An analysis of a strange phenomenon about PR and its collection

I don’t want you to see what I’ve written. I don’t have any gains. I’m more aware of that. I don’t want to make this article a real soft text.

, start with the beginning of the matter.

half a year ago, when I started the school website, like other novice, always want to have a few websites, feel that it would be better to have a sense of achievement, or say that more money. Because of the cheaper price, I applied for several CN domains, looking for free space, and friends to sponsor.

During the middle of the

is not to say, the problem is the domain name above, the first time I use this domain name is the movie station, Marx, I don’t think I do is dumpster, because I do website are updated manually, but after all I carefully edited the contents of (I think), the domain name is:, after about a month of time, because the space is a friend of your own server give me a little space of sponsorship, until now I have not carefully investigating the cause, is roughly said, because the program is stolen the film, compared the cost of server resources, so the experienced two server problems, I also feel shy to do it anymore.

this time, the website has been doing a month’s time. At that time, GG included normal, but Baidu has not included, even if it is not included in the home page.

3 months later, some time ago to the station before I do sell, so it is considered from a new do stand, so I put the previous name out of view, did not think of is, the name of PR has reached 2! Happy, I want to continue to use this the domain name to the site, after such a long time to understand PR is not an easy thing.

forgot to say, there are about two weeks in between, and I have bound the domain name to my previous station. That’s the way it is.


station is now the blog program, I think this is more conducive to the collection, but until now, the station to do now for almost a week, but Baidu has not happened.

from the beginning of learning web site to now, has been, I feel my domain name for Baidu included is still relatively fast, and several CN domain names are almost two weeks included. So, I carefully calm down to analyze the reasons.

is also a bit of advice for beginners. The method of promotion website, many articles have said that in the Baidu Post Bar and Baidu know to answer the question, I feel the problem lies in the promotion of the above methods, when I was in the promotion of the site at the time, a lot of time is extended in this way, I think it was like that, my station was buried curse. So, I’m here for new >

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