E commerce website operations Raiders

e-commerce is now the most popular industry on the Internet. Hundreds of E – commerce websites come out every day, and many websites go down at the same time. Therefore, the operation of e-commerce website has become the focus of attention of each network business, combined with the author’s experience in e-commerce websites for many years, a brief introduction to the entire process of e-commerce website operations.

as an e-commerce website operators, there are several issues that must be considered: site positioning, marketing, maintaining old customers, data statistics, logistics.

first site positioning – what do we do,


operating e-commerce website, the first thing to solve is what we sell to consumers, help them solve what kind of problem. It can be said that website positioning is the key and foundation of the success of an e-commerce website. In determining the main products, we must ask ourselves a few questions,

1 what advantage do I have for this product?

like my product is sports, so I can get the products than other competitors cheaper, or I am the product very understanding, can effectively guide consumers in customer service, let them choose the right items, these are your strengths. I do not suggest that only because of the value of this product is hot and blind operation, because the electricity supplier competition is very fierce, you have no advantage, will be eliminated.

2, who are the competitors in this industry? What are their competitive advantages?

called the enemy we can, to make clear their own situation at the same time be aware of each other, so you can make a general judgment on foreign sales. I believe in differentiated competition, that is, in the areas of their own good to do first.

second Marketing – how do customers come,


presumably this link is all network merchants and their attention to the problem, especially their own open Taobao shop, shop built, the goods are also arranged very beautiful, that is, no buyers up to buy, how to do?


is the first step to do marketing or give yourself a clear positioning, to ask four questions:

1 who are we? What do we offer,


2, who are our competitors,


3, what are our competitive advantages,

?What is the value proposition of

4 customers?

has made sure of his position, so he should choose his own marketing means according to his own situation. Now the marketing is very much, if used, will distract you, not with your best means to accomplish the whole task at one stroke.

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