nventory design circle ten big material download station

inventory design circle ten big material download station

a Chinese Webmaster Station material


China Webmaster Station from the web site source code to start, until now provides design class material, including wallpaper, templates, icons, fonts……

material has very broad scope, but the website source become the backbone, and the design of material slightly amateur.

advantages: a wide variety of materials.

disadvantages: lack of design materials.

two CSDN download channel


CSDN download channel is also different, sometimes even can make people too busy to attend to all games to find.

advantages: a wide variety of resources, as well as some scarce resources.

disadvantages: lack of humanity, strict integration system, no integral, you can not download.

three stand cool http://s.zcool.com.cn

station cool webmaster, understand technology, and will do design. So, in his hands, the station produced cool, although it is also moving material from foreign websites, but after careful modifications, design resources full, the user experience is equally good. But the adopted DEDECMS always looks a bit flawed. Thief program can always easily download the station’s cool download resources. This is why one after another after cool, full of copycat version zcool high streets and back lanes between the innumerable night.

advantage: material is exquisite.

disadvantage: download speed is too slow.

four nipic http://s.nipic.com

nipic provides a large number of vector images and materials, can basically meet the low-end designer’s daily work, but the nipic fees as a download site, deter many entry-level designers.

advantages: high picture accuracy, all kinds of

disadvantages: charges

five red moving forum http://s.redocn.com

red mobile download station is a forum post in the form of download, need to log in and have a certain score. Integral acquisition method is not easy, unless RMB recharge, but the red moving forum scarce material plate has some very fine material. It takes a lot of money to get good things.

six view guest forum http://s.forum.chinavisual.com

is also a forum post form to provide downloads, depending on the guest forum is relatively tolerant of red, only replies can be downloaded. But >

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