Facing the sea spring with the website with me to the ideal

I have no contact with the network, although has been working in IT, but who do not want to Jirenlixia, hope to be able to own career achievements! Is this idea that I and a few friends together, we are very passionate, actively planning discussion founded the Luoyang discount nets, the beginning we bear different division of labor, burning the midnight oil, because not familiar with the website of technology, almost all from scratch, no clue, we spent nearly a month to build a website. From the day when the website was launched in February 1, 2008, we were on the road without any help……

just started not understand website promotion, not to mention what SEO, and everything from scratch, everyone buried together to study how to carry out better development. But all understand the truth, website development needs money, need a lot of money, but for entrepreneurs, the lack of passion is not, and it is the most critical money. Everyone is just working, not long, no one is rich, everyone’s family is poor. So we thought of the loan, but found that there is nothing to take collateral, to the car without a car, to the house, no room, is simply nothing. The only way is to borrow from friends, but when we put together the money together, our heart is trembling, although not much, but this is the crystallization of our unity, we still have some proficiency in a particular line we can, while making money edge started, as long as you are willing to endure hardship, we believe that the road will be better

!The road that

site has just started is difficult. Local websites are more difficult to do than national websites, not only to promote on the Internet, but also to promote and publicize below. We do not have money to do print ads, can only rely on their own mouths to carry out publicity, we do not have any business experience, there is no way, can only force themselves to learn, to try. After some time in the promotion of the network, we started the following publicity. We traveled to the city for half a year, greatly small corner of the bus, riding a bicycle is not easy to run a business, can only rely on their own feet, in the first half of this year alone go out two pairs of shoes, this is not what most stand is the most cold, we have run into a wall and rejected by customers BAM sound out the taste we do not know how many times repeatedly tasted, sometimes I think it is to bear down, many thought of giving up is persistent, partners and abandon the spiritual support to continue to go down. We have no experience, we should look for experience in the actual operation, while summing up and developing, we are looking for a better way of development.

because the website is more female themed, sometimes it’s inconvenient for men to go where we run, so we have to use other ways to get in touch. Who let we have no money, can only think of ways to solve the difficulties, the growth of the road is difficult and tortuous, do not know the future will meet what kind of mountain to let us through. But looking at the site every day I grew up, and more full of energy, but now we.

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