Female stationmaster individual does station experience

do the webmaster is very tired, I preferred to introduce female webmaster, my station is a yibangjx.com construction, has made some progress and return! But if you are not a webmaster, so I’m warning you, don’t try best (don’t know how you male webmaster).

1, family, classmates, friends, care less, with the station on the day of the maintenance station, especially the grassroots webmaster, flow station, do 1 people, N stations, daily maintenance update, change the link a lot of things, but also to adjust the site problem, other time all in the group communication. This computer is just like his soul, not the computer all day and students, the spirit has left the body, now there are many students, not to touch the home computer, not ordinary, every day is run Internet cafes to maintain 1 hours on the internet.

2. body, the webmaster body is needless to say, every day on the computer screen, in addition to tea or tea, basically the most far go up, is downstairs to the canteen to buy snacks and then continue, not to mention the radiation problem, 24 hours can have 18 hours on the EEG, sleep suddenly lie down, my mind is the flow and the income.

if you are a master, then I ask you from the grassroots, is your site a lot of traffic, a lot of income, my opinion is only one, sell it, really make a station, you went to the next level, not the ability, or students, or continue to flow the amount of stations, I do not say you do not let the station is not possible, students are to learn the main, but there are a few students willing to leave your site

maybe parents don’t agree with me, but really do stand out, and their power station income is the great incentive to continue to do the webmaster! This power is unstoppable, their own way to go, if you want to do I do not bar you only tell you do, master, really tired. A5 starting! Reprint, please keep the address http://s.www.yibangjx.com.

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