For the development of the website please refuse the junk name

contact Adsense has been a period of time, with the bottom, site construction is from the registration domain name began. A good domain name for the site’s brand promotion can play a very good role,. Personally feel that the domain name registration should follow a pattern, that is should first determine the theme and name of the station after determine the domain name. Instead of using the domain name to do, because this is not only a waste of resources caused by the domain name, will be left to others in the site’s ranking on a counter ultra space, the most important is in the brand construction site will drag your legs will.

, let’s illustrate: for example, the website comes from the A5 forum

, my food, women’s web,

name and URL, I can only remember about, is a few days ago in the A5 forum to see. If I understand it from my food, I think it’s a recipe station, but he’s just a female station. It is estimated that the station is registered after the domain name, and suddenly want to do a female station, the domain name moved out. From the owners point of view, such a domain name with the website theme is obviously not consistent, that is women’s station, the website content is nothing more than the lives of women, women’s dress, women’s emotional aspects, shoes that fit Tianya domain name should be on these to start. Although you may not feel a lot of difference in the short term, you will regret your decision when it comes to website branding.

for entertainment

, this site was just in the link section of the forum. From the domain name above, the overall is better to remember, but the domain name does not reflect the theme of entertainment. If one day, someone registered jiujiuyule also do one for entertainment network, you will suffer a great deal, first you in the search engine optimization ranking up to suffer, then the user will think jiujiuyule is authentic, it will cause the loss of customers. For example, in Baidu search a place wedding network, you will find in the first page is basically called a certain wedding network or some place marriage nets web site. If you do a certain wedding network, then tell your customer site name, your customers in the search engine search found many duplicate sites, it is easy to delay other sites, if this time, your domain name advantage, not only in the search rankings above can take advantage of, can seize the customer.

You think

shoes at the beginning of the site requires careful consideration of the site name and domain name, the domain name can not just look at the length, more important to meet the theme of the site, the total can not register a domain name is also used to selling watermelons do women stand? That domain name should be in the future to determine the theme of the site or in the name of choice, and as the theme of the site and facilities, such as webmaster network domain name Admin5, one admin will be able to guess the theme of the site

runs a website just as in operating a brand, need to build strong and perfect brand image system, need to put the website >

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