Analysis Baidu how to judge the article first

we all know, whether it is Baidu and GG or other search, like the original content, reproduced to the people countless times, for the search is concerned, there is no point.

therefore, a large number of replication content sites sometimes affect keyword ranking. For example, you write the original article, should have a good ranking, but others copied or reproduced in your article, but unfortunately the search engine judge the article to be copied or reproduced "is the original source of the word, you will be ranked by the web. So, how can a search engine pick out from multiple pages which is the original source,


may have the following considerations:

1) web pr value. The higher the PR value of the page, the greater the likelihood that the original version will be considered.

2) the time when the web page was first collected. The sooner a web page is collected by a search engine, the more likely it is to be taken as a raw source compared to a web page of the same content found later.

3) domain name registration time (such as my QQ2010 network) the older the domain name, the above page is regarded as the source of the original, the greater the possibility.

4) authority of the web site. This is a little unclear, may include the first 3 factors, there are many other factors. But so far, no matter which factor is the main factor, or how to combine these factors, it can not be completely correct, from multiple pages out of the original source. For example, my blog is very new, domain name is also very new, the article was included in the time, sometimes not necessarily the earliest, on the authority of the position and the degree of trust, it certainly can not compare with many Chinese websites. But my blog is new and my domain name is new. It doesn’t mean that my content is not the original source. In fact, all my blogs are original. I recently also found a lot of websites are reprinted, and sometimes copied my blog content, a lot of Web site size, history, PR value than my site is much higher. In the detection of the original source of the article, Google do better, basically can correctly judge, Baidu do is relatively poor. From the point of view of my article in different places, Baidu seems to think that the older domain name is original.

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