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first_img11:56 left in second quarterCardinals go three-and-out, with Bradley Sowell giving up a sack on third down to set up the punt. Golden Tate returned it for a TD, but a block in the back call will bring it all back. So, Tate’s flip into the end zone was a complete waste of time. However, that was just a sign of how this night is going for the Cards. This could get ugly REAL quick. 7:48 left in third quarterCards start their drive at the 20, and first play is a Palmer pass to Floyd good for 11 yards. 4:34 left in fourth quarterCardinals got the ball back and actually put a drive together. It finishes with an eight-yard TD pass from Palmer to Jaron Brown. Two-point conversion fails, and it’s 34-22 visitors. 3:40 left in second quarterKickoff is a touchback, Seattle starts at the 20. How do the Seahawks respond? 8:13 left in third quarterScratch that, Lynch is ruled down before crossing the goal line. Delaying the inevitable? 15:00 left in third quarterSeahawks to start on their own 20. Can the Cards’ D make an early statement? Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires 12:57 left in third quarterYes, yes they can.John Abraham gets his first sack as a Cardinal, Daryl Washington blows up a running play and the Seahawks punt the ball away. Cards take over on their 48. Comments   Share   11:48 left in third quarterPalmer nearly throws a pick on a play that looked like a miscommunication between he and Fitz, and then Roberts drops a third down pass. Feely comes on and converts on a 52-yard field goal attempt. Score is 17-13, and the Cardinals are very much in this one. 1:12 left in third quarterCardinals moved the ball some and then the line failed to give Palmer any time to throw. Bradley Sowell is having a pretty poor game, to put it nicely. Punt lands in the end zone, Seahawks take over at the 20. 8:13 left in fourth quarterCardinals win a challenge and get a pass completion reversed. So at least that happened. Third and eight becomes third and 13 following a false start, and the Seahawks are at their own 25. :36 left in second quarterAnd of course, the call on the field is overturned and it goes down as a catch. Seahawks doing well in the challenge department. :19 left in second quarterSeahawks get down to the 19, currently face a third and 10. They just used their last timeout, so I have a feeling they’re going to come out throwing. Call it a hunch. 9:27 left in first quarterRussell Wilson runs for 11 on first down, so so much for that idea. 7:48 left in third quarterYes, but not for Lynch. Seahawks go play-action and Wilson finds Kellen Davis open in the back of the end zone. Of course, because he’s a tight end. PAT is good and the Seahawks are up 24-13. 5:52 left in second quarterCards pick up a first down on a nice throw to Floyd, who was aided by a Fitz block, and then the team converts a fourth and one to maintain possession. 4:43 left in third quarterJust as I was talking to Dave Burns and Vince Marotta about Palmer playing a generally solid game, he throws off his back foot and is picked off by Brandon Browner. He returns it to the four (probably should have scored), and this one is in danger of getting away from Arizona once again. 14:50 left in fourth quarterA neutral zone infraction gave the Cards a first down, but three straight incomplete passes and the field goal unit is brought in. Disagree with kicking here, but make this and it’s a two possession game so it’s probably the right call in the end.And hte kick is good, so it’s now a disappointing 31-16. Need touchdowns, not field goals. 14:41 left in fourth quarterSeahawks begin on their own 20. If Cards are to have any chance, need to get a stop. Can’t afford to allow Seattle to score again. 8:25 left in fourth quarterThis one got real bad. The line has been atrocious, the D not good and Palmer not average. Overall poor effort.By the way, Seattle has the ball at its own 40. :05 left in second quarterSteven Hauschka hits a 51-yard field goal, and the Seahawks go up 17-10. All things considered, the Cards should feel OK about that score heading into the intermission. Looked like this one would be much, much worse. 15:00 left in first quarterThe Cardinals won the toss and elected to receive, and the kick sails into the end zone for a touchback. The Cards will start on their own 20, looking to build off a decent offensive performance just a few days ago. 10:21 left in fourth quarterWelp, Seattle puts a drive together and Hauschka is good from 42-yards out, and it’s back to a three score game. Seahawks up 34-16, and it’s not looking good for Big Red. 3:51 left in first quarterWell I’m 0-1 on calls tonight, as the Seahawks win the challenge and get the ball. Palmer’s interception woes continue, though this one isn’t really ALL on him. Seattle with the ball at its own 28. 7:13 left in first quarterThe Seahawks marched right down the field, with the drive being capped by a 31-yard TD pass from Wilson to Sidney Rice. As far as starts go, that one could not have gone much worse for the Cardinals’ D. 7-0 Seattle. 4:02 left in second quarterDo you believe in miracles?! The Cardinals get on the scoreboard with a 49-yard Jay Feely field goal. It’s the first time the Cards have scored a point against the Seahawks since Week 1 of last year, so it’s kind of a big deal.Anyway, at least Arizona got some points on the drive, though they’re still down 14-3. 10:12 left in second quarterAnd how ’bout that, Campbell blows up the line and destroys Wilson in the backfield. Cardinals will take over at their own 43. Is there such a thing as a “must score” drive in the second quarter? If so, this is probably one. How’s your night going?center_img 3:44 left in second quarterMatt Shaughnessy sacks Wilson. The QB fumbles, and Calais Campbell comes up with the ball. Arizona has the ball on the three. The THREE! 10:27 left in second quarterMarshawn Lynch is stopped on third and one, but Carroll sends the offense back out to go for it. Chance for the Cardinals to get some momentum with a stop. 3:59 left in second quarterSeahawks start on their own 13. Place is getting a little loud… 14:16 left in second quarterSeahawks get a first down courtesy of a roughing the passer call on John Abraham. Seattle gives five back with a false starts, so they’re at the 18 now. 11:15 left in first quarterA couple of third down conversions had the Cardinals moving, but then Tony McDaniel breaks through the line and throws Carson Palmer down for a loss of 14. A Palmer to Floyd pass got 11 of them back, but it’s now third and long at the 40. 2:00 left in fourth quarterCardinals are driving once again, facing a second and one at the Seattle 38.That’s all I’ve got for you. 1:59 left in second quarterSeahawks face a third and one at their own 40. Cards could use a stop on this drive to preserve momentum heading into the half. 8:13 left in third quarterSeahawks march down the field with some excellent passes by Wilson and some beastly runs by Marshawn Lynch. Those guys are good. Real good. Lynch scores from five yards out. 7:07 left in first quarterJavier Arenas takes the ensuing kickoff out of the end zone all the way to the Arizona 17. So, in retrospect, probably should have taken a knee. At any rate, the Cards will come back from the TV timeout looking to answer. They moved the ball a little on drive one, but need to get something going early. Can’t afford to fall too far behind tonight. End of first quarterSeahawks get the first down and keep on moving. The quarter ends with a first and 10 at the Arizona 26.On the bright side, chocolate fudge cake served in the press box tonight is phenomenal. 3:52 left in third quarterSure enough, two plays later Lynch scores, and with the extra point the score is 31-13. On the bright side…ummm…..got anything for me? :12 left in third quarterAbraham gets another sack, Wilson fumbles again, and the Cards recover at the Seattle 15. Get a TD here and this game isn’t quite over. Top Stories End of third quarterWell, we head into the fourth with the Cardinals down 31-13 facing a third and third on the Seattle eight. Kind of need a TD here. Really need a TD here. Could use a TD here. End of gameCards turn it over on downs an that’ll do it. Seattle wins 34-22, and the Cardinals fall to 3-4 on the season. No bueno, folks. 1:36 left in first quarterCardinals may have caught a break as Tyrann Mathieu got tripped up and took Sidney Rice to the ground on a deep ball. Pass interference? Probably, but no call. Seattle faces a third and three at their 46. 3:40 left in second quarterMendenhall runs through a nice hole into the end zone, and just like that the Cards are back in this game. Seattle is still up by a score of 14-10, but momentum is with the home team at the moment. 9:44 left in first quarterThe Cards couldn’t pick up another first down and are forced to punt. It’s a (surprising) good one from Zastudil, which Tate returns 15 yards to the Seattle 17. That’s where the defense, with Calais Campbell, will get to work. A three-and-out would be nice for the field position game, don’t ya think? The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo End of second quarterAnd that’s the half. Could have been worse, so there is that. By the way, doesn’t it seem weird to have football tonight? 13:25 left in second quarterWilson hits Zach Miller for a 15-yard TD pass, and it’s now 14-0 Seahawks. Crazy seeing a tight end burn the Cardinals, right?So yeah…umm…not a good start for the home team, to say the least. 3:51 left in first quarterPalmer finds Roberts for a third down and then looks for Fitzgerald deep down the sideline. Unfortunately, the ball was a tad underthrown. It bounced off Fitz and landed in the arms of Earl Thomas. He bobbles the ball and rolls out of bounds, with the ref calling it an incomplete pass. Seattle is challenging the ruling, though.Guess here is the call stands. It’s not confirmed, not overturned. Just stands. To be fair, it was a really nice throw. Too little too late, though. :36 left in second quarterWilson rolls out on a third down and finds Sidney Rice on the sideline, but the pass is ruled incomplete. Booth is reviewing, and it’s a big play. Overturn the call, Seattle is in field goal range. Let it stand, and this half probably ends with the Cards trailing but feeling pretty good about themselves. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

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first_img Top Stories Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact — If tight end Troy Niklas can just stay healthy this season, we may finally see the immense all-around talent the 6-foot-6, 270-pound Notre Dame product possesses.— Fourth-round pick Evan Boehm has struggled to pick up the nuances of the center position in training camp practices, but he looked pretty good on Friday, including an impressive pancake block on one running play. How long before the 6-3, 310-pound center of the future replaces A.Q. Shipley and becomes the center of now? Shipley got pushed off the line by bull rushes a couple times against the Raiders. That is the main concern.— Backup QB Drew Stanton and third-string quarterback Matt Barkley were not sharp in relief of Palmer. That’s not a concern for Stanton, who knows the system well, but it’s a concern for Barkley, who is trying to win the third-string job, but has not impressed Arians.“Good and bad and ugly,” Arians said of Barkley, noting that he failed to send the motion on three plays. “He can make every throw. It’s just all those little things that he’s got to clean up.”— Special teams coordinator Amos Jones is going to hold a long film session next week. His units have a lot of work to do. On that note, can the Cardinals afford J.J. Nelson on punt returns? He’s fast but ball security is often an issue, as it was when he muffed a punt that led to Oakland’s first TD. “Not up to my standards,” Humphries said of his game. “I felt like I was too hyped to start the game — too excited, too amped up and oversetting. Just dumb stuff that I wouldn’t normally do. I was being over-aggressive and it wasn’t working for me so I realized I had to calm down.”Arians was positive in his assessment of both Humphries and Williams and that makes sense from a players’ coach. Arians needs to build up both players’ confidence and he recognizes that this is just one preseason game so there is no sense dwelling on the struggles, even if they were plain for all to see. He needs both players to perform this season so this will no doubt become a teaching moment.— The Cardinals’ running back depth is ridiculous. David Johnson showed off the moves that have made him a fantasy darling this season when he juked cornerback David Amerson in the second level and ran for 23 yards. A healthy Andre Ellington racked up 41 yards on three carries in the first half, and fourth back Kerwyn Williams had five carries for 26 yards. With Chris Johnson cemented at No. 2, the Cardinals are going to have some tough decisions to make with Stepfan Taylor and big Elijhaa Penny also warranting consideration. 41 Comments   Share   Follow Craig Morgan on Twitter – / 12 Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling — Rookie cornerback Brandon Williams looked fine against reserve receivers. He even came up with a fumble recovery and drew an offensive pass interference penalty.The problem for the Cardinals is that they are talking about starting Williams, the guy with one year of cornerback play on his resume. When Williams was matched up against Oakland’s top receivers, Michael Crabtree, Amari Cooper and Andre Holmes, he didn’t fare as well.Oakland quarterback Derek Carr looked his way on the Raiders’ first offensive play and completed a 16-yard strike out to Crabtree with Williams giving Crabtree a huge cushion.Cooper beat Williams badly with a double move to the sideline and caught the pass, but one foot was out of bounds. If the throw had been better, it would have been a big gain; possibly a touchdown.Cooper beat Williams again on the Raiders’ second offensive series, and Holmes beat him in the end zone for Oakland’s second touchdown on nicely thrown ball.“You knew they’d go after him,” coach Bruce Arians said. “Amari Cooper is a heck of a player and (Williams) handled his own… He’ll learn to play those balls better.” GLENDALE, Ariz. — Before continuing with this story, you should apply the usual preseason qualifiers to everything you are about to read. Preseason games are meaningless, preseason games are always littered with mistakes and preseason games should never be interpreted as signs of what’s to come in the regular season.With that in mind, here are some observations from the Cardinals’ 31-10 loss to the Oakland Raiders on Friday at University of Phoenix Stadium. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires We know Arians believes in competition, and cornerback Justin Bethel needs some time to round into game shape after offseason foot surgery landed him on the PUP list, but his $9 million in guaranteed money and his greater experience make it hard for us to believe the Cardinals are ready to go to war with a player as green as Williams.This sounds suspiciously like the motivational bluster you always hear from coaches in training camp, but Williams seems to be taking it all in stride.“Ups and downs — what I expected because I just started playing the position,” Williams said of his performance. “I had some good plays and some bad plays.”— Arians liked right tackle D.J. Humphries’ performance in the run game, but Humphries didn’t fare well when he didn’t have help in the passing game. Maybe that’s a reality the Cardinals will have to adjust to this season.Oakland’s elite defensive end, Khalil Mack, twice beat Humphries badly to the inside with body fakes, and Humphries needed help from running back David Johnson and guard Evan Mathis to avoid allowing pressure. On Mack’s second pressure, QB Carson Palmer was forced to throw the ball away and the Cards settled for a field goal.last_img read more

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first_img Top Stories “We have to find a way to keep getting the ball in his hands,” the receiver added. “He is a guy that can change the complexion of the game with one touch.”No one was underestimated hereFans and media alike probably felt like the Cardinals were going to cruise to a win over the Patriots on Sunday, as the visitors were without star QB Tom Brady and stud TE Rob Gronkowski, among other key players.Shoot, even the oddsmakers in Las Vegas had the Cardinals as nearly 10-point favorites over the Jimmy Garoppolo-led Patriots.Yet, while outsiders may have felt the Cardinals would roll, any sense that overconfidence may have cost the team Sunday is misguided. At least, according to those who coached and played in the game.“No,” Arians said. “There was enough veterans in talking about that, after Pittsburgh last year with Landry Jones, we talked about it a bunch. Jimmy played very well. Knew he would.”The way the Cardinals explained it, just because the Patriots were without some of their better players did not mean they were not one of the NFL’s better teams. There is a reason they are a perennial Super Bowl favorite, and it is not just because of a couple of players. Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald (11) catches his career 100th touchdown pass during the second half of an NFL football game as New England Patriots cornerback Logan Ryan (26) defends, Sunday, Sept. 11, 2016, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri) Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires About that retirement talk…As noted above, there was a report that said Fitzgerald was planning on calling it a career after this season. On that, here’s a note from Arizona Sports’ Craig Morgan:Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald addressed a report earlier on Sunday by NFL.com’s Ian Rapaport that he planned to retire after this season.“I don’t talk about the future. I don’t even know what I’m having for dinner tonight; let alone what I’m doing next year. I signed another year for a reason. I believe in what we’re doing here, I believe in the guys that I have in this room, the head coach, his staff, obviously, Michael Bidwill is doing everything he can to put us in position to win. That’s where my mindset is at. What I’m doing next year is of no importance. This is the year and I want to make sure we make it a great one.”Fitzgerald was asked if it was frustrating to read such a report right before the season started.“With the internet, people, they can speculate about anything and it goes viral. I saw a seven-legged dog cross the street this morning, too. I didn’t tweet it, but I’m pretty sure if I would have it would have gone viral, too. That’s the nature of the beast nowadays.” David Johnson, still legitIf you play fantasy football, you know all about David Johnson and the high expectations people have for him going into this season.Through one week, the running back did not disappoint.Johnson ran for 89 yards and one touchdown on 16 carries and added another 43 yards on four catches, proving once again that he seems well equipped to handle the role of being the team’s No. 1 running back.One run in particular, a 45-yard jaunt in the fourth quarter that saw him break multiple tackles, was another in a growing list of “wow” moments for anyone who is watching him.“Yeah, I definitely thought I was going to take it to the house,” he said of the play, which saw him get dragged down at the New England 12. “I did not see that guy chasing me from behind. Hopefully, it was a DB and not a linebacker.”Johnson can rest easy knowing the man who tackled him was safety Devin McCourty, and besides, the run did set up a touchdown that for a little while seemed as though it would be the game-winner.Referring to Johnson and that long run specifically, Fitzgerald called the RB “the monster” and added that he is unbelievable. Comments   Share   The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelocenter_img To wit: four of his catches, 47 of his yards and one of his scores came in the fourth quarter.“That’s just Larry,” head coach Bruce Arians said. “He’s got to get open in crunch time.”While the Cardinals’ loss to the Patriots certainly takes priority over individual accomplishments, there is no denying the night Fitzgerald had.In classic Fitzgerald fashion, he took very little credit for either of his touchdowns, praising Michael Floyd for clearing the way for his first score and then David Johnson for putting him in position for the second.“He made a play in the flat and made a couple guys miss at the end of the run and it really got the momentum on our side,” he said of a 45-yard Johnson run. “I was just able to cap it off. That drive was all on his shoulders.”The drive, maybe. But the game — and this team — still rests on Fitzgerald’s shoulders, at least emotionally.“It’s awesome,” QB Carson Palmer said of having a player like Fitzgerald to throw the ball to. “We’ve got one of the best receivers to ever play the game. That’s a good situation to be in.” GLENDALE, Ariz. — Early Sunday morning, a report emerged that said Larry Fitzgerald planned on making 2016 his last NFL season.If that is indeed the case — and after the game Fitzgerald gave no validity to the report — then he began this final campaign with a bang.The 33-year-old led the Cardinals with 81 yards and two touchdowns on eight catches in a 23-21 loss to the New England Patriots, and as he has so often since the team drafted him in 2004, he came up with big receptions when the team needed him most. Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Palmer said he does not necessarily try to find Fitzgerald in tight moments, though no one would blame him if he did.Few of Fitzgerald’s receptions Sunday were of the ordinary variety. Many were in traffic and with the receiver barely having time to react, or as was the case on his second touchdown, with him basically lying on his back.“The GOAT,” tackle D.J. Humphries said of Fitzgerald. “That’s the GOAT (greatest of all time) right there. He’s going to always show up, every time. That’s Mr. Consistent, for sure.”Fitzgerald was so good, Patriots coach Bill Belichick offered this glowing review:“Larry’s a good player. He made a lot of good plays tonight. Stuff you’ve got to cover.”Often times — as was the case the last time the Cardinals played a meaningful game in University of Phoenix Stadium — Fitzgerald’s heroics end up being the catalyst for a victory.The Cardinals feed off of their future Hall of Famer.“It’s a huge momentum swing,” Johnson said of plays like the ones Fitzgerald was making. “Larry does that stuff all the time throughout practice and definitely throughout games. It’s just another boost for our offense. It gets me motivated to do what I can to help out the team.” “We didn’t underestimate them at all,” linebacker Kevin Minter said. “They are still the Patriots at the end of the day — they can fit anyone in there and have a chance to win, and they come in there with that mentality every game.”Minter said during the week he cautioned against sleeping on Garoppolo, who he knew was a good QB and highly-rated coming out of college. Garoppolo also showed flashes in the preseason.“They knew he might be the starter since what, OTAs? He was working with the ones — he’s a starting quarterback, it is what it is,” Minter added. “They’re the Patriots, and they executed well and we didn’t. It is what it is.” – / 55last_img read more

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first_img Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling The Arizona Cardinals reportedly offered two different pay cuts to former defensive back Tyrann Mathieu before releasing him, according to Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer.Per Breer from Mathieu, the Cardinals initially wanted $5 million of the $11 million he was due in 2018 taken out in a restructuring of his contract. When Mathieu declined the week prior to free agency, Arizona came back with a reduced offer of $3 million chopped off the $11 million. Top Stories 58 Comments   Share   Mathieu would reject that and his release would come after. Mathieu spoke with Breer the day of his release.“I wasn’t playing well, I didn’t hit the ground running. And so there was noise, chatter about me and about what I can do and whether I was all the way back from the injuries. I’d listen to the radio, look at articles, they’d put that out there. The Cardinals can cut him. I was aware. So I just tried to put myself in a position where people would want me again. I thought I finished the season strong.“I had a few years where I’d come back from injuries and play at a high level. And to do that over and over, it was poking at my confidence. That held me back, my confidence level down, and keeping me from what I was having to do.”The guarantees in Mathieu’s five-year contract extension from 2016 amounted to $40 million, but Mathieu would only make slightly less than $22 million of that amount.Mathieu told Breer money isn’t the lone factor in his upcoming decision of where to sign next.“It’s not all about money for me. I want to go somewhere where I can be completely immersed in football, and it’s not too much about anything but winning. I want to be a part of winning culture, where you feel that all the time. That’s all I want.”NFL reporter Jason La Canfora tweeted Thursday the asking price for Mathieu is $11 million a year “if they get their number,” which would be the same number Mathieu was due from the Cardinals in the upcoming season. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Arizona Cardinals free safety Tyrann Mathieu (32) intercepts a pass against the Chicago Bears during the first half of a preseason NFL football game, Saturday, Aug. 19, 2017, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin) The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

Heading into the first preseason game Arizona Car

first_imgHeading into the first preseason game, Arizona Cardinals coach Steve Wilks listed sixth-year NFL veteran Brice Butler as the team’s No. 2 receiver.The coach admitted then that it was merely about putting a name to paper.Butler, it turned out, wasn’t not only failing to lead the pack. By the end of camp, he was behind it and found himself released when the 53-man roster cuts came down over the weekend.So take the Week 1 regular season depth chart released Tuesday before Arizona’s Sunday hosting of the Washington Redskins with a grain of salt. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Christian Kirk, right, celebrates his touchdown reception with wide receiver Chad Williams (10) and offensive tackle D.J. Humphries (74) in the first half of an NFL preseason football game in New Orleans, Friday, Aug. 17, 2018. (AP Photo/Butch Dill) Unlike Gresham, Markus Golden is listed as a first-team defensive end despite also being activated off the PUP list over the weekend.Undrafted rookie Dennis Gardeck is listed as the backup SAM linebacker behind Haason Reddick. Undrafted converted safety Zeke Turner is listed as WILL linebacker Deone Bucannon’s backup; Turner was previously listed at strong safety.Arizona will likely use three-safety packages often, making the linebacker rotation hard to grasp before regular game action. Likewise, Antoine Bethea’s appearance ahead of Tre Boston at free safety is more of a formality. Both will likely play often and with one another in nickel packages.At cornerback, Jamar Taylor unsurprisingly earned the starting job opposite Patrick Peterson. Taylor is backed up by preseason standout Bene Benwikere, while third-year pro Brandon Williams is listed as Peterson’s backup. Sixth-round pick Chris Campbell, who was cut, was listed as Peterson’s backup during the preseason.And in the return game, T.J. Logan is listed as the kick return man, while Kirk is the starting punt returner. 3 Comments   Share   The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelocenter_img Among the notable listings, Arizona has second-year pro Chad Williams starting at the second of two receivers, joining 15-year veteran Larry Fitzgerald. Rookie and second-round pick Christian Kirk is listed as Fitzgerald’s backup, but he, J.J. Nelson and even undrafted rookie Trent Sherfield could see regular reps.“I’m very comfortable with the core of wide receivers,” Wilks told Bickley & Marotta Tuesday on 98.7 FM Arizona’s Sports Station. “I think everything that you get is earned, regardless of whether you’re a seasoned vet or a priority free agent.Related LinksCardinals agree to naming rights deal to make home State Farm StadiumBehind Enemy Lines: Washington Redskins open 2018 vs. CardinalsCardinals show confidence in rookies, youth under Steve WilksCardinals wide receiver room down to five after weekend cuts“I think Brice is a good football player but at no point in time I thought that he had stepped up beyond the performance of Trent Sherfield.”The Cardinals’ depth chart hardly changed during the preseason beyond reflecting backend roster maneuvers. What it did say didn’t mean much, it turns out.But with the 53-man roster set heading into Week 1 of the regular season, there were few notable updates on the offensive portion of the depth chart. Weekend waiver-wire acquisitions Jeremy Vujnovich (backup left and right guard) and Blaine Clausell (backup right tackle) appear for the first time, as does tight end Jermaine Gresham, who was pulled off the PUP list Saturday. Gresham, who is coming off an Achilles injury, is listed behind Ricky Seals-Jones and Gabe Holmes. Top Stories Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

Ohio State passrusher Nick Bosa who is widely re

first_imgOhio State pass-rusher Nick Bosa, who is widely regarded as the top prospect in the draft, measured 6-foot-3 6/8 inches and 266 pounds. He has a 33-inch arm length and 77 7/8-inch wingspan, according to Yahoo! Sports’ Charles Robinson.That’s not as eye-popping as others who are projected as top-10 picks.Related LinksCombine tidbits: For Cardinals and others, it’s still about the D-lineKyler Murray’s great measurements do nothing but help Arizona CardinalsMystery around ‘new’ Cardinals permeates NFL Combine in IndyArizona Sports NFL Mock Draft Tracker: Who’s next for the Cards at No. 1?Michigan defensive end Rashan Gary was 6-foot-4 3/8 inches and 277 pounds. His arm length was 1 1/8 inches more than Bosa’s, and his wingspan was exactly 4 inches longer.Clelin Ferrell out of Clemson was the same height as Gary and 2 pounds less than Bosa. But his arm length was the same as Gary’s and his wingspan was 82 3/8 inches, 5 inches longer than Bosa’s.What about the defensive tackles?In our mock draft tracker, Alabama’s Quinnen Williams is second behind Bosa in terms of people picking him to land in Arizona. He is 6-foot-3 and 303 pounds with an arm length of 33 1/4 inches and a wingspan of 80 1/4 inches.Clemson tackle Christian Wilkins is listed as the fourth-best prospect in ESPN’s player rankings. He weighed in at 315 pounds and stood 6-foot-3 1/4 inches.A year ago, Houston defensive tackle Ed Oliver was viewed as a potential No. 1 pick, but his stock slipped. Size might be an issue, though he’ll get a chance to impress in terms of his athleticism later this week. Oliver is 6-foot-1 7/8 inches and 287 pounds with a 77 3/8-inch wingspan. 11 Comments   Share   Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Who’s the biggest defensive lineman so far? That honor goes to Clemson’s Dexter Lawrence, who is 6-foot-4 1/2 inches and 342 pounds with an 84-inch wingspan. He’s projected as a top-20 pick. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Ohio State DE Nick Bosa, left, and Clemson tackle Dexter Lawrence, right. (AP photos)center_img The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Top Stories Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Knock, knock.Who’s there?That reminder.That reminder who?That reminder who is here to tell you that the Arizona Cardinals just might draft a defensive lineman with their No. 1 overall pick rather than take Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray.Friday morning marked the measuring and weighing of the 2019 NFL Draft’s defensive linemen at the combine in Indianapolis, and a number of potential No. 1 overall picks were among them.last_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the e-newsletter >The role of an agent is to create happy memories for clients, and this begins from the first point of contact, and is a process than never truly ends. Despite your best efforts, it is likely that at some stage during your career relations with a client will turn sour, and in this situation, Hotfrog discusses strategies to rectify the issue and retain the customer:Mistakes are inevitable, sometimes even unavoidable. You might miss a major deadline, or discover a big error in your work. Your blunder might turn out to be small or monumental, but it also affects your relationship with your client. Sometimes, if your mistake is big enough, you might even lose clients.That’s perhaps a small business owner’s worst nightmare. One disgruntled client can literally set fire to your business’ reputation. There are ways to retain your clients and protect your name. You need to go about it wisely and carefully.Be upfrontOne of the worst mistakes you can do is to shift the blame or try to ignore it, hoping people won’t notice. It doesn’t matter who’s responsible for the mistake; as the small business owner, you need to assume accountability for all your employees. When you spot a mistake or see a problem with the project, contact your client directly and let them know.You might face some heat in the beginning. Naturally, your client is going to be upset, but your honesty will earn you major points. Everyone knows what kind of courage it takes to admit to mistakes, especially when your livelihood is on the line. Once customers overcome their ire, they’re very likely to stick to you. Your honesty in the face of potential loss shows character and adds credibility to your business.Offer freebies Seems like a cheap tactic, like offering candy to an upset child. Moreover, your clients would recognise it too. But if you mess up, your clients would actually expect to be offered some form of compensation, a discount on the bill or an extra service, etc.As a small business owner, offering compensations of any substantial value can be difficult and you might hesitate, but the gesture will pay off in the end. In fact, if your act of apology shows enough sincerity, you might just build some good will with your client. For example, if you missed a major project deadline, you might offer your client a free service for 2 weeks or a month. They’ll certainly stick around to enjoy the free service. If you don’t offend during that period, all previous unhappiness will mostly likely be forgotten.Convince the customersMaterial compensations aside, you still need to find ways to mend the damaged trust between you and your client. Be sure to convince your client that you do take quality seriously.Some entrepreneurs are not so worried that they may have disappointed their customers; they’re more concerned about the potential loss of revenue. Some, however, feel the weight of that disappointment because they couldn’t give their client’s their money’s worth.If you feel this way, make sure to let your clients see your regret. If your clients can be made to understand that their disappointment that’s making you work harder, they’ll recognise that your business (and you) is honest, trustworthy and values their patronage.Read the full article here.Go back to the e-newsletter >last_img read more

In celebration of the rich wine and gastronomy sce

first_imgIn celebration of the rich wine and gastronomy scene in Catalonia, the Catalonia Tourism Board and the Costa Brava-Girona Tourism Board presented a series of gastronomy-related events in the cultural and food loving cities of Melbourne and Sydney, timed to coincide with the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards ceremony which took place in Melbourne on the evening of 5 April 2017.Melbourne programmeThe highlight of the Catalonia Gastronomy Week is “Brunch with the Stars” where the stars were the Roca Brothers from the three Michelin-star Restaurant, El Celler de Can Roca. LATTE was present as they presented their newest project “From the Earth to the Moon” and shared their experimental and innovative culinary experiences at a press conference for Australian and international media on 5 April.Following this, the media was served a traditional Catalan brunch complete with Catalan Cava and designation of origin Empordà wines.Hosted in Australia for the first time since its inception in London 15 years ago, the highly esteemed World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards ceremony saw world-leading chefs, restaurateurs, sommeliers, media and influencers from around the globe come together to celebrate the finest of global gastronomy; while chefs and restaurants contend for the award “Best Restaurant in the World 2017”. Michelin Star chefs Joan and Jordi Roca, from El Celler de Can Roca Restaurant in Costa Brava, which won the title of World’s Best Restaurant in 2013 and 2015, are among the stars attending this prestigious awards ceremony.Not just exclusive to the media, the general public in Melbourne also got to enjoy the culinary delights of Catalonia. At Tinto restaurant’s G’day Olé degustation event, a Spanish dinner highlighting the wonderful similarities between Melbourne and Barcelona through cuisine, attending guests stood a chance to win amazing lucky draw prizes that include an Economy Class air ticket to Barcelona via Singapore Airlines, a two-night stay in a classic Paradores organised by Ibertours, a food tour by Aborigens and Codorniu Cellar visit by Codorniu.This degustation dinner at Tinto is one of the many tantalising gastronomy events under the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.Sydney programmeOver in Sydney, six restaurants (Encasa Lane Cove, Encasa Deli, Encasa Pitt Street, Encasa Express, Pitt St Diner and Can Cava Pintxos & Wine) put on a special Catalan menu for the week, as part of the Barcelona Food Week from 3 – 9 April, organised in partnership with the Catalan Association of New South Wales. Foodies will get to try some traditional Catalan dishes, like Fideuà, Fricandó and Crèma Catalana, paired with a range of Catalan wines.Catalonia is named European Region of Gastronomy 2016, an honour that reflects the quality of its agricultural and culinary heritage and its tourism industry, and highlights the excellence of its produce, cuisine and traditions. Home to 54 Michelin – starred restaurants and a total of 65 Michelin stars between them, backed by years of culinary history; Catalonia has a wealth of smells and flavours to share with the world. Be prepared for a week of culinary inspiration and discovery as we bring a taste of Catalonia to Australia.In addition, to celebrate the year as a European Region of Gastronomy, the Catalan Tourism Board tied up with Expedia to create its own landing page that spotlighted Catalonia’s rich gastronomy and wine scene. Look out for the special rates offered by gastronomic hotels all around Catalonia. These gastronomic hotels specialise in Catalan cuisine and proudly bear the gastronomic hotel emblem which guarantees the quality of accommodation.last_img read more

Starting in August Six Senses Laamu will build on

first_imgStarting in August, Six Senses Laamu will build on its already thriving surf culture by partnering with Tropicsurf. This Australian-based surf company has been operating internationally for over 30 years and has built a roster of 50 specialist coaches stationed in nine different countries.Tropicsurf is positioned as the masters of high-end surfing. Regardless of age, experience or competency, Tropicsurf asserts that everybody can enjoy surfing’s ultimate thrills in safety, comfort and style. Over the course of 30 years Tropicsurf has combed the planet to present surfers with an intimate selection of the world’s leading surfing resorts. These are all acclaimed five-star properties operated by the best hotel brands in the world, each selected because of its proximity to quality breaks that cater for a broad range of abilities.Both Tropicsurf and Six Senses Laamu share a common vision: reconnecting people with themselves, others and the world around them and at the same time delivering out-of-the-ordinary guest experiences. Tropicsurf locations are chosen because they offer appealing activities that the whole family can enjoy. With professional guides based on properties around the world, year-round, it is assured there’s an expert smiling face upon arrival dedicated to delivering surfing triumphs.In keeping with Six Senses widely recognised commitment to sustainability and obligation to the environment, Tropicsurf will extend its collaboration with Firewire surfboards and exclusively supply eco-friendly Timbertek boards to guests. Firewire remains the only global surfboard production to carry the Sustainable Surf Ecoboard certification and is headed up by 11-time world champion surfer Kelly Slater.“A partnership with Tropicsurf feels like a natural progression for a resort already preferred by an enthusiastic faction of annual surfers,” says Marteyne van Well, GM Six Senses Laamu. “Those in the know have been surfing with us for years. Not just the pros, but families and first-timers who have come to enjoy our privacy, nature and connect with the ocean. You can’t come to the Maldives and not try surfing. Partnering with Tropicsurf will enable us to extend our current programme and offer more bespoke experiences commensurate with each guest’s ability and surfing appetite.”Six Senses Laamu, being the only resort in the atoll, offers the chance to its surfing guests to almost exclusively enjoy the surrounding surf breaks. One of these breaks is the Yin Yang, a renowned surf break in the Maldives which is just a five-minute boat ride away. For those who want to discover the surfing experience a beginner’s break is just off the shore.“Tropicsurf has a long and proud association with the Maldives, having been guiding surfers through Laamu and to Yin Yang since 1988,” explains Mark Winson, the company’s GM. “Without a doubt the area is a surfer’s paradise. There are so many waves to choose from.  Add to that the seclusion of Six Senses Laamu as the only resort on the atoll, plus expert guiding, and you have a quintessential Maldives surfing experience in the making.”Tropicsurf will also be operating a purpose-built state-of-the-art surf centre at Six Senses Fiji, which is scheduled to open in late 2017. The surf centre will be perfectly positioned for strike missions to waves such as Cloudbreak, Restaurants, Wilkes and many more five-star breaks.last_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the enewsletterandBeyond has opened its latest South African-based luxury retreat in South Africa’s Sabi Sand Game Reserve. andBeyond Tengile River Lodge aspires to immerse guests ever deeper into the nature experience. The lodge offers nine air-conditioned, extremely spacious suites that effortlessly blend with the environment while providing a modern twist on the safari aesthetic that is a refreshing break with tradition.The forward-looking design combines with the renowned Sabi Sand wildlife experience. Sustainability elements in the lodge design include thermal efficiency, a minimal ecological footprint through careful environmental auditing, as well as state-of-the-art wastewater and sewer treatment systems.Game drives traverse an area of 10,500 hectares and strict vehicle limits at sighting ensure the exclusivity of the game-viewing experience. Guests can partake in early-morning and evening game drives to view lions, leopards, spotted hyena, elephant, white rhino, buffalo, hippo and more, as well as take bushwalks and birdwatching.With each of the almost-200-square-metre guest suites looking out onto mesmerising river views, the game viewing continues long after the game drives are done.Meaning “tranquil” in the local Tsonga language, andBeyond Tengile River Lodge is situated in a serene setting, on a bend of the Sand River. Here, elegant interiors are complemented by exquisite modern finishes, and inviting, intimate spaces encourage a sense solitude while pockets of open space are designed for group gatherings.Built with an extremely light footprint, Tengile’s suites are raised above ground level to give the impression that they are floating over the riverbed, providing exceptional views from the dappled shade of a cool riverine forest. The spacious suites will offer sunken lounges, elegant bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms (with indoor and al fresco showers) that open out into the forest, creating private spaces in the open air.Following the curve of the river bank, each area of the lodge offers magnificent river views. A beautiful massage and gym area offer a haven of tranquillity where guests can spend the entire day relaxing in between game drives.Sustainability lies at the heart of the new lodge’s form and function. Environmentally friendly construction materials have been selected with durability in mind. Automation is being put into place to reduce the use of electricity and the use of solar power has been combined with various procedures designed to increase efficiency both during the build phase and after.Suites are priced from ZAR 20,500 per persons sharing and Family Suites are ZAR 71,250 per villa, quad share. Go back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the enewsletterExcitement is building ahead of the winter opening of Hayman Island by InterContinental, one of Australia’s most iconic island resorts. Located on a pristine 400-hectare private island, the 166-room luxury resort has undergone a multi-million-dollar refurbishment to ensure guests will experience a truly immersive stay in one of the world’s most unique destinations.Managed by InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), the resort will introduce a fresh concept of immersive luxury to travellers. It will feature new, world-class restaurants and bars alongside a plethora of experiences for guests including a new spa and impressive meetings and event spaces.Hayman Island by InterContinentalNestled in the world-renowned surrounds of the Whitsundays, Hayman Island by InterContinental will invite guests to enjoy stunning on-island experiences and all the private oasis has to offer: from secluded beach coves and jet ski adventures to seaplane rides boasting breathtaking views of the Great Barrier Reef. Hayman Island by InterContinental is guaranteed to have something to suit all travellers, from the adventurer to the luxuriously laid back.Mark Eletr, Resort Manager at Hayman Island by InterContinental says: “Opening our unique paradise inthe Whitsundays to the world under InterContinental’s trusted brand is a true privilege. Hayman Island continues to capture the hearts of domestic and international travellers and we are thrilled to announce that on 1 July our doors will open and a new chapter of immersive luxury awaits.”Beach Villa with Pool | Hayman Island by InterContinentalThe resort has announced five innovative dining experiences for guests to enjoy and experience on-island, inspired by fresh Queensland flavours with a contemporary menu design. From poolside fare to bold evening dining, the new offerings will delight and surprise guests, catering to a range of ages and lifestyles.The room configurations will encompass 166 stylish accommodation options across three distinct wings, spanning from suites and beachfront villas to lagoon and poolside rooms.Aquazure Pool | Hayman Island by InterContinentalThe newly built Beach House is an exquisite addition to the accommodation selection, offering guests a private slice of Hayman heaven with three suites and multiple private pools. In addition to the hotel, a new collection of private residences will be available to rent for those who want a more private experience. Perched on the hilltops overlooking the bay, the stunning properties boast complete privacy, yet full access to all the resort has to offer.Hayman Island by InterContinental will also be a meetings and events paradise. For corporate events, there is a selection of stunning indoor and outdoor spaces that can house meetings for 10 to 300 delegates.Completing the immersive on-island experience is a brand-new luxury spa with 13 treatment rooms, an all-new resort boutique, world-class kids’ club and state-of-the-art fitness centre.Located on the northernmost point in the Whitsunday Islands, Hayman Island by InterContinental isaccessible via either luxury vessel, helicopter or seaplane.Go back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the enewsletterAvani Hotels & Resorts is entering the Cambodian market with the launch of FCC Angkor – Managed by Avani. Following an extensive US$7 million renovation which includes the addition of 60 new rooms, the hotel is set to reopen its doors in the second quarter of 2019.The FCC Angkor is one of Cambodia’s best-known hotels and features authentic French colonial architecture intrinsic to the historic and cultural fabric of Siem Reap. FCC Angkor creates an inspiring ambience for remarkable experiences and unforgettable stories in the heart of Siem Reap.The town’s many day- and night-markets, eclectic restaurants and the popular Pub Street are all walking distance from the hotel. Angkor Wat, the internationally renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site encompassing 400 square kilometres of ruins dating from the 12th–15th century, is 10 minutes from the hotel. The Preah Ang Chek Prea Ang Chorm shrine, known as the spiritual protection of Siem Reap, is a three-minute stroll from the FCC along the river.Along with the new and refurbished rooms and suites, FCC Angkor has updated and expanded its facilities. A brand-new bar called Scribe now complements the Mansion’s renovated restaurant, where guests can experience relaxed, personalised service whether sipping a refreshing signature cocktail or dining on authentic Cambodian cuisine. Other additions include a spa, pool, and a spacious and breezy lounge, surrounded by fragrant greenery, where guests can enjoy a drink, mingle and chat.See www.avanihotels.comGo back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

Related Etihad signs codeshare with Indias JetUni

first_img RelatedEtihad signs codeshare with India’s JetUnited Arab Emirates flag carrier Etihad has singed a new codeshare agreement with India’s Jet AirwaysCyprus increasingly popular among UAE holidaymakersCyprus increasingly popular among UAE holidaymakersEtihad adds flights to MinskGulf carrier Etihad has announced plans to introduce flights to Belarus from Abu Dhabi. Etihad Airways has announced that it will offer its customers the opportunity to fly to more destinations in Ireland after it signed a codeshare agreement with Aer Arann.As part of the agreement, the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) national carrier will have its ‘EY’ code placed on Aer Arann’s regional aircraft operating between Dublin, Cork, Galway and the Isle of Man.Irish flight passengers will also benefit from improved links to Abu Dhabi via Dublin, as well as the opportunity to fly to onward Etihad destinations across the world.Commenting on the codeshare, Etihad Airways’ chief executive James Hogan said: “Etihad Airways has developed a strong affinity with Ireland, with Dublin quickly establishing itself as one of our most popular routes, enjoying average seat factors during 2008 of more than 80 percent.”The UAE carrier currently flies to Dublin seven times a week. It operates a number of successful codeshares, principally with bmi, Jet Airways and Middle East Airlines.Etihad Airways announced last week that it would be launching a new flight to Athens in June 2009. ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Maplast_img read more

Related The ultimate guide to getting the most out

first_img RelatedThe ultimate guide to getting the most out of your year abroadWhether you’re organising a student exchange or planning a gap year of action packed travel, our Student Travel Writer, Jamie Doris from Heriot-Watt University shares his top tips to get the most out of your year abroad.Working abroad: how to find jobs overseasNew year, new job? Guest contributor Megan Lee of Go Overseas offers her expert advice on broadening your employment horizons.The study abroad checklist: Scholarships, student visas, and flightsStudying abroad gives you the chance to see countries like the UK, Canada, Australia and the USA like a local, but moving abroad and into your new university can be challenging. Here’s our complete checklist to make sure you’re ready to make the move: Figures released from UCAS this week have shown that a record 583,501 people have applied to start university in the UK this year, as new students attempt to avoid the tuition fee increase in England which is due to come into effect in 2012.However, Skyscanner suggests that enrolling this year isn’t the only way to save money; choosing to study abroad may also be a cheaper option, especially when cost of living is taken into account.Bangalore, IndiaThanks to India’s flourishing technology industries, there are many institutions offering courses in IT and computer sciences, such as the Indian Institute of Science in the region of Karnataka – known as the ‘Silicon Valley of Asia’. With great value flights to India, average annual tuition fees of around £230 and the second lowest cost of living in the world, India is an excellent choice for the tech-minded.Beijing, ChinaLearning to speak Mandarin can now often yield lucrative career options for Brits looking to work in the booming Chinese economy. Beijing’s Chinese Language Education School offers a range of courses including General, Business and Intensive Chinese starting from £2,700 per year, which more than makes up for Beijing’s cost of living which now ranks alongside London. Find flights to BeijingPorto, PortugalOver 200 million people speak Portugese worldwide, and the historic University of Porto is where around 2,000 international students choose to complete higher education each year while picking up the local lingo. A year’s tuition fees for an average Undergraduate Business course are £850, and a month’s rent on campus only £150 – far cheaper than the UK. Find flights to PortoLeuven, BelgiumThe University of Leuven in Belgium attracts many students from the UK due its high level of English speaking staff and students. Although Belgium has a similar cost of living to the UK, tuition fees often come in cheaper with courses such as Master of Advanced Studies in Economics starting at £1200 per year and others like Master of Restorative Dentistry around £4700 per year. Find flights to BrusslesBangkok, ThailandThailand’s capital has a wealth of international academic institutions from which to choose from, including Bangkok University which offers a Business English BA for a three-year course fee of £6,600. Although living costs in Thailand are among the cheapest in the world – Bangkok is around half the price of London – flights to Bangkok can be pricey, so you may not want to visit home at the end of every semester.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map Don’t want to pay the £9,000 tuition fee for English universities? Five options to study abroad and save moneylast_img read more

Cannes France – Reported by Elite Traveler the p

first_imgCannes, France – Reported by Elite Traveler, the private jet lifestyle magazineFast growing luxury group Jumeirah International announced here during the International Luxury Travel Mart that is is taking over management of Rome’s famous Grand Hotel Via Veneto as of January and it will be re-branded as Jumeirah Grand Hotel Via Veneto.Following the recent opening of its Frankfurt property, the group will open a third property in London, Grosvenor House Apartments by Jumeirah Living. Other openings in 2012 include Kuwait, Baku, Jumeirah Dubai Creekside Hotel, Mallorca and a second Maldives property which will drive its count of open hotels to 22.Speaking in an exclusive interview with Elite Traveler, Executive Chairman Gerald Lawless enthused about flying the flag in Rome noting that Dubai flag carrier Emirates serves the city with double daily flights and will upgrade one frequency to the Airbus A380 super jumbo. He noted that the property was fully renovated in 2009 so it is in top shape and doesn‚t require any changes or upgrades once Jumeirah takes the keys.Key features, according to Lawless include that nearly half of the 122 rooms are suites, including a 5,000 square foot Royal Suite featuring two master bedrooms, a dining room with tea corner, a double living room, a studio and four bathrooms plus a 2,500 square foot outdoor terrace overlooking Porta Pinciana with a Jacuzzi.“Rome doesn’t have high-rise building so the views from the suite are amazing,” Lawless said. “The suite has limited edition Hermes leather chairs, Rubelli tapestry sofas and artwork by Rabarama and is well suited for elite travelers.”The Dubai-based group has become know for its dining concepts and to that end Magnolia, the hotel’s gourmet restaurant will offer a “gastronomic feast” of “modern Italian cuisine.”One area of the hotel Lawless believes will have particular appeal is the Sky Bar & Grill, located on the top of the hotel. The space which includes outdoor terrace, he said is perfect for corporate events and private parties.www.jumeirah.comlast_img read more

Combine shopping shoes manicures and makeovers

first_imgCombine shopping, shoes, manicures and makeovers, and you’ve got the ultimate girl’s night out—or more accurately, you’ve got the upcoming Aruna Seth event at The Ritz in London.This exclusive shopping and pampering event is taking place on November 12th from 4 to 9pm and will be held, appropriately, in the hotel’s opulent Marie Antoinette suite. As if women needed extra incentive to pick up a pair (or two) of Aruna Seth’s chic shoes, guests will receive a special discount off their purchase in addition to a luxury gift and goodie bag with purchase. The glam squad for the day will consist of specialists from Laura Mercier, who will be offering up complimentary makeovers, and Sophie Hunter Beauty, who will get guests manicured to perfection.For more information on the event, contact Nia Thomas at nia@arunaseth.com. For more information on Aruna Seth shoes, visit www.arunaseth.comlast_img read more

FILE In this Nov 11 2017 file photo Willem Da

first_img FILE – In this Nov. 11, 2017 file photo, Willem Dafoe arrives at the 9th annual Governors Awards in Los Angeles. Dafoe stars in the film, “The Florida Project.” (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP, File) by Sandy Cohen, The Associated Press Posted Dec 21, 2017 11:05 am PDT Last Updated Dec 21, 2017 at 11:40 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Dafoe finds encouragement for his craft in early awards nomscenter_img LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Willem Dafoe came into “The Florida Project” ready to be transformed, and working in a cheap motel helped him get there.The 62-year-old actor has been collecting accolades — including a Golden Globe Award nod and Screen Actors Guild Award nomination — for his performance in the Sean Baker film, which was set and shot at the Magic Castle hotel in the shadows of Orlando’s Disney World.Dafoe said filming at a real hotel that houses homeless families like the one at the heart of the film changed his perspective as a performer.“The beautiful thing is you learn things and then you can apply it to the pretending. And I love that situation, where you’re not really just drawing from your impressions and your thoughts, but you’re really getting outside of yourself,” he said in a recent interview. “That’s always when the best things happen, when you’re a little — you’re new, you know? You have a better chance to enter into a kind of new way of thinking. And being around the people of our story and being in the actual place, it guides you. It just tells you what you need to do, and that’s always thrilling because you feel like it opens your mind and your heart and broadens the possibility of how you are.”Immersive settings, and real settings, allow him to connect more deeply with his characters, he said. He just finished playing Vincent Van Gogh in Julian Schnabel’s “At Eternity’s Gate,” which shot in various European locations where the artist spent time.“When you do that, you can’t help but, with a little imagination, feel his presence there; or imagine that that a tree, that old big tree that is 200 years old, was in his presence and now you’re in its presence and there’s some sort of connection,” Dafoe said. “So you’re aware of those things and you do kind of connect the dots and make a connectivity that you wouldn’t normally have.”He said that while all his past characters stay with him, some make more of an impression than others — Van Gogh among them.“Great experience, really beautiful, really challenging, but the first thing I want to do is shave off my beard to try to get back to a neutral place,” Dafoe said.He returned from Europe the morning of the Golden Globe nominations and was awoken after little sleep with news of his supporting actor nod. The veteran actor is deeply appreciative of the recognition.“The nature of performing, the nature of making things, the nature of making movies, it isn’t a science. It’s not precise. It’s full of all kinds of variables. So, no matter how long you do it, it’s an uncertain life, so you’re always happy for encouragement. You’re always happy for someone to say, ‘Keep going, keep going. We like what you’re doing,’” he said. “From day to day, the whole the whole prospect of performing is you’re kind of wiping the slate clean every time, so you’re starting from zero. And that zero is not that different from the zero that you were at when you had never made a film before. So it helps to be encouraged.”___Follow AP Entertainment Writer Sandy Cohen at www.twitter.com/APSandy .last_img read more

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first_img by The Associated Press Posted Apr 9, 2018 1:36 pm PDT Last Updated Apr 9, 2018 at 2:01 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email FILE – In a Monday, Oct. 30, 2017 file photo, a Femen activist is led away by security staff member inside the film institute La Cinematheque Francaise in Paris. The controversial group that seeks to fight patriarchy claimed responsibility for a topless protest Monday, April 9, 2018, at the start of Cosby’s sexual assault retrial in Pennsylvania. (AP Photo/Francois Mori, File) Topless militants: Femen takes feminist fight to Cosby trialcenter_img PARIS – The women of Femen have bared their breasts at the Vatican, in front of Russian President Vladimir Putin and now at a Pennsylvania courthouse, all for one cause: fighting patriarchy.Here’s a look at the group, which claimed responsibility for a topless protest on Monday at the start of Bill Cosby’s sexual assault retrial:WOMEN PROVOCATEURSFemen was born from a 2008 pajama party in Ukraine, where a group of young feminists decided to use sexuality to protest Ukrainian women being trafficked for sex and other women’s issues.While the group publishes books and holds conferences, it’s best known for activists taking off their shirts and bras to show political messages scrawled on their breasts and backs.Despite its extreme and often illegal antics, it has attracted sponsors and members of multiple nationalities and is now present in eight countries, Paris-based Femen leader Inna Shevchenko said.The group has been re-energized in recent months amid the MeToo movement against sexual violence and other misconduct.FRIVOLOUS OR SERIOUS?Femen activists target their unauthorized actions carefully to attract as much media attention as possible. That media obsession and the members’ use of their breasts as a protest tool have drawn criticism from feminist groups and others who see Femen protests as a distraction.Femen argues that its actions are more effective than officially sanctioned protests at shaming any “manifestation of the patriarchy,” Shevchenko said.That includes the sex industry, religious institutions and far-right politicians who pursue “strategies of division of society, hate, xenophobia and threaten women’s freedoms,” she said.Femen members argue they can be both feminist and sex bombs.STUNTS ACROSS BORDERSTrials and jail time for illegal protests haven’t deterred Femen activists and sometimes serve to call more attention to their cause.They have targeted the pope, an Islamist government in Tunisia, capitalist bosses at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, gay marriage critics in France and abusive husbands in Turkey.Some actions are violent: Femen activists broke bells in Notre Dame Cathedral and cut down a massive Orthodox cross in Kyiv. Others are especially crude: simulating an abortion in a church or baring a bottom and squatting to demand more public toilets.On Monday, a protester with “Women’s Lives Matter” written on her bare chest jumped a barricade as Cosby walked into a suburban Philadelphia courthouse. Protester Nicolle Rochelle, an actress who had appeared on “The Cosby Show,” was charged with disorderly conduct.She had the names of more than 50 women who have accused Cosby of sexual misconduct scrawled across her body.“I wanted him to feel what he did and have it be in his face,” she said.Cosby has denied drugging and molesting a woman at his home in 2004.last_img read more

Pallbearers move the casket of former professional

first_img Pallbearers move the casket of former professional wrestler Bruno Sammartino for his funeral service, Monday, April 23, 2018, in Ross Township, Pa., a suburb just north of Pittsburgh. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic) PITTSBURGH, Pa. – Former professional wrestling champion Bruno Sammartino has been laid to rest in Pennsylvania, where he was remembered as one of the sport’s good guys.Sammartino fled the Nazis from Italy as a child and built a career beating a string of bad guys in the 1960s and 1970s. He was the World Wide Wrestling Federation champion for more than 11 years over two title runs. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013.Sammartino was buried on Monday outside Pittsburgh. Mourners, including WWE chairman Vince McMahon, remembered Sammartino’s humility and work ethic, even as he ascended the wrestling ranks. The Rev. John Rushofsky called him “a man of honesty and integrity.”Sammartino died last week after a two-month hospitalization. He was 82. Funeral held for pro wrestling great Bruno Sammartinocenter_img by The Associated Press Posted Apr 23, 2018 5:50 pm PDT Last Updated Apr 23, 2018 at 7:40 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more

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first_img by David Bauder, The Associated Press Posted Jul 23, 2018 7:58 am PDT Last Updated Jul 23, 2018 at 9:00 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email This Feb. 28, 2018 photo released by ABC shows Meghan McCain on the set of “The View,” in New York. McCain brings a feisty spirit to the conservative commentator role where predecessors frequently seemed overmatched and overlooked. She often reflects the views of President Trump’s supporters at a table and city where they are deeply unpopular. (Lou Rocco/ABC via AP) Meghan McCain a feisty new presence on ‘The View.’center_img NEW YORK, N.Y. – Meghan McCain’s first instinct when approached to join “The View” was to say no — until her father, Sen. John McCain, convinced her to look past her trepidation to see the opportunity.In less than a year, she’s become a reason to watch ABC’s daytime talk show. McCain brings a feisty spirit to the conservative commentator role where predecessors frequently seemed overmatched and overlooked. She often reflects the views of President Donald Trump’s supporters at a table and city where they are deeply unpopular, despite ample personal reasons to despise him.The past few weeks alone, McCain stared down the fury of Whoopi Goldberg to explain her opposition to abortion and labeled Robert De Niro “gross” for his Tony Awards denunciation of Trump. She feuded with a conservative guest who called Trump supporters cult-like, while likening the president to “a pathetic puppy who was completely neutered” for his appearance alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin.“She is smart, considered and utterly fearless,” said Brian Teta, executive producer of “The View.”Some bravery is necessary, since McCain’s workplace defines the term “Manhattan liberal.” When a comic warming up the studio audience before a show this month asked how many people were Republicans, he heard one whoop, some stray claps and mostly silence. That was before the panelists came out.Goldberg so detests Trump she won’t say his name, preferring “the guy in the White House.” The sharp-tongued Joy Behar says she’s offended by Republicans.The show has spit out previous conservatives. Nicolle Wallace is a hit on MSNBC, but was a bad fit on “The View.” Jedediah Bila lasted a year. Raise your hand if you remember Candace Cameron Bure. Elisabeth Hasselbeck had the most staying power until leaving for the comfort of Fox News.The 33-year-old McCain heard the stories.“This is no shade at women who have been here before, but I knew going in that I couldn’t be intimidated by the others and their strong opinions,” she said. “These are all smart, strong women. I had to stay true to my convictions and my politics and not let the physical audience in front of me, which is normally very liberal, or the audience on social media impact my politics. Because a lot of things I say are unpopular.”Her abortion discussion with Goldberg stepped on the third rail of American politics. “I don’t believe that murder should be legal in the United States of America and I believe abortion is murder,” she said on the air. “It’s really that simple.”Squabbles with Behar draw the most attention. Seeing them develop is like watching a storm gathering; neither woman has a poker face.McCain erupted during a discussion about adult film actress Stormy Daniels when Behar joked, “Happy birthday, Melania.”“Was that necessary?” McCain said. “Come on, that was so mean.” She said Behar was making fun of the first lady’s pain.“You have no sense of humour,” Behar said, giving her co-host a dismissive wave. “That’s your problem.”When McCain urged her colleagues not to give Trump a blanket condemnation, and instead deal with different topics individually, Behar said, “there aren’t that many years in my life to take him issue by issue.”A discussion about what the hosts did during a Fourth of July week off exposed their cultural gap. McCain talked about tubing down a creek with her husband and downing Jello shots. Behar, 42 years her senior, didn’t know what a Jello shot was.The show is clearly sensitive to any perception of personal animus; Goldberg last week referenced media reports that speculate about how people get along by showing a picture of Behar, McCain and co-host Sunny Hostin holding up glasses from a liquid lunch the day before.Backstage, McCain said she’s developed a kinship with Behar since they’re the show’s most polarizing hosts.“I like her a lot,” Behar said. “She’s a very intelligent girl. She has qualities in her personality that I admire in myself. For example, she’s very direct. She does not take hostages — she just says it and moves on and I like that about her.”McCain said she believed that people at “The View” thought she was more moderate than she was, perhaps because she advocates for LGBT rights. She describes herself as a hard-core conservative. Others on the right who once considered her “squishy” now cheer her on, primarily because of the setting. Much like her former colleague Shepard Smith at Fox News Channel, McCain is in the position of delivering contrary points of view to people who don’t often hear them.McCain and her family are no fans of Trump personally, given swipes at her father that began with a denigration of his POW status in the Vietnam War. She said her toughest day on the show followed reports of a former Trump aide, Kelly Sadler, dismissing Sen. McCain’s opposition to a presidential appointment because he’s “dying anyway” of brain cancer. McCain said that day that “I don’t understand what kind of environment you’re working in when that could be acceptable and you can come into work the next day and still have a job.”Yet McCain feels that it’s her job to make sure the voices of people who supported Trump are heard.“I’m trying to explain how we got here,” she said, “because I’m not as surprised about Trump as I think the rest of my cast is … I think he’s going to be re-elected in 2020 easily unless the Democrats wake up to reality.”It still felt somewhat surreal a few weeks ago when McCain took the side of Trump’s fans in an argument with conservative commentator Tara Setmayer. McCain blew up at her for making reference to a “cult” of people who blindly follow Trump no matter what he says, suggesting that’s disrespectful to the president’s supportersA bemused Behar loved it. “I enjoy Republican on Republican crime,” she quipped.Not one of McCain’s finest shows, she came off as a bully. Setmayer didn’t return messages seeking comment.Two of McCain’s most memorable moments of the past year had nothing to do with political fights. Her takedown of “Fire & Fury” author Michael Wolff was well-researched and appeared to take him by surprise, given his initial dismissive attitude toward her. McCain couldn’t hold back tears when former Vice-President Joe Biden talked about his son’s death from the same brain cancer that McCain’s father has. Biden held her hand to comfort her.McCain said her father watches her every day on “The View,” one way to remain close when he’s miles away in Arizona.She’s glad she took his advice.“My dad always says that a fight not joined is a fight not enjoyed, and I feel that way,” she said. “I like the debate, and these are amazing adversaries to have every morning. That’s fun.”last_img read more