My station experience happy and persistent

first contact network is probably from around 2000, their Internet technology is very fascinating, superficial learning using a HTML language and Web authoring software FrontPage2000, the dream can also have their own website. In the second half of 2002, I plan to build my own website, one is to determine the content of the website and the direction of development, and the other is what kind of website space to use. When my daughter was born, new parents in our online access to some nursery information website nursery class is not a lot of feeling, feel this kind of website is promising, in addition, the idea is very simple, do a website to some pictures of the baby’s growth is put together, enjoy with friends, and decided to build a nursery class website. As for the space, then more free space, but are often annoying pop-up advertisements, I in order to make the site look more beautiful and more formal, the first purchase of free virtual space, is pure static space Tiger wing network 50M, spent a few nights with FrontPage2000 made about several directories several pages and content pages, the direct use of IE FTP landing function will be the content of the upload (not at that time to have what FTP upload tool), do not apply for the domain name, the direct use of Tiger wing network provides two level domain name (such as * My website is called "nursery paradise", mainly to convey the meaning of "happy baby", and it also implies the continuous maturity and growth of happiness, whether it is life or child rearing. The main categories of the website are information, picture, game, name and so on. It is very hard to use. It is very low and very tired. Because at that time the nursery site is still relatively small, your Baidu ranking is higher, probably search "baby" then ranked fourth, and is very stable, although a few pages is very simple will bring a lot of traffic, put the advertising code should also have a certain amount of income. Although not much but also gave me many surprises.


in 2005, the Tiger wing net free space has become a hotbed of trash and Trojans, Baidu, Google and other search engines for Tiger wing net of the two domain names were blocked, my website suddenly disappeared from the search engines, completely rely on search to bring the flow of the site suddenly become passive water, as a warning for the future, to buy their own top-level domain, I soon apply for the purchase of the domain name:, because the pure manual update too tired and too slow, I began to notice a completely free PHP language from the Internet, I have learned a PHP language, try through database technology management and creating a web page, a new space and then purchase the support of PHP (I want to settle down), the preparation of the first dynamic web page of their own, so as to add data in the database can be, no longer Attention to page design, update speed and efficiency significantly improved. But because of self >

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