Localization forum in microcosm


] core tip 19 floor of the horn stirred up many people’s entrepreneurial nerve, the Internet seems to be making the rich mythology also staged in different city, the localization of the cake temptation of the Nuggets, in fact, some people already in the local silently for a long time, and have gained.

he is the founder of a local forum, an entrepreneur.


drift in Shenzhen for eight years, after graduating from college went to Shenzhen, from a monthly salary of 2500 do now $200 thousand in income level, that is not too bad, just 200 thousand a year behind the day and night of overtime and overtime, in addition to work overtime or work overtime, at the age of 30, he is a bit tired, the daily rush in this does not belong to their own city, whether economic or spiritual, are in the rootless state. Here, with a high salary, but can not find a sense of belonging, even if the annual salary of 200 thousand, still can not afford to buy a house, then the Shenzhen housing prices, although not as scary as Beijing, Shanghai, but also stay at more than 20 thousand. More importantly, wife belly of the child was born, his wandering does not matter, but I hope to give children a stable life, coupled with your old father body a day than a day, as is the home of his eldest son, filial piety, so quit the annual salary of 200 thousand work, back to the three line of the city’s hometown.

with these years of work to save hundreds of thousands of dollars, back home, start business.

said that entrepreneurship is, in fact, very simple, like most of the webmaster, home to build a local forum, the difference is that because of the accumulation of work in hand, the beginning of the commercial line is going.

The first half of the

forum was established, hired a full-time, specialized management forum and update the local news, because the news happens every day is not much, but the full-time management forum, update the news I also did one thing: N registered a small number to reply to every one just the people on the forum. In this way, because the local people do not have the forum, the popularity of the website quickly gathered together, gradually formed a fixed users, the number of registered users on a big step, which for a small city computer penetration rate is not high, is a very big progress. As previously only seen on the website of other local news, now suddenly have a place to see their side of the news, gradually formed a certain reputation.

half a year later, and recruited three people, one is responsible for the promotion of the site, one responsible for organizing the forum activities, and the other is responsible for advertising. In this view, the promotion mode is simple and crude but effective, responsible for the promotion of the little girl spent a month’s time, through the establishment of Internet cafes in the forum discussion area of cooperation mode, the majority of Internet cafes to fix the local Internet cafe, the homepage is set into the forum page, with several local the computer repair shop together, on the site to.