Give some experience to the novice webmaster make a few fatal mistakes

wrote something about the webmaster for the first time. He used to read other people’s articles and absorb the experience and essence of others. Today because of idle, so also to sum up I do a site for a year to some novice webmaster often mistakes, hope to help novice webmaster, less take some detours.

the first error site name selected error

is the first site to do a forum, it is because the application not in the Honker Union, together with the decision under their own forum, so I went to 5d6d for a free forum, the domain name is, then the binding of the independent domain name. The forum has, and then to the forum to take a name, because I am a liberal arts class origin, and more understanding of literature than the network. A little elegant feeling of bones, the outlook on life is negative, so I put the forum named "snow bearing resentment community", is the main computer technology exchange forum. Later, my internet marketing teacher gave me advice, "snow interest resentment" too sad, more suitable for literary sites, inappropriate technical exchanges. Also because I have been using the "hate snow" nickname on the Internet, even if changed, must also be associated with these two words, the domain name is to buy "", and then simply changed to "hate snow community."". Now recall, it is really a big mistake, if "hate snow community" as a literary site, then it is more suitable, but as a computer technology BBS, the effect is certainly not good. I am now mainly in this website "do hate snow technology network" also made the same mistake, but because I don’t want to put it into a business, just a personal hobby and interview work, so it is not going to cost much time.

error: Reflection on the novice webmaster not rashly in the name under the condition of lack of experience, because when you use a name for a period of time and a little achievement, suddenly feel that this name is not good, want to change a better, whether visitors or to the search engine is very good. We must combine content and site of your site visit group in name to the site, and to have the knowledge in the network to the site name, should not be based on personal preferences, unless your site is another when personal site or personal blog, not on.

second error domain name selection error

mentioned above, "I hate snow" is a special word, so when I register the domain name, the first choice is "henxue", just.Cn can register, that is an individual can also register.Cn domain name. Not to say that this domain name is not good, if this domain name as my personal site or blog, and so on, I think it is still quite appropriate. But I put it in my forum, or computer technology forum, combined with the name "hate snow community", obviously is neither fish nor fowl, theme is not clear, can not let people see this domain can imagine the content of the site. I hate snow now

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