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Use the website Tag label Shanghai Dragon



positive examples

but not to search rankings and flow, regardless of the label correlation, free import keywords and generate TAG pages, thus counterproductive, bring to the site of garbage page, manufacturing problems, according to the Shanghai love not related to static search results announcement may also be punished.

tags is very popular now, complement each other with the site classification, although the website has product classification, but this is only the relevant information of the same category properties are classified, such as product supply and demand information and information technology or belong to the different nature of the information can not be classified, then the Tag tag can fill the defect and, formed more perfect content theme page, make the topic keywords greater advantages in the search engine rankings than single page. read more

What is the meaning of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis

, title and meta 3 site labels, whether there is a keyword, meta tag content is high correlation with the web page.

4, on a web page is dynamic or static or pseudo static web page.

, the content of 2.

Shanghai is Shanghai ER in the diagnosis of dragon dragon optimization promotion on the site before, to the overall situation of the site itself for diagnosis, like a doctor with a patient, you need to "look, cut, ask," in order to know the diagnosis of the patient’s condition, the same, Shanghai Dragon and Phoenix Er should be on site diagnosis write, site diagnosis, and then according to the internal optimization and the promotion of the diagnosis book website. Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis is the foundation for the promotion of the website optimization. I’m in front of my blog also said the public Zhang Qing specializes in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, the so-called professional knowledge to stand up to your site in the Shanghai dragon of diagnosis of a complete diagnosis, the content we all know that we are as follows: read more

YAHOO and Firefox agreed to replace Google as the default search engine


said the agreement will come into effect from December, for a period of 5 years. It is unclear what is the effect of the agreement for YAHOO and Microsoft’s search protocol.

network search with the technical support will be provided by Microsoft. Market research firm StatCounter data show that in the United States last month Firefox desktop, smartphone and tablet computer browser market share of 10.4%. Google Chrome in the first row, share of 33.5%. (compiler / Xiao rain)

YAHOO and Firefox agreement to replace Google as the default search engine read more

A5 marketing the influence of water marketing on B2B site how much

for the operation of the B2B webmaster, B2B the survival situation and future development of various difficulties has become a B2B industry, some owners said B2B couldn’t operate it, love Shanghai K it; some owners said, now the B2B and the medical station do not have what distinction, are filled with low quality content a large number of people; more said that the future of B2B has been unable to develop, every day to search engine spam B2B site in the course of time will have been a wide range of right down. Of course, these are rumors on the network, not many webmaster will believe. However, the current situation of B2B really makes many owners worry, some B2B site has been down right by the K station, such as the world factory and Marco Polo, the two B2B flow down a lot, there is also some unknown B2B, is also love Shanghai heartless injury, which makes the operation of B2B owners had to pay attention to and fear. read more

For enterprises of Shanghai Longfeng company really worth

here is actually the business, has any Shanghai dragon company early will have a lot of profit, a business management or operation of Shanghai dragon knows, enterprise stand optimization is not difficult, unpopular word is seriously hot seckill, do basic OK, Shanghai dragon company is the biggest drawbacks single maintenance. Shanghai dragon is a kind of long-term operation of hard work (chain and articles), popular words fortunately, popular word out and start again, Shanghai dragon no technology at all, and the need to adhere to long time maintenance. Shanghai dragon company is the need to profit, long-term backlog of maintenance alone would be a very toil need live, the cost of natural high can not see, this is also a very big. read more

A college student’s experience of standing

my university my dream? To the dream of the University, I was 05 grade when a new high school to get rid of the shackles of high school, ah want to play… That a play is a term, the term is really a waste of time it is now regret not learn something even if it is not my own professional technology or learn something else, every class is done like sometimes nothing is often skipping in the cafe, in a week is 6, free on Sunday with a group of brothers to go to Internet cafes overnight, now remember the night of the case as well as green happy bar pull. Oh. The truth I really don’t play games. Legend, world of Warcraft,… Not how will end even CS also forget instructions I don’t know how to spend in the Cafe.. so I still regret ING… Hope young girls like money, not detours par… HA as a faithful told people soon graduated this is perhaps the only thing I can do it a blessing or a charge of. read more

Adsense plagiarism but also good at camouflage

in the design community, "copy" is a very sensitive word, one of the people of the hated, secretly happy; someone praised it, someone to avoid it if a. But in any case, "plagiarism" phenomenon is widespread in the design community, but the object and method are different.

has a saying: "existence is reasonable.". Of course, this is also a very controversial statement, but at least it illustrates a truth: the existence of a wide range of things, there must be the reason for its existence. We can not beat a stick, we must go to investigate its roots, to find its laws, and ultimately serve us. read more