Analysis of value chain system and profit model of navigation website

web site navigation to multiple sites exactly on the same page, and provides a variety of practical, convenient query function, to a great extent to China Internet users, especially the use of the primary users of the network behavior habits and the needs of the internet. It can be said that the site navigation site is derived from the domestic Internet environment and the needs of Internet users derived " features " Internet products, in the Internet portal occupies a very important position.

according to iResearch recently released "2011 Chinese navigation website Market Research Report" shows that the China navigation website value chain mainly by the airlines website, navigation website resources, competitors, advertisers and users, multi participants together influence the development of the market. At present, China’s navigation website’s main source of revenue include the sale of advertising layout, cooperation with the ad League to get into, as well as to the chain site charge a certain fee.

navigation website, navigation competitors, website resources, advertisers and users constitute the value chain system of China Navigation Website market

site navigation website value chain system


web site navigation through a main operation process including various types of website resources, two push to the user, the link information of three selling advertising to advertisers, advertisers and the four will be included in the website to complete the docking site. Among them, included website and sale advertisement page also may undertake at the same time. All stakeholders involved in the navigation process constitute a relatively closed value chain system, and also an important factor to consider and evaluate the development status of the navigation industry.

navigation competitors are a major force in maintaining navigation value chain operations. The core of the current navigation competitors on the market are mainly hao123 website home, 360 safe navigation, Sogou navigation, 2345 site navigation, and site navigation for Internet users; the entrance of the dormant major competitors are Baidu, Google and other search engines and browser blank pages; potential or may replace netizens navigation habits on the edge of competitors Baidu new home other sites and services.

various websites, resources and advertisers are the providers and consumers of navigation value. They are both navigation web content providers, but also rely on navigation website platform for their website promotion, or advertising information so that there are some advertisers to coincide with the various web resources identity phenomenon.

users are carriers of the value of navigation websites. Navigation websites attract a large number of user resources by including various kinds of high-quality websites, and then sell their attention to advertisers. Therefore, users are the core of the value of navigation websites.

, the profitability of China’s website navigation site, determines the market will suffer bottlenecks after the rapid development of

The rapid development of

navigation websites in China is related to its concise and clear profit model. Its main >

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