doing site optimization this time, I work every day is to update the article and send the chain, very monotonous, and persist for some time, the website ranking will come up. read more

2014 from the media will fire how to build a successful Taobao customers from the media

from the media, is the web2.0~web3.0 standard, the user is now from "reading" to "write" transformation, transformation from the contents of the reader to read the publisher, build from the media is to enhance one of the influential methods then, how to create media success? Always think Huo, need to pay attention to the following points:

content source

first of all, from the media, the most important is the content, if your content for all or most of the network reproduced, so that the platform could not be called "media", it is self-evident, since the media, at least to show a "self", if the content did not have their own uniqueness so, this certainly belongs to the media from the media is not qualified. read more

nternet opportunities 90 in the end where to go

remember a few days ago in Webmaster nets see a post 80 and 90 article, don’t know what kind of words to describe.

I don’t think there is any new language for my heart. Some people say that 90 is the differentiation of social corruption. I don’t know why you say so,


after 90, we have the same passion, we have the same dream,.


to admin5. from the laggards into the webmaster circle after another moment of failure around me, before registering a domain name is for your own good. Then registered the domain name is for others to remember, before the m how good a meter tall, in the later m outback community is. In order to have a certain significance. We are slowly mature, slowly open wide. read more

Local website construction before the investigation and analysis can be built

now the local website has become the second gold mine on the Internet, many people are trying to dig the treasure from it, but there are also many master from us Zhidianmijin, especially Mr. Jiang Likun on the construction of local website experience brings us a great role in guiding the two conditions in his article referred to the construction of local website needed: one is the need to master the basic knowledge of Internet, such as web site planning, operation and promotion, but also some people in the industry, two is to be familiar with the local, also very understanding, there are even some contacts or influence in the local, if at the same time with the two a local website operation so you basically can succeed! read more

How to use SEO advantage to promote your website

how to use the advantages of SEO to promote their own websites? We all know, especially the webmaster friends, no matter you are selling products website, industry website, blog or corporate website, generally speaking to make it bigger and stronger, in addition to their own quality and many factors such as reputation. Also need is propaganda. In some large commodity trading platform’s reputation has been great. But it is still not enough. Further analysis, how to publicize or lesser known website? To e-commerce platform in the famous have started their own brand reputation is a very difficult thing, because it is not a short duration of time to solve things can how to do this, need to post publicity is particularly important, it is natural to say SEO. read more

Authoritative implications of the title of website operations

authority is born with the power of suggestion, but authority requires the use of a title or logo. When a person has a title, you have different feelings about his will, when you listen to Ma, Buffett, Bill Gates or the president of the United States? Obama has a strong title when people talk, most people naturally have a compliance mentality. So, they say anything, and for most people, it’s easy to listen. In the same way, if you say it through the mouth of the general public, your influence will be discounted. read more

Localization forum in microcosm


] core tip 19 floor of the horn stirred up many people’s entrepreneurial nerve, the Internet seems to be making the rich mythology also staged in different city, the localization of the cake temptation of the Nuggets, in fact, some people already in the local silently for a long time, and have gained.

he is the founder of a local forum, an entrepreneur.

drift in Shenzhen for eight years, after graduating from college went to Shenzhen, from a monthly salary of 2500 do now $200 thousand in income level, that is not too bad, just 200 thousand a year behind the day and night of overtime and overtime, in addition to work overtime or work overtime, at the age of 30, he is a bit tired, the daily rush in this does not belong to their own city, whether economic or spiritual, are in the rootless state. Here, with a high salary, but can not find a sense of belonging, even if the annual salary of 200 thousand, still can not afford to buy a house, then the Shenzhen housing prices, although not as scary as Beijing, Shanghai, but also stay at more than 20 thousand. More importantly, wife belly of the child was born, his wandering does not matter, but I hope to give children a stable life, coupled with your old father body a day than a day, as is the home of his eldest son, filial piety, so quit the annual salary of 200 thousand work, back to the three line of the city’s hometown. read more

Exclusive stunt see how use the collection software to do website promotion

In the era of rampant

acquisition, acquisition software has become the standard tool for the webmaster, whether you are a garbage station or a very large NB website, are more or less need to use acquisition software to add content to your site. But the use of a collection of software as a content maintenance tool has not been able to do its best. Acquisition software development to this stage, the function has been very strong, these functions as long as the good use, will achieve more value-added effect. Take my Guiyang love network as an example. Let me introduce you to how to use the collection software to promote it. read more

Correctly positioning the meaning of enterprise website revision

in the information age, the website construction enterprises more and more attention, this is mainly to see many enterprises every year on their own business website revision, which indicates that the enterprise has his own website into a task in the enterprise operation to complete. But what is the real meaning of the enterprise revision? I really haven’t met one for the purpose of network marketing.

take a look at today’s company to get an enterprise website revision project, first look at the user’s website revision requirements: read more

Base price inferior website the customer can not say the pain

in a previous article "web design designer prices – never mind the pain" I talked about web design peer competition factors leading to low price, then also talk about why customers will choose to know the quality inferior website design was inferior to /p>? "

experience in this industry for more than 10 years, had contact with my clients (especially do not understand the Internet customers) quite a part of that: as long as the Photoshop is to design, dreamwork is a web page. You can also see more details in the web design price – the constant pain in the designer’s heart. read more

n my dream love website

talked about the site, or for a long time before things, that time is out of their own hobbies and interests, as the saying goes, interest is the best teacher, the greatest power due to their own, no matter what difficulties you will have the power to find relevant information to solve. So those moments is especially hard, sometimes for a master in other seems small, but because I have no one to find a guide for a long time, through continuous exploration and finally succeeded, it was the most comforting thought, his efforts were not in vain, he can learn the relevant knowledge, because the whole is one way out of the memory, is also very deep, not forgotten. In the later station career, also use flexibly. read more

Let the potato web bring you the flow

some time ago in the webmaster network forum to see some people buy potatoes network account, was just want to register at any time not, and still have to spend money to buy it? Until now, I understand.

really those potatoes, Youku and other video sites so hot, but I have never been to, not so much to business.

1. entered Tudou and registered an account number,

2. enters my home page, modifies profile, profile, changes to your own website, and changes how you want to change it. (suggested movie website, why don’t I say) read more