New station experience and Baidu included strange phenomenon

recently made a new station, is a type of article, do not have what idea, but practice, sum up experience, to lay the foundation for the future. Let’s talk about the specific process:

1. domain name registration, IDC many, very much, recommend in registration, later don’t want to do, can also sell directly, although the purpose is not to sell the station, but sold or can,.

2. program, to see their favorite, I saw a lot of people have chosen dedecms, I followed the choice, practice shows that Dede is still very good, with good,


3. to buy space, look at yourself to buy, buy the best time to go to Baidu, others evaluate him, check the same server, how many host.


4. program upload, then you can add data, can be a little early acquisition point, not too much, mainly rely on manual update, the original is the most important, but we are not the writer, do not send a day to write many articles, but others can only copy, copy when should pay attention to technical content, slightly revised add some of their own feelings, like can be.

5. is the main promotion of your site in someone else’s perspective, the initial stage is mainly found in the search engine’s vision, simply put, is to let Baidu see you, this is slowly groping, I don’t know how to promote, what experience can exchange

6 Links new Links is very difficult, only to find a friend, here thanks to help my friends to know Baidu included the strange phenomenon of


Baidu, find relevant pages about 11900000, with 0.001 seconds


accidentally caught a surprise, wouldn’t it? It’s 8 figures, 10 million,


later ordered a few Baidu, and should be Baidu, several times, the most or Baidu, find relevant pages 15, with 0.001 seconds

also has Baidu, find relevant web page about 204000 articles, use 0.001 seconds, is this number is random out, or have another explanation,

, let’s talk about

my little studies


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