Transformation of mobile nternet can not save rice network

two days of headlines belongs to rice Unification, the existence of an era long dining reservation site did so, the so-called "ten years Hedong, Hexi ten years, ten years can really change a lot, but there are immutable and frozen counterexample, rice Unification should be an odd first, since the capital has been alive in the internal shadow until completely closed down recently.

since early April to the present, Fantong has been unable to open the 400, no one answered the phone, concerned that the rice Unification office at the door has been locked, accompanied by the door and on the door staff pay talks like a civil action. At the same time, the food network internal staff revealed that the rice system in arrears with most of the employees 11 months of wages, CEO gone forever.

I can not help but sigh, once glorious Fantong, why suddenly collapsed? See light suddenly, read some information, but I also have some feelings, is for everyone to share, inappropriate, please paizhuan.

business model can not keep up with the rhythm of the times

as the vertical sites, ordering the site was very fire, of course, the competition is very fierce, Fantong is one of the first restaurant reservation service website, the profit model, mainly includes three aspects: one is the annual membership fee, catering units assigned to Fantong needs to pay certain costs; two is to rely on the Commission. Each transaction is completed, Fantong to charge a commission fee of 5%; three is the advertising and corporate users and service fees, Fantong for enterprise organizations or contractors will also have some training costs.

this business model is a group purchase website are in use, Fantong 2010 experienced a "thousand group war" after did not fall, even if it is a miracle. And later the rest of the group purchase website began to profit. Fantong feel this model can continue to maintain, not much change in the pattern, not around the center of the extension of ordering a broader and more detailed tests, which also led to the future of the Internet is hot, the layout of the BAT O2O in the process of no fancy food systems network.

later to be big eater net or other peer merger acquisitions, but basically has become a dead end, it can be seen from: Fantong with telephone ordering has been in 10 years ago can be, but with the development of Internet technology, the telephone ordering this business has been very backward. Which banks can take a breath of the ordering website


management confusion caused company internal friction

was born by the media made rice Unification in the media the outstanding performance, in 2008 won the Japan Yanzhou investment and other investment banks nearly 30 million yuan of investment risk, making rice unification was covered 80 city more than 50 million restaurant information when ordering market just need to let Fantong become the compelling performance company.

The integration of

funds should bring food together

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