Job site big scan the new model is on the eve of the outbreak

with the continuous development and popularity of Chinese Internet users, and micro-blog, SNS, mobile Internet and other new forms of Internet, China’s Internet has gradually entered the national stage. This has brought the Internet industry boom continues, on the other hand will inevitably lead to changes in the deep-seated structure of the industry. At the same time, online recruitment is also facing a new round of impact and reshuffle, and today we work together on the online recruitment industry to do a simple combing analysis.


first, online recruitment market size, profit model, industry challenges

when analyses of the industry, we should first know is how big the market size of the industry in the end, in this industry, which has a slightly more mature profit model, and the future of this industry is facing challenges. We will follow this thread of thought to analyze online recruitment industry.

1, market size

According to

statistics qianchengwuyou show that by the end of March 2014, the national online publishing position number more than 3 million 200 thousand, rose 31.6%. North, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, four major cities, online publishing positions of more than 1 million 500 thousand, accounting for almost 50% of the national talent recruitment market. More and more enterprises are gradually abandoning old recruitment channels and turning to online recruitment channels. Compared to online video, tourism, business and other areas of real estate, recruitment industry scale is still small, according to Ai Rui consulting previously, by 2015 the online recruitment market size of about 5 billion yuan, so the online recruitment market prospect is very considerable.

2, profit model

since the market outlook is so impressive, then what are the profit models for online recruitment? The current online recruitment industry profit model can be sorted into the following categories:

‘s traditional model: it trades ads for traffic, and strives for a small percentage of paid subscribers from large base users. The services purchased by enterprise clients include the release of job and display ads on the platform, and the number of complete resumes downloaded in the database.

hunting net model: This is a relatively new model, and its revenue comes mainly from B (enterprise), C (job seekers) two aspects. And for H, the hunting network is free because its revenues come mainly from corporate fees and value-added services.

According to

B (enterprise) and C (job seekers) charging mode: in B (enterprise), a job posting, resume downloads, employer brand (advertising), according to the service content, periodic (monthly, quarterly, half year and one year) introduced a combination of different packages. For C (job seekers), launched the value-added service charges, such as resume top, sending resumes, you can take the initiative to telephone, private letter to contact headhunters, HR, a monthly, quarterly, semi annual, annual 4 hour package.

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