Five reasons for loving WordPress

SEO in more than a year, has been that the program is very important to optimize the program, some after years of updates, has reached a very perfect stage, here I want to share is some optimization techniques in WordPress, although the domestic CMS program, but I always stick to the use of WP optimization.

why do I love WP so much for the following reasons?.

1.wordpress not only has many templates, WP all over the world loved ones for the development of beautiful template, also some domestic counterparts will also demand for customized WP template, the template function, beautiful style, conforms to the W3C standard, has opened a very good head for optimization.

2.wordpress plug-in is numerous, from the optimization of three plug-in all label in one SEO pcak, to pagenavi to the plugin page navigation keywords automatically connect plug-in wp-keyword link WP function is the most incisive display of these plug-ins, I believe that each of the people who use the WordPress heart there are some necessary plugins to improve their own demands function.

3.wordpress development team diligently, we can see the most vulnerable is some of the ASP corporate website, because the program is not timely maintenance, so bugs were found, the site has been compromised, causing immeasurable losses, you rarely heard WP was invaded, there is also some of the top hackers in a timely manner, even with a purpose hate to invasion and we spare no effort, these small sites are relatively safe, so the safety of the procedure, the WP has been very good.

4.wordpress is a low threshold of the program, a non professional, you can in five minutes to build their own blog site, as long as you have a little understand FTP upload, database and other knowledge, so do not have to write code, do not write the database, perfect blog soon.

5.wordpress is friendly to the search engine, once read an article, generally said, in all applications, the blog program is the most friendly to search engines, indeed, had set up a WordPress site, submitted to the search engine, collected second days, but with the program or CMS the forum program is a little worse.

above is the author’s favorite five reasons for WordPress, I believe that the future of WP will be better, I will always adhere to the use of WordPress to optimize the site, welcome to visit my small station

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