How does the stationmaster treat correctly Ma Yun VS Baidu incident

believe that the recent "Ma Ma incident", we almost all know it, in the face of tit for tat between the 2 giants of the Internet, what should we do little webmaster


now, no matter where the Webmaster Station is seething, but not "follow Ma to kill Baidu", "follow Baidu boycott Ali" and so on. So we as a small station in this storm exactly what to do? We should play what role? You don’t tell me, please listen to my way:

first: follow Ma, anti Baidu

(first I think again is the only proposal, the small owners in some focus on a small. Please see if you master

brush aside with a smile)

, even if you hang Ali ad, you learn to shield Baidu like ma. How to have much impact on Baidu? Baidu does not charge you for your site effect, or to affect Baidu? Don’t ant like the story of the Internet webmaster not so together. Even if there is such a work, you let Baidu down, then a thousand million degrees degrees?? as the saying goes: the next Baidu, there are thousands on thousands of Baidu. Then why should we? (strongly opposed to this class)

second: follow Baidu, anti nag

has read a lot of news said: Baidu will be a large number of K to hang Ali advertising site treatment station (this message has not been confirmed), now I still believe that Baidu will not be so narrow, not simply because you hang up Ali ads K your station, the rumors Ali stood by K friends, please check your station is the specific cause of K. Do so much GG, Baidu and GG conflict of interest between the more big, how do not see Baidu to GG start? If it is really afraid of Baidu K station, you can cancel Ali advertising well. The Internet is now so many advertising alliance, who is not hanging,



up none of my business

is easy to understand, Baidu and Ali dog bite dog, shut our small station, what’s the matter?. This kind of person is actually the most sensible, whether Baidu and Ali who take advantage of the wind, in fact, we have little influence on the small webmaster, we can be treated as a chat after dinner. (I am currently in this category)

In fact, this small station

in the storm, how do you want to do is Different people, different views., how to do, the most important is who broke down does not matter, do not go down. Ha-ha。 Again a lot of nonsense, pollution of the audience’s eyes,


is tired, tired, look at the novel, take a break,, love the novel network. This article is only released in Admin5, without permission, forbidden to reprint.

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