Exclusive stunt see how use the collection software to do website promotion

In the era of rampant

acquisition, acquisition software has become the standard tool for the webmaster, whether you are a garbage station or a very large NB website, are more or less need to use acquisition software to add content to your site. But the use of a collection of software as a content maintenance tool has not been able to do its best. Acquisition software development to this stage, the function has been very strong, these functions as long as the good use, will achieve more value-added effect. Take my Guiyang love network as an example. Let me introduce you to how to use the collection software to promote it.

1 and QQ promotion.

now QQ group promotion has become a very important ways to promote the site, especially those targeted industry station and the local station, in my case, I do promotion Guiyang local community life, I will group information website QQ collected more than 2000 Guiyang local group through the acquisition software. Leave the activity and the number of groups, these groups can be added through a variety of ways to promote the specific way, we can refer to many articles about the QQ group promotion.

for local site owners, in addition to the QQ group, Master City local data can be collected, QQ data collected, you can be used to make QQ mass mailing, can also be used to do the QQ space message promotion, the absolute high adhesive, you know a lot of QQ set when a new mail or message the bottom of the screen, QQ will prompt box appears.

2, with Adsense statistics promotion.

used to read an article, that is to carry on the website promotion stationmaster with statistics, the main principle is that statistics webmasters will check your website regularly, especially love to see access antecedents, once found a non Baidu, Google common antecedents to such words, will be very curious at the origin to see what the other side is a website, why there is a link to my trip here. This inadvertently increased the number of clicks on the dating site. I see this article, think this method is good, but there is no efficient way can be a lot of my website as antecedents to a large number of access to relevant sites, here are two words, one is high, if one can only get dozens of Web sites, the effect is not big; the other is related to you if you visit fake background large website, the administrator will not estimate their accesses data from a large number of attention to your background, and if you forge the antecedents and the website of the other side is not very relevant, even if the other behind visited your web site, you will not the site is what interest. I thought a thought here, to do with the acquisition software, now most acquisition software can support the antecedents, is using the referer parameter, how to do that this acquisition task, I found a web site directory in Guiyang area, the directory URL as the start address acquisition software, and then in the referer >.