Local website construction before the investigation and analysis can be built

now the local website has become the second gold mine on the Internet, many people are trying to dig the treasure from it, but there are also many master from us Zhidianmijin, especially Mr. Jiang Likun on the construction of local website experience brings us a great role in guiding the two conditions in his article referred to the construction of local website needed: one is the need to master the basic knowledge of Internet, such as web site planning, operation and promotion, but also some people in the industry, two is to be familiar with the local, also very understanding, there are even some contacts or influence in the local, if at the same time with the two a local website operation so you basically can succeed!

because I found that my area is not a good place to site, local site has been developed to today, basically each region will have an even number of decent website, so I have been later when I was in the brood on, friends and talk about this topic, they are we do business in this place, the Internet is not very familiar with, but they are fairly well understood for local, so I put my thoughts out, said to be a local website, they put the head shook with rattle like, say no, this time I have more strange, and then they understood the reason, and then talk about the experience of Mr. Jiang. Why some places can not do local website


: the area is relatively small, the local has not been developed effectively, nor what is the strength of the enterprise, not to mention their products industry, our side of the most companies are to agency based, and those agent brand awareness has been very high, you do not have the website to carry out publicity, so the market is difficult to expand the


two: the local specialty is relatively small, not what innovative place, basically is to rice, sugarcane, citrus and vegetables, so the site for these crops propaganda point is not useful, and we where rice and other crops did not realize large-scale production, or stay in the Tian responsibility contract system some products, such as citrus before planting has developed a sales channel, not the


three: the tourism industry has not yet manifested, although the farm is very popular now, but we where the farmhouse has been carried out, although there are now several tourism projects are under construction, construction that is a few years later. After a few years, the tourism project will not have what is more attractive so this one can make nothing of it! Let the construction of local website

become difficult!

four: for the investigation of the population, although now where we have formed a county-level city, but there are a lot of young people come to the home business, but where we work is still relatively small, most of the young people in the work force or, while staying in the home are basically >