Let the potato web bring you the flow

some time ago in the webmaster network forum to see some people buy potatoes network account, was just want to register at any time not, and still have to spend money to buy it? Until now, I understand.

really those potatoes, Youku and other video sites so hot, but I have never been to, not so much to business.

1. entered Tudou and registered an account number,

2. enters my home page, modifies profile, profile, changes to your own website, and changes how you want to change it. (suggested movie website, why don’t I say)

3. enters the label, then finds the hottest 100 sign and enters it casually.

4. before entering the editor, but here to register for 2 weeks before you can edit the account (see now why someone close tudou.com account it), your link address written in the line, can delete the words of others will do well, but you can delete others, others you can also delete, so I get, I think a few thousand IP traffic is not a problem, there are people like on the inside day into several W IP.

people feel bad, I hope not to attack life, the source of Erwin tutorial network www.52ow.com