A profitable way for a small and medium sized enterprise website

with the increasing popularity of the Internet, the Internet marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises pay more and more attention, how to make a website of medium and small businesses to the road to profitability? In fact, small and medium-sized websites to profit only need to follow the following three principles:

preliminary planning

finished many enterprises website on the matter, scanty IP a year down the visit, the reason lies in the site planning: throughout the site always architecture is not unified, to the three page structure is not the same; some column content is blank, and the content of the website column the keyword there is no relationship, especially under the company’s line of products do not highlight, when online display only a simple list, no detailed description, and it is also the site of the content in a directory. The audience feel bad website experience have led to the site in the audience very loyal, so even if the majority of the audience through the search for relevant keywords found the enterprise website will not enterprise website loyalty.

web programming includes many contents: website, website positioning to determine the audience research, website offline industry market research, competitor analysis, online web site overall architecture planning, site analysis, site overall color collocation, determine the main column navigation site auxiliary program on the company’s products, online show, website customer service service to determine the primary and secondary advantages the company’s products and services, planning, and keyword keyword related web content, viscosity analysis and so on. In the operation and management of a website from scratch, enterprises should not be in a hurry to start to design a website, but should be early full investigation and analysis of the above planning based on the content, and then develop into the document as a reference for the construction site. As long as you consider how these factors need to be planned into the web site, the entire site is not far from success.

mid term optimization

Professional network marketing professionals

many think: website optimization is the search engine optimization that is SEO, but in fact the website optimization is not a simple means of search engine optimization, website optimization mainly includes: search engine optimization, site structure optimization, optimization of human language.

search engine optimization, mainly pointer to the web site keywords optimization, web site link optimization, keyword in the content of the website density optimization, etc.. In order for your website to have a good ranking in search results, search engine optimization is generally required, that is, SEO. But search engine optimization is best from the site itself to optimize, so as to ensure the long-term effect of the site. Now there are a lot of professional search engine optimization company or individual cheating optimization of enterprise website ranking, but the number of transactions per click conversion so the audience website brings the rate is very low, sometimes even punished by a search engine.

website architecture optimization is to combine the keyword programming of the website, find out the website main keyword matches the website structure, and make this kind of frame structure is perforative throughout the website all the time, have unified >

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