n my dream love website

talked about the site, or for a long time before things, that time is out of their own hobbies and interests, as the saying goes, interest is the best teacher, the greatest power due to their own, no matter what difficulties you will have the power to find relevant information to solve. So those moments is especially hard, sometimes for a master in other seems small, but because I have no one to find a guide for a long time, through continuous exploration and finally succeeded, it was the most comforting thought, his efforts were not in vain, he can learn the relevant knowledge, because the whole is one way out of the memory, is also very deep, not forgotten. In the later station career, also use flexibly.


station is hard, only do people will understand the hardships, some people say the webmaster is very easy, just to get some content updates, some stations do not even have to update, then put some ads can have income, the owners think it’s too easy, but long day and night online, in their own station and busy, to consider the issue is too much, the domain name, space, server, network security, etc.. I began to do the station when using the previous virtual host, the service is really not very good, a small company to buy, ask a lot of questions, not today or tomorrow to visit visit, so I always looked at, there is a problem to call to ask the company. Then let them solve, that is also true in enough trouble. Domain name is also bought, their company, that I will not use online banking, will not transfer through the network, all the money went to the post office to remit. So far, I still want to put it in my closet. It’s almost nine years old. Think about it. I’ve been walking along with the Internet in the past nine years. The website is the biggest interest I face every day and work hard every day.

, but after so many years, I haven’t done anything yet. I’m too ashamed to say that I can’t catch up with other people who are just beginning to do new things. That would make a Duke own website, from scratch, from concept to design, is a person’s own effort, but it’s input, when it is up, you look at is the sense of achievement, when the individual stationmaster is also not too much, although there is no website flow, himself is the most loyal visitors to N times every day, advertising in each forum, let the net to visit my station. Every day is like this, a few, from the beginning of the IP is slowly rising, then the Sohu, NetEase, etc. some of the major search engines have included my station, but also on the list above, (some people ask, how did not mention Baidu, ha ha, that Baidu has not been born. Where can I get it included?. More and more traffic stations, and finally reached over one thousand, and every day in the growth, and now think about it, it will finally taste sweet after the hard, or quite fun. With traffic, I also slowly learn other webmaster, in the station above put some small click advertising, there are domestic, also have foreign, slowly also make me stand to buy space and domain name money to earn back, that >