use SNS to establish a Bayi military dating network

I’m a soldier of the August 1st military dating website, because I used to be a soldier, and I have a deep understanding of the military career. So I have a dream, is for more in the border area of single soldier driving up a bridge, let them through the network to communicate with another of their own, or find another with their own, if only to give them a space, let them tell their own feelings, to speak some people don’t understand the story and experience.

The establishment of

81 margin dating site soldiers is not a long time, from unsuspectingly into a full confidence, because the technology is not very understanding, through the SNS software UCenter Home friends choose to use the popular 1.5. UCenter Home 1.5 official version of the new interface is pleasant and relaxed, many military users evaluate the use of both easy and easy to use. read more