Micro blog battle a war without nternet smoke

2010 is known as the first year of micro-blog, micro-blog, micro blog, because micro-blog itself is a kind of communication and exchange and debate, its convenient, easy to read, easy to spread characteristics, and helped several major domestic portals, micro-blog rapid growth and development.

2011, on the one hand is big brother Sina champion, on the other hand, network communications giant Tencent heavy attack. Dimension basically already formed two big micro-blog camp, the confrontation between Tencent and sina.

, let’s take a look at the performance of these two camps, in 2011, Tencent micro-blog first announced micro-blog users billions of dollars, and then Sina also announced the rush to this peak. "In January 12, 2011 07 seconds, the number of fans in the more than 10 million Tencent micro-blog Liu Xiang, micro-blog became the first history with fans more than tens of millions of bloggers, the first in the world to further consolidate their status of micro-blog." "The day is exactly 20 months since the wave following the September 28, 2009 micro-blog officially launched the beta, at the end of February this year, the number of sina micro-blog users has exceeded 100 million mark, realize users."

of course, both Sina and Tencent have their own special advantages and disadvantages. This promotes or restricts their respective development.

(I) Sina and Tencent, micro-blog’s strengths and weaknesses and development strategy analysis

Sina Tencent analysis of their respective advantages.

according to Cao Guowei’s argument, at least Sina micro-blog has three advantages, development mode of the "two first and inventive". The first is to start early, second first refers to the innate resources Sina accumulation; a model refers to a mixed mode Twitter+Facebook.

what about Tencent? Tencent’s biggest advantage is, of course, the advantages of the largest network of communications users and its QQ clients. Another is its SNS community friends, which will also be a support point for the development of Tencent micro-blog, may be combined.

two, Sina, Tencent, 2011 analysis of their respective strategies

first, Sina micro-blog is the first to open the third party application platform, which greatly promote the development of sina micro-blog, but also provide more opportunities for the third party, the Internet is always an open platform. Secondly, Sina has launched a grand weibo.com domain name, this domain name is easy to remember, but also more able to say that micro-blog will first think of sina, micro-blog. In addition, sina will promptly organize some online activities based on social conditions, the launch of this series of activities also contributed to the great development of sina and micro-blog in the past 11 years.

, compared with sina micro-blog, Tencent more emphasis on grassroots, which may be related to its loss of innate advantages. On the one hand, the Tencent, micro-blog, began to work with certain groups to push each other. On the other hand, they have begun to introduce celebrities, such as the first to introduce and launch the world’s first ten million fans

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