As an excellent website optimize SEOER do not revel in the hair chain

in this materialistic society, if you do not make progress, destined to be eliminated! As the saying goes, go! As a SEOER website, if you still revel in every day outside the chain, kept searching platform, stop ctrl+c, and then ctrl+v, second days at the site outside the chain surge, fantasy one day this

website ranking?

if you are in a state that, unfortunately, you have out! And you see this article, if can sense and correct, it is not late. Once, when I just started doing site optimization this time, I work every day is to update the article and send the chain, very monotonous, and persist for some time, the website ranking will come up.

but now the times are different. In twenty-first Century, everything was developing and improving. I believe that as long as experienced in June 2012, August, October, which is a lot since that good website is this several times "dead", too bad, I couldn’t believe it from br4 to BR0, from the 4000-5000ip website, finally left hundreds of poor IP, I don’t know if I should not be happy, but also a few hundred IP? At least not into 0….

from the beginning of my website optimization, there are older and I said, eventually, to the user as the main body, and through the K station, I gradually understand, what can do website optimization, website optimization and what not to do. Medical websites, research sites, the reason why the death of so miserable, I think there are mainly the following:

1: content. Basically, they are all copies, and of course, there are a few original.

2: the outer chain. Adhere to the chain every day, this is a lot of website SEOER, think we do better! Do the chain, yes, but outside the chain, there is no substantive content, basically are ctrl+c, ctrl+v, the day of the chain fortunately, this year, two years…. longer…… do you think there is. The content of


3: buy links. Medical website, money, buy links phenomenon is very serious, because the link to the website ranking effect is very big, but the vast majority are buying links — black links, this is Baidu to thought, the countermeasure: radish algorithm.

2012 site is k, the end of the world is also over! 2013, I am not immersed in failure, I continue to work hard. I have done a few websites, and also continue to try, pondering the changes in the current Baidu, I try to website title does not get keywords, do not often send the chain, not often send content and many other ways to get the site rankings.

for nearly half a year, I’ve been trying and I’ve found the following:

1:keywords. Yes, no, it doesn’t make much difference. If you don’t believe it, you can try it,

2. content. >