60 thousand the small town of nternet users local stations to make money

all the grassroots webmaster colleagues, everyone. In Linxi information network station. As a local businessman, I will not use the development program. The program online. With this place station.

began to do always powerless. Before the station, also make a lot of garbage station. No one can stand to make money. I just want to let down. When the site in the local site. Suddenly remembered in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of Chifeng city in the small town of Linxi County. Not a decent website. The government is also half net may not update a shelf. Then give birth to do a local businesses portal idea. Just the business net source of hand. To modify it. Go up. There is no promotion. Only in the Baidu Linxi bar sent a URL that can be free to release information.

just put up three days, there are Linxi businesses calling. You want to put a video ads on the site. I started the price is 200 yuan a month. Slowly. Many businesses are calling to me to VIP. and I began to see. This is to make money. Imagine this. The county has sixty thousand Internet users. More than half of the business. A VIP to sell a business, only 200 yuan / year. Nobody cares about it! So. I broadcast the information network advertisement in Linxi Linxi large screen advertising. And in the local newspaper businesses each follow. Of course. These advertising costs are astronomical. For one of my students. It is a price. But I used a way. And advertisers do exchange. I put advertising to give him his broadcast ads on the site. He showed me the ads on the big screen. We do not have to pay. But, They made the promotion. Very fast. There are many merchants settled in Linxi! A membership of 200 yuan. It is now registered more than 120. Even if some people do not need this website. Don’t want to display on the web. So. With the development of the Internet. The Internet business imperative. One day, he will find me.! website, the first year to make money less. I may be one of the lucky ones. The whole site down. The funds invested 48 yuan. Domain name: 52linxi.com double space 1G 350 yuan =400 yuan. As long as two members can get the money back. But, if one day, my site do not succeed so. I also in the local famous. About one hundred thousand people can see and hear advertisements every day. Not think of the name is


website revenue mainly has the following three aspects:

1. site registration VIP members: each member 200 yuan / year. The first year. If all businesses come in. Then, every year there are 80 thousand yuan membership fees.

2. website ad position: now there are 16 advertising stations. The size of advertising adds up. Every month is 1700 yuan.

3. for businesses to do web site. Simple enterprise website. As long as 800 yuan a. There are many people like it,


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