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Mesocyclone activity over the North-East Atlantic. Part 1: vortex distribution and variability

first_imgPolar mesocyclones are subsynoptic-scale low pressure systems that form over high-latitude oceans in a cold air mass. It is known that these systems can be very vigorous but only relatively short time periods have been studied in the past to estimate their characteristics. Here satellite imagery is used to study mesocyclones observed over the North-East Atlantic and Nordic Seas during the 2-year period October 1993–September 1995. An unexpectedly large number (4054) of mesocyclones were found, occurring throughout the year, although winter was the most active season. Most mesocyclones were observed in the northern regions of the study area, near the ice edge, and were small, with 86% of cyclones having diameters of <400 km. Most mesocyclones form, and decay, within 1 day and travel only short distances. The large-scale circulation plays a role in determining mesocyclone numbers as the two separate 12-month periods in the study exhibited very different characteristics.last_img read more


first_imgAttached is a post from Classykvillepolitics we felt worth re-postingFeb 9, 2016 at 11:54 amAs someone who is very familiar with the Indiana Open Door Law, I will offer the following.The decision by Miss Mosby to allow someone 10 minutes to talk while limiting comments from the audience is supported by the requirements of the Indiana Open Door Law. Yes, it was a crappy way of handling it, but her methods are within the guidelines.Let me explainSince the Indiana Open Door Law has NO requirement that a Council, Commission, or Board accept or allow public comments from citizens, the fact that the City Council has placed that allowance into their meetings is good for us citizens.The way that Miss Mosby got around that and was able to allow more time (I think some have stated 10 minutes) for John Graybill was exactly what the CCO has pointed out: He was an “agenda item”As someone who is officially on the agenda, there are no restrictions on how much time may be utilized to address the Council, Commission, or Board. The Chair of the meeting can decide and govern the speaking time, but in reality there are no legal restrictions on someone addressing the Council, Commission, or Board.By allowing Mr. Graybill to be an “agenda item” instead of a citizen speaking during the “open comment” period, Miss Mosby has managed to get around the 3 minute “open comment” period the City Council has adopted.Now, don’t be fooled for a minute about the Sneagal on this. The agenda of Council, Commission, or Board is almost always decided by the Chair, which in this case was City Council President Missy Mosby. She allowed Mr. Graybill to be on the official agenda as an “agenda item,” and by doing so she was assured that Mr. Graybill would not be limited to the 3 minute restriction for an “open comment” by a citizenAlso, it is my understanding that an agenda can be changed up to 24 hours before the actual meeting takes place. I’m going to research that. But as long as the final agenda is “posted” for the meeting, which is done by taping it to the outside of Room 301, they can make changes.Finally, here is my advice to citizens who want to do things “officially” while abiding by the rules: Request to be on the agenda.By requesting to be on the agenda, you force them to recognize your request, and by doing so you can make it arranged so that you are NOT limited to 3 minutes as an “open comment” item.However, be advised that agenda items for a Council, Commission, or Board are SOLELY at the discretion of the President or Chair of the meeting. Requesting to address a Council, Commission, or Board is NOT a guarantee of being allowed to speak. I can pretty much promise that for the situation we have seen under Miss Mosby that she will be tight-fisted in controlling who will be placed on the agenda and what they speak about.But if that happens over and over again, eventually somebody will take notice and consider a complaint to the Indiana Public Access Counselor. Unless the guidelines for being accepted for the agenda to address the City Council are written down in a way that does not discriminate against certain citizens, Miss Mosby and the City Council might have a headache.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

August 2019: The Parks Issue

first_imgFEATURES Do You Have Eco-Anxiety? Paddlers: Your beatering is not cool. Boone boulderer Aaron Parlier’s go-to gear. Meet the inspiring young athletes, artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs leading the next wave of outdoor adventure in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. Flashpoint Parks Guide 2019 Tennessee’s Wildest State Park From Mount Mitchell to Blackwater Falls, our state parks host world-class adventure. Here are 12 favorites, along with the behind-the-scenes stories of the visionaries who helped create them. Gorges became a state park instead of a hydroelectric dam, thanks to the efforts of one inspiring leader. Today, it’s still one of the most beautiful and best-kept secrets in Southern Appalachia. Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) announced a controversial development plan for the newly named 2,000-acre Lamar Alexander Rocky Fork State Park. Parents and experts share ways to stay positive and maintain hope in an age of climate uncertainty. The Forest Service wants to nix public comment and scientific review. Don’t let them silence you. Editor’s Note The morning sun sets alight both the sky and Blackwater River with orange and red hues at Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia. Quick Hits Richmond triathlete dies during swim • Have gyms made climbing more accessible? • Three guys named Adam complete Le Conte Challenge • Free climber Austin Howell dies from fall in Linville Gorge • National parks backlog bill earns bipartisan support @reflectioninapool Photo by Jesse Thornton Trail Mix The Goods  Youth bikers and West Virginia state parks partner to construct new trails.  If You Build Them, They Will Come DEPARTMENTS Fresh spins of August The Cool Kids ON THE COVER How Gorges was Savedlast_img read more

Robert Sedlar, Uniline: Great support for the initiative launched by Uniline because Slavonia has a lot to offer and show

first_imgA big positive “dust” was raised by the launch initiative to hold the Days of Croatian Tourism in 2018 in Slavonia. Day after day, support is coming from all over Croatia from the entire tourism sector from Istria to Dubrovnik, as well as from Zagreb to Slavonia, and even beyond the borders of Lijepa naša.Support for the initiative # DHTSlavonija2018 is joined by the leading tourist company Uniline, as well as Robert Sedlar, executive sales director of the tourist company Uniline, who points out that the fact that the previous Tourism Days were held exclusively on the Adriatic, but whether Croatia wants to present itself as a full tourist country life during 365 days, and not only the land of sun and sea during the summer season, it is necessary that such events are held in the continental part of Croatia, whether it was Slavonia, Baranja, Međimurje, Zagorje or some other destination. ” First of all, great praise for the initiated initiative, but also the courage to propose an initiative of this nature at all, bearing in mind that the previous days of tourism have never been held in continental Croatia. From the leading travel company Uniline, but also my personal name, we are a great support to the launched initiative and we will be happy to respond if it is realized. ” Sedlar points out and adds that he sees no reason why tourism professionals from the sea would not be willing to visit Slavonia and experience something new and different from what the previous Days of Tourism have offered because Slavonia has a lot to offer and show.One of the counter-arguments of the initiative is the lack of congress space and the lack of more luxurious accommodation, but personally I do not see it as a problem but as a challenge, because certainly how the Days of Tourism can be held in a luxury tent, and as for accommodation there is a supplement through family accommodation. and as well as the fact that all the cities are only a 15-30 min drive away. Also, the main motive of the initiative is the development of a tourist destination and support for continental tourism, and not just the celebration of Tourism Day. “In any case, I agree with the above, a luxury tent can be a worthy replacement for congress halls, and the diffuse accommodation of participants is the creation of additional content and a new experience in relation to the Tourism Days held so far. There is nothing wrong with moving away from the usual concepts and reluctantly accepting a completely new concept that will contribute to the popularization of continental Croatia. This is an ideal opportunity to gather the tourism profession in one place and work together to get to know, but also to brand not only the region of Slavonia but the whole of continental Croatia. Holding the Day of Tourism in Slavonia is the first step towards strengthening continental tourism, which is a logical continuation of the strategy for the development of continental and rural tourism until 2020. ” Sedlar points out.One of the main goals, apart from the ceremony itself, is to extend the Tourism Days to three days in order to hold B2B workshops, ie to get acquainted with the destination Slavonia. Also, the goal is to motivate as many travel agencies as possible to come and get to know Slavonia in order to be able to generate specific tourist packages and thus start a story about tourist arrivals. Are travel agencies ready to offer Slavonia on the European market?”Uniline has the whole of Croatia in its tourist offer, but we must admit that the sales of Slavonia and continental Croatia are far lower compared to, for example, Istria or Dalmatia. One of the main reasons is the unrecognizability of the destination in Europe, which is close to us, let alone in the Far East or other markets from which our guests come. In order to change this situation and make Slavonia a desirable destination on the tourist map, only through joint work and engagement can we achieve the mentioned goals. Therefore, it is necessary that as part of the Tourism Day, B2B workshops be held on the topic of getting to know Slavonian natural beauties, cultural sights, ethno and gastro tourism, but also other interesting things that Slavonia has to offer. Of course, it is necessary to join the Days of Tourism as many travel agencies as possible in order to be able to generate specific tourist packages that they will present in their sales activities.”Says Sedlar and adds that with a good plan and strategy, all travel agencies that sell Adriatic Croatia should be ready to sell the rest of continental Croatia.One thesis that has been underlined for years is that continental tourism cannot attract a million tourists, a thesis that has no foundation, quite the opposite. On the contrary, Slavonia can and must attract millions of tourists. Of course, the main focus should be on quality, not on quantity, ie that it is not the imperative to count overnight stays and tourist arrivals, but on sustainable development. Just looking at positive examples such as destinations like Bavaria, Austria, Switzerland, as well as Slovenia which is developing rapidly precisely through continental tourism. Is it time for a more serious turn of our tourism through the development of continental tourism? “If a real tourist story is created there should be no problem selling continental destinations. Croatia is a beautiful country, a country full of natural beauty, rich in culture, customs, gastronomy and oenology and it is something that should be presented to the world and introduce potential guests to everything they can experience in Croatia throughout the year. In any case, it is high time to make a serious shift in tourism towards continental destinations because the accommodation facilities on the Adriatic during the tourist season are far overcrowded in terms of supply. Every year we are visited by an increasing number of guests, and if we want this trend to continue and be recognized as a tourist country in the world, we must redirect guests to the continent. ” Sedlar pointed out.It is high time to make a serious shift in tourism towards continental destinations. Slavonia certainly has a lot to offer and show – Robert Sedlar, UnilineOne of the proposals is to brand Slavonia as one brand, one region, ie a tourist destination – Slavonia. And not as is the case so far that we have 5 counties and 5 different development concepts that are not in synergy. What is your opinion on this topic as well as the experience from other successful continental tourist destinations such as Tuscany, Bavaria, Provence… is there an interest of European guests for such an offer, ie to come to Slavonia? “Without synergy there is no success! The concept of county integration is more than necessary, because as mentioned above, success can only be achieved if we join forces and work together on promotion. Slavonia should be branded like branded Istria, Dalmatia or any other European destination. This is the only way to make Slavonia a recognizable, but also a desirable destination. ” Sedlar concluded.Support the initiative, and let’s start with concrete actions. Continental tourism can and must attract millions of tourists, if you don’t believe me, just look at how continental tourism is developing in Bavaria, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. Yes, it is possible, the potentials are there, we have everything (resources, stories, knowledge, money, people), it remains only up to ourselves – people, ie the will and desire, to complete the tourist product and tell the story.#DaniTurizmaSlavonija2018 # DHTSlavonija2018last_img read more

Biden campaign outraises Trump for second straight month

first_imgDemocrat Joe Biden outraised President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign for the second straight month and for the second quarter of 2020, figures released Wednesday showed, highlighting robust enthusiasm for the White House challenger.Biden, the Democratic National Committee and related fundraisers brought in a staggering $141 million in June, the campaign’s best fundraising month ever and $10 million more than Trump and the Republican National Committee.The second quarter of 2020 was a record haul for both campaigns, with Biden coming out on top, $282.1 million against Trump’s $266 million for the April-to-June period. “This haul means for the second consecutive month we have outraised Donald Trump’s campaign and demonstrates a surge in grassroots energy to elect Joe Biden,” campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon said in a statement.Sixty-eight percent of Biden donors in June, the month he reached the number of delegates needed to become the party’s presidential nominee, were first-time contributors, she said.Trump’s campaign reported that it holds a $295 million war chest. Team Biden did not report its cash-on-hand figures, but Trump’s campaign said it maintains a “vast” advantage over Biden in cash on hand.Fundraising typically kicks into high gear in the six months before a presidential election, and the record donations in part reflect robust digital and online fundraising efforts by the campaigns during the coronavirus pandemic. Biden holds a substantial lead of 9.4 percent over the incumbent in national polling, according to a RealClearPolitics poll aggregation.Biden also leads in several swing states that helped propel Trump to victory in 2016, including Florida, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.Trump’s approval rating has slid with voters displeased with his handling of the pandemic and the related economic crisis, as well as his response to spirited protests against racial injustice.center_img Topics :last_img read more

Firefighters To Replace Batesville Weather Siren

first_imgFire crews in Batesville hope to soon replace a weather siren near Moll’s Corner on S.R. 229 that has been down.Fire Chief Todd Schutte said the siren has been inoperative as they are currently in the process of having it replaced.“We had it get hit by lightning and it fried all of the electrical components in the siren. So we are in the process of getting a new siren box or new siren head for that siren location. It will take a little time to get it back up and running,” Schutte said.Schutte added that it is important to not rely strictly on a siren when severe weather strikes the area. With dangerous weather a threat this time of year, stay aware of potential severe weather, follow local media and develop a plan for you and your family.last_img read more

Trojans keep game close, fall to Ducks

first_imgSophomore guard Maurice Jones and redshirt sophomore forward Dewayne Dedmon combined for 40 points against Oregon Thursday night, but the Trojans (5-14, 0-6) stumbled yet again, falling to the Ducks 65-62 at Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene, Ore.A bright spot · Sophomore redshirt forward Dewayne Dedmon had 18 points and seven rebounds against Oregon Thursday, by far his best scoring output of the season. On the year, Dedmon is averaging just over seven points and five rebounds. – Luciano Nunez | Daily TrojanThe loss marked USC’s seventh straight, dropping the team to 0-6 in Pac-12 play, the team’s worst start since the 1988-1989 season when it opened 0-12.The Trojans had arguably one of their best shooting performances of the season, converting 25 of 61 field goal attempts — just the second time in the last 10 games they had shot more than 40 percent from the field. Yet, they but uncharacteristically had issues on the defensive end of the floor.Led by guard Garrett Sim’s four 3-pointers, Oregon (14-5, 5-2) was able to shoot 46 percent, including 38 percent from beyond the arc. Additionally, the Ducks outrebounded USC, 31-24.The Trojans’ efforts were complicated – somewhat — because of the absence of their leading rebounder and second-leading scorer, junior forward Aaron Fuller.Fuller is scheduled to have surgery next week to repair a torn labrum in his left (shooting) shoulder and will miss the remainder of the season. Through 18 games, the Iowa transfer averaged 10.6 points and 5.9 rebounds. The injury leaves USC all the more thin in terms of depth. Against Oregon, USC coach Kevin O’Neill played just six scholarship players, including two freshmen in guards Alexis Moore and Byron Wesley.Both Moore and Wesley struggled to get going offensively, shooting a combined 4-of-15 from the field.USC, collectively at least, was effective early. Over the course of the first 20 minutes, it shot 46 percent from the field, including 40 percent from 3-point range.But in the second half, it struggled and went 0-for-8 from beyond the arc – similar to its Jan. 8 contest against Arizona when it converted just 1-of-15 3-point attempts.Dedmon and Jones, as a result, shouldered much of the scoring load. The 7-foot center’s 18 points marked a career-high and Jones’ 22 points were the third-most he had scored in a game this season. And the 5-foot-7 Jones was perhaps even more dangerous in the waning moments, hitting a pair of free throws with 24 seconds left to pull the Trojans within one point.But on the next possession, guard Devoe Joseph, who finished with 16 points, nailed two free throws to give the Ducks a late three-point lead they would never relinquish.Jones did have one final chance to tie the game with six seconds remaining in the contest, but his 3-pointer was off target.Searching for their first win in conference play, the Trojans will next head to Corvallis, Ore., on Saturday to face Oregon State. It won’t be easy.Though the Beavers (12-7, 2-5) have stumbled in Pac-12 play early on, they boast the conference’s leading scorer in guard Jared Cunningham, who as of Thursday, is averaging 17.6 points per contest. The 6-foot-4 guard scored 35 points in two games against USC last season.USC leads the all-time series between the two programs 67-58.Tip-off is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. and will be televised by Fox Sports Prime Ticket.last_img read more

50 Cent was the man behind Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight

first_img LIVE TV Also Read | Conor McGregor Looks SHARP Ahead Of UFC Return Fight Against Donald Cerrone UFC President Dana White has revealed that Conor McGregor’s mega-money fight with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather was made possible by superstar rapper 50 Cent. The Irishman took on Money Mayweather in a crossover bout in August 2017. The fight made headlines all around the world. Floyd Mayweather won the contest with a tenth-round TKO to take his undefeated boxing record to 50-0.It later appeared that it was not the usual bosses who made the clash happen. it was with the help of American musician 50 Cent that the mega-fight was brought to fruition. Dana White admitted that he never thought that he would pair Conor McGregor with Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match. However, there was a huge demand for it. That was what made him book the blockbuster bout.Also Read | Drake Chooses Nate Diaz Over Conor McGregor Despite Diaz Ranting Against Him In 2016Dana White’s chance meeting with 50 Cent made Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather happenIt was Dana White’s chance meeting with the musician that got the ball rolling. Dana stated that he had felt the demand for McGregor vs Mayweather. White added that he had bumped into 50 Cent in New York. He told White that Floyd Mayweather wanted to fight his boy, Conor McGregor. Also Read | UFC 246: Conor McGregor Vs Donald Cerrone Tickets Sold Out Within 3 Minutes Of Going LiveWhite felt that the demand was for an MMA style fight. He told 50 Cent that McGregor would kill Floyd in a fight. 50 Cent clarified and told Dana that they were actually looking to take on McGregor in a boxing match. He also explained that Floyd was serious about making the fight happen. It was this meeting with 50 Cent that led the UFC President to make an offer. Floyd Mayweather went back into retirement after the fight with Conor McGregor. He recently announced that he is working with White to bring the fans another spectacular event this year.Also Read | Conor McGregor Challenges Singer 50 Cent For One-on-one Fight COMMENT Written By First Published: 3rd January, 2020 20:24 IST Danish Ansari WATCH US LIVE Last Updated: 3rd January, 2020 20:24 IST 50 Cent Was The Man Behind Floyd Mayweather Vs Conor McGregor Fight Musician 50 Cent was the person who was responsible for the mega-fight between boxing veteran Floyd Mayweather and MMA fighter Conor McGregor. Read more. FOLLOW US SUBSCRIBE TO USlast_img read more

IAAF Diamond League: Okagbare Picks Silver in Rabat

first_img*As Olowora sets new national record in 5000mReigning Commonwealth Games double sprint champion Blessing Okagbare-Ighoteguonor yesterday at the Prince Moulay Abdellah Stadium in Rabat, Morocco overcame a slow start to place second in the 100m event at the first ever IAAF Diamond League meeting on African soil.The Nigerian ran a personal season’s best of 11.11 seconds into a -1.3 meters per second (mps) headwind to come second behind Jamaica’s new sprint sensation Elaine Thompson who ran 11.02 seconds, also a personal season’s best.Okagbare’s time is the third fastest by an African woman in the event so far this year after the Ivorian duo of Murielle Ahoure and reigning All Africa Games fastest woman Marie-Josee Ta Lou who ran 11.02 seconds and 11.05 seconds respectively at the opening leg of the money-spinning IAAF Diamond League meeting in Doha, Qatar on May 6 this year.Meanwhile, a former Lagos State long distance running sensation, Aminat Olowora, has set a new national record in the women’s 5000m event.Olowoora, now in the USA ran 15:49.75 seconds at the Hoka One Distance Classic at Eagle Rock in Los Angeles, USA. The time is the first sub-16 minutes run by any Nigerian woman ever.She has also become the second Nigerian woman to break a national record this year after Chinwe Okoro who threw a distance of 61.58m at the Ohio Cherry Blossom Invitational in Athens, USA to rewrite the Nigerian discuss record.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegramlast_img read more

Terry Injured in Win over Werder Bremen

first_imgChelsea captain John Terry had to be replaced because of injury in his side’s final match before their first Premier League game of the season.Terry, who signed a new one-year deal in May, limped off after a collision during yesterday’s 4-2 win over Werder Bremen in Germany.The 35-year-old was immediately replaced by manager Antonio Conte after being caught in the head.Chelsea starts the new season at home to West Ham United on August 15.Eden Hazard and Oscar gave Chelsea a 2-0 lead against Werder Bremen before Claudio Pizarro pulled a goal back.Diego Costa made it 3-1 before half-time only for Lennart Thy to reduce the deficit. Pedro added a fourth in the closing stages.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegramlast_img read more