Authoritative implications of the title of website operations

authority is born with the power of suggestion, but authority requires the use of a title or logo. When a person has a title, you have different feelings about his will, when you listen to Ma, Buffett, Bill Gates or the president of the United States? Obama has a strong title when people talk, most people naturally have a compliance mentality. So, they say anything, and for most people, it’s easy to listen. In the same way, if you say it through the mouth of the general public, your influence will be discounted.

authority makes it easy for ordinary people to stop thinking about themselves and get into a state of compliance. For example, on micro-blog, some famous people say a word that many people forward and agree with, and they don’t have any thoughts.

about the title, here is one of the most ironic experiments.

American psychologist Robert

? B? Theo Dini mentioned two other psychologists (Douglas Peters and Stephen Cecilia??) title made a replacement to the academic papers published experimental results are very interesting. They have collected over the past year to 12 famous university published a year and a half in the written papers, and modify the name of the author and the work units change into non famous organization, then the article re delivery to the manuscript to the journal published these. There are 9 articles have not been recognized journals, into the review process, the most ironic is that 8 of them were the judges felt unqualified, rejected, and when the authors of these articles is a famous scholar, these articles have been published journals and accept out. The experiment fully illustrates the importance of titles.

proposed "the human, website operation strategy and actual combat", how to embody in the practice and operation of title? Why the third party evaluation is very important? Why Ai Rui, Analysys Internet Consultation Service Co released a report will cause the attention of the website, attention, even controversial, because the website wants to be given a title: or is the largest China Moumou website, or is the largest number of users of the website, either on demand the highest number of websites.

why did so many web site to Alexa ranking (many websites "brush" let the traffic flow has been questioned its authority), except that their position in the industry, see the status of competitors, but also because of what


clearly, these titles for the website user authority suggestion: for old users, let them see not only his own, there are other people in this website, this website is good, choose not wrong, later will continue to use this website. For new users, now do, make music video site so much, I choose which site? Choose the largest and most popular and most authoritative, which is conducive to the psychological guidance of new users to a website. Of course, this trick is not effective for everyone, although some websites have authority and titles, but the user experience is not necessarily good, it will be lost