Success factors of us semiconductor company website

business function description

1, convenient query function: the establishment of a variety of query tools, National Semi-conductor Corporation designed four different ways, so that engineers can find the information they need.

(1) parameter query engine

(2) text query

(3) chart query

(4) directory query

customers can also choose to use National Semi-conductor Corporation’s online directory to query, select the categories they are interested in, and see all the chips that meet the query standards.

2, quick access to information and transaction functions: build product folders, companies set up folders for each product.

in the product folder, customers can find all information related to this product, including data tables, price information, software simulation, detailed technical specifications, availability and order samples. Because the company’s customers are busy engineers, they come to the company’s website, just want to find what they want, and then quit.

3, real time order and buy function: add "buy resource" website function, satisfy the requirement of the client such as buying agent, buyer, company.

National Semi-conductor Corporation specializes in the purchase of resource sites in May 1998 in response to the different needs of buying agents, buyers and component engineers.

4, e-mail tracking system function

(1) sends e-mail automatically and accurately: National Semi-conductor Corporation designed a control system that automatically transmits customer email. When the customer sends an e-mail, the mail is sent to the database and automatically sent to the appropriate department in the company according to the subject information of the mail. The mail promised to give an answer within 48 hours.

(2) automatic tracking system: after an e-mail from the customer enters the company, all processing information is automatically tracked and recorded. If the person who receives the mail fails to process the transaction within the mail or fails to respond to the customer’s satisfaction, the mail will automatically be sent to the staff who can respond to it effectively.

5, information feedback system function: analysis of customer online information, provide decision support.

National Semi-conductor Corporation produced a set of software, analysis of daily online each product the number of queries, download data table number, and the number of samples required, at the same time with the company’s actual sales associate, the company to provide a product what popular, what products are not popular early warning system "". Competitor product and promotional information is also received from customer email and quickly delivered to the appropriate product manager and marketing manager.

6, personalized service function: build large customer personalized website and connect with real-time order system.

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