Five digital Com domain name will become a new round of hot spots

in early 2008, five digital.Com entered a brief golden period. The price soared to around two times the registered price.

but the crazy soaring as the fire hot stock market, with the global economic situation deteriorated rapidly in the U.S. financial crisis hit, immediately fell into decline stage! But it’s not like the stock fell so fast, in quite a long period of time also is home to five digital.Com domain name registration business must grab the varieties, did not fall to the ground.

by 2008.6, I was lucky enough to manually register the five digital.Com. When the five digital without 4 just to sell about one hundred is very easy, and then grab the five digital.Com is basically a waste, non off stage type, it is easier to sell. Usually grab the day to sell. After a few months, I sold hundreds of five numbers,.Com. And these five digital.Com half is sold in Admin5, all the stationmaster have collected to do rubbish station.

to the beginning of 2009, five digital.Com began to fall to the ground, and some with 4 or even 4, no one registered. At most, it seems there are more than 500 people who are not registered. However, with the registration of some of the preferential activities carried out, the five figures and the extinction of a period. Now only 4 of the five figures, no one registered.

although five digital.Com registration situation is better for the direction of change, but the price seems to have no signs of recovery. A lot of people registered the five digital.Com and didn’t sell it. Of course, there are many people who want to register without 4 of the five digital.Com, but can’t register. The market is in demand, but there seems to be a gap between supply and demand. How to get through the two channels of contact, I am trying to find a way.

22 morning, there will be 198 five digit.Com delete, 23 morning 25, 24 morning is 183, 25 morning will have 706 deleted, total amounted to more than 1100, accounting for five, digital.Com total 1/100 strong. This will be a test of the five digital.Com market, the market will digest how much, may be in a fairly long period of time, affecting the future trend of the five digital.Com.

but it is undeniable that five digital.Com only 100 thousand, short and good remember, in itself is a selling point of the domain name. Not to mention the five digital.Com as well as other varieties, there have been a lot of be station occupied, circulating in the market is certainly not the 100 thousand level, so there is no need to take 100 thousand of the amount to scare yourself frighten others.

therefore, once the market warming, then the five digital.Com inevitable because of its low, short and easy to remember quickly once again become the market short-term even one of the best varieties of long-term speculation.

so what about the five digital.Com at the moment? I think you can do long if you have enough money

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