The classification of information is not lack of profit model for nternet users to enhance the qua

classified information is not lack of profit model, only with the national policy to improve the quality of Internet users

read the article today, I would like to say: classification information is not lack of profit model, but the quality of Internet users need to be improved.

the most traditional mode: direct advertising.

can’t classified information sites advertise? How many sites on the Internet make money on their own? Not just third media to show the flow and money conversion. Can you say that they don’t have a profit model? As long as you have traffic, you will have income. Of course, this is also true for classified information websites. Since applicable, why would you say that the classified information website lacks profit model? I can say that the most important thing for the classified information website is the profit model.

, I’d like to talk about the profit model of the classified information network:

now there are so many mainstream profit models in the information network, and see which is more suitable for their own development:

1, membership fees, membership can only browse the relevant information

2, charging information service, you need to have relevant virtual points to view the information

3, put advertising union advertising code

4, take the initiative to find customers, put customer related advertising,

5, the opening of the sub station toll collection fee

6, information auction system, such as Baidu’s bidding advertising,

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can say, classification information site already has a lot of charging mode, there is no lack of mode.

classified information is not lack of profit model, only with the national policy to improve the quality of Internet users, Internet development so fast, I want to "free" is an important catalyst to accelerate the development of. But the Internet will truly be free in the end? I personally think that this situation will change with the policy to break, especially because of copyright issues, the free webmaster will not be constrained, some aspects such as policy, such as copyright. Then the copyright problem becomes more and more serious today relevant policy is triggered at any moment things, if one day you can reprint some website content, if one day you can’t collect some website information, the original value of the information came out, information is the opportunity, is the opportunity, is money, the classification of information site in the spring come. Why is it so dispirited now, just because the acquisition flood, domestic no awareness of copyright, making information everywhere, at any point you well-known forum or website to send a message, N days before you search the information of the title, day, you will find hundreds, or thousands of information like you. The >

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