nternet opportunities 90 in the end where to go

remember a few days ago in Webmaster nets see a post 80 and 90 article, don’t know what kind of words to describe.

I don’t think there is any new language for my heart. Some people say that 90 is the differentiation of social corruption. I don’t know why you say so,


after 90, we have the same passion, we have the same dream,.


to admin5. from the laggards into the webmaster circle after another moment of failure around me, before registering a domain name is for your own good. Then registered the domain name is for others to remember, before the m www.110021.com.cn how good a meter tall, in the later m http://s.www.bikcc.cn outback community is. In order to have a certain significance. We are slowly mature, slowly open wide.

originally wanted to register www.bikcc.com meters, but unfortunately half a day, just half a day, I do not know what the reason is, second days, when I was registered, has been an old beauty registered. I have come to realize that the true meaning of opportunity is no use for others.

from the initial unsuspectingly will only engage in the new cloud, in the later dedecms, I’ve been learning, always in the growth of


and then to now, my station http://s.www.bikcc.cn has no traffic, friends say I missed the station is a few years before take-off, these years do stand just foil other stations. The foreground was at a loss.

after 90, do we have to squeeze

in this circle?

in addition, the webmaster meeting will be held in Xi’an immediately. I don’t know if I can join you. 18 years old, a famous stop /

, my QQ:7152674

was thanking someone for guiding me, even though we never met. Blue moment qq:67413618