Examples of Baidu site for the collection and ranking factors

on the Internet at all these years, although it has the scenery, but also just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. What has been, always pursued, are some garbage stations that make quick profits, bring profits, and rape search engines. Station group, chain group, content acquisition, look back, the mere trash, the chain included today, spread all across in confusion, no tomorrow. A man who has nothing to take. Of course, thank you very much for someone who has taken me into the line and has been taking care of it since then.


has now done an unrelated and relatively stable job, it has paid little attention to it, but still loves it. Always wanted to find a favorite theme of his own, to insist on doing a web site. Do not have to do more, at least I like, even if I look at myself in the future. All the time, I have never made such record and persistence. I hope I can carry on. Before I think of a is a, today found that the project is good, immediately register a domain name, the whole space, not a week, the enthusiasm of the retreat, time is weak, the site also stopped eggs. Do the most afraid of not adhere to the website, of course, afraid of being silly.

since do stand, that will certainly with search deal with, domestic webmaster, to study Baidu also inevitable. Although it is changing all the time, the big aunt several times a month or even dozens of times, much like us a batch of Internet pseudo SEO fighter in the search engine’s edge is still struggling.

small melon on the line so far, there has been a long time. 12 years in October on the line, six months, six months. Because they have other work, so basically every day, or have time to update one or two articles, but still do it attentively. It takes 1-2 hours to update an article. Although not all original, but also from various places to find the content of the combination. At least pseudo original is extremely delicate. But it seems to be included is not very ideal, although also received a lot. At present, the total station has more than 200 articles, included only more than 200, and many of them are Tag. As I estimate, Baidu should be at least 500-800 pages normal, Google has received more than 1000 pages.

built this station early, chose a template, two months have not included… Later studied, and this template has a lot to do with. Search for the relevant template built by the station, almost no one included, and then silly, and not so bad. Later, through the quality of the article to maintain the update, two months later, Baidu finally included. During the Google still no response, logically speaking, Google cares little about the template. Three months, an old domain name, even Google have not included. Sure there are other reasons, and later think again, perhaps this domain name is search engine Google + Baidu K, because a few years ago this domain name built collection station, and then shut the station. So go to Google Webmaster Tools registered an account, submitted a new station application, write very sincere, special description is now normal warfare, did not expect a week later included. A month later, the Google PR update went to >

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