Baidu advertising manager Xu Wu how to manage web advertising

Anhui Internet webmaster Club Co sponsored alliance, thousands of old stationmaster lecture hosted by K has been to the sixty-third period, the period to the webmaster guest is Baidu commercial product department Xu Wu, manager of product advertising manager.

Baidu advertising steward is a medium to high-end media, stable, high-speed, easy to use, free advertising management system. At that time, we will show you the charm of Baidu advertising, and will also bring you all the webmaster Baidu give you all kinds of care policy, better help webmaster grow.

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lecture record:

good evening, I am Xu from Baidu’s commercial products division. Today I would like to share with you the Baidu advertising steward about how to manage web advertising.

advertising housekeeper formally launched for nearly half a year. When we do, also heard many domestic senior webmaster opinion, there is a consensus that, feel at home is not very familiar with the whole circle this advertising management system, but we also feel the need to talk about this thing and the webmaster.

today, thank you. Give us all this platform, thanks to actively participate in so many webmaster, so close and so many webmaster exchange this piece of advertising management system.

today is mainly about how to manage the website advertising, how to improve the website advertising business value, in addition to the webmaster website content itself, must be advertising management for their site to do some research.


content management system solves the problem of creating web content faster and better.

, and we advertise system, is to help Adsense want how, faster, better advertising, better make money.

advertising housekeeper, we have a definition of official, but for the long tail webmaster, I think it can be understood as a website advertising optimization tool.

first say, general webmaster management advertising in 4 ways,


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