How to let your website is quickly included by Baidu

webmaster will have such experience, when we worked hard to build a station, to a variety of search engines submit your site, hope that the major search engines as soon as possible included our site. The most awesome is Google, basically after the submission of the next day included, of course premise is your site without too much trouble, there must be some articles written by himself, so the original is very important, especially in the early stages of the site to quickly good rankings, not without the original a. But Baidu is a superior and doesn’t care about our website. Google is included hundreds of people, Baidu or 0?. I through this period of time to several new sites for optimization, summed up the Baidu quickly included your website some methods, I hope to have some help to you.

said the first is my first station from the submitted to Baidu to Baidu included total 20 days of the consumption of my time, that time is really "at Baidu to wear" ah! But I summarize the experience of second sites were included only 3 days, exactly in four days, how to go back what? In the third day when I check my station in the webmaster tools, is not included. But I changed to do check no www station, records are included 2. I was bittersweet, joy is finally included, the tragedy is not the result I want, I think the main domain name is www. A good problem, why I submitted with the WWW web site, it is not included in www? Because there will be 4 paths to visit our website, our website is built and DNS after, such as,, index.asp, which we need to do 301 the other 3 are redirected to your main domain name. The advantage is to focus your weight, or it might be scattered over the 4 path.

back to the subject, because I’m about to finish work, so I’ll talk about the main part of the method. In addition to every day to submit the web site to Baidu, but also site map sitemap, this is very important. Site map is not difficult, they do not want to do, the Internet has automatically generated. When you’ve done it, upload it to the root of the site (preferably the root directory) and submit your sitemap to the search engine. But Baidu did not submit the appropriate way, but can be an absolute path robots.txt written on the site map, that is the HTML format such as sitemap:, Baidu spider can see through the robots.txt file and found your site map.

and what’s more important is that you do a Baidu space, the theme of the space is related to the theme of your website. Make a link to your Baidu space on your website and link it to your web site in space

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