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People make a difference not policies

first_imgPeople make a difference not policiesOn 29 Jun 2004 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos. Comments are closed. A good diversity policy has nothing to do with the traditional view of‘equal opportunities’, according to the chief executive of tourist busoperator, The Original Tour. Keith Spicer, who is diversity champion at the Arriva-owned company, told anaudience of HR directors at a conference by market research company, ORCInternational, that the Original Tour’s diversity policy is about “goodpeople, not tokenism”. “It is the antithesis of equal opportunities,” he said. “Idon’t want to hear about numbers, it’s opinions that matter. Our [Muslim] staffknow that rotas will be changed to support them during Ramadan. We treat themdifferently based on their circumstances, not meeting equal opportunitiestargets.” As well as ensuring employees are happy, a good diversity policy makescommercial sense, Spicer said. He quoted UK workforce demographics, whichsuggest that, by 2010, ethnic minorities will make up 25-50 per cent of theworkforce in metropolitan areas, and that 80 per cent of growth will be women. “If we want to fish in the largest resource pool, we need to makechanges,” he said. However, some developments designed to encourage diversity have gone toofar, Spicer said. “Sometimes I think the legislators lose the plot on diversity,” hesaid. “We are going to be asked not to discriminate by being giveninformation on sexual orientation and so forth. But when I didn’t know, Icouldn’t discriminate.” Previous Article Next Articlelast_img read more

Press release: Local COVID alert level update for West Yorkshire

first_imgThis press release has been withdrawn because the guidance it includes is out of date.Please refer to full list of local COVID alert levels by area.,Following close discussions with local leaders, all of West Yorkshire, comprising the 5 districts of Calderdale, City of Bradford, Kirklees, Leeds and Wakefield will move from local COVID alert level high to very high from 00.01 on Monday 2 November. This means that new measures will come into place including: in Bradford, weekly case rates stand at 499 per 100,000. This is 634 per 100,000 in those aged 17 to 21 and is 383 per 100,000 in the over 60s in Calderdale, weekly case rates stand at 446 per 100,000. This is 679 per 100,000 in those aged 17 to 21 and is 293 per 100,000 in the over 60s in Wakefield, weekly case rates stand at 436 per 100,000. This is 538 per 100,000 in those aged 17 to 21 and is 324 per 100,000 in the over 60s in Leeds, weekly case rates stand at 423 per 100,000. This is 608 per 100,000 in those aged 17 to 21 and is 370 per 100,000 in the over 60s in Kirklees, weekly case rates stand at 406 per 100,000. This is 522 per 100,000 in those aged 17 to 21 and is 271 per 100,000 in the over 60s casinos, betting shops, soft play centres and areas, adult gaming centres will close; car boot sales will be prohibited the use of shared smoking equipment (such as but not limited to shisha) in hospitality venues will be prohibited; bars, restaurants and cafes which usually serve shared smoking equipment may otherwise continue to operate in line with the regulations on hospitality venues for ‘very high’ areas leisure and sporting facilities (such as leisure centres, gyms, fitness and dance studios, swimming pools, and sports courts) can remain open; it is strongly advised that indoor group exercise classes (including dance and fitness classes) should not take place 236 confirmed COVID-19 cases at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, with 19 mechanical ventilation beds occupied by confirmed COVID-19 patients; this is increased from 143 confirmed cases and 15 mechanical beds occupied on 20 October 142 confirmed COVID-19 cases at Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, with 9 mechanical ventilation beds occupied by confirmed COVID-19 patients; this is increased from 91 confirmed cases and 8 mechanical beds occupied on 20 October 109 confirmed COVID-19 cases at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, with 5 mechanical ventilation beds occupied by confirmed COVID-19 patients; this is increased from 88 confirmed cases and 2 mechanical beds occupied on 20 October 86 confirmed COVID-19 cases at Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust, with 4 mechanical ventilation beds occupied by confirmed COVID-19 patients; this is increased from 50 confirmed cases (number of mechanical beds unchanged) The rate of COVID-19 infections is rising rapidly across the UK. The weekly case rate in England stood at 224 people per 100,000 from 17 October to 23 October, up from 100 people per 100,000 for the week 25 September to 1 October. Cases are not evenly spread, with infection rates rising more rapidly in some areas than others.In West Yorkshire, infection rates are among the highest in the country and continue to rise rapidly. The weekly case rate stands at 441 people per 100,000 across the region, and is 337 per 100,000 in those over 60 rising to 597 per 100,000 in those aged 17 to 21 years old, as of 23 October.In Bradford the current weekly case rate per 100,000 rises to 499 per 100,000, with 634 per 100,000 aged between 17 to 21.As of Tuesday, there were 236 confirmed COVID-19 cases at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, a sharp increase from 143 confirmed cases a week earlier.To support the local community during this period, it has also been agreed with local leaders that the move to very high will be supported by funding that is proportionate to that received by other regions that have moved to very high. This will include additional funding from the contain outbreak management fund to support proactive containment and intervention measures, as well as business support funding.The measures are limited to 28 days, after which they will be reviewed.All available data for the areas that will move to local COVID alert level very high has been assessed by the government, including the Health and Social Care Secretary, NHS Test and Trace, the Joint Biosecurity Centre (JBC), Public Health England (PHE), the Chief Medical Officer and the Cabinet Office. Data assessed includes incidence, test positivity and the growth rate of the virus.It is essential these outbreaks are contained to protect lives and our NHS, and prevent greater economic damage in the future. We face a new challenge as we head into the winter, and we know that even mild cases of COVID-19 can have devastating consequences for people in all age groups, along with the risk of long COVID.Our strategy is to suppress the virus while supporting the economy, education and the NHS, until an effective vaccine is widely available. Local action is at the centre of our response, and engagement with local authorities is, and will continue to be, a key part of this process.Background informationCase rates per 100,000 people (data for specimens taken between 17 October 2020 and 23 October 2020): Coronavirus briefing, situation report: West Yorkshire On 12 October, the government introduced a new, simplified framework for local interventions based around three new local COVID alert levels.The postcode checker shows which alert level applies in each area.The NHS COVID-19 app will also direct people to this information.We have provided £3.7 billion of funding to local authorities in England to respond to pressures in all their services.The Prime Minister also announced on Monday 12 October additional COVID funding of around £1 billion which will provide local authorities with additional money to protect vital services. The government will set out further information in due course on how this new funding will be allocated.Key NHS hospital data for West Yorkshire as of Tuesday 27 October was: In addition, following discussions with West Yorkshire leaders it was agreed that from Monday 2 November the following measures will also come into place: people must not socialise with anybody they do not live or have formed a support bubble with, in any indoor setting or in any private garden or at most outdoor hospitality venues and ticketed events people must not socialise in a group of more than 6 in an outdoor public space such as a park or beach, the countryside, a public garden or outdoor sports courts or facilities all pubs and bars must close, unless they are serving substantial meals people should try to avoid travelling outside the very high alert level or entering a very high alert level area, other than for work, education or for caring responsibilities or to travel through as part of a longer journey residents should avoid staying overnight in another part of the UK, and others should avoid staying overnight in the very high alert arealast_img read more

Bridging the gap between activism and policymaking in Malawi

first_imgIt is a typical morning in rural Malawi. Women wearing colorful red, yellow, and blue patterned dresses carry large metal buckets, many balancing them on their heads, and often with young infants strapped to their backs. To get fresh water for their families, most travel an average of two miles on unpaved, meandering roads. At present, 30 percent of rural Malawians do not have access to safe drinking water.“The lack of safe water access is just one of the many disheartening statistics that contributes to Malawi’s widespread poverty,” said Paul Kwengwere, one of the Ash Center’s five Ford Foundation Mason Fellows for the 2011-12 HKS academic year. “When I first traveled outside of Malawi to Kenya and then later to the UK and US, I was shocked by the dramatic gap between the poor of other countries and the poor of mine.”Nearly 40 percent of Malawi’s population lives below the poverty line. Kwengwere notes that Malawi’s per capita income, currently at $300/year, has made relatively little progress in the last three decades . While 70 percent of the population are considered literate, only 30 percent have a formal education. Despite the country’s implementing free primary education in 1994, 20 percent of school-aged children do not attend school. Read Full Storylast_img read more

Insulin and carbs

first_imgBy Stephanie SchupskaUniversity of GeorgiaJelly beans, marshmallow peeps, Cadbury eggs and chocolate bunnies. The signs that Easter is on its way are all around. Just because the holiday has sweet treats doesn’t mean it spells disaster for people with diabetes.According to Connie Crawley, a University of Georgia Cooperative Extension nutrition and health specialist, an Easter basket doesn’t have to be filled with sweets to be a treat. “There are really quite a few things they can do,” Crawley said. “In an Easter basket, you don’t have to put candy.” Or, parents can “focus on the one or two sweets that your child really enjoys. Don’t just give him a bunch of junk.”Children with diabetes often regulate their blood sugar by counting carbohydrates and following them with the correct amount of insulin. This is called an insulin-to-carb ratio. If the child has a favorite candy, the amount of insulin needed can easily be calculated in advance. Problems arise when too many sweets are thrown into the mix.Over indulging can create a situation where diabetic children or adults can “out eat” their medications ability to compensate. “You want to eat sweets in moderation whether you have diabetes or not,” Crawley said.She suggests children eat candy and sweets after a meal. Treating sweets as a dessert lessens the chance of overeating. Another way to teach children moderation, she said, is to allow the child to select candy from the basket, but not allow them to have access to the whole basket.“If you cover with insulin and don’t over eat, (eating Easter candy) should not a big deal,” Crawley said. As an only child, Crawley knows from experience that each child only needs one basket of candy. “When I was a kid, I got five baskets,” she said. “It was decorative stuff, and it didn’t taste very good.”An alternative to the traditional sweets-filled Easter basket would be to include more non-food items. This applies to all children, not just those with diabetes, Crawley said.First, consider the child’s age. Then, buy age-appropriate items that he or she would enjoy. Crawley suggests gift cards, athletic equipment like goggles or jump ropes, movie passes, stuffed animals and small toys.“You just have to think creatively,” she said. “If a child has a hobby, you can easily give something to support their hobby. Also, support them to be more physically active.”When it comes to the Easter meal, the traditional ham entree shouldn’t cause health concerns as long as the adults or children present don’t have hypertension, Crawley said. Side items are limitless, but Crawley recommends choosing lower-fat, lower-sugar recipes.The American Diabetes Association publishes diabetic cookbooks and provides recipes online at, Crawley said.Knowing the blood glucose values for food items and what a food does to blood sugar levels will also diabetics plan their holiday menus. “Know how particular foods affect you and how to adjust your diabetes treatment accordingly,” she said.To combat the calories, and the carbohydrate overload, plan to be active after the holiday meal if possible. “Take a walk, play outside with the kids, ride a bike,” she said. “Do anything after the meal that will at least burn off extra calories.”(Stephanie Schupska is a news editor with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.)last_img read more

Harvest rainwater, and keep the change

first_imgGeorgia residents have faced a series of droughts and water restrictions in recent years, making water a precious commodity and leaving citizens with the burden of finding alternatives to reducing and conserving their water use. Harvesting rainwater, however, is an alternative for homeowners that not only provides a water source in times of drought and water bans, but also can help the environment.“Rainwater harvesting is not terribly complicated, but it does help to think about conserving water,” said Frank Henning, a liaison between the EPA and land-grant universities in the Southeast, “especially as the population grows and more stress is being placed on a limited water supply.”Henning, who formerly worked for University of Georgia Cooperative Extension, encourages rainwater harvesting for homeowners. He says by capturing rain, “you reduce the amount of storm water and save energy because water doesn’t have to be pumped, treated and sent to your home.” To determine the appropriate rainwater harvesting system size, homeowners should first see how much water they use for irrigation by either checking their outside meters or by estimating average yearly use by looking at their water bills. Next, homeowners need to use a bit of creativity to figure out how rainwater can be collected from their roof and diverted into a harvesting cistern.“[With] a 2,000-square-foot roof and 1 inch of rain, a homeowner could generate over 1,200 gallons of water,” Henning said. Most parts of Georgia receive about 50 inches of rain per year, so that’s about 60,000 gallons of water from a roof per year.By combining information about how much rainwater is needed for irrigation and other outdoor purposes with information on how much rain it is possible to collect, homeowners can then determine the size of a tank. Professionals that are American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association certified can assist with purchase and installation. Alternatively, homeowners could install a rain barrel, which collects a smaller amount of water.The expense of a rainwater harvesting system can vary depending on the material the tank is made out of (with plastics being less expensive than galvanized metal or aluminum), the location of the tank (on a hilly, rocky or a level site) and ornamentation surrounding the catchment system. “As the tank size increases, the cost per gallon harvested actually goes down,” Henning said. “It wouldn’t be unreasonable to have a cistern that will hold 1 gallon per square foot of roof area, or around 2,000 gallons for an average-sized house.” Rainwater harvesting systems can also help homeowners earn points toward LEED or low-impact development certification.Once systems are installed, homeowners are responsible for the maintenance of cisterns or tanks. Without proper installation and upkeep, mosquitoes, organic material, algae growth and freezing tanks can all become issues. However, the benefit of conserving water and being able to irrigate your lawn and garden in the midst of drought or a water ban is worth issues that could come up, Henning said.In a recent publication, Henning and Sheryl Wells, a UGA stormwater specialist in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, further explain the benefits of rainwater harvesting. For more information on rainwater harvesting, go to or is also sponsoring a rainwater harvesting course at 8:30 a.m. on May 23. This one-day introductory workshop is open to anyone interested in learning more about rainwater harvesting for applications like landscape irrigation. For more information and the full course agenda, go to read more

Indian train kills 14 workers laid-off in coronavirus lockdown

first_imgPolice said the laborers worked for a steel company and were walking to their village in the neighboring state of Madhya Pradesh.”They had been walking all night, they were exhausted and fell asleep on the tracks,” a police officer said.Because of the lockdown, they were probably not expecting any trains to be moving, an official said.India’s eight-week long lockdown, one of the world’s most stringent, has helped contain the coronavirus officials say, but it has hit the poor hard.Criticism has mounted about how Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has arranged planes to bring back Indians from overseas, while leaving laborers stranded in big cities with little food or cash.Modi said on Twitter he was anguished by the loss of lives in the train accident and all possible assistance was being provided.”Shocked by the deaths of migrant workers hit by train. We should be ashamed of how we treat our nation-builders,” said Rahul Gandhi, leader of the main opposition Congress party.Over the past week, some state governments facing public pressure organized trains and buses to bring back migrant laborers.Many are trudging great distances in the blistering heat through fields and forests to get home. Topics : Fourteen people were killed and five were injured, said a railway spokesman, C.H. Rakesh.”I have just heard the sad news about laborers coming under the train, rescue work is underway,” Railway Minister Piyush Goyal said on Twitter.Under the lockdown, all public transport has been suspended so migrant workers heading home often have to walk long distances to get there.The government has extended the lockdown until May 17.center_img An Indian train killed 14 migrant workers who had fallen asleep on the track on Friday while they were heading back to their home village after losing their jobs in a coronavirus lockdown, police said.Tens of thousands of people have been walking home from India’s big cities after being laid off because of the lockdown to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus since late March.The driver tried to stop the freight train when he saw the workers on the tracks in the western state of Maharashtra, the railway ministry said, adding it had ordered an inquiry.last_img read more

Victor Moses on cloud nine over Inter Milan win against Ludogorets

first_img Loading… “Back to winning ways and we go again Sunday,” Moses posted on Twitter. The Nerazzurri came into the game on the back of a disappointing 2-1 loss at Lazio last weekend which dropped them down to third on the Serie A log. Christian Eriksen’s first Inter Milan goal and Romelu Lukaku’s late penalty gave the Italians a first-leg victory over Bulgarian side Ludogorets in the Europa League last 32. It took Antonio Conte’s side 71 minutes to break down their defensive opponents but Eriksen broke the deadlock with a strike from the edge of the area. The Dane could have added a second minutes later when a 25-yard effort hit the bar.Advertisement Moses played for 72 minutes and was replaced by Nicolo Barella. He has now featured six times in all competitions for Inter since moving on loan from Chelsea in January. Read Also:Coppa outing not over for Inter – Victor Moses Antonio Conte’s men will turn their attention to the Serie A when they take on Sampdoria at home on Sunday evening with the hope Juventus and Lazio – who are above them and playing on the road – falter in a bid to reclaim top spot back. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 center_img Victor Moses is overwhelmed with excitement and he could not hide his feelings after Inter Milan’s 2-0 win over Ludogorets in the Europa League round of 32 on Thursday. Promoted ContentOnly Those Who Live In 1980s Know What It IsThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read More9 Facts You Should Know Before Getting A Tattoo5 Reasons To Wait For The Solo Black Widow MovieSome Impressive And Almost Shocking Robots That Exist10 Risky Jobs Some Women DoCan You Imagine Quitting A Role Because Of Dislike For W. Smith?2020 Tattoo Trends: Here’s What You’ll See This YearWho Earns More Than Ronaldo?7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend BetterWhat Is A Black Hole In Simple Terms?Who Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?last_img read more

Bacolod City to hold New Year countdown

first_imgBACOLOD City – This capital city isgearing up to ring in New Year’s Eve 2020 with fireworks display at the BacolodGovernment Center grounds on Dec. 31. The councilor said thousands of Bacolodnons are expected to join the countdown. Siony Hijara-Ferraris, site director and general manager of PanAsiatic Solutions, said that PanAsiatic started this tradition with Mayor Leonardia. She added this year, they increased the budget from P230,000 to P280,000 and this will be spectacular fireworks./PN Councilor Israel Salanga, chairperson of the City Council’s committee on tourism, said this yearly activity dubbed “31-to-1” gives an opportunity for the families to enjoy the fireworks display. He said the fireworks display will be sponsored by the PanAsiatic Solutions. “We have several activities for the countdown that will start at 6 p.m., we want everybody here to enjoy,” he added. “We’ve been the partner of Bacolod City in the countdown by sponsoring the fireworks ever since and from then on yearly, we make sure that we’ve a budget for the countdown,” she said. Salanga noted that there will be dance showdown with participants from various villages, live band, raffle, and among others.last_img read more

McIlroy in line for fine

first_img A win on Sunday could lift Molinari from 66th in the world rankings to inside the top 30, securing his place in the US Open and Open Championship. “I missed the Masters this year after 22 majors in a row and it was not a nice feeling, so I hope I will be back soon,” he added. Molinari enjoyed a two-shot lead over former European number one Robert Karlsson, with England’s Chris Wood, Scotland’s Marc Warren, former US PGA champion YE Yang and Spanish pair Miguel Angel Jimenez and Jorge Campillo all four under. Karlsson has suffered a number of problems with form and fitness since topping the Order of Merit in 2008, most famously withdrawing from the 2012 Open Championship on the eve of the event because he was unable to start his backswing. The 45-year-old Swede at least has happier memories of Wentworth, shooting a course-record 62 in the third round in 2010 after having to hire a private jet to get back to London on Saturday morning because he had flown home to Monaco the day before thinking he had missed the cut. Wood has played just six events this season after spending five months on the sidelines with a broken bone in his wrist, suffered when he fell during a tennis lesson in October. “It’s a long way for me to fall and it hurt,” the 6ft 6in Bristolian joked. “It was misdiagnosed as bone bruising for a month and then I was in a cast for two months at home. “It was a nightmare because I fell out of the top 60 on the Race to Dubai and plummeted down the world rankings. It’s been a struggle and feels like I have been working hard to finish 30th every week. I did finish third in Morocco but I think it was always going to be a bit of a battle after five months.” Scotland’s Stephen Gallacher was forced to withdraw before play began due to a wrist injury, while three-time major winner Padraig Harrington lasted just two holes before retiring with a shoulder problem. There was better news for England’s Andrew Johnston, who won a BMW M4 for a hole-in-one on the 10th, which he marked with an exuberant chest-bump celebration with a friend in the gallery. ” It took one bounce and hit the flag and went straight in. It just happened so quick, so I didn’t really know what to do,” Johnston said after his 77. “I just saw him. He looked and I was like, ‘All right, now is the time to go’.” World number one Rory McIlroy faces a fine from the European Tour after throwing a club in frustration during the first round of his defence of the BMW PGA Championship title on Thursday. McIlroy also threw his ball into the water on the 18th after missing a birdie attempt and conceded afterwards that mental fatigue was a factor in the fourth of five tournaments in succession. “Physically I am all right – I got back to my hotel at 4:30pm (on Wednesday) and did not leave it until 6:30 this morning – but mentally I could feel myself getting a little angry out there,” said McIlroy, who also threw his 3-iron into a lake at Doral during the WGC-Cadillac Championship in March. “Acceptance of bad shots is the thing I have been doing so well and I feel like my patience was wearing a bit thin today. I just need to stay in control of my emotions because I feel like that’s one of the things – if I’m a little tired or a little fatigued mentally, I’ll start to be hard on myself and start to get down on myself. “I played okay. There weren’t really any aspects of my game I thought were really good, but at the same time I don’t feel any aspect of my game was really off.” McIlroy was only three off the pace when he finished, but ended the day six off the lead held by former Ryder Cup team-mate Francesco Molinari, who posted a flawless 65. Molinari, whose brother Edoardo retired with a wrist injury after playing 16 holes in eight over, was joint second in the Spanish Open last week and has an excellent record at Wentworth, having finished seventh, ninth and seventh the last three years. “I think I missed one green on the third and chipped up to two feet, so it was as stress-free as it could be round here,” said the 32-year-old, who has recorded just one top-10 finish in 10 starts on the PGA Tour this season. “I love this place and it’s good to be back. It rewards accuracy, which suits my game. “Playing in America is a new challenge and I think it’s helping my game to improve. Hopefully I will get my rewards soon.” McIlroy is looking to claim a third win in four events, having followed his victory in the WGC-Cadillac Match Play with a third consecutive top-10 finish in the Players Championship and a seven-shot triumph at Quail Hollow on Sunday. However, the 26-year-old struggled to keep his emotions in check after carding four birdies and three bogeys in a round of 71, hurling his three-wood down the 17th fairway after hitting a poor approach to the par five. Press Associationlast_img read more

Brightline suspends South Florida train service for months

first_imgThe Brightline has announced that they will be suspending operations between Miami and West Palm Beach “for the coming months” because of the coronavirus pandemic.Construction on the West Palm Beach to Orlando route will continue. Work is also moving forward on adding two stations in Miami-Dade County and one in Boca Raton.As South Florida starts its phased re-opening, the team at Brightline is monitoring current events and evaluating scenarios for providing passenger service. However, we do not anticipate resuming operations in the coming months.— Brightline (@GoBrightline) May 20, 2020last_img read more