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"I never go to spend money to make the market demand that, as people drink water every day, so the water must have a market. It’s human instinct." The phrase "a regular businessman" brings me the following thoughts:

"is there any user instinct behind the user experience that has been overlooked?"

first look at the word "user experience", first of all, from what background.

, the word "user experience", appeared in the 90s of last century and was proposed and promoted by a designer named Donald ·, who served as vice president of Apple computer company’s advanced technology division. Apple has popularized Norman’s "user experience" idea into the world through its own products.

never seems to have studied it carefully: How did Donald and Apple Corp discover the concept of user experience,

?In fact, we can

from Donald’s school experience and the most famous of the two book that some Yue: he in 1957 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) received a bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering, Penn State University in 1959, received a master’s degree in electronic engineering bachelor. He is interested in computer, but he found the computer used in the study of human machine is more useful than for research, which prompted him to enter Penn State University to pursue a doctorate in psychology, in 1962 received a doctorate in philosophy of psychology of mathematics. The two most famous books he wrote are called "design psychology" and "emotional design".


from here, the user experience is actually from the user mentality. So, can we think so: to achieve the most sophisticated user experience, we should focus on the user psychology behind the user experience, rather than the user experience methodology itself.

the user experience design we use today is based on some user instinct. Readers need to be reminded that the user experience mentioned here is a set of experience around the product, including its related design, production, production, marketing, after-sales and technical support and other aspects.

I try to list the 8 most people will have instinct, do product or design, or do marketing, all can not do without these:

1. people are good at self learning: "curiosity in baby’s time"

almost all users have the ability to learn from themselves, AppFlow, this Hungarian search for App applications everywhere

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