Traffic is the secret behind the success of the web site

himself wrote an article before, "one of the successful elements of the site, choosing a good domain name" mentioned the choice of a good domain name is a prerequisite for the success of the site. Today, let’s go on to explain the second elements of the site’s success, that is, the steady flow point into the source. This is a lot of Web sites do not understand the grassroots webmaster, or a little bit of knowledge, but it is the most important to promote the success of the site.

today’s Web site on the market, in addition to the injection of 123 does not need this kind of fresh blood, the rest of the site all cannot do without flow into the fresh blood, only Everfount injection, this site will be the site of all time. From this point, one must die.

, and in fact, as good as 123 (, a Baidu home link brings enough traffic to it. Domestic famous website has its own set of successful flow injection medium. 114 ( with GHOST ylmf installed system lock 114 for the home, get a lot of traffic free. Cool 123 ( rely on the national Internet cafes, home promotion and cool pig downloads and other high traffic web site for its delivery of sustained and stable blood. 1616 ( also with strong depth of system promotion to obtain strong traffic support. URL station upstart 360 navigation ( with its browser to promote binding 360 home page. Controversial 9991 ( relies on unconventional means to tamper with and lock large numbers of users’ home pages. Wait。


, can be found behind the web site web site success, strong flow accumulation, is through the software promotion, internet promotion, website group guide, also includes not known virus injection, infusion for the Everfount. Is not some grassroots webmaster think, casually down a program, hang to the server, and then sit to enjoy the flow of rolling.

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