n the Admin5 program area the business experience of commercial source code is discussed

Admin5 now spread in the program area of the source site, initially only two in the competition, after half a year ago I joined on the formation of the 3 foot separation situation! Sometimes as long as you observe carefully will be found in the program area people often do a month advertising for second months can not find others! Those people then withdrew from the competition now! In the most popular Admin5 is the link, domain name, station system, the source code for some dead stranger feeling, but there is still the vitality of his market! Not every station to station, not every station to buy a domain name, not every webmaster to do SEO to buy links, but sell the link domain and station group is also a money income of tens of thousands of There are plenty of people who read more

How to let Baidu faster included your station

1. keyword selection:

selected medium popular keywords, Baidu will be included in your love, why, now facing the present situation of SEO optimization knowledge flying all over the sky, almost everywhere is the selected medium popular keyword keyword optimization, you can know this method of selecting key medium too popular on the Internet, causing the most go to the website competition medium popular keywords, as can be imagined, your site will be the key to have a good ranking? No! Especially for the new station site optimization, using this method, the number of Baidu to reduce the chance to record. Wasted more popular keywords, keyword is popular is actually the search volume is relatively high, you are willing to choose popular keywords to compete a few people or to compete most people in the middle of popular keywords. New sites with popular keywords to do, in fact, can improve the chance of Baidu included, much higher than the choice of medium hot keywords. read more

Facing the sea spring with the website with me to the ideal

I have no contact with the network, although has been working in IT, but who do not want to Jirenlixia, hope to be able to own career achievements! Is this idea that I and a few friends together, we are very passionate, actively planning discussion founded the Luoyang discount nets, the beginning we bear different division of labor, burning the midnight oil, because not familiar with the website of technology, almost all from scratch, no clue, we spent nearly a month to build a website. From the day when the website was launched in February 1, 2008, we were on the road without any help…… read more

Micro blog battle a war without nternet smoke

2010 is known as the first year of micro-blog, micro-blog, micro blog, because micro-blog itself is a kind of communication and exchange and debate, its convenient, easy to read, easy to spread characteristics, and helped several major domestic portals, micro-blog rapid growth and development.

2011, on the one hand is big brother Sina champion, on the other hand, network communications giant Tencent heavy attack. Dimension basically already formed two big micro-blog camp, the confrontation between Tencent and sina. read more

Baidu advertising manager Xu Wu how to manage web advertising

Anhui Internet webmaster Club Co sponsored alliance, thousands of old stationmaster lecture hosted by K has been to the sixty-third period, the period to the webmaster guest is Baidu commercial product department Xu Wu, manager of product advertising manager.

Baidu advertising steward adm.baidu.com is a medium to high-end media, stable, high-speed, easy to use, free advertising management system. At that time, we will show you the charm of Baidu advertising, and will also bring you all the webmaster Baidu give you all kinds of care policy, better help webmaster grow. read more

Examples of Baidu site for the collection and ranking factors

on the Internet at all these years, although it has the scenery, but also just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. What has been, always pursued, are some garbage stations that make quick profits, bring profits, and rape search engines. Station group, chain group, content acquisition, look back, the mere trash, the chain included today, spread all across in confusion, no tomorrow. A man who has nothing to take. Of course, thank you very much for someone who has taken me into the line and has been taking care of it since then. read more

Analysis of value chain system and profit model of navigation website

web site navigation to multiple sites exactly on the same page, and provides a variety of practical, convenient query function, to a great extent to China Internet users, especially the use of the primary users of the network behavior habits and the needs of the internet. It can be said that the site navigation site is derived from the domestic Internet environment and the needs of Internet users derived " features " Internet products, in the Internet portal occupies a very important position. read more

use SNS to establish a Bayi military dating network

I’m a soldier of the August 1st military dating website, because I used to be a soldier, and I have a deep understanding of the military career. So I have a dream, is for more in the border area of single soldier driving up a bridge, let them through the network to communicate with another of their own, or find another with their own, if only to give them a space, let them tell their own feelings, to speak some people don’t understand the story and experience.

The establishment of

81 margin dating site soldiers is not a long time, from unsuspectingly into a full confidence, because the technology is not very understanding, through the SNS software UCenter Home friends choose to use the popular 1.5. UCenter Home 1.5 official version of the new interface is pleasant and relaxed, many military users evaluate the use of both easy and easy to use. read more