Comment Grassroots navigation station can turn over how to turn over

now new stationmaster industry friends may be on the navigation station is not very clear, in fact, when we do make money, Taobao navigation station, passengers and the novel download is the three project the most fiery. And now, novel download pornography was broken off, Taobao Ali was abandoned gradually, for the navigation station, has been the browser navigation with a multitude of names step-by-step eroded. Now this time, any competition in the industry have been dubbed resources grappling with four words, the giants burn buy property, and we only watched the grassroots webmaster and incapable of action. So it’s not surprising that people are becoming more and more unfamiliar with the navigation station.

, but this can deny that now do navigation station on the meaningless? Obviously not, even if Taobao customers are Ali step by step compression, there are still many days earned million webmaster exist. Navigation station is the same, now in addition to running their own game station, but also part-time to do a game navigation station, for navigation station operation and future development also has its own point of thinking.

, now both the novice webmaster, or veteran, should not be too much focus on the type of integrated navigation station, because cross channel and network resources, today is very complex, even if we are not adequate resources to the grassroots giants a fraction, and now many of the products of the moat again, think that the browser and rob flow doesn’t want to, so now we should start from the vertical aspect, do some professional on site recommendation, it is reliable.

second, big companies pay attention to brands, grassroots stations should also talk about. Baidu algorithm update, who say that is not good for your site will not be affected, if one day our rankings off, does that mean we’re completely lost chance? Therefore, take advantage of their own navigation station and traffic, the first brand to do it, "celebrity" at least in a circle, who’s to say otherwise, the future development of the road.

third, some small clever shibude, such as the use of some of the hijacking to modify the default browser, we should do our best to consolidate the old horse is not sweet, users and new users of the guide, and lie over the flow of several long stay? Only enhance their value, such as to provide more high-quality resources and download tips for each page, this approach is not very good


fourth, professional can have, but not zouhuorumo, blindly pursuing professional and deliberately avoid using conventional functions is not rational. In fact, like Baidu, Google and Taobao web site should be added, or vertical project a number of games, movies, the skin can also reflect slightly. Professional website navigation should be expanded.

fifth, since there is no strong capital backing, so site navigation itself must follow two principles, namely, free + green, free is inevitable, but the green is also supposed to be stationmaster must be ensured, the green is not only the safety detection filter, try to put less advertising profitable projects are also very important. "

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