Platform level company to the local infiltration of local website O2O rely on light cut sinking

O2O is one of the key battleground of current market, entrepreneurs and investors to compete, more and more companies desperately to place in the platform of local infiltration subsidence, this website, which means to expand the common market opportunities, but also hidden the risk of being marginalized.

local web sites to avoid being marginalized has two main practices, one is to let the model more service, deeper, high wall; the other is to copy other city expansion, kaijiangtuotu. No matter in depth development or horizontal expansion, local websites always face four major problems: growth is too slow, replication difficult, difficult to scale and policy risk. This article provides a train of thought that may alleviate these difficulties.

This idea is the core,

light, key breakthrough. First choose a giant and easy to copy do not light mode foundation, meet the users just need a single city traffic entrance, and then quickly copy the expansion, and focus on the flow of resource specific industry scale realization. Here’s a detailed discussion of why you do this and how you do it.

one, from the opponent to find soft underbelly


considers expansion, it can not escape BAT and life class platform companies. Local websites can only copy and expand if they find the soft underbelly of giants. The mode of choosing replication can not be too light, or it will be copied by the giant. But it can not be too heavy, otherwise, expansion will be impossible.

although giants in capital, talent, brand, user size and product operations, etc., occupy obvious advantages, but giants also have a soft underbelly, that is, do not do manual editing content.

for ordinary people, artificial editing production and featured contents have a higher value than the UGC content, but in order to protect the giant mode light and easy to copy, only the product architecture and basic content, or not do, or take the UGC way, this gives the chance of survival and development of local website. So, if the local website wants to expand, the best way is to break through the point of content operation, do what you are good at and the giants can not do.

two, from the people looking for just need

mining user needs is not difficult, as long as you put yourself in the interests of users, there will always be harvest.

still has a lot of demand in the local market, even just need not be satisfied, some have been neglected because of the temporary unprofitable. It is only up to us to judge and use the value of traffic, whether we pay attention to these demands or not.

for example to government agencies work hard, almost everyone has deep experience, but there are a few entrepreneurs to seriously consider the needs of users? Shenzhen local treasure service is easy to find this column, and in an effort to solve the demand.

for example in each area, people want to know what is the best of the institutions and enterprises, people love the best, and hope is simple and fast, but there are a few companies willing to abandon the interests from neutral.

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