Do the four stages that the stationmaster passes through what stage do you belong to

to admire this lovely group, Chinese Internet Information Center under the 21 Internet survey report:

has reached 1 million 500 thousand websites in China, an increase of 660 thousand over the same period of last year, with a growth rate of 78.4%.

At present, the number of Chinese web pages in

is 8 billion 470 million, with an annual growth rate of 89.4%, and the growth of online information resources is very rapid. In these pages, the dynamic and static ratio is 0.92:1, and the proportion of dynamic web pages is increasing year by year.

the above data is the webmaster created, 1 million 500 thousand sites, a conservative estimate, plus a lot of new entry, use the free domain name, the number of owners should estimate up China over 2 million, very good, a group of very strong ah. We have promoted the rapid development of China’s internet. On behalf of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, I thank you all.

– applause!!!

I also as a webmaster is very old, in recent years, the site is also feeling a lot ah, here is to give yourself a summary of it, look at these stages I, is also you do webmaster have experienced four stages of the


stage 1: first touch, please take care.

one day in 2003 the school computer room, I am looking at school textbooks, found the last chapter word is about how to use hyperlinks to make web pages word, is really amazing, I was very satisfied with a "according to the book, hey several internal connection point to point the fun. So from this moment on. It has already indicated that I will have a deep connection with the website.


, coincidentally is the computer room in the school has opened the network, this time I already is three, the Internet for the first time, I just apply for a QQ number, that time is the beginning of the number 3, and then began to chat with people online, the more there is no good use the second half of the semester, and good times don’t last long, no computer class, in addition to participate in the college entrance examination subjects, all the rest stop.

my first close contact with the Internet ended so hastily. Hey, please take care of it!


second stages: hard work, web production.

2004, finally, I set foot on the train to enter the University, carrying an unlimited reverie about the future, I came a thousand miles away. Here, everything is new, and everything is unknown here,

!The first key that

led me into the world of Web site was NetEase’s free space [unfortunately, it’s no longer there]. I liked to see the website above and see the feelings and stories they wrote. Some people do resume, very eye-catching, oh, I think, now the employment competitiveness is so big, if >

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