Wine red blue Amoy shopping guide layout post promotion the beginning of the new year turnover milli

did not own Taobao station, no guest channel, just rely on the mother’s new webmaster to the Amoy shopping guide pages about hot paste, will have the opportunity to be recommended to the opportunity, then others are recommended by your put into buy related products, you can get the corresponding


started their own also don’t believe, as did the Amoy friends all know, Amoy turnover rate has been relatively low, but taking into account the Amoy digital channel is own channel. Focusing on digital channels are some potentially valuable customers who have a buying intention and often spend on Taobao. So I’ll definitely go and test myself.

half a month ago, I began every day to send some of the hottest digital stickers, digital products for some detailed introduction and comparison, some popular products, prices, quality and other functions reported in a timely update. Many stickers have been used by the editors of Taobao digital channels, such as the following paste, has been a very popular click stickers.

promises to make you drool this Friday,

design is very recent, flagship mobile phone cottage edition large collection of

NOKIA 5800 became first choice, 09 years arcade collection

youth ten premium Street trend models featured

F480 to 2 thousand files, sales of the most popular mobile phone list

is digital channel in pictorial form is recommended, every day with a click of tens of thousands of times on digital products buyers through digital channels related to recommend my stick in the understanding that he wanted to buy the products they need to help them provide the price of energy, compared to similar products, recommended the reputation of sellers such as the need to keep abreast of information, many buyers are under the purchase determination.

from January 1st to today, the morning of the seven deadline, through my relevant recommendations posted a total of 8 mobile phones, the transaction value of more than ten thousand yuan. The Commission is close to $two hundred, and Commission data is on a daily basis. This model has been of great value. I believe that the future will be more transactions every day products, I also gradually groping for more promotion

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