B2B website revision by K how do let Baidu re charge 4K

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responsible for the operation of the business, B2B network information platform at the end of December 2012 to complete the revision. Updated to the server, included has been K, and finally in January 30th this day, was K in the end, leaving only the home page. BD included 2K to 1K5, 1K5 to 1K, and finally arrived, today only 1……

analysis site was K, the reason should be out of the site revision. Because this website revision moves too big:

revision a: the original old URL format abandoned all, using new web forms. For example, business mainland classification information, detailed web site, originally in order to prevent acquisition, so take the "/public-" + "the information MD5 value" + ".Html" such a format. But considering the value of MD5 is too long. Let a little offbeat, actually also not anti acquisition is not necessary, and the value of MD5 length is 32 bits to store too much will occupy too much database resources, resulting in a waste of space, the site is running slow, so enabled. The form of the "new /info/public-" "information + number ID" + ".Html" form.

revision two: in addition to the URL of the information detailed page is discarded, the list of web pages, the old format has also been abandoned. It is also due to the simplification of regularization. Because search engines will automatically calculate the corresponding web site format, regular web site is more easily included. For example, according to the region of Beijing classified information list page address from "/d12" to "/info/diqu-1-0-0/"". According to the classification of the lighting industry list page, the address from "/c110001/" to "/info/cat-10001-0-0/", in fact, all old URLs abandoned.

revision three: in addition to the web site format basically all changes, the site template is also re customized. Home templates, content lists, page templates, content pages, templates, changes, the original text list is discarded, and new templates are used. This time, probably completely changed the website into a new station. So BD is sure to get him K first.

appeared in the K gradually signs of this more than a month time, the heart has been worried about whether BD will K to 0, whether it will be included again, if not again included, then how should I do?……

business mainland network classified information platform was formally established in 2010, initially providing only free classification information publishing function, the interface is very simple, pure text form. After more than 3 years of hard work, development has finally become a collection of free classified information release, free classified information, website navigation, enterprise Yellow Pages, logistics Yellow Pages B2B information platform. If at this time because the revised URL format changes, a website template was completely K out, so this site three years of operation is really wasted pains,


in order to be able to make websites heavy >

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